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Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Academic Scholarships Varies Varies
Academic-Year Ambassadorial Scholarship 23000 Varies
Aerospace Engineering Scholarships 2500 2
Alain Ducasse Scholarship 10000 1
Alexia Foundation Grant & Scholarship 1000 20
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowships 4000 5
Anthony & Isabelle Raubitschek Scholarship 1000 Varies
Art Institutes Scholarships 10000 4
Arthur T. Schramm Memorial Scholarship 2250 1
ASCSA Alumni-ae Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Bailey Family Memorial Trust Scholarship Varies 1
Belmer, Flora Prince Scholarships Varies Varies
Best Teen Chef Culinary Scholarship 30000 Varies
Bill Bernbach Minority Scholarship 5000 5
Blue Water Shipmasters’ Fund Scholarship 1000 1
British Marshall Scholarships Varies 40
C.J. Huang Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles M. Edwards Scholarship 500 Varies
Churchill Scholarship Program 27000 11
Cisco Networking Academy Scholarship (a) 2400 Varies
Cisco Networking Academy Scholarship (b) 2400 Varies
Community College Scholarship 2000 Varies
Community Scholar Award 2000 Varies
Conny E. Nelson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarship 15000 Varies
Dallas Fashion Group & Chicago Fashion Group Scholarship Varies 2
David B. Gratz Scholarship 5000 1
Dean’s Scholarship 3000 Varies
Deborah Partridge Wolfe International Fellowship (U.S. Students) 1000 Varies
DeVry Grant for Surviving Dependents of Rescue Workers, Civil Servants & Military Personnel Varies Varies
Diploma in Jewish Studies Varies Varies
Doctorate Scholarships Varies 2
Donald & Ruth Agnes Kaplan Memorial Fund 1000 Varies
Dorot Fellowship In Israel 7000 Varies
Ecole des Chartes Exchange Fellowship Varies Varies
Economic Club Business Study Abroad Scholarship (non-resident) 2500 Varies
Esther C. Stone International & Global Studies Scholarship Varies Varies
Eugene Maughan Graduate Student Scholarship 3000 3
European Travel Scholarship Varies Varies
Field Aviation Company, Inc. Scholarship 1000 Varies
Florence Gould Foundation Fellowships 4000 6
Frito-Lay, Inc. Scholarships 2500 1
George R. Muirhead Scholarship Varies Varies
Gerber Endowment in Pediatric Nutrition Scholarship 3000 1
German Marshall Fund Fellowship 4000 3
Germanics Department Scholarships 1000 5
Gino Cofacci Memorial Scholarship for Baking 1000 1
Givaudan Flavor Corporation Scholarships 1000 3
Graduate Student Bursary 1250 1
Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inc. Scholarships 2500 1
Gustavus E. Archie Memorial International Grant 2000 2
H.G. Peter Wallach Scholarship Varies Varies
Harmon Chadbourn Rorison, Gilbert Chinard Fellowships & Edouard Morot-Sir Fellowship in Literature 1500 4
IFT 50th Anniversary-Inspiration for Tomorrow Scholarship 2000 1
IFT Carbohydrate Division Alternate Scholarship 500 1
IFT Carbohydrate Division Scholarship 1000 1
IFT Food Microbiology Division Graduate Scholarships 2000 2
IFT Food Microbiology Division Juniors-Seniors Scholarships 500 2
IFT Food Packaging Division Scholarship 1000 1
IFT Freshmen Scholarships 1000 15
IFT Graduate Scholarship 5000 23
IFT Junior-Senior Scholarship 2000 28
IFT New York Section Graduate Scholarship 1500 1
IFT New York Section Junior-Senior Scholarships 1000 2
IFT Past Presidents 1000 1
IFT Quality Assurance Division, William A. Golomski Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
IFT Sensory Evaluation Division Silver Celebration Scholarships 5000 2
IFT Sophomore Scholarships 1000 15
IFT Student Association, George R. Foster Memorial Freshman Scholarship 1000 1
Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (France) Exchange Scholarship Varies Varies
Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists (PhD) 2000 1
Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists Graduate Scholarships 2000 1
Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists-Irving J. Pflug 1500 1
