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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
A. Dale Chapman Scholarship 3000 Varies
A. Dale Chapman-Graduate Scholarship 3000 Varies
A.F. Crow Hybrid Corn Scholarship Varies Varies
ABAC Ag Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Action Chapter Scholarships 750 7
Ada Swalwell Scholarship 200 1
Ag Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
AGNR Alumni Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Agricultural Women’s Club Scholarship 500 Varies
Albert J. ‘Bert’ Shoosmith Scholarship 500 Varies
Alpha Gamma Rho Study Abroad Scholarship Varies Varies
Alumni Association Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Alvin & Dan Reuwee Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
American Society of Landscape Architecture Annual Scholarship, Jacksonville Section 3000 Varies
American Society of Landscape Architecture, Florida Chapter Awards 2500 Varies
Andrew J. & Valarie A. Watson Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Anne Seaman Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Archer Daniels Midland Company Scholarship 2500 Varies
Arlon E. & Shirley A. Elser Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
ARTS Scholarship 6000 Varies
Attorney General’s Agricultural & Natural Resources Scholarship Varies Varies
Audubon Scholarship 500 1
Aventis Scholarship 1000 1
Bachman’s Nursery Wholesale-Hoffman & McNamara Nursery & Landscape Scholarship Varies Varies
Barbara Fealy Scholarship in Landscape Architecture Varies Varies
Barbara King Landscape Architecture Scholarship for Innovation & Entrepreneurship 2500 8
Bartlesville Garden Center Scholarship 750 1
Berg Brothers Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Betty & Jack Barnes Leadership Award for CANR Juniors Scholarship Varies Varies
Bieberdorf Memorial Scholarship 7000 1
Big Bend Chapter Scholarship 1500 5
Bloom Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Bobby Phill’s Educational Awareness Foundation Book Scholarship Varies Varies
Bradley Clifton Des Lauriers Fund in the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Varies Varies
Brian L. Vidosh Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Broward Chapter-Danny Miranda Scholarship 500 Varies
Bruce & Donna Berlage Scholarship Varies Varies
Bruce Faddis Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Bucks Beautiful Scholarships (college) 2000 1
Bucks Beautiful Scholarships (residency) 2000 1
C.B. & Ardis H. Stewart Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
C.E. Rowland Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
CAHNRS FFA-4H-FFA Leaders Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
California League of Food Processors Scholarship Varies Varies
Carl L. & Elizabeth Broughton Scholarship in Agriculture Fund Varies Varies
Carl Rossman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Carl Ruff Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Carl Weals Scholarship Varies Varies
Carville M. Akehurst Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Catherine H. Kenworthy Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Central East Coast Chapter-C.B. Hughes, Sr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Central Wisconsin Home Builders Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Chapel Valley Landscape Honorary Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles H. Ingraham & Josephine Dunkle Ingraham 4-H Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Charles Stewart Mott Doctoral Fellowships Varies Varies
Chateau Ste. Michelle Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Cherylyn K. Peterson Scholarship for Landscape Restoration Varies Varies
Chesaning FFA Alumni Memorial & Scholarship Varies Varies
Chester S. Hutchinson Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Chicago Farmers Scholarship Varies Varies
Clair B. Watson Design Scholarship 1000 1
Clark L. & Margaret E. Brody Endowment Varies Varies
Class of 1950 Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship Varies Varies
Class of 1951 Endowed Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
CLT Scholarship 250 Varies
Coastal Springs Chapter Scholarship 500 Varies
College of Agricultural Science Scholarships Varies Varies
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Alumni Association Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Food Systems Fellowship Varies Varies
