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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Action Chapter Scholarships 750 7
Ag Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Agricultural Institute Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Agricultural Institute Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Agricultural Institute Scholarship Varies Varies
Agricultural Women’s Club Scholarship 500 Varies
Albert J. ‘Bert’ Shoosmith Scholarship 500 Varies
Alexander & Elizabeth A. Swantz FFA Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Allen Beals & Herman Sampson Agricultural Institute Scholarship Varies Varies
Alvin & Dan Reuwee Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Andy Lejeune Graduate Research Scholarship Varies Varies
Anne Seaman Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Arizona Turfgrass Council Scholarship Varies Varies
Audubon Scholarship 500 1
Aventis Scholarship 1000 1
Bachman’s Nursery Wholesale-Hoffman & McNamara Nursery & Landscape Scholarship Varies Varies
Bayer Environmental Science Award in Turf Scholarship Varies Varies
Bayer Environmental Science Scholarship 1000 1
Big Bend Chapter Scholarship 1500 5
Bloom Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Bluegrass Golf Course Superintendent Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
Broward Chapter-Danny Miranda Scholarship 500 Varies
Bruce Faddis Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Bryan Van Leeuwen Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Bucks Beautiful Scholarships (college) 2000 1
C.B. & Ardis H. Stewart Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
C.E. “Tuck” Tate Outstanding Scholar Award 2000 1
C.E. Rowland Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
CALS Alumni & Friends Scholarship Varies Varies
CALS Opportunity Alliance Scholarship 1000 Varies
Calvin L. Korf Turfgrass Research Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Cameron H. Easton Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Canton Garden Club Scholarship 500 2
Carl L. & Elizabeth Broughton Scholarship in Agriculture Fund Varies Varies
Carl Ruff Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Carl Weals Scholarship Varies Varies
Catherine H. Kenworthy Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Central East Coast Chapter-C.B. Hughes, Sr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Central Florida Fair Endowment for Scholarships-Fellowships 1000 Varies
Central Wisconsin Home Builders Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles Dawson Moodie Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles E. & Frances M. Osterman Endowed Scholarship in Crop & Soil Sciences Varies Varies
Charles Easton-Agricultural Institute Outstanding Advisor Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles H. Ingraham & Josephine Dunkle Ingraham 4-H Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Charles M. Palmer & Thelma Meredith Palmer Scholarship Varies Varies
Charlie Jordan Scholarship 4000 Varies
Charline M. Wackman & William Brabyn Trust Scholarships Varies Varies
Chester L. & Betty R. Foy Graduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Chester S. Hutchinson Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Claude & Lucy Richman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
CLT Scholarship 250 Varies
Coastal Springs Chapter Scholarship 500 Varies
Collegiate Farm Bureau Scholarship Varies Varies
Colorado Garden & Home Show Scholarship 1226 1
Colorado Nursery Research & Educational Foundation Scholarship 2000 2
Colorado Professional Golfer’s Association Foundation Turf Scholarship 6000 1
Columbus Horticultural Society Scholarship Varies Varies
Columbus State Landscape Association Scholarship 500 1
Constance H. Smith Endowed Scholarship 2250 1
Cowles Landscape Sudies Fellowship Varies Varies
D. Glynn Davies National Justice Products Association Scholarship 1250 2
Dade Chapter-Stan Weyrick Scholarship 1000 5
Dale T. Friday Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Daniel Renn Memorial Ohio International Agricultural & Horticultural Intern Program Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
David & Phyllis Beck Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dean & Lucille Tresch Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Delta Tau Alpha Scholarship Varies Varies
Dick Burkarth-Shuttle Meadow Country Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Don & Julia Lee Scholarship Varies Varies
Donald D. Mayhew Memorial Fellowship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Donald H. Russ Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Doris Lowe & Earl & Verna Lowe Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Houston B. Couch Memorial Graduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Paul C. Clayton International Agriculture Award Varies Varies
Dr. Richard S. Skogley Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Roger C. & Margery Henderson Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Wayne Huffine Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Dwight G. Barkley Endowed Scholarship 600 Varies
E. Ray Jensen Turf Grass Scholarship Varies Varies
E.T. York Jr. Award of Merit Varies Varies
Eagle Scholarship 2000 Varies
Ed Bacome Scholarship Varies Varies
Ed Johnson Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Edith Clemmer Steinbright Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Educational Scholarship 1000 Varies
Edwin G. Schafer Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Elbert Pogue Memorial Scholarship (B) 300 1
Environmental Landscaping Incorporated Annual Scholarship Varies 1
Ernest F. Lamothe Agricultural Scholarships Fund Varies Varies
Evan J. Crane Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Florida Department of Agricultural & Consumer Services, Office of Agricultural Water Policy-Mary Bramble Aller Scholarship 1000 Varies
