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ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
1825 Scholars Scholarship 14000 30
1890 Scholars Program Varies 50
A+ Leadership Scholarship 500 Varies
A.C. Breckenridge, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Abell Scholarship Varies Varies
Academic Achievement Scholarship 500 Varies
Academic Common Market Varies Varies
Academic Common Market Award Varies Varies
Academic Departmental Scholarships Varies Varies
Academic Excellence Scholarship 1000 Varies
Academic Excellence Scholarship 4500 Varies
Academic Excellence Scholarships 2000 Varies
Academic Leadership Scholarship 1000 Varies
Academic Recognition Scholarship 3000 Varies
Academic Scholarship 2000 Varies
Academic Scholarships 3200 Varies
Academic-Top 10% Transfer Student Scholarships 8000 Varies
Academic-Top 20% Transfer Student Scholarships 6000 Varies
Academic-Top 40% Transfer Student Scholarships 4000 Varies
Acadian Ambulance Scholarship 500 Varies
Accounting Faculty & Alumni Scholarship Varies 1
Ad & Press Club of Southwest Louisiana Scholarship Varies Varies
Adam Scott Pecoraro Honors Program Endowed Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Addie Lela Thompson Smith Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
AFLAC (American Family Life Assurance Co.) Varies Varies
Agriculture Alumni Association Scholarship Varies 1
AICPA Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students 5000 Varies
Airboat Transportation Scholarship Varies 1
Alex Postlethwaite Scholarship 2500 Varies
Alexander J. Berey Endowed Scholarship in Business Varies 1
Alfred L. Chisholm Scholarship 5000 1
Alice Powell Anderson Scholarship Varies Varies
Alice R. Douglas Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Allan & Helena Dusenbury Scholarship Varies 1
Allen J. Danos, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Alma Stark Cecil Scholarship Varies 1
Almar Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Alpha Chi Chapter Graduate Scholarship 2000 1
Alpha Chi Chapter Graduate Scholarship 2000 1
Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarship Varies Varies
Alpha Sigma Nu Scholarship Varies Varies
Althouse’s Kwik Kopy Printing Scholarship Varies 1
Alumni Federation Scholarships 800 Varies
Alumni Legacy Scholarship Varies Varies
American Association of Drilling Engineers Scholarship Varies 1
American Business Women’s Association-Amis de Lafourche Chapter Scholarship Varies 1
American Culinary Federation-Bayou Chapter Scholarship Varies 1
American Legion Auxiliary Post No. 31-Henry Robertson Scholarship 400 1
American Legion Lenox Hotard Post No. 31 Scholarship Varies 1
American Petroleum Industry Custer L. Primos Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Amos Deinard Foundation Scholarship 3000 Varies
AmSouth Scholarship in Business Varies 1
AMVETS Post 66 Scholarship Varies Varies
Anna “Webbie” Ory Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Anne M. Ferguson Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Annual Scholarship-Four Year Award 3500 Varies
Anthony ‘Val’ Valentino Memorial Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Anthony J. Rouse, Sr. Scholarship Varies 1
Anthony Jude Vergona Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Arrant Scholarship in Insurance Varies Varies
Art Department Scholarship Varies 1
Arthur & Esther deVries Scholarship Varies Varies
Arthur Ross Foundation Scholarship 3000 Varies
Arthur T. Schramm Memorial Scholarship 2250 1
Association of Government Accountants Scholarship Varies 1
Association of Operating Room Nurses of Southwest Louisiana Scholarship Varies Varies
Athletic Scholarship Varies Varies
Athletic Scholarships Varies Varies
Athletic Scholarships Varies Varies
Athletic Scholarships Varies Varies
Audrey & Nicholas Tournillon Endowed Presidential Level Scholarship Varies 1
Auto-Chlor Scholarship Varies 1
Awards Program Varies Varies
B. William F. Sherman Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Band Scholarship 500 Varies
Band Scholarships Varies Varies
Bank One Excellence in Women’s Athletics Scholarship Varies 1
Bank One Scholarship Varies 1
Barousse Scholarship Varies Varies
Basell Scholarship Varies Varies
Baton Rouge Area Scholarship Varies Varies
Baton Rouge Chapter Scholarship 1000 Varies
Baton Rouge Chapter Scholarship 1000 Varies
Baton Rouge Traffic Club Transportation Management Scholarship Varies Varies
Bayou District Dietetic Association Scholarships Varies 3
Bayou Educational Fund of Houma, Inc. Scholarship 1000 1
Bayou Kennel Club, Inc. Scholarship Varies Varies
Bayou Oaks Hospital Scholarship 500 1
Bayou Society for Human Resource Management Scholarship Varies 1
Bayou Woman’s Club Scholarship Varies 1
Bayouland Arts, Inc. Scholarship 250 1
Beginning Freshmen Academic Scholarships Varies Varies
Benny Cenac Scholarship 500 1
Beryl Ann Kraemer Scholarship 50 Varies
Bessie Irene Smith Trust Scholarship Varies Varies
Best Buy Enterprise Employee Scholarship Program 2500 Varies
Best Buy Enterprise Scholarship 5000 Varies
Beta Delta Chapter of Lambda Tau Honor Fraternity Annual Scholarship Varies Varies
Beta Delta Chapter of Lambda Tau Honor Fraternity Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Beta Gamma Sigma Outstanding Chapter Scholarship Varies Varies
Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship Varies Varies
Betty Bloch Kohn Scholarship Varies 1
Betty Fosberg Scholarship Varies Varies
Betty Wenter Scholarship 200 1
Beverly Stafford Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Bickham Inc.-Edgar Cayce Foundation Research Scholarship Varies 3
Bill & Katherine Clark Scholarship in Education Varies 1
Bill Brown Scholarship Varies Varies
Biology Scholarship Varies 1
Bite of the Arts Scholarship Varies 1
Block & Bouterie Attorneys at Law Excellence in Pre-Law Scholarship Varies 1
Bob Blazier Broadcast Scholarship Varies 1
Bob Brooks School of Real Estate & Insurance Scholarship Varies Varies
Booth-Bricker Scholarship Varies Varies
Booz Allen Hamilton-William F. Stasior Internship 10000 Varies
Boudreaux Scholarship Varies Varies
Bourgeois Excellence in Manufacturing Technology Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Boysie & Joy Bollinger Endowed Scholarship in Culinary Arts Varies 1
Bradley Lane Brummel Endowed Kappa Alpha Scholarship Varies Varies
Brian Memorial Drama Scholarship Varies Varies
Bruce Mouton Endowed Scholarship 1000 Varies
Building Future Leaders Scholarship Varies Varies
Buquet Foundation Foreign Student Scholarship Varies 1
Bushrod Campbell & Adah Hall Scholarship 5000 Varies
Business Scholarship for Academic Excellence 14000 Varies
Byard Edwards MBA Scholarship Varies 1
Byron C. & Edna G. Thompson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
C-SPAN Scholarship Program 3800 Varies
C. Glenn Walters Marketing Scholarship Varies 1
C. Marshall Abadie Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