College of Engineering Sciences, Technology, & Agriculture Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Human Ecology Interior Design & Architecture in Europe Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Collegiate Farm Bureau Scholarship Varies Varies
Colorado Garden & Home Show Scholarship 1226 1
Colorado Nursery Research & Educational Foundation Scholarship 2000 2
Colorado Professional Golfer’s Association Foundation Turf Scholarship 6000 1
Columbus Horticultural Society Scholarship Varies Varies
Columbus State Landscape Association Scholarship 500 1
Concord Farm Bureau Center Scholarship Varies Varies
Constance H. Smith Endowed Scholarship 2250 1
Corrie Whitlock Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Council of Ponca City Garden Clubs Scholarship 500 1
Cowles Landscape Sudies Fellowship Varies Varies
Dade Chapter-Stan Weyrick Scholarship 1000 5
Dale T. Friday Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dale Weible Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Daniel Renn Memorial Ohio International Agricultural & Horticultural Intern Program Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Daren Brownlow Memorial Scholarship 1500 1
David & Phyllis Beck Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dean & Lucille Tresch Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dean’s Merit Awards Varies Varies
Department of Landscape Architecture General Scholarship 3000 Varies
Design Council Scholarships 500 2
Dick Burkarth-Shuttle Meadow Country Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Diversity in Agriculture Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Don Hinderer Scholarship Varies Varies
Donald D. Glower Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
Donald D. Mayhew Memorial Fellowship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Donald H. Russ Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Douglas Bayliss, FASLA College of Architecture & Environmental Design Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Paul C. Clayton International Agriculture Award Varies Varies
Dr. Roger C. & Margery Henderson Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Wayne Huffine Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Dunn County Farm Progress Days Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
E.J. Early Ag Scholarship 2452 2
Eason Agriculture Studies Scholarship 1000 Varies
Ed Bacome Scholarship Varies Varies
Ed Johnson Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Edith Clemmer Steinbright Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Edson Hale Hunt Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward A. Mellman Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities Varies Varies
Edward C. Burgess Fund Varies Varies
Edward M. Strauss, Jr. Scholarship for International Study Varies 1
Eileen Barnett Scholarship Varies Varies
Elbert Pogue Memorial Scholarship (A) 300 1
Elisabeth Carey Miller Scholarship Varies Varies
Eliza Rossman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Elizabeth Graves Hosselkus Scholarship Varies Varies
Ellen Adams Klemgard Home Economics Scholarship Varies Varies
Enid A. Haupt Fellowship in Horticulture Varies Varies
Enid Council Garden Clubs 1000 2
Enid Men’s Extension Garden Club Scholarship 1000 4
Environmental Landscaping Incorporated Annual Scholarship Varies 1
Ervin E. King Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Essay Contest 2000 2
Evan J. Crane Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Evelyn C. & Rumsey C. Billings Scholarships Varies Varies
Evelyn K. Peterson Scholarship Varies Varies
Everette J. & Helen G. Kreizinger Scholarships Varies Varies
Faculty-EDSA Scholarship Award 1000 Varies
Farm Credit Services Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Federated Garden Clubs of Iowa Landscape Design Scholarship 200 1
Federated Garden Clubs of Iowa Scholarship 500 1
Florence B. Pogue Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Florida Chapters of the Federation of Garden Clubs, Grants, & Scholarships Varies Varies
For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology (FIRST) Award 2500 10
For-Mar Scholarship Varies Varies
Foster Conant Award 400 Varies
Fountain H. May, Sr. Scholarship-Fellowship Fund Varies Varies
Frances J. Saunders Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank Davies Endowed Scholarship 1000 1
Frank P. Feenan Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Franklin Garden Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Fred S. (Ted) Macomber Scholarship Varies Varies
Frederick T. Grimm Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
