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ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
AACHE-Arizona Association Chicano Higher Education 300 Varies
African American Unity Coalition 100 Varies
Albert D. Austin Jr. Memorial Scholarship 200 Varies
Alfredo Vea, Jr. Foundation Scholarship 500 Varies
Alice Luhtala Steele Memorial Softball Scholarship 150 Varies
Altrusa Club of C-M-T Marion Chandler Award 200 Varies
Alumni & Friends Scholarship 100 Varies
Anonymous Scholarship 500 Varies
Apache Post 27 Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Arizona Small Business Association 100 Varies
Art Chair Talent Award Fund Varies Varies
Asian Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
B.K. Endowment Varies Varies
Ben Slack Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Benson Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Bingham Equipment Company Athletic Scholarship 250 Varies
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Scholarship 500 Varies
Boswell Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Bruce Dickson Drama & Music Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Bud Brisbois Memoiral Music Scholarship 55 Varies
Business Services Foundation Varies Varies
Chuck Inman Memorial Endowed Scholarship 500 Varies
Cindy Ankle Nursing Scholarship 240 Varies
Clint Mowry Basketball Scholarship Varies Varies
Construction Financial Management Association, Valley of the Sun 500 Varies
David G. Karam Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Derek J. Milner & Brent M. Milner Journalism Fund Scholarship 500 Varies
Dora B. Dewey Memorial Nursing Scholarship 500 Varies
Dr. James Scoresby Psychology 200 Varies
DWL Architecture Scholarship 1000 Varies
Emergency Fund Varies Varies
Empire Southwest Machine Company Foundation 1000 Varies
Employee Challenge 500 Varies
Employee for Students 300 Varies
Employee for Students Re-Entry Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Employee for Students Unrestricted Fund Scholarship 250 Varies
English Major 500 Varies
Eugene H. Hildebrand Memorial Athletic Scholarship 150 Varies
Financial Need-Opportunity Scholarship Varies Varies
First Interstate Bank of Arizona Scholarship 325 Varies
Francis & Leone Dunwell Memorial Nursing Scholarship 450 Varies
Frank Bramwell Memorial Scholarship 200 Varies
Friends of the Library 250 Varies
G.E. & Florence McDonald Women’s Basketball Scholarship 500 Varies
Garney Massow Scholarship 500 Varies
Gonzalez, Orlando B. Memorial Scholarship 159 Varies
Gustafson Memorial Nursing Scholarship 300 Varies
H.E. Hendrix Asian American Scholarship 1000 Varies
H.E. Hendrix High School Scholarship Varies Varies
H.E. Hendrix Scholastic Scholarship Varies Varies
Harley Radloff, Sr. Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Hellner, Barbara “Bobby” Memorial Scholarship 400 Varies
Hendrix-Bilingual 100 Varies
Holt Memorial 500 Varies
Inez & Carl Twitchell Scholarship 500 Varies
International Education Study Abroad Scholarships Varies Varies
Jinnett B. & Joe E. Kirk Leadership Award 1000 Varies
Joe & Nancy Shirley Scholarship 500 Varies
Johansen Re-Entry Scholarship Varies Varies
John D. Riggs Memorial Athletic Award 250 Varies
Jon Roeckelein Disabled Students Scholarship Varies Varies
Kappa Iota (Delta) 100 Varies
Karen Ritucci Memorial Scholarship 100 Varies
Kent H. Power III Scholarship 100 Varies
Keyworth-Kirkpatrick Scholarship 100 Varies
Kiwanis-Kingman 100 Varies
Library Book Purchase 100 Varies
Library Technology Program 250 Varies
Lois Ferguson Memorial Library Technician Award 100 Varies
Lois Kellogg Duncan Memorial 100 Varies
Mack & Bessie Burke Scholarship Varies Varies
Malathi Rajagopal Memorial 500 Varies
Margaret W. Humphry’s Memorial Baseball Scholarship 150 Varies
Marilyn Campbell & Walt Hodges Scholarship 300 Varies
Mark D. DeVore Memorial 500 Varies
Martie Martin Child Development Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Alcon Scholarship 500 Varies
Mary Pavich Nursing Scholarship 100 Varies
Max Hayes-Jeff Hooper Data Processing Memorial Scholarship 119 Varies
Mayo Clinic Scholarship 500 Varies
MCC Art Department Varies Varies
MCC Dance Company Awards 100 Varies
MCC Honors Department Fee Award Scholarship Varies Varies
