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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
“Do Unto Others…” Scholarship Varies Varies
A.C. Siddall Educational Trust Fund Scholarship 2500 5
A.M. Hargis Scholarship Varies Varies
A.T. Anderson Memorial Scholarship 2000 Varies
Academic Achievement Scholarship for Pre-Medical Technology Varies 1
Academic Essay Scholarship 2000 1
Academic Scholarships 2000 7
Acadian Ambulance Scholarship 500 Varies
Accenture Finalist Scholarships 2000 2
Accenture Scholars Scholarship 5000 3
Adelson Scholarship 1500 1
Affinity Health System Scholarships 500 2
Aiea General Hospital Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Aiken County Medical Society Scholarship 1500 1
Albemarle Hospital Volunteer Service, Inc. Scholarships 5000 3
Albert Lee Weaver Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Albert M. Johnson Scholarship Varies Varies
Albertson’s Foundation, College of Health Professions Scholarship Varies Varies
Alice Newell Joslyn Medical Fund (College) 2000 Varies
Alice Newell Joslyn Medical Fund (Residency) 2000 Varies
Alice Ruth Folk Scholarship 1000 1
Allegiance Healthcare Graduate Research Award 3000 1
Alliance Medical Education Scholarship Fund 2000 Varies
Allied Health Field Scholarship 500 1
Alpha One Foundation Graduate Fellowship Varies Varies
American Association of University Women-Florence Seibert Memorial Scholarship 1200 Varies
AMT Member Scholarships 2500 4
Amy Louise Hunter-Wilson, M.D. Scholarship Varies 1
Anderson County Medical Association Scholarship 2000 2
Andrea Cracchiolo Scholarship 2000 2
Anne E. Schwarz Scholarship 750 2
Anne Marie Guinot McGrath Scholarship Varies Varies
Annie & Charles H. Fair Scholarship 1000 1
ANTHC Scholarship 5000 10
Anthony E. Mickunas Scholarship Fund 1000 2
Archbold Scholarship Varies Varies
ARCS Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Area Six Health Services Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Armand Barazia Medical Assistant Scholarship 500 Varies
Armand J. Cantafio Scholarship Varies Varies
Arnold D. & Helen E. Suomi Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Arnold Megard Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Arthur Lee Roach (Paramount Health Care) Memorial Scholarship 2000 Varies
ASCLS Student Award 500 1
ASCP Scholarships 1000 40
Asian Students Scholarship Aid Varies Varies
Aura E. Severinhaus Award 2000 1
Auxiliary of the Hospital of Saint Raphael Scholarship 1000 Varies
Aventis Outstanding Medical Student Scholarship 1000 Varies
Avonelle C. Noah Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Barbara Chase Lane Scholarship 2500 Varies
Barbara Furse Mackey Scholarship 4000 18
Battle Creek Health System Medical Staff Scholarship 1000 2
Berbecker Foundation Fellowship in Health Sciences 1250 Varies
Berwick Health & Wellness Nontraditional Scholarship Award Varies Varies
Berwick Health & Wellness Scholarship Award 1000 Varies
Beverly Dye Anderson Scholarship 4000 18
Biederlack of America Corporation Scholarship Varies Varies
Biological Sciences Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Biology Department Scholarship 1000 3
Biology Department Scholarships Varies Varies
Brooklyn A. Boo Skcholarship Funds Varies Varies
Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Foundation Scholarship 2500 Varies
C. Louis & Thelma Ferrell Van Buren Scholarship Varies 1
C. Louise Caudill Scholarship Varies Varies
C.J. Miller Scholarship Varies Varies
California Community Service Scholarship Program 10000 Varies
Call Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Cammie Greene Ross Scholarship Varies Varies
Capital Campaign-College of Natural Science Faculty-Staff Distinguished Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Cappex Health Careers Scholarship 1000 Varies
Cardinal Health Endowed Scholarship in Health Technologies 1000 1
Cardiology Consultants of Spartanburg Scholarship 1000 1
Carleno Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Carlisle Van Ornum Vocational Scholarship Fund-Cloverdale Varies Varies
Carlisle Van Ornum-H.E.L.P. Scholarship Fund-Healdsburg Varies Varies
Carlos Martinez Kinnison Migrant Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Carol Watkins Medical Laboratory Internship 1000 2
Caroline Annette Cody Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Catherine Doyle Scholarship Varies Varies