C.R. Bard Scholarship & Internship Program 4000 Varies
Cajun French Music Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Calcasieu Kennel Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Calcasieu Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Calecas Scholarship for Culinary Arts Varies 1
Canaday Language Ars Studies Scholarship (CLASS) Varies Varies
Candy Fleet Scholarship (Employees) Varies Varies
Candy Fleet Scholarship (Residency) Varies Varies
Career Opportunities Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Cargill Scholarship-Internship Program 5000 5
Carlos & Lillian Thurston Scholarship 2500 Varies
Carolyn Bailey Thomas Scholarship Varies Varies
Carrie K. Davis Memorial Grant for Fine Arts Varies 1
Carroll L. Hessler Scholarship 2000 Varies
Carson Broome Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Castle Rock Foundation Scholarship 3600 10
Catha Lambert Endowment Scholarship Varies 1
Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship 5000 Varies
CBS Career Horizons 9500 Varies
CDM Scholarship-Internship 5000 6
Cecil Henderson Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Centenary College Choir Scholarships Varies Varies
Centenary T.O.P.S. Honors Scholarship 9500 Varies
Centenary T.O.P.S. Scholarship Varies Varies
Centennial Valedictorian Scholarship 1000 Varies
Central Louisiana Chapter Scholarship Varies 3
Charlene Crawley Scholarship Varies 1
Charles & Patricia O’Drobinak Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles E. Culpepper Scholarship 1000 Varies
Charles Emery Cate Excellence in Business Scholarship Varies 1
Charles M. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles Paddock Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles Redman Study Abroad Scholarship Varies 1
Charles Strosacker Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles W. Campbell Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Charles W. Carwile Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles Wesley Merritt Scholarship Varies 3
Cheerleader Scholarships Varies 12
Chef John Folse & Company Dinner Scholarship Varies 1
Chef John Folse & Company Scholarship Varies 1
Chemical Engineering Summer Internship Program (U.S. or Germany) Varies Varies
Chemical Engineering Summer Internship Program (U.S. or Germany) Varies Varies
Chicago Inter-Alumni Council Scholarship Varies 3
Chicago Public Schools UNCF Campaign Varies Varies
Choral Scholarships 800 Varies
Christin & Claire Cosby Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Chrysler Corporation Scholarship 3900 10
Church Careers Scholarship 1000 71
Church’s Chicken Opportunity Scholarship 4000 Varies
Cisco-UNCF Scholars Program 4000 Varies
Citigroup Fellows Program 6400 10
Citizens National Bank Scholarship Varies 1
City (Mayoral) Scholarships Varies 5
City Club of Hammond Scholarship 500 2
Clare Boothe Luce Scholarships Varies Varies
Clarence “C.J.” James Memorial Minority Scholarship 1000 Varies
Claude E. Fowler, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Clausen Family Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Clausen Family Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Cleveland Foundation Scholarship 3000 Varies
Cleveland Municipal School Scholarship Varies Varies
Clifford A. King Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Clift Gresham Scholarship Varies 1
Clorox Company Foundation Scholarship 2000 5
Coca Cola Scholarships Varies Varies
Cody & Hope Bailey Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
College Freshman Scholarship 1000 Varies
College of Business Alumni Board Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Business Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Business Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Education Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Education Senior Scholarship 400 2
Collegiate Achievement Award 9000 Varies
Columbus Foundation Scholarship 3000 Varies
Comet Press Newspapers, Inc. Business Fellowship 500 1
Community Bank Excellence Scholarship 2000 1
Community Service Scholarships 5000 Varies
Con Edison Scholarship Varies Varies
Cora Mae Savoy Scholarships 500 2
Costco Scholarship 5000 Varies
Coy G. Eklund Scholarship Varies Varies
CPCU Finance-Insurance Scholarship Varies Varies
Credit Suisse First Boston Scholarship 8000 Varies
Crit Petty Exxon Scholarship 750 1
Crosby Tugs Scholarship Varies 1
Culinary Scholarship Varies 1
Curtis C. Baker Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Cycle World Scholarship Varies 1
Cyclone Scholarships 5000 Varies
D’Arcangelo Excellence in Accounting Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
D. Donnaud Scholarship Fund in Music Varies Varies
D. Vickers Creative Writing Scholarship 75 1
D. Vickers Memorial Honors Scholarship 1000 1
Dale A. Guidry Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Dallas Leroy & Helen D. Calmes Memorial Scholarship 800 2
Daniel Leblanc Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Daughenbaugh-Matheny Scholarship 1000 21
Davenport Forte Pedestal Fund 10000 Varies
David “Wolfie” Phillippe Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
David & Freda Buttross Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
David Geffen Foundation Scholarship 5000 Varies
Dean John F. McCloskey Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dean’s Honor Scholarships Varies 100
Dean’s Scholarship 7500 Varies
Dean’s Scholarship for Academic Excellence 14000 Varies
Deborah Rae Morris Endowed Scholarship in Special Education 1100 1
Debra Ann Bateman Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Debra Bartels Melton Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Varies 1
Delta Kappa Gamma Society Scholarship Varies 1
Delta Zeta Sorority Scholarship Varies 1
Denis D’Amore Scholarship 2000 Varies
Deoma R. Talbot Scholarship 1000 1
Department of Economics & Finance Scholarship Varies 1
Department of English Scholarship Varies Varies
Dependent Fee Waiver Scholarship Varies Varies
Dissertation-Year Fellowship 15000 Varies
Distinguished Freshman Housing Scholarship Varies Varies
Distinguished Freshman Scholarship Varies Varies
Distinguished National Scholar Scholarship Varies Varies
Distinguished Scholar Awards 21000 277
Doctoral Scholars Program 15000 Varies
Don A. Baxter Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Don R. Boyd Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Donaldsonville Music Club Scholarship Varies 1
Donnie & Pam Simpson Scholarship 5000 Varies
Doris & John Scholarship Carpenter 5000 Varies
Dorothy McIntyre Faust Endowed Scholarship 450 Varies
Dorothy N. McNeal Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Andonie Endowed Scholarship in Biological Sciences & Pre-Medicine Varies Varies
Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. “Bob” Dolese Rotary Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. D.G. Joseph Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Grace Monk Gueydan Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Harlan Brewer-Elderhostel Memorial Mathematics Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. J. Lincoln & Mrs. Mary Anne Goreau DeVillier Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Varies 1
Dr. James G. Ragan Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. James M. Rosin Scholarship 5000 Varies
Dr. Joe Ratliff Challenge 3000 Varies
Dr. John E. Ball Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Judy Theriot Leadership Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Margo Davis Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Norman Roussell Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Richard P. Wendt Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Robert Carl Brown Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Robert D. Butler Scholarship for Professional Development in Counseling Varies Varies
Dr. Roy E. Hyde Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Scholl Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Thomas Stark Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. William L. Travis Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. William R. Giles Memorial Scholarship Program 7000 2
Drama Scholarship 14000 Varies
Ducie Heaney Horticulture Scholarship 1000 Varies
DuPont Scholarship Varies Varies
Duquesne Light Company Scholarship Varies Varies
E. Ann Barker, M.D. Scholarship Varies 1
E.G. Robichaux Scholarship 350 1
E.P. & Mildred Kuhn Excellence in Liberal Arts Scholarship Varies 1
E.R.T. Marquette, C.P.A. Accounting Scholarship Varies 1
Early Admissions Scholarship Varies Varies
Early Graduates Summer Incentive Scholarship 600 Varies
East Cleveland City Schools 5000 Varies
East Houma Lion’s Club Scholarship Varies 1
East Texas Scholarships 8500 5
Edgar Murray Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Edmond L. Deramee Scholarship Varies Varies
Edmund B. Stueben Undergraduate & Graduate Support Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward & Hazel Stephenson Scholarship 3000 Varies
Edward Augustin Generelly Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward D. Grigg Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward Fitterman Foundation Scholarship 3000 Varies
Edward M. Nagel Foundation Scholarship 5000 Varies
Edward N. Ney Scholarship Varies Varies
Elaine Belcher Latino Scholarship 1000 1
Elder J.M. & Melissa Thomas Stuart Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Eleanor Dansereau Ellis Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Eleanore C. Condon Scholarship Varies Varies
Ella Charitable Fitzgerald Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Elliene Tate Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Varies Varies
Elmer Roe Deaver Foundation Scholarship 5000 Varies
Elsa & Irving Lyons Memorial Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Emerson Electric Company Scholarship 6000 Varies
Emma LaDew Memorial Scholarship 50 1
Emy Lou Biedenharn Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Endowed Scholarships 1000 15
Enest Pierce, III Scholarship Varies 1
Enola Jeandron Autin Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Enos F. “Jake” Bailey Scholarship Varies 1
Entre Nous Scholarship Varies 1
Equine Scholarship 1000 Varies
Erna Deigmayr Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
ESSENCE Scholars Program 10000 5
Esther R. Sawyer Scholarship 5000 1
Eugenia S. Churchill Scholarship Varies 1
Eula Mae Beall Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Eunice Walker Johnson Endowed Scholarship 5000 Varies
Evelyn Levina Wright Scholarship 3500 Varies
Evelyn-Mae Durmeyer Fillion Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Evergreen Lion’s Club Scholarship Varies 1
Excellence in Commitment to Education & Leadership (ExCEL) Scholarship 500 Varies
F. Max Hardberger Scholarship Varies 1
F. Smith Knoblock Legal Assistant Studies Major Scholarship 700 1
Faculty Appreciation Scholarship in Economics Varies 1
Faculty-Staff Fee Waiver Scholarship Varies Varies
Family & Consumer Sciences Scholarship for Excellence 300 1
Fannie Mae Foundation Scholarship Varies 12
Fanny Edith Winn Education Trust Scholarship Varies Varies
Federal Express Scholarship 1000 Varies
Femmes Natales Club of Thibodaux Scholarship Varies 1
Ferdinand Dominguez & Isabella Depetirate Dominguez Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Fifth-Third Scholars Program Varies Varies
Financial Services Institution Varies Varies
Firefighters Disability Exemption Scholarship Varies Varies
First American Bank Scholarship Varies 5
First Guaranty Bank Assistantship Scholarship Varies Varies
First Guaranty Bank Nursing Scholarship 1930 1
Florence Zeigler Allbritton Piano Award Varies Varies
Florine A. Petit Education Scholarship 400 1
Fort Worth Independent School District Scholarship 2500 Varies
Forty & Eight Scholarship 1000 Varies
Forty & Eight Voiture Locale 1522 Scholarship 1000 1
Founders Awards Varies Varies
Frances Baldwin Scholarship Varies Varies
Frances Hook Scholarship Varies Varies
Frances Robertson Fortenberry Memorial Scholarship 200 1
Francis C. St. Blanc Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Francis Robert O’Brien, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank A. Micelli Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Frank Piccione Sr. Scholarship 500 Varies
Fred R. McDaniel Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Fred W. Yates & Camille Yates Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Freddie John Falgout Post #3665 Scholarship Varies 1
Frederick William Reimers Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Cultural Resource Management Varies 5
Freeport Minerals Company Scholarship Varies Varies
Friends of Music Scholarships 500 6
Frito-Lay, Inc. Scholarships 2500 1
G.L. Coussan Honors Scholarship Varies Varies
GAP Foundation Scholarship 10000 Varies
Gary Payton Foundation Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Gayle & Merrick Jones Endowed Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Gena Wright Memorial Scholarship Varies 2
Geoffrey Scholarship Varies Varies
George “Gee” Mitchell Physical Education Scholarship 100 1
George Bedsole Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
George Donald Bacon Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
George L. Bollinger Scholarship Varies Varies
George P.E. Coussan Memorial Scholarship 2000 Varies
Georgia Gulf Corporation Scholarship 625 1
Gerald B. Blakeman Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Gerald Daigle Scholarship Varies Varies
Gerald G. Gaston College of Business Administration Scholarship Varies 1
Gerald W. & Jean Purmal Endowed Scholarship 4000 Varies
Gerber Endowment in Pediatric Nutrition Scholarship 3000 1
Geron Johnson Scholarship Varies Varies
Gheens Foundation Scholarship 2000 Varies