G. Walter Burwell Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Gail E. & Ruth M. Oliver Scholarship Varies Varies
Gamma Sigma Delta Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Garden Club Council of Wiston-Salem & Forsyth County Scholarship Varies Varies
Gary L. Seevers Scholarship Varies Varies
GCA Award in Desert Studies 4000 Varies
GCA Interchange Fellowship & Martin McLaren Scholarship Varies 1
GCA Internship in Garden History & Design 2000 1
GCSAA Scholarship 500 1
Gene Wittmeyer Vegetable Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Geoffrey Hilton Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
George & Agnes Greenleaf Scholars Enrichment Scholarship Varies Varies
George E. Ruff Scholarship Varies Varies
George W. Catt College of Design Scholarship 500 1
George W. Pierce Scholarship Varies Varies
GFLNLA-Ted Burnett Memorial Scholarship 1000 6
Gilkey Pin-Up Award 200 Varies
Gilkey Planting Design Award 200 Varies
Gilkey Student Professional Award 200 2
Gladwin County Soil Consevation District Scholarship Varies Varies
Glenn & Mary Jon Chandler Family Scholarship 6050 1
Glory Foods Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Goldthwaite’s Toro Irrigation Scholarship 3000 Varies
Golter Family Scholarship 1000 1
Gordon & Mary Flax Scholarship Varies Varies
Grissim-Metz Associates Scholarship Varies Varies
Guy & Jeannette Miller Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
H.F. “Pat” Murphy Memorial Scholarship 600 1
H.J. Heinz Company Scholarship Varies Varies
Hagen Bashian Trust Scholarship Varies Varies
Harold T. Abbott Award In Landscape Architecture Varies Varies
Harrison Walnut Redevelopment Corporation Scholarship 500 1
Haselbush Family Scholarship 1896 1
Hawaii Chapter-David T. Woolsey Scholarship 1000 1
Hazel-Pruitt Scholarship in the College of Architecture & Urban Studies Varies Varies
Hazen & Anna Jane Hildebolt Preble County Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Henry A. Jastro Scholarship Varies Varies
Henry W. Seale Scholarship Varies Varies
Henry W. Wigman Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Herrick H. Smith Scholarship Fund 1500 Varies
Hi Staten Memorial Scholarship 600 1
Homer & Mildred Crank Scholarship Varies 1
Honda-OSU Partnership Scholarship 2500 12
Horace W. Bozarth Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Horticulture Club Scholarship 400 3
Horticulture Scholarship Program 2500 2
Howard Sebold-Herrick H. Smith Fellowship in Landscape Architecture 2680 Varies
IFMA Scholarship Varies Varies
INLA Scholarship 750 3
Intern Program Varies 12
International Agroecosystems Graduate Scholarship 1000 1
Internship Program Varies 2
Iowa Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects 500 1
J. Lamar Branch Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jack C. Hart Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
James & Joyce Kirk Scholarship Varies Varies
James & Sara Goddard Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
James F. Berg Scholarship Varies Varies
James H. Hulbert Scholarship Varies Varies
James M. Barrett Family Endowment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
James R. & Diana M. Carlson Award Varies Varies
Jane Demaree Memorial Fund 1500 10
Jane H. Stolper-BIFMA Facilities Design & Management Endowed Student Scholarship-Faculty Enrichment Varies Varies
Jane Layman Scholarship 1500 1
Jane Mears Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Jean R. Geisman Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Jerry Floyd Memorial Scholarship Varies 11
Jerry Francis Benton Memorial Scholarship 1750 2
John & Elizabeth Seymour Award 1500 Varies
John Deere Minority Recruitment & Retention Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
John E. & Charlotte B. Moore 4-H, Minority Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
John E. Chipman Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
John F. Isler Scholarship Varies Varies
John F. Steindler Scholarship Varies Varies
John J. & Margaret M.(O’Brien) Flatley Scholarship(b) Varies Varies
John Jacob Walper Scholarship Varies Varies
John L. & Margaret M.(O’Brien) Flatley Scholarship(a) Varies Varies
John M. Shepherd Scholarship Varies Varies
John Paul Benua Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
John Riley Memorial Scholarship 500 1
John Samuel Clapper Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John Siefka Memorial F.F.A. Agriculture Scholarship Varies Varies