Catoctin Medical Center Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Central City Care Center Scholarship Varies Varies
Central Illinois Community Blood Center Scholarship 2500 2
Chapter GA Scholarship 4000 18
Charles & Ann Kuhlman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles Drew Laboratory Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles E. & Addie Mae Lloyd Scholarship Award 1000 1
Charles E. Stowe Memorial Scholarship 350 Varies
Charles J. & Kay Schuler Scholarship (a) 750 1
Charles J. & Kay Schuler Scholarship (b) 750 1
Charles S. Herron, Jr., M.D. Student Healthcare Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles W. & Evelyn Fitts Thomas Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles W. Thomas Scholarship Varies Varies
Charlotte Toshach Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Cheryl Goodwin Memorial Med Tech Scholarship Varies Varies
Chiyoko & Thomas Shimazaki Scholarship Varies Varies
Christian Medical & Dental Society Scholarship 1500 1
Christine DeVitt Medical Scholarship Varies Varies
Clarence & Marie Woolf Medical Scholarship 5000 Varies
Clayton C. Dovey, Jr. Allied Health-School of Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Clinton & Adlyn Morgan Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Natural & Applied Sciences Scholarship Varies 1
College of Natural Science Undergraduate Research Support Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Connie Lloyd, FACMPE Scholarship 5000 Varies
Conway Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship 2500 1
Copper Queen Community Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship 600 1
Cora A. Hare Scholarship Varies Varies
Cora Aguda Manayan Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Crazy Horse Health Majors Scholarship Varies Varies
Cullen W. Banks, M.D., Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Cumberland Professional Fire Fighters, Local 1715 Scholarship 500 Varies
Dade Behring-Emil Von Behring Scholarship 2500 34
Dallas J. Chapin Endowed Scholarship in the College of Natural Science Varies Varies
Daniel & Mary Lou Shepard Health Care Scholarship Varies Varies
Daniel F. & John R. Hayes Scholarship Varies Varies
Daughters of American Agriculture Scholarships 500 Varies
David & Freda Buttross Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
David G. & Jacqueline M. Braithwaite Scholarship for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine & Biotechnology Varies Varies
David G. & Jacqueline M. Braithwaite Scholarship for Vocational-Technical Study in Medically Related Fields Varies Varies
Davis Educational Fund Varies Varies
Deanne Barlow Romrell Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Debelak Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Deborah Brodeur Foley 1000 1
Deborah M. Cooley Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Scholarship 1000 1
Dennis & Gretta Afton Scholarship (a) 500 Varies
Dennis Deskins Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dental Scholarship 1000 17
Department of Biology Scholarships 500 5
Diana Anderson Endowed Medical Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Dimple Obedia Tunnell Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Donal F. & Marcia L. Goff Scholarship Varies Varies
Donald Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
Dorothy Breland Scholarship in Medical Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Dorothy C. Wisner Scholarship 200 1
Dorothy Morrison Undergraduate Scholarship 2000 1
Doug Stirn Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Douglas A. Kostal Memorial Scholarship for Future Science Teachers Varies Varies
Dr. & Mrs. David B. Allman Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. & Mrs. J.E. Watkins Scholarship Award 1000 1
Dr. Alexander Wallace III & M. Ann Wallace Endowed Scholarship 500 Varies
Dr. Avie Overbach Cohen Spanish & Pre-Medicine Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Benjamin H. Pringle-College of Natural Science Alumni Association Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Dr. Charles & Martha Vincent MSU Black Alumni Natural Science Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Charles & Patricia May Scholarship 2000 Varies
Dr. Charles E. & Mary E. Weaver Biology Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Charles Livingston Scholarship 500 1