Gibson J.Autin Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Gilbane Scholarship Program 5000 Varies
Gilbane Scholarship Program (New Jersey) 5000 Varies
Gilbert Cheramie Boats, Inc. Scholarship Varies 1
Ginger Fortenberry Ford, Homemaker Scholarship Varies 1
Givaudan Flavor Corporation Scholarships 1000 3
Gloria Esperanz “Hope” Ruiz Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Golden Meadow Rotary Club Scholarship Varies 1
Golden Voices Scholarship Varies 1
Goodyear-Houma Scholarship Varies 1
Goodyear-Thibodaux Scholarship Varies 1
Gordon & Mary Cain Scholarship in Engineering Varies Varies
Graduate Assistantship Scholarships Varies Varies
Grand Council Chapter Masonic Foundation of Louisiana Scholarship 250 1
Grants 2000 Varies
Greater Baton Rouge Chapter – Don Jones Excellence in Safety Scholarship 1000 1
Greater New Orleans Foundation Class of Electric Rate Payers Scholarship Varies Varies
Gregory Holyne Newman Memorial Scholarship Varies 2
Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inc. Scholarships 2500 1
Guaranty Broadcasting Company of Houma, LLC Scholarship Varies 1
Guy C. Garrison Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Guy F. Bernard Memorial Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Hammond Police Officers Union, Local 345 Scholarship 2000 2
Hampton Roads Scholarship 6000 Varies
Hans Schneider Excellence in Music Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Hans Schneider Scholarship for Environmental Preservation 1000 1
Harold Pierce Scholarship 3000 Varies
Harry Applin Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Harry C. Jackson Scholarship 5000 Varies
Harry Chozen Baseball Scholarship Varies Varies
Harry Pinkerton Scholarship Varies Varies
Harry S. Truman Scholarship Varies 53
Harvey H. & Catherine A. Moses Scholarship Varies Varies
Harvey Theriot, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Kinesiology and Health Studies Varies Varies
Hearst Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Hector Phillip Marcombe Scholarship 200 1
Heinz Environmental Fellows Program-Internship 7500 Varies
Helen Cannon Memorial Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Helen Entrikin Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Helen T. Carr Fellowship 10000 Varies
Henry J. Lafont, Jr. Scholarship Varies 1
Hermanas Club Scholarship Varies 1
Hershy Foods Scholarship 5000 Varies
Hibernia National Bank Excellence in Business Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Hibernia National Bank in Business Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Hill-Krause Business Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Historically Black Colleges & Universities Scholarship Program-Enhanced Varies Varies
Holly & Smith, Architects, Inc. Excellence in Visual Arts & Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Honeywell Scholarship 1000 Varies
Honors College Scholarships Varies 25
Hood Automotive Endowed Scholarship in Business Varies 1
Horace & Rosamond M. Austin, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Horatio Alger Scholarship Varies 1
Houghton Mifflin Company Fellows Program-Internship 3700 Varies
Houma Chapter of the American Petroleum Institution Scholarship 500 1
Houma Courier Journalism Scholarship 600 1
Houma Lion’s Club Scholarship 500 2
Houma Rotary Club, Doug Stire Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Houston Symphony-Top Ladies Varies Varies
Huble Leader Memorial Scholarship 250 1
Hudson-Webber Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Huey & Angelina Wilson Scholarships 1000 15
Hugh Kaul Scholarship Varies Varies
Hurley School of Music Scholarships Varies Varies
IFT 50th Anniversary-Inspiration for Tomorrow Scholarship 2000 1
IFT Carbohydrate Division Alternate Scholarship 500 1
IFT Carbohydrate Division Scholarship 1000 1
IFT Food Microbiology Division Graduate Scholarships 2000 2
IFT Food Microbiology Division Juniors-Seniors Scholarships 500 2
IFT Food Packaging Division Scholarship 1000 1
IFT Freshmen Scholarships 1000 15
IFT Graduate Scholarship 5000 23
IFT Junior-Senior Scholarship 2000 28
IFT New York Section Graduate Scholarship 1500 1
IFT New York Section Junior-Senior Scholarships 1000 2
IFT Past Presidents 1000 1
IFT Quality Assurance Division, William A. Golomski Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
IFT Sensory Evaluation Division Silver Celebration Scholarships 5000 2
IFT Sophomore Scholarships 1000 15
IFT Student Association, George R. Foster Memorial Freshman Scholarship 1000 1
Ignatian Scholarship for Academic Excellence 14000 Varies
Independence Lion’s Club Scholarship 500 2
Ingram Scholarship Varies Varies
Ingree Cooper Peterson Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Ingrid Lily Frolich Burns Scholarship Varies Varies
Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists (PhD) 2000 1
Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists Graduate Scholarships 2000 1
Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists-Irving J. Pflug 1500 1
Institute of Managerial Accountants (IMA) Scholarship Varies 1
Intel Scholars Program 5000 Varies
International Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Ira S. Tate Scholarship 1600 1
Irene M. Petijean Horticulture Scholarship 1000 1
Irene Toliver Pyburn Merit Award 1000 1
Irma C. Leche Scholarship Varies 1
Israel Trestman Scholarship Varies Varies
J. Freyhan Odenheimer Endowed Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Jack & Jill of America Foundation Scholarship 2500 Varies
Jack & Sarah LaNasa Memorial Scholarship Fund in Music Varies Varies
Jack & Sarah LaNassa Memorial Scholarship in City College Varies Varies
Jack E. Brady Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jack E. Theall, Jr. & Gladys P. Theall Endowed Biology Scholarship 1000 Varies
Jack W. Knight Scholarship Varies Varies
Jackie Lee Robinson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jacqueline Feigenson Scholarship Varies Varies
James & Ruth Gillroy Scholarship 1000 Varies
James & Shirley Marten Varies Varies
James J. Buquet Scholarship Varies 1
James Lynn Powell Scholarship Varies 1
James M. Willet Endowed Scholarship 1000 Varies
James Mark Collins & Katherine Gallaher Collins Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
James R. Bowler III, M.D. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Janet Jackson-Rhythm Nation Scholarship 2000 Varies
Janet Stephens Mayhugh, CRNA Scholarship 2500 1
Jay Levine Scholarship 2000 Varies
Jazz Scholarships Varies Varies
Jean Childs Young Scholarship 5000 Varies
Jefferson Caffery Scholarship 26200 Varies
Jefferson County, Kentucky Scholarship 3000 Varies
Jefferson Parish Council Scholarship 500 Varies
Jeffry & Barbara Picower Foundation Scholarship 5000 Varies
Jennie & Co. Film Production Scholarship Varies 1
Jeremiah & Annette O’Keefe Endowed Schoalrship Fund Varies Varies
