Nova Scholarships

ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships
Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Academy of Finance Scholarship 1000 Varies
Broward Leadership Scholarship 1000 Varies
Community College Transfer Scholarship 1000 Varies
Dental Medicine-Gary Law Firm Minority Scholarship 1000 Varies
FBI College Common Knowledge Challenge 1000 Varies
Howard Dunbar Scholarship 1000 Varies
Jewish Educators Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Joseph Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
NSU Common Knowledge Scholarship 1000 Varies
PTK-Phi Theta Kappa 1000 Varies
Graduate Assistantships for Doctoral Students 10000 Varies
Student Affairs Graduate Assistantships 12000 Varies
Special Education Text Book Scholarship 125 4
Ethel G. & Raymond P. Ferrero Family Scholarship 1250 Varies
Professional & Liberal Studies Book Scholarship 1500 Varies
Professional & Liberal Studies International Scholarship 1500 Varies
Professional & Liberal Studies Scholarship 1500 Varies
Hispanic Heritage Scholarship 18000 Varies
Dual Admission Scholarships (dual admission PALS students only) 200 Varies
Abe & Ruth Steirn Scholarship 2000 Varies
Electronic Funds Transfer Scholarship 2000 Varies
Gold Circle Scholarship Fund 2000 Varies
Nicole Weiser Scholarships 2000 3
Student Affairs Award 24000 Varies
Homeland Security Common Knowledge Challenge Scholarship 250 4
Trustee Scholarship Fund for Students 2500 Varies
Principal of the Year Scholarship 3000 Varies
Scholastic Early Childhood Professional Award 3000 Varies
Continuing Career Student Grants (Career Development students only) 400 Varies
Teacher of the Year Scholarship 4000 Varies
Barnes & Noble Book Scholarship 500 Varies
DECA Scholarship 500 10
Family Common Knowledge Scholarship 500 Varies
Nicole Robinson Scholarship 500 Varies
National Board Certification Scholarship 5000 Varies
Residential Life Scholarship 6210 Varies
Graduate Assistant in Residential Life & Housing Scholarship 8000 Varies
A. Gordon Rose Scholarship: Another View Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Alvin Sherman Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Broward International Women's Club Scholarship Varies Varies
CPS Humanitarian of the Year Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean's Office Scholarships (PALS and Career Development students) Varies Varies
Dental Medicine Chancellor Scholarship Varies Varies
Farquhar College Grant Varies Varies
Farquhar Paraprofessional Scholarship Varies Varies
Fischler Cup Academic Challenge Scholarships Varies Varies
Fischler Doctoral Fellowship Program Varies Varies
Geertz Scholarship Varies Varies
Government Employee Scholarship Varies Varies
Health Professions Division Hispanic Student Scholarship Varies Varies
High School Internet Academic Series Varies Varies
Honors Program Scholarships Varies Varies
Kappa Delta Pi-International Honor Society Scholarships Varies Varies
Lane Family Fund for Hispanic Studies in Psychology Varies Varies
Leadership Roundtable Scholarship Varies Varies
Leonard Roth Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Lorraine Thomas Scholarship Varies Varies
Master's Psychology Alumni Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Max Hutt Scholarship Varies Varies
NAESP Fellow Scholarship for EDL & DOL Varies Varies
National Alliance of Black Educators (NABSE) Scholarship Varies Varies
Nova Southeastern University Farquhar Honor Award Varies Varies
NSU Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
NSU Athletic Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Optometry Chancellor Scholarship Varies Varies
Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) Fellowships Varies Varies
Osteopathic Medicine Chancellor Scholarship Varies Varies
Pep-C Grant Varies Varies
Pharmacy Chancellor Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacy College Scholarships Varies Varies
Pharmacy Phar-Mor Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacy-Foreman Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacy-Max Lemberger Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Pharmacy-Paul & Ellen Magalian Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacy-Tischenkel Scholarship Senior Award Varies Varies
Pharmacy-William D. Hardigan Scholarship Varies Varies
Physical Therapy Chancellor Scholarship Varies Varies
Physician Assistant Chancellor Scholarship Varies Varies
Psychology Doctoral Alumni Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Psychology Doctoral Multicultural Scholarship Varies Varies
Reba Anderson Occupational Therapy Book Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert D. Weitz Psychology Student Award Varies Varies
Ross-Matz Scholarship Varies Varies
Senorita Strachan Scholarship Varies Varies
Victims of 911 Undergraduate Scholarship Varies 1


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