Dr. Daniel Walsh Medical Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. David Monroe Ritchie Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Denny M. Cook Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Donald E. Dore Memorial Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Elbert H. Caldwell Scholarship (Employee) Varies Varies
Dr. Elbert H. Caldwell Scholarship (Students) Varies Varies
Dr. Gerald L. Howe Scholarship 1000 Varies
Dr. Grover W. White Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Dr. Hans & Clara Zimmerman Foundation Health Scholarships Varies Varies
Dr. Harold Mason Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. James E. Harbin, Jr., Medical Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Jesse B. Barber Scholarship Fund 187 1
Dr. John C. Belcher Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Kenneth MacDonald Endowed Scholarship 540 1
Dr. L.O. & Louise Toomey Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Larry R. Krupka Teaching Excellence Award Varies Varies
Dr. M.S. & Eleanor C. Mount Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Marie E. Zakrzewski Medical Scholarship 3500 1
Dr. Mark David Buehler Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Marvin Hensley Endowed Fellowships in Science Varies Varies
Dr. Nicholas D. Zambos Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Norman E. Whitney Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Roberta R. Havner Memorial Scholarship 600 1
Dr. Roman Zaplitny Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Dr. Ronald Summers Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Stanley & Pearl Goodman Scholarship 1000 1
Dr. Swift Black & Dr. Susanne Black Scholarship 1000 1
Dr. Thomas E. & Mary M. Ashley Scholarship Fund Medical Scholarship 2500 Varies
Dr. Tom Dooley Endowed Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Ulysses G. Bourne, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. W.R. Walter Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. William R. Chase Scholarship Varies Varies
Drs. Orman-Rhoton Fellowship Exchange Varies Varies
Dukes Day Award Varies Varies
E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund Varies Varies
Earle C. & Noel S. McBride Medical Scholarship 7253 Varies
Education & Cheerios Brand Health Initiative Scholarship 1000 Varies
Education Resource Development Council Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward & Audrey Hendon Honorary Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward L. & Joanne M. Drewno Scholarship 2500 1
Edwin D. Vaughan Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Eleanor K. Ruck Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Eleanor Tillquist Scholarship (College) 500 2
Eleanor Tillquist Scholarship (Residency) 500 2
Elizabeth A. Monts Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Elizabeth Fuhriman Gardner Scholarship 1000 1
Elizabeth Leigh Morton Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Ellen Rhodes Smith Scholarship Varies Varies
Elmer H. “Moe” Bridges Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Elsie M. Jackson Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Elsie Wear Scholarship 2000 1
Endowment for South Asian Students of Indian Descent Scholarship 1500 1
Endowment Scholarship 500 2
Eric T. Crickman, M.D. Scholarship 2000 1
Ernest O. Beal Biology Scholarship Varies 1
Essex Rescue Scholarship 1000 2
Estate of Rachel Lehman Scholarship 260 1
Evans Health Fund No. 2 5000 1
Everett & Ethel Vandermark Varies Varies
Fenwal SBB Scholarship Award Program Varies Varies
Florian & Walburga Horvath Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Floyd L.R. Burks Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Forum for Concerns of Minorities Scholarship Varies 2
Fourjay Achievement Scholarships 1000 6
Fourjay Junior & Senior Scholarships 500 14
Frank Rector Scholarship 500 1
Franklin C. McLean Award 3000 1
Fred B. Bear Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Gary Sanderford Science Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Gary W. Chism Memorial Scholarship 1000 3
Geff Reinke Endowment Scholarship 500 Varies
General Medical Education Scholarship 1500 Varies
George Graham Hunter Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
George H. Lauff Scholarship Varies Varies