John W. Campbell Endowment for Environmental Design Masters Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph & Nina Mattus Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph Byrd Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph R. Shaltry Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
K.J. Moilanen Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kalmbach Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Kansas Farmers Service Association-Colorado Cooperative Council Scholarship 1500 1
Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship Varies Varies
Katherine L. Reiger Scholarship 1500 1
Keith MacDonald Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Kelvin Grant Scholarship Varies Varies
Kenneth & Shirley Polakowski Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Kenneth Kingsley Smith Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kenneth S. Fowler Memorial Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Kevin Donnelly Crops Team Scholarship 250 1
Kimley-Horn Award 1000 Varies
Kirvin Knox Ag Sciences Scholarship 1460 1
Kyle Althauser Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship Varies Varies
L.C. Chadwick Scholarship Varies Varies
L.M. Veazey Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) Arthur Cola & R..P. Vinall Scholarship Fund 2500 Varies
LAF-CLASS Fund Internship Program 2000 2
LAF-CLASS Fund Landscape Architecture Scholarship Program 500 10
LAF-CLASS Fund University Program 1500 6
Lake Region-David K. Stabler, Sr. Scholarship 500 Varies
Lakes & Hills Garden Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Lakeside Lawn & Landscape-Landsburg Landscape Nursery Scholarship Varies Varies
Land Economics Foundation Scholarship 3000 1
Landers-Atkins Planners Award 1200 Varies
Landscape Architecture Student Internships Varies Varies
Lang Farm Scholarship Varies Varies
Lansing Area Farmers Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Larimer County Farm Bureau Scholarship 1000 1
Larry D. Allen Agricultural Leadership Scholarship 1000 1
Lee J. & Grace Ashley Scholarship Varies Varies
Legacy Scholars Scholarship-College of Design 10000 Varies
Lester & Adrianna Langeland Scholarship Varies Varies
Lewis R. Jones Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
LGCF District I Scholarship 500 1
LGCF District II Book Scholarship 250 Varies
LGCF District VII Scholarship 1000 Varies
Lilly Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
Lloyd G. & Virginia Sharp Memorial Scholarship Fund for Carroll County Varies Varies
Logan County 4-H Endowment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Lois Dupre’ Shuster Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Louise W. Dimmick Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Loy McCandless Marks Scholarship In Tropical Ornamental Horticulture 2000 1
Luther & Marie Davis Scholarship Varies Varies
Lydia D. Bruny Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
M.H. Brown Family Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Mabel Mayforth Scholarship 1000 1
Mager Family Scholarship 1000 2
Manasses J. & Susannna Jarboe Grove Scholarship Varies Varies
Maria Guadalupe Cervantes Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Marion K. Thomas Horticulture Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Marjorie E. Hamblin Annual Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Marlowe & Oscar F. Axene Merit Scholarship in Agriculture Varies Varies
Martin Victor Brown Scholarship Varies Varies
Marvin R. Springer Scholarship 1000 1
Mary Alice Wheeler Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Master Gardener Horticultural Scholarship Varies Varies
Maurice Phillips Scholarship 3000 Varies
Max V. & Carolyn Martin Puderbaugh Bonsai Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Maynard H. Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
Mazurek Emergency Student Assistant Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Mervin G. Smith Student & Faculty Fund in International Agriculture Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael J. Rein Landscape Architecture Enrichment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Michigan Centennial Farm Association Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Michigan Centennial Farm Association Expendable Scholarship Varies Varies
Michigan Housing Research Center Endowment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Michigan State University-Ireland Agri-Food Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship Varies Varies
Mike Shaw GM FFA Scholarship 942 1
Minority Engineering Program (MEP) Scholarship Varies Varies
Miriam A. Steel Scholarship 1500 1
