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ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
1L Diversity Scholarship Program 7500 3
4A-AT&T; National Scholarship Program 2000 6
A Gift from the Heart Scholarship 1200 Varies
AALL & West-George A. Strait Minority Scholarship Endowment 3500 Varies
Academic Accomplishment Scholarship for Minority Students 5000 Varies
Academic Recognition Award Varies Varies
Adrienne M. & Charles Shelby Rooks Fellowship for Racial & Ethnic Theological Students 5000 Varies
Affirmative Action Scholarship 6000 1
African American Scholarship Program “You Make the Difference” 2000 Varies
African Heritage Caucus Scholarship Varies Varies
AFSCME Scholarships-Local 2737 1200 2
AFSCME-Earnest Miller Memorial Scholarship 1200 Varies
AGI Minority Geoscience Scholarship Varies Varies
Agnes M. & Thomas H. Lyons Memorial Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
AICPA Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students 5000 Varies
AICPA Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students Varies Varies
Albers Accountancy Scholarship Varies Varies
Albert D. McAlister Presidential Scholars Endowment Scholarship 500 Varies
Albert W. Dent Scholarships 3500 Varies
Alcoa Foundation Scholarship (minority) Varies Varies
Alcoa Minority Student Research Assistantships Varies Varies
Alexander Bette ’31 Civil Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Alice M. Thomas Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Allen Butler Minority Law Enforcement Scholarship Varies Varies
Alma Exley Scholarship Varies Varies
Althea Alexander Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Alumni Association Minority Scholarship 2000 4
Alumni Minority Scholarship 1000 1
Alumni-Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
American Baptist Grants Varies Varies
American Geological Institute (AGI) Scholarships 10000 Varies
Ames Minority Leadership Scholarships Varies Varies
Amick Farms Scholarship Varies 1
AMS-Industry Minority Scholarships 3000 1
Anchorage Daily News Minority Journalism Scholarship Varies Varies
Anheuser-Busch NAPABA Law Foundation Presidential Scholarships 7500 2
Anna Margaret Garrison Riggins Vocal Music Scholarship 500 Varies
Arizona Broadcasters Association Minority Scholarship 2000 1
Arthur Lind Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
ASIA (Asian Students Increasing Achievement) Scholarship Program 1000 Varies
Asian LEAD Academy Scholarship Varies Varies
Asian Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Asian-American & Pacific Islander Student Scholarships 1000 4
Asian-Pacific American-Academic Excellence Scholarship Varies Varies
Asian-Pacific American-Financial Hardship Scholarship Varies Varies
Asian-Pacific American-Leadership-Service Scholarship Varies Varies
ASU West Bridges Scholarship Varies Varies
Atlantic Richfield Scholarship 1000 1
AUC Minority Access to Research Careers-Undergraduate Student Training & Research (MARC-U-STAR) Honors Fellowship Varies Varies
Augustinian Legacy Scholarship 1000 Varies
Aura E. Severinhaus Award 2000 1
Avery Dennison Careers in Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Avon Scholarship 2000 15
AXA Achievement Scholarships 2000 6
Bank of America Minority Student Scholarship 2500 Varies
Bank One & The Springfield Urban League Scholarships Varies Varies
Bank One Grant Program Varies Varies
Barbara Tallmadge Nursing Scholarship Varies 1
Barnes & Noble Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Barrow Minority Doctoral Student Scholarship 1400 1
BASF Agricultural Products Scholarships (minority) 1000 7
Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Beatrice T. Hunt Scholarship Varies Varies
Berenbaum, Weinshienk & Eason Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Bernice Black Durand Undergraduate Research Scholarship Varies Varies
Bess Zeldich Ungerman Scholarship 2000 1
Big John’s Pacific Islander Scholarship Varies Varies
Bishop Ernest T. Dixon, Jr. Scholarships 5000 Varies
Black, Latino, Asian Pacific American (BLAPA) Law Alumni Association Public Service Scholarship Varies Varies
Blanche Palley Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
BLSA-Torrence R. Green Scholarship Varies Varies
Bluestone Scholarships 2000 Varies
Bobby Foster Scholarship Varies Varies
Boeing Minorities Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Boeing Minority MIS Scholarship Varies Varies
Boettcher Opportunity Award Scholarship 3000 5
Booker T. Washington Scholarships 10000 4
Boora Minority Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Booz Allen Hamilton-William F. Stasior Internship 10000 Varies
Bowen H. & Janice Arthur McCoy Charitable Foundation Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Brown Foundation Scholar 1000 Varies