George W. Wirtanen Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Georgetown County Medical Society Scholarship 1000 1
Georgine Dorrian Kearney Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Gerber Fellowship in Pediatric Nutrition 3000 1
Gertrude E. McComb Memorial Scholarship (male) 130 1
GFWC Royale Women’s Club of Boca Raton Varies Varies
Gipstein Scholarship 500 1
Glaxo-Smith-Kline Scholarship 1200 1
Gloria F. “Mike” Gilbert Memorial Trustee Award 300 2
Gold Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Gordon F. Harrell, M.D. (’41) Scholarship Varies Varies
Gordon W. & Agnes P. Cobb Scholarship Fund 10000 Varies
Grace G. & Mildred Roberts Educational Grant Varies Varies
Graduate Scholarship 2000 1
Graduate Scholarships 2000 Varies
Graduate Scholarships Varies Varies
Graduate Scholarships 5500 Varies
GRAM Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Graqduate Teaching Assistantship in College of Health Varies Varies
Grass Fellowship Urologic Oncology Varies Varies
Gravely Foundation Scholarship-School of Allied Health Sciences 500 3
Greenville County Medical Society Scholarship 3000 1
Grotto-DeMolay Dental Scholarship 1500 4
H. Strain Scholarship Varies Varies
H.H. Donegan Scholarship Varies Varies
Hall County Medical Society Scholarship Varies Varies
Harold F. Grim Scholarship Varies Varies
Harriet Radler Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Hattiesburg Physicians Medical Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Haufler Psychiatry Fund Varies Varies
Hayes E. Willis Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Hazel & Ed Brookings Scholarships Varies Varies
Health & Social Services Scholarship 4000 Varies
Health Care Administrators of Tidewater (HCAT) Scholarships 1000 1
Health Care Scholarship (a) 1000 Varies
Health Care Scholarship (b) 1000 Varies
Health Career Scholarships Varies Varies
Health Careers Program 5000 Varies
Health Careers Scholarship Program 1000 Varies
Health Professional Scholarships Varies Varies
Health Professions Division Hispanic Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Health Professions Scholarship 500 1
Health Professions Scholarship Varies 1
Health Sciences Golf Classic Scholarship 2000 Varies
Health-Related Field Scholarship Varies Varies
Healthcare Career Scholarship Varies Varies
Healthcare Careers Scholarships 1000 10
Healthcare Education Scholarship Fund 1000 2
Healthcare Scholarship 8000 Varies
Helen Aubrey Pratt Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Helen D. Thompson Memorial Scholarship 4000 18
Helen Hall & John Seely Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Henry G. Halladay Awards 750 5
Henry Goss Scholarship 79 1
Henry J. Stuckey Scholarship 3500 1
High School Scholarships-Medical Related Field 1000 Varies
Hilda W. Dobbins Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Horace Mann-Leslie Pinckney Hill Scholarship Varies Varies
Houghton Scholarship Varies 2
Howard & Joan Hagerman Scholarship for LBS Biology Varies Varies
Howard P. Kubo, M.D. Award Varies Varies
Hugh & Mabel Wilford Scholarship Varies Varies
Hugh Hill Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Hugh J. Andersen Memorial Scholarships 2500 5
Hulda E. Holter Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
IHC-PRMC Scholarship Varies 1
Illinois Health Improvement Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
Indian Health Service (IHS) Scholarship Varies Varies
Infant Welfare Circle-Emma K. Jacquot Scholarship 2000 Varies
Irving Graef Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
ISU Women’s Club (technology) Varies 3
J. Ben Buck Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
J. George Jones Jr. & Velma Rife Jones Diversity Scholarship Varies 1
J.C. Spencer Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
J.S. “Sid” Glasson Scholarship Trust Varies Varies
Jack S. Garrison, M.D., ’51 Scholarship Varies Varies
James H. & Ann P. Bissett 1000 5
James Michael Archer Biological Scholarship Varies Varies
Jean Lester Bennett, M.D., Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Jean W. Gratiot Scholarship 4000 18
Jerome C. Faber, Jr., Memorial Scholarship for Pediatric Cardiology Fund Varies Varies
Jessie L. & Arlie L. Fogal Scholarship Trust Fund Varies Varies
Joanne M. Brady Memorial Fund 500 1
Joe E. Chavez Education Fund Varies Varies
John & Linda Dunn Scholarship 250 Varies