Florida Rural Rehabilitation Corporation Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Florida Rural Rehabilitation Corporation Fund 4-H Scholarship 1000 Varies
Florida Rural Rehabilitation Corporation Scholarship Fund in Agriculture Varies Varies
Fountain H. May, Sr. Scholarship-Fellowship Fund Varies Varies
Frank & Henry Meyer Scholarships Varies Varies
Frank Commisso Golf Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank S. Greeley Scholarship Varies Varies
Frederick T. Grimm Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Gamma Sigma Delta Scholarship 1000 Varies
Gamma Sigma Delta Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
GCSAA Scholarship 500 1
Gene Wittmeyer Vegetable Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
George Christie Memorial Scholarship 500 1
George E. Ruff Scholarship Varies Varies
George Smedes Poyner Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
GFLNLA-Ted Burnett Memorial Scholarship 1000 6
Glory Foods Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Gordon & Mary Flax Scholarship Varies Varies
Gray Family Soil Science Scholarship 750 1
Grebe-Wahlberg Memorial Fund Scholarship 2000 Varies
Guy & Jeannette Miller Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
H. Bradford Craig Scholarship for Excellence Scholarship Varies Varies
Hal Vogler Memorial Turfgrass & Landscape Equipment Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Harold W. & Joanne Vaughn Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Harry M. Stevens Scholarship Varies Varies
Hazen & Anna Jane Hildebolt Preble County Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Homer & Dolly Hand Fellowship Fund Varies Varies
Horticultural Research Institute Award 2500 4
Horticulture Scholarship Program 2500 2
Intern Program Varies 12
Internship Program Varies 2
Irrigation Association Education Scholarship 1000 1
J. Fielding Reed-Georgia Plant Food Educational Society Scholarship 1500 Varies
J. Milton Brownlee Agricultural Marketing Scholarship Varies Varies
James F. Berg Scholarship Varies Varies
James M. Barrett Family Endowment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Jane Demaree Memorial Fund 1500 10
Jane Mears Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Jean R. Geisman Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Jim Ozbun Scholarship Varies Varies
Joe Speight Sugg Agricultural Institute Scholarship Varies Varies
John Deere Minority Recruitment & Retention Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
John E. & Charlotte B. Moore 4-H, Minority Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
John F. Isler Scholarship Varies Varies
John F. Smoak Memorial Scholarship 1000 4
John O’Brien Scobey Dean’s Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
John Paul Benua Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
John Sledge Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John W. Hinrichs Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph & Nina Mattus Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Judge & Mrs. Robert D. Horowitz Legal Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Kalmbach Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Katherine L. Reiger Scholarship 1500 1
Keith MacDonald Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Kenneth Kingsley Smith Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kentucy Golf Course Superintendent Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
Kenyon T. Payne Outstanding Student Scholarship 2000 1
Kevin M. Onstott Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kriton K. Hatzios Weed Science Graduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Kyle Althauser Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship Varies Varies
L.J. Connor Diversity Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
LAF-CLASS Fund Irrigation Scholarship Program 1000 1
Lake Region-David K. Stabler, Sr. Scholarship 500 Varies
Lakeside Lawn & Landscape-Landsburg Landscape Nursery Scholarship Varies Varies
Lang Farm Scholarship Varies Varies
Law’s Nursery, Halla Nursery, Bailey Nurseries, & Buell’s Landscape Center Scholarship Varies Varies
Lewis R. Jones Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Lloyd G. & Virginia Sharp Memorial Scholarship Fund for Carroll County Varies Varies
Logan County 4-H Endowment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Lois Dupre’ Shuster Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Lydia D. Bruny Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
M.H. Brown Family Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Mabel Mayforth Scholarship 1000 1
Manasota Chapter Scholarships 1000 8
Marie L. Holt Scholarship Varies Varies
Marion K. Thomas Horticulture Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Marjorie E. Hamblin Annual Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Marlowe & Oscar F. Axene Merit Scholarship in Agriculture Varies Varies
Marvis B. Roberts, Sr. Agricultural Finance Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Alice Wheeler Endowed Scholarship 1500 1
Mary Ann Jones Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Master Gardener Horticultural Scholarship Varies Varies
Matthew J. Horridge Scholarship Varies 1
Max Hinrichs, Sr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Max V. & Carolyn Martin Puderbaugh Bonsai Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Mervin G. Smith Student & Faculty Fund in International Agriculture Scholarship Varies Varies
Mickman Brothers, Malmborg’s Garden Center, & Halla Nursery Scholarships Varies Varies
Mickman Brothers-Grove Nursery Scholarship Varies Varies
Mildred N. Vessels Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Miriam A. Steel Scholarship 1500 1
Monty Moncrief Turfgrass Scholars Varies Varies
Morton & Ruth Grossman Scholarship Varies Varies
Nadine Foster & Merrel Quentin Elder Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
National Scholarship 3500 34
Native American Agriculture Award Varies Varies
new Varies 1