Jesse Brown Memorial Scholarship (employee) 500 Varies
Jesse Jones, Jr. Scholarship 5000 Varies
Jesuit Community Scholarship Varies Varies
Jim Barker Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Jimi Hendrix Endowment Fund Scholarship 5000 Varies
Jo Carol Nolen Scholarship Varies 1
Joanna Dee Newman Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Varies 1
Joe & Kay Iverstine Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Joe L. Muscarelle Foundation Scholarship 2500 Varies
Joe Mauroner Scholarship Varies Varies
John & Peter Beckish Trust Memorial Scholarships Varies 2
John Arthur Adams-Simga Theta Tau Scholarship Varies Varies
John B. Gordon Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John Carroll Zewe Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
John Coumes Memorial Scholarship 500 1
John E. Baugh Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John E. Tolson, Jr., Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
John F. McGillicuddy JPMorgan Chase Scholarship Varies Varies
John Garrett Bruscato Equine Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John Hainkel Louisiana Scholars Award Varies 2
John J. & Irene T. Powers Scholarships 1500 1
John J. Faught Memorial Scholarship 250 1
John J. Grasser Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
John Lennon Endowed Scholarship Program 5000 4
Johnnie McGary, Jr. Memorial Debate Scholarship 250 Varies
Jones Insurance Services September 11, 2001, Memorial Law Enforcement Scholarship Varies 1
Joseph & Gloria Soutullo Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Joseph A. Breaux Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph A. Towles African Study Abroad Scholarship 15000 Varies
Joseph Accardo Scholarship 200 1
Joseph L. Drexler Scholarship Varies 1
Joseph M. Moll II & Pamela Gueydan Moll Scholarship Varies 1
Joseph Ramspott Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Biology Varies Varies
Josie Greco LaNassa Memorial Scholarship in Business Administration Varies Varies
Joy Jackson Memorial Endowment Scholarship Varies 1
Joyce Helms Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Judge Sheldon Fernandez Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Jules Prokop Endowed Presidential-Level Scholarship in Accounting Varies 1
Julie A. Ard Scholarship Varies 1
Julie Vande Velde Leadership Scholarship 1000 1
Julien A. & Doris Evelyn Waller Tillery Endowment Scholarship Varies 1
Jumpstart Program Scholarship 1600 Varies
K&B; Machine Works, Inc. Scholarship Varies 1
Kansas City Initiative Scholarship 5000 Varies
Kathleen J. Bartels Scholarship Varies 1
Kathryn & Mayor Russell “Tippy” Depaula Scholarship 500 1
Keck Foundation Scholarship 5000 Varies
Keith T. & Rita Hamilton Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Education Varies 1
Kenneth & Linda Lay Scholarship Varies Varies
Kenneth G. Holder Math Education Scholarship 400 1
Kevin Moore Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
KFC Scholars Program Varies Varies
Kit Smith Scholarship Varies Varies
Kiwanis Club of Houma Scholarship Varies 1
Kiwanis Club of Thibodaux Scholarship Varies 1
Kuntz Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
L&M; Bo Truc Rentals Scholarship Varies 1
L.C. “Didi” Levert, Jr. Scholarship Varies 1
L.J. Hebert, Jr. Banking Scholarship Varies 1
Lacy Ann Livingston Endowed Scholarship in the Visual Arts Varies 1
Lady of the Sea General Hospital Nursing Scholarship Varies 1
Lafayette Chapter Scholarship 1000 1
Lafayette Parish Medical Society Scholarships 500 Varies
Lafourche Association for Family & Community Education Scholarship Varies 1
Lafourche Bar Association Scholarship Varies 1
Lake Charles Chapter Scholarship 1000 Varies
Laura Templet Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Lawrence J. Strohmeyer Scholarship Varies Varies
Leaders Entering Another Dimension (LEAD) Scholarship Varies Varies
Leadership Scholarshp Varies Varies
Leila Graham Scholarship Varies Varies
Leonard V. Battistone Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Lera Kelly Theater Scholarship Varies 1
Lester & Myrtle Fremin Culinary Scholarship Varies 1
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Varies Varies
Lettie Pate Whitehead Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Letty Garofalo Scholarship Varies Varies
Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (LEAP) 2000 3000
LGCF District I Scholarship 500 1
LGCF District II Book Scholarship 250 Varies
LGCF District VII Scholarship 1000 Varies
LGCF District VIII Sara Weiss Book Scholarship 250 1
LGCF District VIII Sara Weiss Book Scholarship 250 1
Liberty Mutual Scholarship 5000 Varies
Liberty Scholarship Varies Varies
Lillian Stark Lundeen Scholarship Varies 1
Limited, Inc. & Intimate Brands, Inc. Scholarship Varies Varies
Linda Holt Sullivan Endowed Scholarship in Occupational Safety & Health Varies 1
Lisa Aucion Endowed Scholarship in Herpetology Varies Varies
Lloyd Morgan Scholarship Varies 1
Lois & John Breaux Scholarship in Public Relations Varies Varies
Lois Josephine Cahill Scholarship Varies Varies
Lone Star Community Scholarships (School) Varies Varies
Loraine M. Cook Honorary Scholarship Varies 1
Loretto Conway Cahill Scholarship Varies Varies
Louis Armstrong Scholarship at the University of New Orleans Varies Varies
Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas Company Scholarship Varies Varies
Louis J. Schober Memorial Scholarship (College) 2000 Varies
Louis O. Roy, Jr. & Dorothy Dominguez Roy Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Louis O. Roy, Sr. & Mercedes Sugasti Roy Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Louis P. Ledet Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Louis R. Lurie Foundation Varies Varies
Louis St. Martin Graduate Mathematics Fellowships 11000 Varies
Louis St. Martin Scholarship Varies 1
Louise B. Cagle Scholarship Varies Varies
Louise Stark Drexler Scholarship Varies 1
Louisiana Gas Association Scholarship 1000 1
Louisiana Land & Exploration Company Scholarship Varies 2
Louisiana Police Jury Association Scholarship 250 1
Louisiana Scholarship Program 10500 50
Louisiana Sheriff’s Scholarship 500 59
Louisville Gala Scholarship Varies Varies
Loyola Institute for Ministry (LIM) Scholarship Varies Varies
Loyola Scholarship for Academic Excellence 14000 Varies
LPHA Scholarship Varies Varies
Lucius McGehee Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Lula Ameen Freshman Art Scholarships 300 Varies
Lydia & Raymond Scully Scholarship Varies Varies
M&L; Engines Scholarship Varies 1
M.J. Euphemie Blanc & Louis Alfred Blanc Joint Memorial Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Mac Burns Golf Scholarship Varies Varies
Mac Burns Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Mae Maxey Memorial Scholarship 5000 Varies
Major Kenneth E. Dyson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Malcolm X Scholarship for Exceptional Courage 4000 Varies
