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ScholarshipsArtistic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Activity Awards (fine arts) Varies Varies
Adam Gordon Poetry Award for First-Year Students Varies 1
Alfred J. Lindsey Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Amy Writing Awards Varies Varies
Anchorage Daily News Minority Journalism Scholarship Varies Varies
Annis J. Hovde Scholarship 500 Varies
Art Institutes Scholarships 10000 4
Art Merit Award Program 1800 3
Arts Recognition & Talent Search 3000 300
Authors & Artists Club Scholarships Varies Varies
Ballenger Scholarship & Awards Varies Varies
Barbara M. Gorlinsky Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Berkshire Conference Article Prize 500 1
Berkshire Conference First Book Prize 1000 1
Bill Parrillo Memorial Journalism Scholarship Varies Varies
Bobette Bibo Gugliotta Memorial Scholarship for Creative Writing 2000 2
Challenge the Experts Scholarship 10000 Varies
Charles E. Guardia Scholarship Varies Varies
Chicago Bar Association Charles Goodnow Memorial Award 500 1
Claudia Ann Seaman Poetry Award 500 1
Cobb Essay Award Varies 1
College Scholarship 1000 1
Creative Talent Award 10000 Varies
Creative Writing Award Varies Varies
Creative Writing Awards 2500 Varies
Creative Writing Talent Grants Varies Varies
D.H. Lawrence Fellowship Varies 1
Development for Television Internship 4000 Varies
Distinguished Artist Awards 2500 Varies
Doell Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Betty Evans Scholarship 400 4
Edna Meudt Memorial Award 500 1
Ellen Beth Eddleman Memorial Scholarship Fund 2500 Varies
Eula Cordell Larner Writing Award Varies Varies
F. Lammont Belin Arts Scholarship 10000 1
Faye Harper Meriwether Scholarship Varies Varies
Felix Morley Memorial Journalism Competition 2500 6
Fine Arts Awards 3000 1
Fine Arts Fellowships 12500 Varies
Fine Arts Scholarships Varies Varies
Foundation Literary Scholarships Varies Varies
Fred Walker Writing Prize Varies Varies
Goldia Cooksey Memorial Awards 150 4
Hispanic Writer Award Varies 1
Human Rights Scholarship 1000 1
Iowa Scholarship for the Arts 2000 Varies
James Duval Phelan Literary Award 2000 1
James Monroe Scholarship 2500 3
Jewel Wurtzbaugh Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Jim Poore Memorial Scholarship Fund (College) 1000 Varies
Jim Poore Memorial Scholarship Fund (HS) 1000 Varies
John Carlton Myatt Writing Scholarship Varies Varies
John Ostrom Enders II Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
John Q. Jordan Scholarship Varies 1
Joseph Henry Jackson Literary Award 2000 1
Judith Siegel Pearson Award 250 1
Kathy Carty Writing Scholarship Varies Varies
Knox Writers’ Scholarships 3500 Varies
Lakas Award Varies Varies
Laramie Walden Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Leslie Hunt Memorial Poetry Award Varies Varies
Literary Achievement Awards 1000 4
Lois Cordell Bruner Writing Award Varies Varies
Marjorie A. Pastor Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Mary Mostenic Award for Composition Varies Varies
Mass Communication-Journalism Scholarship Varies Varies
Mericia C. Gonsalves Literary Scholarship (ethnic) 1000 Varies
Mericia C. Gonsalves Literary Scholarship (member) 1000 Varies
Native Writer Award Varies 1
Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting 30000 5
Presidential Scholarship in the Arts 10000 Varies
R.L. Gillette Scholarship 1000 2
Ralph W. Gabbard Educational Scholarship 5000 Varies
S. Wynn & Marion B. Goodman Scholarships for the Arts Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships 2400 4
Scholarships in Fiction & Poetry 525 3
Stanley Drama Award 2000 1
Stevens Poetry Manuscript Contest 1000 1
Talent Awards Varies Varies
Talent Scholarships Varies Varies
Talent Scholarships in the Fine Arts 3500 Varies
Taos Resident Writer Award Varies 1
Thomas E. Meehan Award in Creative Writing Varies 2
Tisch School of the Arts Scholastic Nomination Scholarships 1000 Varies
Writing Fellowships Program Varies Varies
Writing Scholarships Varies Varies
Yearbook-Newspaper Leadership Awards 2000 Varies
Zora M. Ledinko Endowed Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies


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