Norman W. Kramer Outstanding Scholarship Award 2500 1
North Carolina Pest Control Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Northeast Chapter Scholarship 5000 Varies
O.A. Vogel-Washington State Crop Improvement Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Ohio Association of Garden Clubs Horticulture Scholarship Varies Varies
Ohio Fruit Growers Society-Fred Hartman Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Ohio State Floriculture-Landscape Horticulture Alumni Association Fellowship Varies Varies
Oklahoma Golf Courses Superintendents’ Association Scholarship 1000 6
Oklahoma Vegetation Management Association Scholarship 500 2
Opechee Garden Club Scholarship 1000 Varies
Otten Brothers Nursery & Landscaping, Hoffman & McNamara Foundation, & Landsburg Landscape Nursery Scholarship Varies Varies
P.J. Lenihan Turfgrass Scholarship Varies Varies
Palm Beach Chapter-Bob Hoskins Scholarship 1000 Varies
Palm Beach Chapter-Sandy McDougold Scholarship 500 Varies
Paul A. & Betty L. Whittington Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Paul Smucker Scholarship Varies Varies
Philip Morris Agricultural Institute Awad of Excellence Scholarship Varies Varies
Philip Morris Agricultural Institute Scholarship in Agriculture Varies Varies
Pinellas Chapter Scholarship 500 Varies
Prestage Farms, Inc. Scholarship Varies Varies
Prestinari Boehm Design Scholarships 400 2
Price Scholarship Fund 1000 2
Procter & Gamble-OCAS Minorities Scholarship 1500 Varies
Procter & Gamble-OCAS Women Scholarship 1500 Varies
Professional Landcare Network Scholarship 1500 1
Quercus Landscape 4-H Scholarship 500 1
Rakestraw & Associates Environmental Horticulture Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Raymond F. Cain Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Reynold-Biersner Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Rhode Island Golf Course Superintendents Association Scholarship 200 1
Richard J. Copple Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Rick Smith Agricultural Institute Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert & Dorothy Hodson Family 4-H Endowment Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert C. & Doris Rae Arens Scholarship 500 4
Robert F. Suerdieck Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Robert Hancock Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
Robert J. McCoy Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Roland Bishop Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ronald D. Baker, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Roscoe & Frances Cox Charitable Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy & Virginia Hyde Sultzbach Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy L. Goss Turfgrass Scholarships Varies Varies
Roy M. Kottman Scholars Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy Tipton Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Royal Palm Chapter-Past President Scholarship 1000 Varies
Samuel B. Erskine 4-H Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Sargent’s Landscape Nursery & Nature’s Way Landscape Nursery Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship 500 1
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship 500 Varies
Scholarship 1000 1
Scholarship 4000 3
Scholarship 3000 Varies
Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships 500 2
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scott Ruit Scholarship Fund 1000 1
Service-Jerome Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
SHARE Scholarships Varies Varies
Sky Blu Underwood Memorial Student Support Award Varies Varies
Southeastern Turfgrass Conference Scholarship Varies Varies
Southern States Scholarship 800 Varies
Sports & Commercial Turf Scholarship 2000 1
Spraying Systems Company-TeeJet Spray Products Scholarship 1000 1
Spring Meadow Nursery Scholarship 1000 Varies
Sterling W. & Fayetta F. Simonds Study Abroad Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Suwannee County Conservation District & W.B. “Barney” Copeland Scholarship 1000 Varies
Tampa Bay Chapter Scholarship 1000 5
Tangletown Gardens, Bailey Nurseries, & Wilson’s Nursery Scholarship Varies Varies
TCNC Scholarship 4000 Varies
The Women’s Farm & Garden Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
Thomas A. & John E. Hamrick Pickaway County Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Thomas B. Kyle Scholarship Fund in Horticulture Varies Varies
Thomas P. Hennessy Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Timer Powers Scholarship 1000 Varies
TNLA Education & Research Foundation Awards 2000 Varies
Tonu Lohmussaar Fund Scholarship 1500 Varies
Toro Company-Irrigation Division Scholarship 500 1
Trans-Mississippi Golf Association Scholarship 1250 3
Trans-Mississippi Golf Association Scholarships 1250 2
Triangle Turfgrass Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Tulsa Council of Federated Garden Clubs Scholarship 500 1
Tulsa Garden Club Scholarship 1500 5
Turfgrass Leaders Scholarship 2000 Varies
Undergraduate Honors Research Scholarship Varies Varies
Usrey Family Scholarship 1000 Varies
Valleycrest Companies Scholarship 1000 Varies
W. Berkley Carter Scholarship Varies Varies
W. Fentress Phillips Scholarship Varies Varies
Washington-North Idaho Seed Association Varies Varies
Wedgworth Graduate Fellowship Varies Varies
West Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Wilbur-Ellis Company-Agriculture Scholarships 5000 13
Will C. Hauk Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
William Griffith Family Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Wisconsin Garden Club Federation Scholarship (Members) 1000 Varies
Wisconsin Garden Club Foundation Scholarship (College) 1000 Varies
Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP) 2000 Varies
Zachariah Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Zucker Turfgrass Management & Landscape Maintenance Scholarship Varies Varies


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