Manning P. Menard Memorial Scholarship 2000 Varies
Margaret Lil Abels Maurin Scholarship Varies 1
Margaret Mary Conway & Noel Cecelia Cahill Malloy Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Margaret V. Jolley Family & Consumer Sciences Scholarship Varies 1
Marie de Renville-Franicevic Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Marietta Schneider Excellence in Music Varies 1
Marjorie Hebert Mailhes Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Mark Dugopolski Sophomore Scholarship Varies Varies
Mark MacNutt Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Markley Scholarship Varies 2
Marlene Marmande Memorial Nursing Scholarship Varies 1
Mary Ann Reising Flynn Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Mary Atkins Hanna Scholarship 2000 1
Mary Atkins Hanna Scholarship 2000 1
Mary B. Welch Memorial Afro-American Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Bridges Magee Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary C. Allen Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary C. Nelson Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary C. White Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary E. Scott Memorial Scholarship 5000 Varies
Mary Oenslager Scholarship 5000 Varies
Mary Z. Wirth Scholarships in Music Education Varies Varies
MasterCard International Scholarship Program 4500 Varies
Mater Dolorosa Kaycee Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Varies Varies
Maurice Charitat Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Max Clardy Speech Pathology Scholarship 300 1
Mayeur Scholarships in Music Varies Varies
MBIA-William O. Bailey Scholars Program Varies Varies
McClare Family Trust Scholarship Varies Varies
McCormick & Co. Endowment 2500 1
McDermott Aid to Education Scholarships Varies 4
McDonald’s Crew Scholarship-Cleveland, Ohio 3000 Varies
McGregor Fund Scholarship 5000 Varies
McIlhenney Scholarship 1000 Varies
Medtronic Foundation Scholarship 5000 Varies
Melissa Claire Acosta Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Mellon Ecology Program (S.E.E.D.S.) Varies Varies
Mellon Undergraduate Fellowship Program 3000 Varies
Meri & Rita Huntsinger Endowed Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Meriel’s Legacy Scholarship 2000 1
Michael & Donna Griffith Scholarship 2500 Varies
Michael & Juanita Jordan Scholarship 5000 Varies
Michael Fanning Scholarship 500 1
Michael Jackson Scholarship 4000 Varies
Michele A. & Murray G. Marden Scholarship 5000 Varies
Mike Bauer Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Miller Brewing Company Freshman Academic Scholarship Varies 3
Millipore Foundation 5000 Varies
Minnie Bond Scholarship 100 1
Minor & Louella Cheramie Endowed Scholarship 800 1
Minority Male Scholars in Education Scholarship 2000 Varies
Mitsubishi Motors U.S.A. Foundation Leadership Awards 2000 Varies
Morgan Stanley Scholarship-Internship 10000 Varies
Mosaic Scholarship Varies Varies
Moses G. Hogan Memorial Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Mrs. E.R.T. Marquette Piano Scholarship Varies 1
Msgr. Edward David Fruge Scholarship of Social Justice Varies Varies
Muriel Salvant Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Music Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Music Scholarship 14000 Varies
Myra C. Lillard Scholarship in Family & Consumer Sciences Varies 3
Myra Gautreaux Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
NABW-BAYOU Group Scholarship Varies 1
NACME-NASA Undergraduate Student Award for Research (USAR) 2500 Varies
Nancy H. & Joseph J. Mansfield Endowed Scholarship in Psychology Varies Varies
Nancy Kathryn O’Neil Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Nancy M. Christian Scholarship Varies 5
Neil Christopher – Louisiana Landscape Design Consultants Council Book Scholarship 250 1
Neil Christopher – Shady Oaks Garden Club Scholarship 500 1
Neil Christopher – Shady Oaks Garden Club Scholarship 500 1
Neill Family Company Scholarship Varies 1
Nelnet Scholarship 1000 Varies
New Jersey Mayor’s Task Force, Elizabeth NJ Scholarship 1350 Varies
New Jersey Mayor’s Task Force, Trenton, NJ Scholarship 1350 Varies
New Orleans Public Schools Scholarship Varies 1
New Orleans Saints Sports Medicine Scholarship Varies 1
New York Times Foundation Scholarships Varies Varies
Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr. Memorial Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Nicholls Department of Nursing Scholarship 500 1
Nicholls State University Scholars Scholarship 1600 Varies
NiSource Charitable Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Noel & Essie Bickham Endowed Scholarship in Education Varies Varies
Nolan J. Gaubert Excellence in Pure & Applied Sciences Endowed Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Non-Resident Fee Waiver Scholarship Varies Varies
Non-Resident Scholarships Varies Varies
Norfolk Southern Foundation Scholarships 1000 3
North Oaks Medical Center Scholarship 1000 8
Northeast Chapter Scholarship 1000 3
Northeast Chapter Scholarship 1000 3
Northeast Utilities System Scholarship Program 10000 Varies
Northrop Grumman Diversity Scholarship (female) Varies Varies
Northrup Grumman Diversity Scholarship (minority) Varies Varies
Northshore Chapter, Society of Louisiana CPAs Scholarship Varies 1
Northwestern Mutual Life Scholarship Varies Varies
Norwest Financial Scholarship Varies 1
NSU Alumni Federaton Scholar-Leader Scholarships 1600 Varies
Nyme J. Newman Memorial Scholarship Varies 2
O’Grady Family Foundation Varies Varies
Operation Book Smart-Women’s Committee Varies Varies
Orange County Public Schools 5000 2
Orchestra Scholarships Varies Varies
Orleans A. & Louella Pitre Endowed Scholarship 800 1
Ostina & Herman Harfield Scholarship 2500 Varies
Otto D. Grove, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 2500 Varies
Otto F. Briede Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Out of State Fee Waiver (Group 1) Varies Varies
Out of State Fee Waiver (Group 2) Varies Varies
Out of State Fee Waiver (Group 3) Varies Varies
Out-of-State Centenary Scholarship 2500 Varies
Outstanding Scholars Scholarship 1500 Varies
Overture to the Cultural Season Scholarship Varies Varies
Paralegal Association of Nicholls State University Scholarship Varies 1
Parents Scholarship for Music Studies Abroad Varies Varies
Patterson Rotary Club Scholarship 250 1
Paul Douglas Scholarship 5000 Varies
Paul Reeves Scholarship Varies 1
PECO Engergy-UNCF Scholarship 3300 Varies
Peggy Palmer Perdue Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Pennsylvania State Empoloyees Scholarship (SECA) 4000 Varies
Performance Scholarships 1200 Varies
Pete Wren Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Phanindranath Lingamallu Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Phi Theta Kappa Award 10000 Varies
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship 8000 Varies
