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ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
1890 Scholars Program Varies 50
1890 USDA Scholarship Varies Varies
A.M. Lowry Scholarship 477 1
AARP-American Association of Retired Persons Sangamon Chapter 195 Scholarship 1200 Varies
AKA Memorial Endowed Scholarship-Technology Fund Varies 1
Alan Grout Memorial Scholarship in Foreign Languages Varies Varies
Amos Endowed Scholarship 420 1
Amtrak Travel Scholarship 750 185
Angelina W. Grimke Scholarship 1062 1
Ann L. Dondanville Nursing Scholarship 1200 Varies
Anna Lou Johnston Roth Scholarship Varies Varies
Anne C. Webb Scholarship 434 1
Art Cragoe Scholarship 1000 Varies
Art, Band & Music Scholarships Varies Varies
Athletic Grant-In-Aid Varies Varies
Audrey Brown Donaldson Scholarship Varies Varies
Austin H. Scott Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
B. Howard Wooters Scholarship Varies Varies
Balcom Taylor Scholarship 90 1
Barbara Klespitz Wright Scholarship Varies Varies
Bell of Pennsylvania Challenge Scholarship 1000 5
Bessie Crawford & Robert Andrew Moody Scholarship Varies Varies
Brown, Hay & Stephens-Springfield Urban League Scholarship 500 Varies
C. Morris Cain Scholarship Varies Varies
Camille A. Exum Scholarship Fund 197 1
Casper Glenn Track Scholarship 93 1
Cass-Morgan Farm Bureau Foundation Scholarship 250 Varies
Catherine B. Laws Scholarship Varies Varies
Cecil A. Blue Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Center of Excellence Award for Geographic Information Systems Incentive Award Varies Varies
Charles & Carolyn Long Scholarship 250 Varies
Charles E. Vail Scholarship 667 1
Charles K. Jessup Scholarship 325 1
Charles W. Black Scholarship 162 1
Charlotte Forten Grimke Scholarship 513 1
Clarence E. Mattison Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Class of 1934 Scholarship 135 1
Class of 1935 Scholarship 1754 1
Class of 1944 Scholarship 370 1
Class of 1945 Scholarship 128 1
Class of 1963 Memorial Scholarship 680 1
Combined Fund No. 1 Scholarship Varies Varies
Combined Fund No. 2 Scholarship 2725 3
Combined Fund No. 3 Scholarship 2600 2
Craig Starks for Music Scholarship 376 1
Crime Stoppers of Sangamon & Menard Counties Scholarship 1000 Varies
Curator Scholarship Varies Varies
D.H. Bush Scholarship 88 1
David Pinckney Scholarship 209 1
David Tapscott Memorial-Policeman’s Benevolent & Protective Association Scholarship 400 Varies
Dean’s Scholarships Varies Varies
Debenneville K. Ludwig Scholarship 80 1
Delmas Dunbar Anderson Scholarship 505 1
Doug Brady Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Adam & Mrs. Nada Kumar Scholarship 500 Varies
Dr. Amaza M. Lockett Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Barker Scholarship 454 1
Dr. Betty Shabazz Endowment Scholarship 1100 1
Dr. DeForest Rudd Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Frank “Tick” Coleman Class of 1935 Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. George C. Hall Estate Scholarship 59 1
Dr. Henry McPherson Scholarship 434 1
Dr. Jesse B. Barber Scholarship Fund 187 1
Dr. Parke Atherton Dickey ’28 Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Walter H. Brooks Scholarship 162 1
Dr. William H. McConaghy Scholarship 291 1
Drs. George E. & George D. Cannon Scholarship Varies Varies
Earl Pree Scholarship 435 1
Eastern Long Island Alumni Scholarship 63 1
Edward Charles Miller Scholarship Varies Varies
Elmer Roe Deaver Scholarship Varies Varies
Emily King Scholarship 390 1
Endowment for Single Parents Scholarship 5000 11
English Achievement Award Varies Varies
Estate of Velmore Wallace Scholarship 1244 1
Esther Jorgensen, Springfield Women of Today Scholarship 400 Varies
First National Bank of Litchfield Scholarship 500 Varies
Florence R. Tucker Scholarship Varies Varies
Floyd C. & Estelle C. Mourning Scholarship Varies 10
Frank (S) Decosta Scholarship 634 1
Frank T. Wilson Scholarship 706 1
Frederick & Margaret Fife Scholarship Varies Varies
George V. Hill Endowed Scholarship 578 1
Gordon R. Thomas Scholarship 1250 2
Gregory I. Newton Scholarship Varies Varies
H. Wayne Price Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
H.W. Pitkin Scholarship Varies Varies
Harold F. Grim Scholarship Varies Varies
Harry Carter Scholarship 296 1