Mobay Friends of Richard F. Stroud Memorial Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Morna Kline Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Murray B. Weir Scholarship 1000 1
Mylo S. Downey Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Nadine Foster & Merrel Quentin Elder Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
National Council of State Garden Clubs Scholarships 3500 1
National Scholarship 3500 34
Neil Christopher – Louisiana Landscape Design Consultants Council Book Scholarship 250 1
Neil Christopher – Shady Oaks Garden Club Scholarship 500 1
new Varies 1
Northeast Chapter Scholarship 5000 Varies
Northeastern District of Oklahoma Garden Club Scholarship 400 2
Ohio Association of Garden Clubs Horticulture Scholarship Varies Varies
Ohio Fruit Growers Society-Fred Hartman Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Ohio State Floriculture-Landscape Horticulture Alumni Association Fellowship Varies Varies
Oklahoma Chapter-American Society of Landscape Architecture 250 1
Oklahoma Garden Club, Inc. 3500 4
Oklahoma Garden Clubs Scholarships (A) 500 3
Oklahoma Garden Clubs Scholarships (B) 500 3
Oklahoma Grain & Feed Association Scholarship (D) 1000 1
Oklahoma Horticulture Society Scholarship 1000 2
Oklahoma Nursery & Landscape Association Scholarships 500 2
Oklahoma Vegetable Association Scholarship 500 1
Opechee Garden Club Scholarship 1000 Varies
Oregon Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects Scholarship Varies Varies
Otten Brothers Nursery & Landscaping, Hoffman & McNamara Foundation, & Landsburg Landscape Nursery Scholarship Varies Varies
P.E. Harrill Memorial Scholarships (B) 1000 1
Palm Beach Chapter-Bob Hoskins Scholarship 1000 Varies
Palm Beach Chapter-Sandy McDougold Scholarship 500 Varies
Pardee Community Building Scholarship 1500 20
Paul A. & Betty L. Whittington Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Paul Smucker Scholarship Varies Varies
Peter J. Shields Scholarship Varies Varies
Pi Alpha Xi Scholarship 200 1
Pinellas Chapter Scholarship 500 Varies
Prestinari Boehm Design Scholarships 400 2
Procter & Gamble-OCAS Minorities Scholarship 1500 Varies
Procter & Gamble-OCAS Women Scholarship 1500 Varies
Professional Landcare Network Scholarship 1500 1
Puck & Grady Taylor Endowed Scholarship 3000 Varies
Quercus Landscape 4-H Scholarship 500 1
R.F. Davis Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Rain Bird Company Scholarship 1000 1
Rain Bird Corporation Award 1000 Varies
Rakestraw & Associates Environmental Horticulture Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Ralph Matlock Memorial Scholarship 600 1
Ralph Rothacker Scholarship 500 1
Raymond D. Hammond Chemical Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Raymond E. Page Scholarship 1000 1
Raymond F. Cain Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Regents Professional Opportunity Scholarship 5000 100
Research Fellowships Varies Varies
Resource Fee Scholarships Varies Varies
Rhea Foraker Scholarship 5000 1
Rhode Island Golf Course Superintendents Association Scholarship 200 1
Richard & Shirley Blake Scholarship 1958 4
Richard H. Pryor Scholarship 1000 1
Richard J. Copple Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert & Dorothy Hodson Family 4-H Endowment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert & Louise Jameson Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert C. Davis Family Endowed Fund for Agriculture Overseas Studies Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert C. Davis Family Endowed Fund for Agriculture Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert Costa Vasquez Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert Dyas Scholarship 500 1
Robert F. Suerdieck Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Robert J. McCoy Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Robert J. Tingley Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert K. & Esther J. Malcolm Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert P. & Phyllis Bach Landscape Architecture Enrichment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Rocky Mountain Agriculture Showcase Scholarship 2500 2
Rodney H. Tucker Memorial Scholarship 1673 1
Roland Bishop Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Roland Wickersham Memorial Scholarship 300 1
Rome Prize Fellowships-School of Fine Arts-Landscape Architecture 20000 2
Rome Scholarship 500 1
Ross Borba, Sr. Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Ross R. Wolfe-Luther Burbank Scholarship 3000 Varies