Phil J. “Sonny” Naquin, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Phillipp Wolters Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Philo Brasher Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Physical Science Scholarship Varies 1
Physically Challenged Scholarship Varies Varies
Pinellas County, Florida School Board Scholarship 6000 Varies
Pipe Distributors Scholarship 1000 10
Police Jury Association of Louisiana Scholarship Varies 1
Police Officers Exemption Foundation Scholarship Varies 1
Ponchatoula Lions Club Excellence in Education Scholarship 2000 1
President’s Distinguished Scholarships 6000 Varies
President’s Excellence Scholarship Varies Varies
President’s Scholarship 10000 Varies
President’s Scholarship 5625 Varies
Press Club of New Orleans Scholarship Varies 1
Presser Foundation Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Principal Financial Group Scholarship 12000 1
Pro NSU Scholarship 500 1
Pro-NSU Academic-Athletic Scholarship Varies 2
Procter & Gamble Company Scholarship 2500 1
Professor Louis Mayfield & Mildred Mayfield Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Pursley Prize in Chemistry Scholarship 100 1
Quality Assurance Division Abe Mittler Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
Quality Assurance Division Louis J. Bianco Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
R. Norval Garrett Scholarship 1000 1
R.H. “Dickie” & Charlene Barker Excellence in Marine & Environmental Biology Scholarship Varies 1
Raceland Sugars Scholarship Varies 1
Rae Shipyard Scholarship Varies 1
Ralph McGil Scholarship 1500 Varies
Ralph Morel Scholarship Varies 1
Ralph R. Pottle Honor Scholarship 500 1
Ramon J. Labat Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Ray Didier Scholarship Varies 1
Raymond Ellis Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Raymond Ellis Memorial Scholarships 500 2
Raymond J. Calecas Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Reader’s Digest 5000 Varies
Regie Truxillo Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Regina H. Blanc Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Region VIII Scholarship 3000 1
Regions Bank Endowed Scholarship in Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Residence Hall Scholarships Varies Varies
Residence Scholarship 5000 Varies
Resource Bank Scholarship Varies 1
Rev. A. Ransom Marlow, S.J. Scholarship Varies Varies
Rev. C.J. McNaspy, S.J. Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Rev. Emmett M. Bienvenu, S.J. Endowed Scholarship for the Classics Varies Varies
Rev. Francis A. Benedetto, S.J. & Rev. Karl A. Maring, S.J. Scholarship Varies Varies
Rev. John H. Mullahy, S.J. Scholarship Varies Varies
Rev. Joseph A. Butt, S.J. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard & Glory Sharp Scholarship Varies 3
Richard & Glory Sharp Scholarship 400 1
Richard & Mercedes Durham Scholarship Varies 1
Richard Drew Wilkie Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Richmond Scholarship 2000 Varies
Ridgeway-Denny’s Scholarship Varies Varies
Rienzi Scholarship Varies 2
Rita Grenier Scholarship Varies 1
Robert Dole Scholarship Fund for Disabled Students 3000 Varies
Robert Half International 1750 Varies
Robert L. Baskin Leadership Scholarship 500 1
Robert M. Jenkins Memorial Reservoir Research Scholarship 1000 2
Robert Meyer Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert R. Meyer Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert W. Boquet Scholarship Varies 1
Robert Wayne Folse Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Robin Roberts Scholarship Varies Varies
Rockefeller State Wildlife Scholarship 1000 30
Roger J. Schuler Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ron Berry Business Administration Scholarship Varies Varies
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & N.W. Indiana Scholarship 3000 Varies
Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Charities Scholarship-Arizona Varies Varies
Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Charities Scholarship-Chicago 6000 Varies
Ronald McDonald’s House Charities Scholarship-Ohio Varies Varies
Ronny J. Sternfels Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Rotary Club of Grand Isle Scholarship Varies 1
Rotary Club Scholarship 2000 1
ROTC Scholarship Varies Varies
RR Donnelley Scholarship-Internship 10000 Varies
Ruby J. Darensbourg Cook Memorial Scholarship Fund 1000 1
Ruth Bruner Scholarship Varies Varies
Sadie Pugh Mashburn Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Varies 1
Safe Passage Foundation Educational & Scholarship Fund 4000 Varies
Sally & Adrian Duplantier Boys Hope Girls Hope Scholarship Varies Varies
SAME Scholarship 2000 Varies
SAME Scholarship 2000 Varies
Samuel L. Genco Scholarship 100 Varies
Samuel Newhouse Scholarship Varies Varies
San Jose Mercury News Scholarship 2000 Varies
Sara Ann Chronister Scholarship Varies Varies
Sara Sollars Memorial Scholarship 200 1
Sarah Dosher Waters Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Sarah Dosher Waters Scholarship Varies 1
Sarah Kay Thornhill Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Varies Varies
Sargeant Calvin R. Herbert, Jr. Memorial Foundation Scholarship Varies 1
SBC Foundation Scholarship 5000 Varies
Scholarship 1500 1
Scholarship 1500 5
Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students (SDS) Varies Varies
Scholarship in Librarianship 3000 Varies
Scholarship in Librarianship 3000 Varies
Scholarships 2000 10
Scholarships 2000 Varies
Scholarships 2000 10
School of Fine Arts – Division of Music Scholarships 6400 Varies
School of Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Scully Scholarship Varies Varies
Section Grants: South-Central Research Grants Varies Varies
Senator Claude B. Duval Scholarship Varies 1
Senior Citizen Fee Waiver Scholarship Varies Varies
Shell Scholarship 1000 Varies
Shell-Equilon UNCF Cleveland Scholarship Fund 3000 Varies
Shirley Smith Love Scholarship Varies 1
Shreveport Campaign 1500 Varies
Shreveport Chapter Scholarship 1500 3
Sidney Stoneman Scholarship 3500 Varies
Siragusa Foundation Scholarship 2000 Varies
SLU Merit Scholarship 1000 Varies
Social Justice Scholarship 14000 Varies
Social Work & Sociology Club Scholarships Varies 4
Society of Flavor Chemists Scholarships 2000 1
South Central Chapter of Louisiana CPA’s Scholarship Varies 1
South Central Chapter Scholarship 250 1
South Louisiana Bank Scholarship Varies 1
South Louisiana Electric Cooperative Association Scholarships Varies Varies
Southeastern Assistance Grants 1000 Varies
Southeastern Athletic Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Southeastern Louisiana University Alumni Scholarship 1000 2
Southeastern Louisiana University Student Scholarship Varies 3
Southeastern Merit Scholarship 2000 Varies
Southeastern Non-Traditional Scholarship 1000 Varies
SouthTrust Scholars Program 6250 Varies
Special Presidential Scholarships 600 Varies