Brown Wesley Payne Fellowship Varies Varies
Brunswick Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Buck Mickel Scholarship 500 Varies
C.V. Wolfe Law Scholarship Varies Varies
California Community Service Scholarship Program 10000 Varies
California Wellness Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Calvin Minority Scholarship 2500 8
Carey K. Jenkins Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Carole Simpson Scholarship 2000 1
Carolyn Jenkins Memorial Scholarship 400 Varies
Carver Scholarship Varies Varies
Caterpillar – Urban League Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
Catharine Lealtad Scholarships Varies Varies
Catholic Healthcare West-UNCF Scholars Program 10000 Varies
Cay Drachnik Minorities Fund for the Purchase of Books Varies Varies
CBS Foundation Scholarship Program 2500 Varies
Chancellor’s Scholarships for Outstanding Minority Students Varies Varies
Charles B. Handy Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles Clark Mickel Scholarship 500 Varies
Charles S. Watson Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Chase Manhattan Alumni Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Chase Manhattan Scholarship Varies Varies
Chicago White Sox Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Chips Quinn Scholars Program for Diversity in Journalism 1600 Varies
Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund 1500 20
Chrysler Corporation Minority Scholarship (ethnic) Varies Varies
Circle of Courage Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Citigroup Fellows Program 6400 10
Citigroup Scholarship for Minority Students Varies Varies
Claire & Leo Mitchell Scholarship Varies 1
Clarence “C.J.” James Memorial Minority Scholarship 1000 Varies
Class of 1958 Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Classified Senate Multi-Cultural Scholarship for Appalacian Students Varies Varies
Clifton V. Bullock Minority Scholarship 500 4
COBA Culturally Diverse Student Scholarship 500 2
Coca Cola Clemson Independant School Scholarships 500 Varies
Coca-Cola Clemson Scholars Program Scholarship (minority) 2500 Varies
Coca-Cola Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
COE Alumni Association Minority Scholarship 500 1
COE Diversity in Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Colgate-Palmolive National Dental Association Foundation Scholarship 2000 Varies
College of Education Diversity (Minority) Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Liberal Arts Future Cougars of Color Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Social Work-Diverse Ethnicity Scholarship Varies Varies
Comerica Inc. Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Consortium Fellowships Varies Varies
Construction Management Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Cooperative Teacher Aide Scholarships Varies Varies
Corporate Scholarships 5000 Varies
Costco Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Creaggan Hearld Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Creative Artists Agency Diversity Scholarship (diversity) Varies Varies
CSPA-F Minority Scholarship Programs 2000 Varies
CSUS McNair Scholars Scholarships (minority) 2800 Varies
Cultural Diversity Scholarship 500 Varies
CVS Pharmacy Practice Minority Scholarship 1000 2
Daimler Chrysler Corporation Scholarships (minority) Varies Varies
DaimlerChrysler Minority Scholarship 2750 4
DaimlerChrysler Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Damon P. Moore Scholarship 1000 1
Damon P. Moore Scholarship Varies Varies
Dan Hola Internships for Pacific Islander Students Varies Varies
Dan Hola Scholarships Varies Varies
DANA Corp. Foundation Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Daniel Memorial Fund Endowed Scholarship 2800 1
Darwin T. Turner Scholarship Varies Varies
David Fischer Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Day Family Scholarship Varies 1
Dean’s Opportunity Scholarship Varies Varies
DeGroot Family Scholarship 1300 1
Delores A. Auzenne Fellowship for Minority Graduate Studies Varies Varies
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Scholarship Varies Varies
Dena M. Sievert Scholarship 3600 1
Dennis J. Beck Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Dental Hygiene & Dental Assistant Scholarship 500 Varies
Dental Medicine-Gary Law Firm Minority Scholarship 1000 Varies
Derrick A. Bell, Jr. Scholarships Varies Varies
Diamond Power Specialty Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Diane & Michael Grieves Diversity Scholarship 3000 1
Dissertation-Year Fellowship 15000 Varies
Diverse Earth Scholarship 5000 2
Diverse Earth Scholarship Varies Varies
Diversity at the Blackboard Scholarship (minority) Varies Varies
Diversity Awards 19000 20
Diversity Grant for Incoming Freshmen & Transfer Students 1000 Varies
