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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
ADM Award Varies Varies
Alexander & Elizabeth A. Swantz FFA Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Alexander B. Berry Jr.-Linwood G. Parrish Memorial Endowed Scholarship 1000 Varies
American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) Scholarships Varies Varies
American Sewing Guild-Denver Chapter Scholarship 500 2
Anna Bayha Scholarship Varies Varies
Anonymous Scholarship for Health & Human Services Varies Varies
Apparel, Merchandising & Textiles & Interior Design Scholarship Varies Varies
Art Institute Passion for Fashion Competition Scholarship Varies Varies
BASF Agricultural Products Scholarships (minority) 1000 7
BASF Agricultural Products Scholarships(gender) 1000 7
Bear Creek Corporate Scholarship 1000 2
Berg Brothers Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Bernice Binenstock Furniture Library Scholarships 500 2
Bessie McNeil Scholarship 1000 Varies
Bloxton-Strawn Scholarship 1000 Varies
Bon Marche Scholarship Varies Varies
Boyd W. Hodson Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Bridgestone-Firestone Scholarship 1000 Varies
Burton J. Albertson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
C.H.H.S. Multicultural Student Fund Varies Varies
CAHNRS FFA-4H-FFA Leaders Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
California Industry Study Tour Scholarship Varies Varies
Cartwright Scholarship Varies Varies
Chamberlain Family Graduate Scholarship 1000 Varies
Charlene G. Callison Fashion Merchandising Scholarship 500 Varies
Charline M. Wackman & William Brabyn Trust Scholarships Varies Varies
Chateau Ste. Michelle Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Claude & Lucy Richman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Clothing-Fashion Merchandising Book Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Business Scholarships 5000 Varies
College of Health & Human Services Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Dagmar Gustafson Memorial Scholarship 625 Varies
Dean’s Merit Awards Varies Varies
Deem Scholarship Varies 1
Design & Merchandising Social Responsibility Scholarship 1000 1
Design, Housing & Apparel Scholars Scholarship 5000 Varies
Dickerson Scholarship for Textile & Apparel Management Varies Varies
Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising & Hospitality Western Opportunity Scholarship 1000 Varies
Don & Julia Lee Scholarship Varies Varies
Doray Gray Saddler Scholarship 1000 1
Dorothy & Joseph Moller Scholarship 1000 3
Dorothy Holland Scholarship 2000 Varies
Drs. Michael & Carol Harter Scholarship for Minorities in HHS Varies Varies
Edwin G. Schafer Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Elizabeth & Melvin Eldridge Scholarship 500 Varies
Ellen Adams Klemgard Home Economics Scholarship Varies Varies
Eloise Ridgeway Noonan Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Elshe Marie Fulfs Hinrichs Scholarship Varies Varies
Ervin E. King Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Evelyn McKnight Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Everette J. & Helen G. Kreizinger Scholarships Varies Varies
Family & Consumer Sciences Department-Alumni Association Home Ec Scholarship Varies Varies
Fashion Group International Scholarship Varies Varies
Firmage Marketing Scholarship Varies 1
Fisher Ames Rhymes Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank & Henry Meyer Scholarships Varies Varies
Frank P. Feenan Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Frank Seelye-Peter Kole Scholarships (non-traditional) Varies Varies
Frank Seelye-Peter Kole Scholarships (single parent) Varies Varies
G. Maxene Harris Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
GAP Foundation Scholarship 10000 Varies
Garst Seed Company 1000 25
Gene Beach Scholarship Varies Varies
Geoffrey Hilton Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Gladys Whipple Goode Scholarship Varies Varies
GPA, Inc. Scholarship Award 1000 Varies
Harold W. & Joanne Vaughn Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Home Economics Scholarship Varies Varies
Horace W. Bozarth Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Hugo Boss Fashions Inc. Endowed Scholarship 500 1
James H. Hulbert Scholarship Varies Varies
James R. & Diana M. Carlson Award Varies Varies
Jane Liegh Furr Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
JC Penney Scholarship Varies Varies
Jean M. Stewart Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jerilyn Pecharich Scholarship 500 Varies
Jim Ozbun Scholarship Varies Varies
John H. & Mary M. Leach Scholarship 350 Varies
John O’Brien Scobey Dean’s Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph F. Cacioppo, Jr., & Lillian Cacioppo-Young Scholarship Endowment Source Varies Varies
Joy Fleucher Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Julie Clayton Scholarship 500 Varies
Kappa Omicron Nu Scholarship 500 Varies
Kellwood Company Scholarship in Textile & Apparel Management Varies 1
Legacy Scholars Scholarship-College of Design 10000 Varies
Leroy & Jean Rogers Scholarship Varies Varies
Light Center Scholarship 1500 1
M.E. & P.E. Goldsberry Scholarship Varies Varies
Marion K. & Vernon W. Piper Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship Scholarship Varies Varies
Marion P. Callison Non-Traditional Scholarship 500 Varies
Mary Harpster Dysart College of Human Environmental Sciences Scholarship Varies 1
Mary Limberis Pappajohn Scholarship 2500 Varies
Mary Rido Kees Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Maxine Hobbs Patrick & Homer Patrick Graduate Scholarship in Textile & Apparel Management Varies Varies
Maynard H. Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
Merchandising Leaders of the 21st Century Scholarship 500 1
Michael Matthew Brown Memorial Scholarship 2000 Varies
Mike Munie Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Mildred Elperin Scholarship Varies Varies
Mr. Blackwell Scholarship 1075 Varies
N. Marie Ledbetter Memorial Scholarship Fund in the College of Home Economics & Education Varies Varies
Nancy Neeley Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising, & Hospitality Scholarship 500 Varies
Natalie Reid-Wheeler Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
O. Earl & Tina Elliott Scholarship 1080 1
Office Depot Scholarship 1000 Varies
One Day One University School of Media Arts & Design Scholarship 570 Varies
Outstanding Senior Scholarship 5000 4
Peter C. Kole College of Business Scholarship Varies Varies
Portfolio Review Scholarship 500 3
Portfolio Scholarship for Continuing Students 1000 4
Pratt Legacy Scholarship Varies 1
Presidential Scholarship 2000 4
River City Quilter’s Guild Scholarship 835 1
Roscoe G. Linder Scholarship in Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising & Hospitality 750 Varies
Roy Tipton Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Russell Corporation Scholarship Varies Varies
Sally Haxton Memorial Scholarship 1450 Varies
Sarah Miner Scholarship 1500 Varies
Student Leadership Scholarship 1000 8
Sutherland-Purdy Scholarship 750 1
Target Stores Retail Management Scholarship Varies Varies
Texas Financial Group-Dallas Sales Scholarship Varies Varies
Textile & Apparel Management Graduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Textiles, Clothing & Merchandising Scholarship 500 1
Tom & Carolyn Wiley Scholarship Varies Varies
TrinityRail Scholarship in New Product Development Varies Varies
Tuition Scholarship 500 10
United Parcel Service Scholarship Varies Varies
Van Wyk Scholarship Varies Varies
Vermont Teachers of Family & Consumer Sciences (VTFCS) Scholarship 500 1
Wahrman Furniture Design Scholarship 750 1
Walgreens Scholarship 1000 1
WalMart Scholarship 1000 Varies


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