MCC President’s Scholarship Varies Varies
Medtronics Semiconductor 1250 Varies
Men’s Track & Field 2 100 Varies
Merrell-Emergency Financial Need Model UN Varies Varies
Mesa Elks Lodge 1781 Nursing Scholarship 400 Varies
Mesa Hohokam Baseball Scholarship Varies Varies
Mesa Symphony Music Guild Scholarship 250 Varies
Mesa T-Bird Basketball Scholarship Varies Varies
Mesa West Rotary Basketball Scholarship Varies Varies
Milly Olsen Memorial Scholarship 200 Varies
Mimi Ritenour Memorial A.W.A.R.E. Scholarship 150 Varies
Montemayor Scholarship 500 Varies
Mortimer B. Doyle Speech Scholarship 150 Varies
One Time Opportunity Scholarship Varies Varies
Orrantia Award 100 Varies
Pamela Dagley Memorial Music Scholarship 150 Varies
Patric Whalen 1000 Varies
Paul & Pauline Butler Nursing Scholarship 100 Varies
Penny Pierson Memorial Nursing Scholarship 200 Varies
Phi Theta Kappa 100 Varies
Phoenix Scottish Rite 800 Varies
Phoenix Suns-Arizona D-Backs Scholarship Fund 100 Varies
Phoenix Union High School 100 Varies
Polly Ferrell Scholarship 500 Varies
Poulson Foundation Scholarship 500 Varies
Presidents’ Scholarship Varies Varies
Preston V. Dees Memorial 100 Varies
Public Policy & Service 100 Varies
Ray Cattani Memorial 100 Varies
Ray Storck Memorial Scholarship 100 Varies
Refsnes Business Administration Award 600 Varies
Richard E. Dave Memorial Law Enforcement Scholarship 250 Varies
Robert Galloway Foundation Scholarship 100 Varies
Ron Felix Memorial 1000 Varies
Ronald & Catherine Hill Endowment Fund 500 Varies
Rotary-Mesa 100 Varies
Ruth Yandell Keyboard Scholarship 100 Varies
School of Mortuary Science Library Fund 100 Varies
Service Club-Chandler 100 Varies
Single Female 100 Varies
Social Science Department 500 Varies
Special Assistance Grant 100 Varies
Stagedoor Players Scholarship 100 Varies
Superstition Kennel Club Football Award 300 Varies
Superstition Kennel General 100 Varies
Superstition Kennel-Baseball 100 Varies
Superstition Kennel-Men’s Basketball 300 Varies
T-bird Baseball 100 Varies
T-bird Football 100 Varies
T-bird Golf 100 Varies
T-bird M-W Cross Country 100 Varies
T-bird Samaritan Hospital 185 Varies
T-bird Soccer 100 Varies
T-bird Womens Softball Scholarship 100 Varies
T. Scott Ruth Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Talent All Mesa Academic Team 400 Varies
Talent Associated Students (AS) 400 Varies
Talent Athletic Trainers 400 Varies
Talent Dean of Student Services 400 Varies
Talent in Art Scholarship 400 Varies
Talent in Band 400 Varies
Talent in Baseball 400 Varies
Talent in Cheerleader Scholarship 400 Varies
Talent in Child Care 400 Varies
Talent in Choir 400 Varies
Talent in Crisis Intervention 400 Varies
Talent in Cross Country (M-W) 400 Varies
Talent in Dance 400 Varies
Talent in Disabled Resources Scholarship 400 Varies
Talent in Drama 400 Varies
Talent in Football 400 Varies
Talent in Golf 400 Varies
Talent in Jazz Ensemble 400 Varies
Talent in Men’s Basketball 400 Varies
Talent in Men’s Tennis 400 Varies
Talent in Music Theatre 400 Varies
Talent in Newspaper Scholarship 400 Varies
Talent in Orchestra 400 Varies
Talent in Piano 400 Varies
Talent in Soccer-Men’s & Women’s 400 Varies
Talent in Speech Department 400 Varies
Talent in Track & Field (M-W) 400 Varies
Talent in Volleyball 400 Varies
Talent in Women’s Basketball 400 Varies
Talent in Women’s Softball 400 Varies
Talent in Women’s Tennis 400 Varies
Tanner Scholarship 500 Varies
Ted R.H. Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Tennis Scholarship Varies Varies
Thelma Austin Steward Memorial (1) 250 Varies
Thelma Austin Steward Memorial (2) 250 Varies
Tony Coury Buick Baseball Scholarship 150 Varies
Tony Coury Buick Basketball Scholarship Varies Varies
Tribune Journalism Scholarship 500 Varies
Turnbow Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Union Bank of Arizona 250 Varies
Veora Erma Johnson Scholarship 500 Varies
Vocal-Music 100 Varies
Westwood High School Scholarship 100 Varies
Wilbur Bud Fulsome Memorial 200 Varies
Women of Courage Mentoring Scholarship 100 Varies
Women’s T-Bird Basketball Scholarship 100 Varies
Women’s T-Bird Volleyball Scholarship 100 Varies
Yaqui Indian Scholarship 400 Varies
Zeb Pearce Nursing Scholarship 500 Varies


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