Diversity Grants Varies Varies
Diversity in Journalism Scholarship 500 Varies
Diversity Nursing Scholarships 6000 Varies
Diversity of Journalism Scholarship 500 1
Diversity Scholarship 1000 Varies
Diversity Scholarship 1000 Varies
Diversity Scholarship 2500 Varies
Diversity Scholarship 12000 1
Diversity Scholarship 750 1
Diversity Scholarship for Lay Students Varies Varies
Diversity Scholarships 24000 Varies
Diversity Scholarships Varies Varies
Diversity Scholarships Varies Varies
Diversity Student Support Scholarship in Law Varies Varies
Diversity Tuition Waiver Scholarship Varies Varies
Doctoral Scholars Program 15000 Varies
Dominic Cardi Scholarship Varies Varies
Donald & Itasker Thornton Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Donald Poindexter Research Award 150 Varies
Doug & Dorothy Wood Scholarship Varies Varies
Dow Chemical Minority Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Adolphus C. Hailstork III Music Scholarship for Minority Students Varies 1
Dr. Betty Lovelace Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Charles K. Lee Scholarship 2000 1
Dr. Donald Suggs Scholarship 10000 Varies
Dr. Ellsworth Barnard Scholarship 1000 1
Dr. Floyd Shacklock Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. James E. Bostic Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. L.W. Upperman Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Omnia El-Hakim Diversity Scholarship (Minority) Varies Varies
Dr. Ralph J. Bunche Freshman Alumni Scholarship 12000 Varies
Dr. Richard H. Keller Minority Medical Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Sandra Bradford DeCosta Diversity Scholarship Varies 1
Drs. Michael & Carol Harter Scholarship for Minorities in HHS Varies Varies
DUL-Wayne State University-Ford Motor Company Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
DuSable Scholarship 1000 2
E.W. Scripps-Howard Scholarship Foundation 3500 Varies
Ed Bradley Scholarship 10000 1
Ed Shull Diversity Scholarship 1000 1
Eddie M. Cole Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Edith H. & James E. Bostic, Jr. Presidential Scholarship 6000 4
Edna Yelland Scholarship 2500 3
EDS Minority Scholarships Varies Varies
Educational Opportunity Grant 2500 Varies
Edward D. & Jennie VanderBrug Memorial Scholarship 2900 4
Edward Davis Education Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward M. Lee Scholarship Varies Varies
El Paso Corporate Foundation Endowed Diversity Accounting Scholarship Varies Varies
El Paso Energy Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
El Paso Energy Engineering Scholarship 1500 1
El Pomar Scholarships (minority students) Varies 2
Eleanor & Carlton Haselrig Family Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Electronic Data Systems-Minority Scholarship Varies 1
Elizabeth Pegues Minority Scholarships 1000 Varies
Elizabeth Vemer Memorial Minority Scholarship Varies 1
Ella Phillips Stewart Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Emerson Minority Scholarship 1500 3
Emma McAllister Novel Scholarship 1000 2
Endowed Scholarship Program for Minority Students Varies Varies
Engineering Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Environmental Scholarship Program Varies 2
Ernst & Young Accountancy Scholarship for Minority Students Varies Varies
Ernst & Young Minority Business Scholarship Varies Varies
Estelle & Jack Rapaport Scholarship Varies 1
Ethnic Minority Internship Program 22110 Varies
Ethnic Minority Post-Graduate Scholarship 5000 10
Ethnic Minority Postgraduate Scholarship for Careers in Athletics 6000 13
Ethnic Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Ethnic Minority Scholarship 750 Varies
Evelyn Walker Armstrong Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Evelyn Zamichow Neuman Scholarship Varies 1
Executive MBA Fellowship Fund Varies Varies
F.W. Bakker-Arkema Minority Endowed Scholarship Fund in Biosystems Engineering Varies Varies
Falk, Traylor, & Davis (FTD) Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Federal Aviation Administration Asian American-Pacific Islander & Native American-Alaskan Native Internship Scholarship Varies Varies
Fidelity Bank Scholarship 1500 Varies
Fifth Third Bank-Willa Dean Stills Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
First Generation Minority Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Five University Consortium-Minority Internship Program Varies Varies
Florida Fund for Minority Teachers Scholarship 4000 Varies
Florida Minority Teacher Education Scholarship 4000 Varies
Fluor Foundation Annual Scholarship in Engineering Varies Varies
Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowships for Minorities 21000 35
Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships for Minorities 40000 20