Roy & Virginia Hyde Sultzbach Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy M. Kottman Scholars Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Royal Palm Chapter-Past President Scholarship 1000 Varies
Rudy Narod Scholarship 2600 1
S.L. Lewis Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Sally Kress Tompkins Scholarship 10000 1
Samuel B. Erskine 4-H Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Scholarship 500 Varies
Scholarship 1000 1
Scholarship 4000 3
Scholarship 3000 Varies
Scholarship 500 1
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship Awards (CA School) 2500 3
Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Scholarships 500 2
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Awards (Residents) 2500 3
Scholastic Scholarships 6000 1
Service-Jerome Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Sky Blu Underwood Memorial Student Support Award Varies Varies
Smith River Farms Scholarship in the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Varies Varies
Southeastern Turfgrass Conference Scholarship Varies Varies
Sports Turf Managers’ Association Scholarship 750 1
Spraying Systems Company-TeeJet Spray Products Scholarship 1000 1
Spring Meadow Nursery Scholarship 1000 Varies
Stanley A. Mahaffy Scholarship Varies Varies
Sterling W. & Fayetta F. Simonds Study Abroad Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Steven C. Crebbin Memorial Award 3300 Varies
Steven E. Feffer Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Student Scholarship 2500 2
Susan & Harry Frampton Annual Scholarship Varies Varies
Swingle-Sinnamon Memorial Scholarship 4190 5
Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund 10000 55
Tampa Bay Chapter Scholarship 1000 5
Tangletown Gardens, Bailey Nurseries, & Wilson’s Nursery Scholarship Varies Varies
The Women’s Farm & Garden Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
Thomas A. & John E. Hamrick Pickaway County Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Thomas A. Fretz Agriculture & Natural Resources Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas B. Kyle Scholarship Fund in Horticulture Varies Varies
Thomas Barton Scholarship 500 1
Thomas P. Hennessy Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Tim Hernandez Urban Planning Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Timothy Bigelow & Palmer W. Bigelow, Jr. Scholarship 2500 3
TNLA Education & Research Foundation Awards 2000 Varies
Tonu Lohmussaar Fund Scholarship 1500 Varies
Toro Company-Irrigation Division Scholarship 500 1
Trans-Mississippi Golf Association Scholarship 1250 3
Trustee Scholarships 5000 5
Tulsa Area Iris Society Scholarship 1000 2
Tulsa Garden Club Scholarship 1500 5
Undergraduate Honors Research Scholarship Varies Varies
Undergraduate Scholarships (general) Varies 80
Undergraduate Scholarships (minority) Varies 80
Usrey Family Scholarship 1000 Varies
Valleycrest Companies Academic Award in Honor of Robert Scofield Scholarship 300 Varies
Valleycrest Companies Scholarship 1000 Varies
Victor B. Allison Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Virginia Hurst Whitehill Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
W. Berkley Carter Scholarship Varies Varies
Wallace Miller Memorial Scholarship 600 1
Walter R. & Carolyn J. Schoenfeld Scholarship Varies Varies
Warren C. Gill Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs in Honor of Landscape Architecture Varies Varies
Wedgworth Graduate Fellowship Varies Varies
Weitzel Family Scholarship 1500 1
Wesley Meinders Memorial Endowed Scholarship 400 1
West Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Wilbur-Ellis Company-Agriculture Scholarships 5000 13
Will C. Hauk Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
William B. Groves Memorial Scholarship 1280 1
William C. Stenquist & Kathryn Burgess Stenquist Landscape Architecture Scholarship Varies Varies
William D. Godwin Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
William Griffith Family Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
William Raymond & Charlotte Wheatley Kays Endowed Scholarship 5000 1
William S. May Scholarship 1564 4
Wimberly Scholarships 1000 1
Wisconsin Garden Club Federation Scholarship (Members) 1000 Varies
Wisconsin Garden Club Foundation Scholarship (College) 1000 Varies
WNF&GA; Temple University, Ambler College Scholarship Varies 2
Women in Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP) 2000 Varies
Worldstudio AIGA Scholarship 5000 Varies
YWCA Scholarships 750 2


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