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ScholarshipsReligious Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
All Saints Evangelical Lutheran Church Varies Varies
Anna Fulling Anna Scholarship Varies Varies
Bierkoe Scholarship Varies 1
Child of Lutheran Minister Grant Varies Varies
Church Vocation Scholarship 1200 Varies
Church Work-Grant Varies Varies
Concordia Church Worker Dependent Grant 1000 Varies
East Coast Association of Congregations Grant 1000 Varies
Ed & Eleanore Gregerson Scholarship 2000 1
Fortress Grant-Freshmen 10000 Varies
Gordon & Mabel Morse Danielson Memorial Scholarship (religion) 1200 20
Henry J. & Pauline M. Armstrong Scholarship (seminary) 2000 Varies
Jeanne M. Chaney Memorial Book Award Varies Varies
John-Elizabeth Blaho Miller Fund Varies Varies
Lutheran High School Graduate Grant 1000 Varies
Lutheran Layworker Pastor/Parent Scholarship Varies Varies
Lutheran Leaders Scholarship 2500 5
Lutheran Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Lutheran Scholar Award 9000 Varies
Mildred Smith Memorial Scholarship 1200 1
Ministerial Grants 2500 Varies
Muzzie Wood Scholarship 1000 1
Presidential Scholarship 12000 Varies
Rev. William Mohlenhoff Scholarship 1000 1
Reverend Clarence Roth Fund Varies Varies
Robert G. Whisler Memorial Fund for Higher Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy & Kathryn Hickes Family Scholarship 4000 1
Ruby M. Frank Scholarships-Lutheran College 3000 Varies
Scholarships 1500 7
Scholarships (college) 3000 34
Scholarships (residency) 3000 34
Schroeder Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Texas District Grant Varies Varies
Torrison Scholarship Fund 5000 4
William J. Wolf Memorial Scholarship Fund 12000 11


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