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships for Minorities 17000 60
Ford Motor Company-American Indian College Scholarship 8000 Varies
Ford-EEOC Scholarship (ethnic) Varies Varies
Forum for Concerns of Minorities Scholarship Varies 2
Franklin C. McLean Award 3000 1
Frazier ‘Bubba’ Sparrow Endowed Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Fred Schleiter Scholarship Varies Varies
Frederic V. Salerno Scholarship Varies Varies
Freedom Forum Minority Scholarship in Journalism Varies Varies
Freshman Scholarships 2000 5
Fresno Bee Minority Journalism Scholarship Varies Varies
Frison Scholarship Varies Varies
Fund for the Advancement of Ethnic Understanding Varies Varies
Fund for the Advancement of Minorities in Education (FAME) Varies Varies
Gantt Engineering Scholarship Varies 1
Gar & Leda Henry Sports Scholarship Varies Varies
Garth Reeves, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Gates Millennium Scholars Varies Varies
Gates Millennium Scholars Program Varies Varies
Gates Millennium Scholarship Varies Varies
Gelman Trust Scholarship 1000 1
General Dynamics Scholarship Varies Varies
General Electric Fellowship for Minority Science Students Varies Varies
General Electric Scholarships 5000 Varies
General Motors EEOC Endowed Scholarship 1000 25
General Motors Endowed Scholarship (A) Varies Varies
General Motors Endowed Scholarship (minority) 2500 Varies
General Motors Endowed Scholarship Program Varies Varies
General Motors Scholarships 2000 Varies
General Motors Scholarships (a) 2500 Varies
George & Catherine Brady Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
George & Lois Graboys Minority Student Scholarship Varies Varies
George & Lottie Ford Scholarship 4000 1
George C. Brooks Scholar Scholarship 7500 Varies
George Fox Evangelical Seminary Multicultural Scholarship Varies Varies
George G. Greenleaf Agri-Industry Award Varies Varies
George M. Brooker Collegiate Scholarship for Minorities 2000 3
George N. Rainsford Scholarship Varies Varies
George Washington Carver Scholarships Varies 1
George Washington Carver Tuition Scholarship Varies 100
Georgia Oleson-Dankanyin Scholarship Varies 2
Geralyn Lambson Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Gerber Fellowship in Pediatric Nutrition 3000 1
Gertrude Vanderbilt Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Gilbane Scholarship Program (New Jersey) 5000 Varies
Gill Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Glen Vergason Scholarship Varies Varies
Global Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Glory Foods Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
GM Minority-Women Scholarships (ethnic) Varies Varies
Goizueta Foundation Minority Empowerment Scholarships Varies Varies
Goizueta Foundation Minority Science Scholarships Varies Varies
Goldsberry Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Engineering Scholarships Varies Varies
Graduate International Student Scholarship 5000 Varies
Graduate Minority Student Scholarship 5000 Varies
Graduate Scholarship Varies 15
Grant Program 1000 Varies
Grant-in-Aid Scholarships Varies Varies
Greenville Society for Human Resource Management Walter L. Martin Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
GS Scholars Varies Varies
Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Minority Summer Grant Varies Varies
Gus T. Ridgel Scholarships Varies Varies
Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship Fund 2000 Varies
HANA Scholarship Varies Varies
Hans Langhammer Scholarship Varies Varies
Harland E. Hogue Fellowship for Excellence in Ministry Varies Varies
Harrison Walnut Redevelopment Corporation Scholarship 500 1
Harvey B. Gantt Scholarship 3000 Varies
Hazel McBride Scholarship (ethnic) 1000 3
Health Professions Opportunity Scholarship Varies Varies
Hearst Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Hearst Minority Journalism Scholarship Varies Varies
Hearst Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Helen Jensen Howe Science Scholarship for Women (a) 7000 1
Helen Ruiz-Tim Lewis Memorial Dance Scholarship Award Varies Varies
Helene Wilson Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Henry Cade Scholarship 2000 1
Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBUC), Hispanic and Tribal Colleges Scholarship Varies Varies
Hodson-Gilliam Scholarship 14000 Varies
Hoechst Celanese Corporation Scholarship for Women & Minorities (B) Varies Varies
Holland Dunston Ellis, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Holly A. Cornell Scholarship (b) 5000 1
Hospital Trust Minority Scholarship Varies 2
Howard Baker Foundation General Scholarship 4000 Varies
Howard O. Lindsey Scholarship Varies Varies
HSBC-UNCF Corporate Scholars Program 15000 Varies
Hugh J. Andersen Memorial Scholarships 2500 5
