Mount Scholarships

ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships
Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Mount Carmel College of Nursing Scholarship 1000 1
Bishop Hoch Deanery Scholarship 1000 6
Cory Pelfrey Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
F.W. Hatterscheidt Educational Scholarship 1400 Varies
Merit Award 1500 Varies
Catholic Scholarship 2000 Varies
Art Scholarship 2000 Varies
Busse Grant 2000 Varies
Social Work Awards 2000 Varies
Speech-Drama Scholarship 2000 Varies
Vocal Music Scholarship 2000 Varies
Independent Colleges of Southern California (ICSC) Scholarship Program 20000 2
Sister Dominic Cunningham Scholarship 2500 Varies
Evan R. Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund 2500 4
Sister Mary John Ignace Kuzniewski Scholarship 3000 Varies
Sister Mary John Van Vonderen Scholarship 3500 Varies
Honor Scholarship 3600 Varies
Sister Mary Eugene Coleman Scholarship 4000 Varies
Sister Mary Hester Valentine Scholarship 4500 Varies
Honor Scholarship 4500 Varies
Sister Caroline Marie Sloan Scholarship 5000 Varies
Mother Seraphia Mingles Scholarship 5500 Varies
Sister Mary Maynard Rhodes Scholarship 5500 Varies
Benedictine Scholarship 6000 Varies
Distinguished Honor Scholarship 6000 Varies
Mother Caroline Friess Scholarship 6500 Varies
Trustee Scholarship 7000 Varies
Mother Theresa Gerhardinger Scholarship 7000 Varies
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship 750 Varies
Presidential Scholarship (transfer) 7500 Varies
Deans Scholarship 8000 Varies
Distinguished Honor Scholarship (freshman) 8000 Varies
Presidential Scholarship (freshman) 9200 Varies
Anderson Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
JARI IT Brain Gain Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Athletic Scholarships Varies Varies
Business Ethics Scholarship Varies 3
Mount Marty Scholarship Grant Varies Varies
Presidential Scholarship Varies Varies
Talent Scholarship Varies Varies
Holland Scholarship Varies Varies
Frederick Community College Graduate to Mount St. Mary's University Fund Varies Varies
Tribute to a Friend Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Richard G. Gilbert Educational Fund Scholarship Varies Varies


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