Institute of International Education Undergraduate Scholarships of Asia-Pacific Study Varies Varies
International Leadership Scholarship 500 6
International Student Exchange Program Varies Varies
International Textiles & Apparel Associaton Award Varies Varies
Italian Language Study Grant 5000 Varies
James B. Pearson Fellowship 2456 Varies
James Beard Foundation Scholarship 3000 Varies
James Beard Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
James Beard Foundation Scholarship 1000 Varies
James Beard Foundation Scholarship 3000 Varies
James Beard Foundation Scholarship 2500 1
James Beard Foundation Scholarship 5700 1
James Beard Foundation Scholarship 3622 Varies
James Beard Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
James Beard Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
James Beard Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
James H. McLaughlin Scholarship 1000 1
James K. Rathmell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
Jamestown Sister Cities Affiliation Committee Scholarship Fund in Memory of Margaret Hitchcock (resident) Varies 1
John J. & Irene T. Powers Scholarships 1500 1
Julie Vande Velde Leadership Scholarship 1000 1
Katherine Keene Scholarship 2800 Varies
Koh Scholarship Varies Varies
Kyushu University (Japan) Study Abroad Program Varies Varies
Lessels Scholarship of the Albany Branch of the English-Speaking Union Varies 1
Loy McCandless Marks Scholarship In Tropical Ornamental Horticulture 2000 1
Luso-American Development Foundation Fellowships 4000 2
McCormick & Co. Endowment 2500 1
Multi-Year Ambassadorial Scholarship 11500 Varies
Multidisciplinary International Research Training (MIRT) Program Fellowship Varies Varies
Open Scholarships Varies 5
Pacific Far East Campus Scholarship 500 1
Pardee Memorial Scholarship for Foreign Study Varies Varies
Pietro Secchia Scholarship-John Cabot University, Rome Varies Varies
Polish Summer School Scholarship Varies 1
Presidential Scholarship Varies 48
Procter & Gamble Company Scholarship 2500 1
Quality Assurance Division Abe Mittler Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
Quality Assurance Division Louis J. Bianco Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
Rea Silvia Borza Scholarship 1500 Varies
Richard & Helen Brown Pastoral Scholarships 6000 Varies
Rome Prize Fellowships-Ancient Studies, Medieval Studies, Renaissance & Early Modern Studies & Modern Italian Studies 30000 30
Rome Prize Fellowships-School of Fine Arts 20000 2
Rome Prize Fellowships-School of Fine Arts-Design 10000 2
Rome Prize Fellowships-School of Fine Arts-Historic Preservation & Conservation 20000 2
Rome Prize Fellowships-School of Fine Arts-Landscape Architecture 20000 2
Rome Prize Fellowships-School of Fine Arts-Literature 20000 2
Rome Prize Fellowships-School of Fine Arts-Musical Composition 20000 2
Rome Prize Fellowships-School of Fine Arts-Visual Arts 20000 4
Sahm – Goldman Scholarship 2500 Varies
Samuel Neff Fellowship for International Study Varies Varies
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship 500 1
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies 250
Scholarships for Study Abroad in Germany Varies Varies
Scotland Marshall Scholarships Varies 2
Section Grants: North-Central Section Research Grants Varies Varies
Section Grants: Northeastern Section Research Grants Varies Varies
Society for the Anthropology of Europe Council for European Studies 4000 1
Society of Flavor Chemists Scholarships 2000 1
Specialized Grants-Alexander Sisson Award Varies Varies
Study Abroad Scholarship 5000 15
Study UK for U.S. Students Varies Varies
Summer Study – Portugal Grant Varies Varies
Undergraduate Scholarships 2000 Varies
Undergraduate Student Bursary 1250 1
Vietnam and Combodia Scholarships 100 300
William G. Belfry Memorial-SAE Grant (a) 1000 1
William L. Cullison Scholarship 4000 Varies
William M. Bristol, Jr. Fellowship for International Travel Varies Varies
Yamagata Fund Scholarship (a) Varies Varies
Yoko Niibo Scholarship Varies Varies


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