SREB Academic Common Market Varies Varies
St. Petersburg Golf Classic Scholarship 5000 Varies
St. Tammany Parish Hospital Guild Scholarship 1500 2
State Board of Supervisors Academic Scholarship 4000 Varies
State Board of Supervisors Academic-Minority Scholarship 4000 5
State Farm Insurance Endowment Scholarship Varies 2
Stella M. Kinney Scholarship Varies 1
Stephanie Hebert Center for the Study of Dyslexia Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Sterling Bank Scholarship Varies Varies
Stern Scholarship 250 1
Stuart A. Lirette, Sr. Memorial Scholarship in Environmental Quality Studies Varies 1
Student Aid Scholarship Varies Varies
Student Foundation Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Student Government Association Freshman Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Student Government Association Leadership Scholarships 300 6
Sue Latour Zeringue Miller Scholarship Varies 1
Sugar Industry Scholarships 3200 Varies
Sylvia Shapiro Scholarship Varies Varies
Synergy Bank Excellence in Business Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
T. Baker Smith Scholarship 1000 1
Ta Wa Si Club Scholarship Varies 1
Ta Wa Si Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Ta Wa Si Scholarship in Nursing-in Memory of Myrna Hickman Varies 1
Ta Wa Si Scholarship in Nursing-in Memory of Ruby Forrest Varies 1
Tae Kwon Do Association Scholarship Varies 1
Tammy Willie Rudisell Scholarship 500 1
Tangipahoa Home Builders Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
Tangipahoa Parish Medical Auxiliary Scholarship 700 1
Tangipahoa Parish Retired Teachers’ Association Scholarship 150 1
Tangipahoa Parish Teachers Credit Union Scholarship 1000 2
Taylor Jeansonne Endowed Scholarship in Industrial Technology Varies 1
Ted White Memorial Scholarship 2500 Varies
Terell “Foots” McCrory Scholarship in Communication (Radio) Varies Varies
Terrebonne Association for Family & Community Education’s Jean Picou-Homemaker Council Scholarship 300 1
Terrebonne Fine Arts Guild, Inc. Scholarship Varies 1
Terri Cropper Dembeck Scholarship 2100 1
Terry M. Cannon Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Texaco Philanthropic Foundation Scholarship 2500 1
Texaco, Inc. Scholarship Varies 1
Texas Health Resources Scholarship Varies Varies
Textron Fellows Program Varies Varies
The Advocates-UNCF Scholarship 2500 Varies
Theatre, Dance & Art Scholarships Varies Varies
Theodore G. “Teddy” Betz. Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Thibodaux Hospital Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship Varies 1
Thibodaux Lion’s Club Scholarship in Communicative Disorders Varies 2
Thibodaux Literary Club Scholarship Varies 1
Thibodaux Music Club Scholarship 200 1
Thibodaux Playhouse Scholarship Varies Varies
Thibodaux Service League Scholarship 1000 1
Thibodaux Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship Varies 1
Thibodaux Woman’s Club Scholarship Varies 1
Thomas A. Utsey, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Thomas B. Holcombe, Sr. Mathematics Scholarship 5000 1
Thomas C. Darcy, M.D. Endowed Scholarship 400 Varies
Thomas Farr Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Thomas Ruppanner Scholarship Fund Varies 10
Thomas Sharp Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Music Varies 1
Thompson-Hollister Scholarship in Visual Arts Varies 1
Time Warner Scholars Program 2500 Varies
Times-Picayune Scholarships Varies Varies
Timothy R. Lindsley, Jr. Music Scholarship Varies 1
TJX Foundation Scholarship 1000 Varies
Tom & Mildred Clarke Freshman Scholarship Varies Varies
Tom Ruffin Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Tommy C. Womack, Jr. Scholarship Varies 1
Toyota-UNCF Scholarship 7500 Varies
Transfer Scholarship 14000 Varies
Transfer Student Scholarship 1000 Varies
Transfer Student Scholarships 6000 Varies
Trenton School Board Campaign Scholarship 4000 Varies
Trull Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Trustee Scholarship 5000 6
Tuition Exchange Scholarship Varies Varies
Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS)-Honors Award Varies Varies
Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS)-Opportunity Award Varies Varies
Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS)-Performance Award Varies Varies
Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS)-Tech Award Varies Varies
Turner Industries, Ltd. Scholarship Varies 1
UBS-PaineWebber Scholarship 8000 Varies
UNCF Scholarship Ball-Michican 2500 30
UNCF-Foot Locker Foundation, Inc. Scholarship 5000 Varies
Undergraduate Scholarships 2000 Varies
UNENIX Association Scholarship 10000 Varies
Union Bank of California Varies Varies
United Methodist Minister’s Dependent Scholarships 5000 15
United Methodist Scholarship Varies Varies
United Parcel Service Foundation Varies Varies
United Way of New Orleans Emergency Assistance Fund 2500 Varies
United Way of Westchester & Putnam, Inc.-UNCF Emergency Assistance Fund 5000 Varies
Urban Scholars Award Varies Varies
Valedictorian Scholarship 1000 Varies
Valedictorian’s Scholarship 5000 Varies
Verizon Foundation Scholarship 4000 Varies
Vernon F. Galliano Scholarship Varies 1
Vicky Campbell Anzalone Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Victor Bailliet Scholarship in Sugar Technology Varies 1
Visual Arts Scholarship 14000 Varies
Vonnie Borden Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
W.L. Billups Scholarship Varies Varies
Wal-Mart Foundation Scholarship Varies 1
Walls Scholarships 800 Varies
Walter C. Teagle Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Walter Drott Scholarship 250 2
Walter L. Russell Scholarship 300 Varies
Walter Lowre Mass Communication Scholarship Varies 1
Wegmann Dazet & Company Accounting Scholarship Varies 1
Wells Fargo 5000 Varies
Wendell Scott, Sr.-NASCAR Scholarship 2000 Varies
Wesley Smith Nursing Scholarship Varies 1
Western Association of Ladies Scholarship 5000 Varies
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
WHC, Inc. Scholarship Varies 1
Wheeler Scholarship Varies Varies
Whirlpool Foundation Scholarship 2500 Varies
Wilbert J. Campbell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 250 1
William Hodding Carter Scholarship 100 1
William John Gilbert Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
William L. Duncan Memorial Scholarship 200 1
William Wrigley, Jr. Scholarship-Internship 3000 Varies
Willis & Mildred Pellerin Scholarship Varies 1
Winn-Dixie Scholarship Varies 1
Winston-Salem-Forsyth County Public Schools 5000 Varies
Wisconsin Student Aid 2500 Varies
Woodrow J. Defelice Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Wyeth Scholarship 5000 Varies
Youth Empowerment Scholarship 4000 Varies
Zada Ellen Cheatwood-Quin Scholarship Varies Varies
Zona B. Davis Memorial Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Zonta Club Scholarship Varies 1


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