Helen Davies Bryant Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Henry A. Kerr Scholarship 406 1
Henry Goss Scholarship 79 1
Herman P. Bailey Scholarship 3911 1
Hillsboro Kiwanis Scholarship 500 Varies
Holman-Teaubeau-Blue Scholarship Varies Varies
Horace Mann-Leslie Pinckney Hill Scholarship Varies Varies
Hospitality Managment & Services Scholarship 1000 Varies
Illinois Health Improvement Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
Independent Order of Oddfellows Scholarship 500 2
Institutional Scholarships Varies Varies
International Association of Administrative Professionals, Abraham Lincoln Chapter Scholarship 500 Varies
Isaac Rendall Scholarship 668 1
Isabel Small Scholarship Varies Varies
J. Finton Speller Scholarship 325 1
J.E. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jack & Carolyn Reynolds Scholarship 500 Varies
Jake Lessen Firefighter Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
James A. Brady Culinary Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
James Cox Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
James D. & Virginia Lee Corn Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
James Spear Scholarship 407 1
Jesse F. Anderson Scholarship 435 1
Joan Mayo Scholarship 218 1
Jody Rainey Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
John A. Marshall Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John B. Spottswood Scholarship Varies Varies
John Dunlap Scholarship Varies Varies
John Giavaras-Rotary Club of Downtown Springfield 1000 Varies
John N. Doggett & Juanita T. Doggett ’42 Scholarship Varies Varies
John Nelson Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph & Marion Thomas Scholarship 173 1
Joseph W. Holley Scholarship Varies Varies
Josesph Waddy Scholarship 254 1
Josiah Kittridge Scholarship 406 1
Journalism, Speech & Theatre Scholarships Varies Varies
Julie Wagner Student Recognition, LLCC Student Government Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Karl Mansfield Scholarship 1018 1
Katie B. Trickey Nursing Scholarships Varies Varies
Kelly A. Grant-Springfield Rotary South Foundation Scholarship 1000 Varies
Kenneth Barton-Springfield Jazz Society Scholarship 1000 Varies
Kennett Area Joint Action Committee Scholarship Varies Varies
KM 2 Design Group Scholarship 1000 2
Kwame Nkrumah Class of ’72 Scholarship 814 1
L. Philip & Mary Kathryn Trutter Fine Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
L. Philip & Mary Kathryn Trutter Health Care Scholarship 1200 Varies
L. Philip Trutter Nursing Scholarship 1200 Varies
L.F. Lawton Scholarship 498 1
L.H. Severance Scholarship Varies Varies
LD & Delores Fortner Scholarship Varies Varies
Leah A. Stanford Math Scholarship Varies Varies
Learning in Retirement Scholarship 800 Varies
Leland W. & Ruth Busby Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Lella M. Schaff Memorial-Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Lenora Mutter Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Leona Stanford Vollintine Charitable Trust Scholarship Varies Varies
Leonard L.B. Mullen Fund Scholarship 307 1
Leroy Jenkins Scholarship 101 1
Licensed Practical Nursing Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Lincoln Electric Company Scholarship 4200 2
Lincoln Memorial Scholarship 487 1
Linda Melrose Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
LLCC Annuitants & Retirees Scholarship Varies Varies
LLCC Certified Nurse Assistant Program Scholarship Varies Varies
LLCC Faculty Association Scholarship 500 Varies
LLCC Foundation First Generation Student Scholarship Varies Varies
LLCC Foundation Performing Arts Scholarship 1000 Varies
LLCC Honors Program Scholarships 1500 Varies
LLCC Livestock Judging Team Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
LLCC TEAL GED Program Scholarships 500 3
LLCC Trustees’ Academic Scholarship Varies Varies
LLCC Western Region Education Center Student Union Scholarship Varies Varies
Lorenzo J. Greene Scholarship Varies Varies
Lorraine F. Miller Scholarship 210 1
Louis “John” Brandis Memorial Scholarship 600 Varies
Louise F. Hess Scholarship Varies Varies
Lucius May Scholarship 450 1
Lyceum Foundation Scholarship 1000 Varies
Mack Family Scholarship 2500 Varies
Management Fellowship for Ghanians 600 1
