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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
(NUPOC) Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program 13500 Varies
Alan F. Henry – Paul A. Greebler Scholarship 3500 1
Alfred C. Knight Scholarship Varies Varies
American Nuclear Society Nuclear Engineering Scholarship 3000 25
American Nuclear Society Scholarship, Florida Section 500 Varies
Angelo S. Bisesti Scholarship 2000 1
Annie C. Pound Scholarship in Engineering Fund 1000 Varies
C.A. Pound, Jr., Fund in Engineering Scholarship 1000 Varies
Co-op Student Assistance Endowed Fund Scholarship 1000 Varies
Con Edison Scholarship Varies Varies
Cunningham Scholarship Endowment 1000 Varies
Decommissioning, Decontamination & Reutilization (DDR) Division Scholarship 2000 1
Delayed Education Scholarship for Women Scholarship 4000 1
Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments (DEED) Program Scholarship 4000 10
Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments (DEED) Technical Design Project Award 5000 1
Donald D. Glower Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
Donna & John Hancock Scholarship 500 Varies
Dorothy F. Kause Scholarship 1000 1
Duke Energy Foundation Scholarship 5000 Varies
Engineering Dean’s Scholarship 1500 Varies
Engineering Undergraduate Scholarships Varies Varies
Environmental Alumni Scholarship 500 2
Environmental Sciences Division Scholarship 2000 1
Everitt P. Blizard Scholarship 3000 1
Fernandez Scholarship 1500 Varies
FL-GA Alliance for Minority Participation (FGAMP) 1500 Varies
For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology (FIRST) Award 2500 10
G.J. Schoessow Scholarships 500 10
General Engineering Scholarship 1000 Varies
Graduate & Undergraduate Student Nuclear Engineering Internships Varies Varies
Graduate Fellowships 14000 35
Graduate Scholarship 3000 29
Graduate Student Fellowships 10000 Varies
Guy C. Fulton Scholarship in Engineering Fund 1000 Varies
Healthcare Careers Scholarships 1000 10
HENAAC High School Senior-College Freshman Award 5000 Varies
HENAAC Student Leadership Award 5000 Varies
HENAAC Viva Technology Award 5000 Varies
Henry Bauch Scholarships 1000 Varies
Henry William & Janice Jamison Schuette Scholarship in the College of Engineering Varies Varies
Henter-Joyce Scholarship 1000 Varies
Honda-OSU Partnership Scholarship 2500 12
Hornyik Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Inez Culp Godrum Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
International Student Exchange Program Varies Varies
James E. Swander Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
James F. Schumar Scholarship 3000 1
James Neal Blanton, Jr. Memorial Challenge Grant Scholarship Varies Varies
James R. Vogt Scholarship 3000 1
Jane Liegh Furr Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John & Muriel Landis Scholarship 4000 8
John Grund Memorial Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
John L. & Marie C. Traina Scholarship 1000 Varies
John M. Shepherd Scholarship Varies Varies
John Randall Scholarship 3000 1
John W. & Mittie Collins Engineering Scholarship & Fellowship Fund 1000 Varies
Joseph R. Dietrich Scholarship 2000 1
Joseph W. Wunsch Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Junior-Senior Undergraduate Scholarship 2000 21
Knox Millsaps Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award Varies Varies
L.C. Paslay Scholarships 1000 Varies
Laboratory-Graduate Research Appointments 5000 Varies
Lockheed Martin Corporation Scholarship 5000 Varies
Lockheed Martin Student Support Program Fund Scholarship 1000 Varies
Mager Family Scholarship 1000 2
Margaret A. Ross Fellowship Varies Varies
Minority Engineering Program (MEP) Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Institutions Biological & Environmental Student Research Participation Scholarship Varies Varies
Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Godron Engineering Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
National Academy for Nuclear Training Fellowship 13000 Varies
National Academy for Nuclear Training Scholarship 2500 Varies
National Academy for Nuclear Training Scholarships 2500 Varies
National Academy for Nuclear Training Scholarships 2250 Varies
National Science & Mathematics Access to Retain Talent (SMART) Grant 4000 Varies
Nelson R. Griesheimer Scholarship 300 Varies
Northrop Grumman Corporation Scholarship 5000 Varies
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Historically Black Colleges & Universities Student Research Participation Varies Varies
Operations & Power Division Scholarship 2500 1
P.M. Pope Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Philip D. & Mary Ann Estridge Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Pittsburgh Local Section Scholarship 3500 1
Priede Excellence Scholarship 6000 2
Progress Energy Scholarship 2500 Varies
Raymond D. Hammond Chemical Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Raymond DiSalvo Scholarship 2000 1
Robert A. Dannels Memorial Scholarship 3500 1
Robert C. Pittman Fellowship Endowment in the College of Engineering 10000 Varies
Robert G. Lacy Scholarship 2000 1
Robert T. Liner Scholarship 2000 1
Scholarships 3000 Varies
Snelling Scholarship Endowment Fund 1000 Varies
Society of Automotive Engineers Scholarship 1000 Varies
Sophomore Undergraduate Scholarship 2000 4
Summer Research Assistant in Nuclear Physics 4200 Varies
TARR Scholarship 1000 Varies
Thomas O. Hunter Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
U.S. Department of Energy Nuclear Engineering Scholarship 2000 30
Undergraduate Scholarships 2500 Varies
Undergraduate Scholarships 2500 140
University Radioactive Ion Beam (UNIRIB) Consortium Varies Varies
Vern R Dapp Scholarship 3000 1
Walter H. Kidd-Engineering Dean’s Award 3000 Varies
Walter Meyer Scholarship 3000 1
Wayne H. Chen Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Wheat Engineering Fund Scholarship 1000 Varies
Women in Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies


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