John & Maryann Chapman North Side High School Medical Education Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
John C. Tackett Healthcare Provider Scholarship Varies Varies
John G. & Barbara McCune Scholarship in the College of Health Professions Varies Varies
John Henry Dorminy Scholarships Varies 4
Johnson F. Hammond, MD, Memorial Scholarship 3000 1
Joseph J. & Marion L. Hempel Scholarship 1000 1
Joseph J. Kleiner Memorial Awards 1000 1
Joyce Lindy Levin Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Joyce M. Cronk, Ph.D. Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Jules B. Chapman Scholarship Varies Varies
Julia D. Laster Endowed Health Professions Scholarship Varies Varies
Junior Academy of Science Scholarship Varies 1
K21 Foundation Medical Scholarship Funds Varies Varies
Kady Greer Vermeersch Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kahler, Vickers-Raup, Wettstein Scholarships Varies Varies
Kaitlin M. Silk Memorial Scholarship 1000 2
Karen & Bruno Schmidt Scholarship Varies 1
Karin Compton Biology Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Katherine Rountree Christian Scholarships Varies Varies
Kendrick Scholarships 10000 Varies
Kenneth H. Leathers Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Kevin Sinnard Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Kosciusko 21st Century Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund Varies Varies
L. Philip & Mary Kathryn Trutter Health Care Scholarship 1200 Varies
Larry Elliott Scholarship 500 Varies
Latino Health Scholars Program 2000 70
Lawless Estate Allied Health Scholarship Varies Varies
Lawrence M. Goodman Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Lawrence R. Foster Scholarships Varies 1
Lee Essie McMillan Scholarship (general) Varies 3
Leicester Samaritan Nursing Association Scholarship 750 2
Leland J. & Margaret E. Gier Biology Scholarship Varies Varies
Leon Gibbs, M.D. Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Leroy Augenstein Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship Varies Varies
Lewis & Virginia Eaton Scholarship Varies Varies
Lexington Medical Association Scholarship 3000 1
LLCC Certified Nurse Assistant Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Lloyd R. Hershberger & Raleigh F. Trotter Scholarship for Medical Technology Varies Varies
Lois Schultes Harding, M.D., Scholarship Varies Varies
Louie LeFlore & Grant Foreman Scholarship Grant 650 1
Lourdes Health System Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Lowery A. Woodall Medical Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Lucille Belknap American Indian Medical Scholarship 1000 Varies
Lumsden-Valrance Scholarship Varies Varies
Lycoming County Medical Student Scholarship 500 1
Lyn Sturrock Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Lynn Cook Hartwig Health Policy Scholarship Varies Varies
M. Gordon Howle, M.D. Scholarship 2000 5
M.G. & Lillie A. Johnson Scholarship Varies Varies
Mable Mason Ryan Memorial Scholarship 506 Varies
Manning Stewart Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Marathon County Medical Alliance Scholarship Fund (HS Senior) Varies Varies
Marc Desidero Pediatric Oncology Fellowship Fund Varies Varies
Marcella H. Brown Medical Scholarship 1000 2
Margaret Mary Community Hospital Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Marie Dye Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Marion Area Auxiliary Scholarship Varies Varies
Marjorie M. McDonald P.E.O. Scholarship 4000 18
Mark W. Herrbold Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary A. Varhanik Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Ann Lively Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Mary Eileen Leonard Clinical Laboratory Sciences Scholarship 450 Varies
Mary Olson & Viola Olson Gustafson Scholarship 500 1
Mary Sue Hutcherson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Maurice H. Givens Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Max Sneary, M.D. Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Maxine Williams Scholarship Fund 1000 3
McCabe Memorial Scholarship Fund 500 1
Medical Assistant Scholarship 500 Varies
Medical College General Scholarship Varies Varies
Medical Laboratory – Transcriptionist Scholarships Varies Varies
Medical Scholarship Varies 1
Medical Scholarship 4000 Varies
Medical School Scholarships Varies 3