Margaret Wood Scholarship 357 1
Marilyn Casey, Illinois Community College System Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Marilyn J. Tungett Music Scholarship 1000 Varies
Marjorie E. Vala Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Marthann Sescleifer Memorial Scholarship 250 2
Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Ann Burnett Memorial Scholarship 1000 3
Mary L. Morrison Scholarship 1000 Varies
Mary Louise Savage Collier Scholarship in English Varies Varies
Mayme I. Lawrence Trust Scholarship 1000 Varies
Mission Enhancement Scholarship for Agriculture Varies Varies
Missouri Department of Agriculture Scholarship Varies Varies
Mrs. Caroline R. Phelps Scholarship 245 1
Mrs. George S. Bellmeyer Scholarship Varies 1
Mrs. J.F. Winslow Scholarship 434 1
Mu Phi Alpha Award 187 1
Myrtella Miner Scholarship Varies Varies
Nancy Reed Scholarship 277 1
Nancy Weston Grimke Scholarship 513 1
Naomi Woodard Smoot Scholarship Varies Varies
Neil Pachesa Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Newhouse Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Nmamdi Azikwe Scholarship 2254 1
Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
One Blood Scholarship 147 1
Orrin Clayton Suthern Scholarship Varies Varies
Pat Evenson Nursing, Sangamon County Medical Society Alliance 1000 Varies
Paul Marshall Scholarship 250 Varies
Paul Robeson Fellowship Varies Varies
Pauline Mattioda Memorial Scholarship 250 Varies
PECO Engergy-UNCF Scholarship 3300 Varies
Poindexter-Macrae Fund Scholarship 156 1
Presidential Scholarships Varies Varies
Price School Trust Scholarship 605 1
R. B. McRary Scholarship 173 1
Rafters’ Charities Annual Scholarship Award Varies Varies
Ralph Voorhees Scholarship 352 1
Richard Clapp Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard P. ‘Dick’ Stone Memorial, Sangamon County Farm Bureau Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert H. Stephens Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Robert L. Carter ’37 Scholarship in honor of The Honorable Robert L. Carter Varies Varies
Roland Rogers, Jr. Memorial 1975 Scholarship 366 1
Ron Coffman Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Rosemary & Peter Patton Scholarship 700 Varies
Ruby Tate Memorial, LLCC Student Government Association Scholarship 300 Varies
Ruth O. & Robert L. Franklin Scholarship Varies Varies
Sallie Unger Scholarship Varies Varies
Samuel Newhouse Scholarship 2500 39
Samuel Small Scholarship 162 1
Savage-Green Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships (b) 2500 3
Senior M. Hogans Scholarship Varies Varies
SIFE Scholarship Varies Varies
Single Parent, Part-Time, Woman’s Club of Chatham Scholarship 200 Varies
Smith Pre-Medical Fund Scholarship 305 1
Springfield Air Rendezvous, Aviation Management or Mechanics Scholarship 1500 3
Springfield Coca-Cola Enterprises Scholarship Varies Varies
Springfield Jaycees Scholarship 300 Varies
Stephen C. Peterson Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Student Body Scholar Fund Scholarship 88 1
Sudarkasa-Marshall Scholarship 121 1
Sylvia Chaudoin Evans Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Therman B. O’Daniel Scholarship 61 1
Thomas E. Miller Scholarship 162 1
Thomas Sweeney-Collier-Harrison Marine Corps League Scholarship 600 Varies
Tomlinson D. Todd Scholarship 175 1
Unity Scholarship Competition Varies Varies
W. “Joe” Rogers Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
W. Beverly Carter Scholarship 170 1
Wachovia Endowment Fund Scholarship 1042 1
Washington Chapter-Lincoln University Alumni Association Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Wayne Bethel Endowment Scholarship 394 1
Wesley J. Vala, Sr. Memorial GED Scholarship 1000 Varies
Wesley J. Vala, Sr. Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Wesley Thompson Scholarship 79 1
Wildlife Management Initiative Varies Varies
William & Winifred Bannister Fund Scholarship 495 1
William D. Law, Sr. Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
William D. Simmons Memorial, Sangamon County Fraternal Order of Police Scholarship 400 1
William H. Dodge Scholarship Varies Varies
William H. Whitlock Scholarship 494 1
Youth Empowerment Scholarship 4000 Varies


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