Medical Students Scholarships Varies Varies
Medical Technology Alumni Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Medical Technology Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Medical Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Medical-Health Sciences Scholarship Varies 1
Medical-Related Scholarships 3000 60
Memorial Hospital of Bedford County Foundation Scholarship 500 Varies
MESBEC Program 5000 Varies
Methodist Medical Center Health-Urban League Scholarship 2000 Varies
MetLife Foundation Awards Program for Academic Excellence in Medicine 4000 17
MGMA Western Section Scholarship 5000 Varies
Michael A. Rosin Scholarship Varies Varies
Miles D. McCarthy Health Professions Scholarship for Outstanding Health Professions Student 1000 1
Miners Hospital Scholarship Varies 1
Minot Moose Lodge Scholarship Varies Varies
Missouri Virtual School (MVSP) Scholarship Varies 1
Monsanto Company Science & Mathematics Scholarship Varies 1
Moodey Family Fund for Maine Varies Varies
Moore Scholarship for Poudre Valley Hospital Employees Varies 2
MPI Research, Inc. Undergraduate Research Grants Varies Varies
Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Godron Medical Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Mrs. Tilford (Audrey) Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
Murphy Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Myrtle Siegfried, MD & Michael Vigilante, MD Scholarship 1000 1
Nadia P. Blanchet, MD Scholarship 1000 Varies
Nancy B. Laabs Memorial Medical Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Nathaniel Skipper Rea Memorial Biology-Medical Scholarship Varies Varies
National Image, Inc., Central Illinois Chapter Medical Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Nell C. Miller Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Nelson-MacLellan Endowed Scholarship in the College of Natural Science Varies Varies
New Orleans Saints Sports Medicine Scholarship Varies 1
Nicholas Koussa Memorial Scholarship in Medical Technology Varies Varies
NMA Awards in Medical Journalism 2500 2
NMA Emerging Scholar Award 2250 2
Norberta Wachter Schoene Scholarship Varies Varies
Norine Haas Mental Health Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
North Carolina Health Information Management Association Varies Varies
North Carolina Society for Clincial Laboratory Science Scholarship 500 2
Northwest Airlines Pilots’ Wives Club Heart Research Scholarship 1800 2
NU Paths Scholarship Varies Varies
Nursing & Allied Health Scholarship Varies Varies
Nygaard Family College of Health Professions Endowed Fellowship Varies Varies
O’Hornett Scholarship (College of Medicine) 750 2
O.B. Clark Family Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Oliver & Eleanor Ellenbecker Medical Profession Scholarship 2000 Varies
Oliver Joel & Ellen Pell Denny Healthcare Scholarship Fund 1200 Varies
Olson-Anderson Owatonna Clinic Scholarship Varies Varies
Olson-Anderson Owatonna Clinic Scholarship Varies Varies
Oncology Practice Alliance Scholarship 5000 Varies
Ora Keck Scholarship 4000 18
Oris Polk Dellinger Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Outer Driver Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship 1000 Varies
Outstanding Junior in Medical Technology Scholarship 100 1
Pamela Agren Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Pamela Ann Merry Endowed Scholarship in Lyman Briggs Varies Varies
Paramedical Careers Scholarship of the Women’s Auxiliary to the Chattanooga & Hamilton County Medical Society, Inc. Varies Varies
Past President’s Parley Health Care Scholarship 1000 10
Past Presidents Parley-Health Careers Scholarships 1000 2
Patricia Lufty Apple Scholarship Varies Varies
Patti LaBelle Scholarship 5000 2
Paul Cesar Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Paul Cole Scholarship 1000 4
Pearl Prime Scholarship 4000 18
Phelps Memorial Health Center Miriam Fastenau Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Phelps Memorial Service League Medical Scholarship (HS) 500 Varies
Phelps Memorial Service League Medical Scholarship (resident) 500 Varies
Phyllis J. Van Deventer Scholarship 4000 18
Physicians Health Plan Scholarship Varies Varies
Picken’s County Medical Society Scholarship 3000 1
PIF Scholarship Program 1500 4
Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program Scholarship 7000 Varies
Polly Thompson Memorial Music Scholarship 4000 18
Premedical Summer Institute Program-Internship 1000 Varies
Professional Scholarship Varies Varies
Public Health Fellowships Varies Varies
Ralph G. Blodgett Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ralph W. Ellison Memorial Prize 500 1
Ralph W. Kelting Scholarship Varies Varies
Rebecca Going Scholarship 1000 2
Reginald Newton Newkirk Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Research Awards – Grants Program Varies 2
Research Scholarship 2000 1
Research Training Fellowships for Medical Students 5500 60
Richard J. Benefiel Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard M. Morrison, M.D. Student Healthcare Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard Rapala Scholarship (A) 1000 Varies
Richard Rapala Scholarships 1000 Varies
Riverside County Physicians Memorial Foundation Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Riverview Hospital Auxiliary Health Careers Scholarship 3000 2
Riverview Hospital Auxiliary Hospital Employee Scholarship 750 1
Riverview Hospital Auxillary Non-Traditional Sholarship 750 1
Robanna Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert A. Funari Sr. Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Robert G. Seiferlein Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert L. Batey, M.D. Cardiology Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Roche Diagnostics Scholarship 2000 4
Rochester High School Alumni Scholarship Varies 2
Ronald E. Goldsberry Family MSU Black Alumni Natural Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Ronnica J. Dodson, Bethesda Volunteer Scholarship Varies Varies
Ruby W. Henry Scholarship 4000 18
Runnels Scholarship Varies Varies
Russell A. Runnells Pathology Prize Varies Varies
Russell William Blakely Scholarship Varies Varies
Ruth Cowden Scholarships Varies Varies
Ruth G. White P.E.O. Scholarship 4900 14
Ruth Ladd Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Ruth M. French Graduate or Undergraduate Scholarship 3000 1
S. James Vamvas Scholarship Varies Varies
S. William & Martha R. Gogg Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Sadie & Grover Truslow Scholarship Varies Varies
Sam & Rosemary Sherr Memorial Scholarship Fund in the College of Health Professions Varies Varies
Samuel D. Harris Scholarship Varies Varies
San Angelo Community Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship Varies Varies
Sarah Gobert Scholarship Varies Varies
Scales Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Scholarship 4000 10
Scholarship 2500 Varies
Scholarship Camp Roy-EL Fund Varies Varies
Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students Varies Varies
Scholarship Fund 10000 510
Scholarship Fund 3000 1
Scholarship Program 1000 10
Scholarship Program 2000 Varies
Scholarship Program 1750 2
Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Scholarships 8000 11
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships 500 Varies
Scholarships 500 Varies
Scholarships 3000 Varies
Scholarships 5000 Varies
Scholarships 1000 Varies
Scholarships 2500 15
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships 2800 Varies
Scholarships 2000 35
Scholarships Varies 20
Scholarships 2000 1
Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students Varies Varies
Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students Varies Varies
Scientific & Regulatory Consultants Scholarship Varies Varies
SCMA Foundation-SCMA Alliance Scholarships 3000 17
Scott A. Gunder, MD, DCMS Presidential Scholarship Guidelines 1500 1
Sean Healey Memorial Award for Honors Writing Scholarship Varies Varies
Service Learning Teaching Assistantship Varies Varies
Service Scholarships Varies Varies
Seth V. Lewis Scholarship Varies Varies
Shelby & Maude Pickett Scholarship Varies Varies
Sherril Kite Bentley Scholarship Varies Varies
Sister Mary Joy Haywood Scholarship Varies 1
Sister Thomas More Bertels Scholarship 500 Varies
Smith Pre-Medical Fund Scholarship 305 1
SoCRA Scholarship 1000 1
Sonoma County Medical Association & Alliance-Health Careers Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
South Mississippi Endowed Medical Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Southeast Georgia Regional Medical Center Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship Varies Varies
Southern Medical Association Scholarship 500 3
Spartanburg County Medical Society Scholarship 2000 1
Springfield Medical Foundation Scholarship Varies 1
Sr. Mary Dolorosa Pope Scholarship Varies Varies
St. James Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
St. Petersburg General Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship Varies Varies
St. Vincent de Paul Society Grant (B) Varies Varies
Starke Memorial Hospital & Medical Staff Health Occupation-Medical Education Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
State Hygiene Dental School Scholarship 500 2
Stella May Nau Scholarship 4000 18
Stevens Award in Medical Technology Varies Varies
Stevenson Science Scholarship Varies 1
Student Scholarship 500 5
Sue Carlson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Summer Fellowship in Government & Community Service 3500 Varies
Sumter Clarendon & Lee County Medical Society Scholarship 500 1
Surgical Technologist Scholarship Varies Varies
Suzanne M. Wester, M.D. Scholarship Varies Varies
Taylor-Jones-Haskell Medical Society Alliance Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Taylor-McHenry Muskingum County High School Scholarship Varies 7
Technology Scholarship 1000 Varies
Theodore A. H. O’Brien Scholarships Varies Varies
Theodore C. & Minnie C. Swanson Memorial Scholarship 1200 Varies
Thomas & Mary Krigas Endowed Scholarship Fund in the College of Natural Science Varies Varies
Thomas Brown McClelland Trust Scholarship 10000 Varies
Thomas C. Darcy, M.D. Endowed Scholarship 400 Varies
Thomas E. Carneal & Ola M. Carneal Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas F. & Mildred Puckett Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas Moody Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Tillie Odam Memorial Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Tinsley & Mamie Dizney Memorial Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Tom & Marilynn Bartlett Caregivers Scholarship 500 1
Tom & Mary Jones Scholarship 600 1
Undergraduate Scholarships 1500 Varies
Unit 7 Scholarship 1000 2
Unrestricted Grant-In-Aid of Research 5000 1
Valley Community Hospital Auxiliary Fund Varies Varies
Velma Borschell Budin Scholarship 1150 1
Verland & Doris Danielson Scholarship Fund 1399 1
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Research Scholarship 1270 1
Victor & Ruth N. Goodman Memorial Scholarship 6000 Varies
Victor A. Baylon, M.D. Memorial Scholarship 1000 2
Virgil L. & Florence Hardin Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Virginia Health Information Management Association Scholarship 500 1
Virginia Urology Center Scholarship 2000 Varies
Visiting Nurse Association Scholarships 1500 Varies
Vivienne Wisdom Scholarship 5000 11
Walter & Florence Vorbleski Scholarship Award 1000 Varies
Walter A. Trommelen Scholarship Endowment 250 1
Wanda B. Russo Health Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Waterbury Ambulance Service, Inc. Scholarship 2500 2
Wellington Chen, M.D. Student Healthcare Scholarship Varies Varies
Wenatchee Valley Street Rods Scholarship 1500 Varies
Wendy-Allen Vocational Training Scholarship 500 1
Westmoreland Scholarship 100 Varies
Wheat Medical Fund Varies Varies
Wichita Clinic Endowed Scholarship in Nursing & Medical Technology Varies Varies
William & Charlotte Cadbury Award 2000 1
William A. Sells, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
William D. Perry, M.D. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
William E. Dochterman Medical Student Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
William G. “Bill” & Zelda Keck Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
William G. Hoover, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
William J. Nichols Medical Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
William Lucas Foundation Scholarship 1250 Varies
William Philpott Scholarship Varies 3
William R. & Mila Kimel Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
William R. Rambo, Sr., Scholarship in Medicine Fund Varies Varies
William W. & Marie C. Wolff Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
William Worth Murphy Scholarship Varies Varies
Winstead & Nina Hinton Memorial Scholarship 750 1
Women in Nuclear Scholarship 1000 Varies
Women in Science Scholarship Varies 1
Woodlawn Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship Varies Varies


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