Hurley C. & Fredine (Wynn) Goodall Scholarship Varies Varies
Hyatt Hotels Fund for Minority Lodging Management Students 2000 17
Illinois Central College Scholarship 500 1
Illinois Power Minority Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Independent Colleges of Southern California (ICSC) Scholarship Program 20000 2
Intel Scholarship (minority) 2000 Varies
Ipema-Wells Family Minority Student Scholarship 1500 2
Irving Graef Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
J. Douglass & Dorothy K. Wood Scholarship (ethnic) Varies Varies
J. Paul Getty Multicultural Internships 3000 3
Jack C. Hart Memorial Scholarship 5000 4
Jack C. Hart Memorial Scholarship 5000 4
James Carlson Scholarships (ethnic) Varies 1
James E. Webb Internship Program 4500 Varies
James F. Bere’ Memorial Scholarship 2200 10
James River Corporation Scholarship Varies Varies
Janet B. Purnell Self Sufficiency Scholarship Varies Varies
Jason Perez Athletic Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Jeffery P. Reynolds, P.A., & Worth Thomas Diversity Essay Competition Scholarship Varies Varies
Jennie & Co. Film Production Scholarship Varies 1
Jesse J. Jones, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies 4
Joe Telford Scholarship (B) Varies Varies
John & Judy Steele Minority Scholarship Varies 1
John A. McLean, Jr. Scholarship Varies Varies
John Deere Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
John Deere Minority Recruitment & Retention Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
John F. & Loretta A. Hynes Foundation Scholarship Fund (ethnic) Varies Varies
John Fetterman Minority Journalism Scholarship Varies Varies
John J. Webb Minority Scholarship in Engineering Varies Varies
John Montgomery Scholarship 650 1
John Paul Jones Journalism Scholarship Varies Varies
John S. Jordan Scholarship 1000 Varies
John Sagan Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John Seigenthaler Scholarship Varies Varies
John Staford Memorial WLMA Scholarship 1000 Varies
Jose Chicol 2000 Varies
Joseph A. Dear Memorial Scholarships 900 10
Joseph Broadbent Scholarship Varies 1
Journalism Institute for Minorities Scholarship Varies Varies
JP Morgan Chase Fellowships Varies Varies
Judge Edward Y. Kakita Memorial Scholarship 1500 1
Judge Sidney M. Aronovitz Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Julius A. Thomas Fellowship Program Varies Varies
Kansas City Initiative Scholarship 5000 Varies
Kansas Minority Scholarship Program 1850 Varies
KDE Teacher Education Minority Scholarship 500 Varies
Keeping the Dream Alive Scholarship 1000 Varies
Ken Inouye Scholarship (residency) 1000 1
Ken Inouye Scholarship (school) 1000 1
Ken Kashiwahara Scholarship 2500 1
Kenneth M. Devos Scholarship 2500 Varies
Kennett Area Joint Action Committee Scholarship Varies Varies
Kevin P. Newman-Spencer Jameson Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
KeyBank Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
KeyCorp Scholars Program-Internship 7000 Varies
King-Chavez-Parks Award Varies Varies
KPEF-Duane Roberts Scholarship 1000 1
Lamar Order Minority Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Lanier Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Law Equal Opportunity Scholarship Varies Varies
Law Foundation Scholarship 2500 Varies
Law Foundation Scholarships 2500 10
Law Minority Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Law Minority Non-Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Law Partners Community Law Fellowship Varies 1
Lawrence & Ruth Conway Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Leaders of Multicultural Faith Communities Scholarship 3800 Varies
Lennox Foundation Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Leon Williams Scholarship 1000 1
Leonard G. Jackson Annual Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Leonard M. Perryman Communications Scholarship for Ethnic Minority Students 2500 1
Leonard, Street & Deinard Minority Scholar Program Varies 12
Leroy Daniels Undergraduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Lewis R. Jones Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Lim, Ruger & Kim Scholarship 2500 1
Linwood Sexton Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Linwood Sexton Scholarship Varies Varies
LITA-LSSI Minority Scholarship 2500 1
LITA-OCLC Minority Scholarship 2500 1
Loan Forgiveness Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Local Chapter Scholarships Varies Varies
Long-Vanderburg Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Louis B. Russell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Louis Dimasi Scholarship Fund 3700 1
Louis Russell Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Lucinda Todd Book Awards 300 Varies
Lyondell Chemical Company-Equistar Chemicals LP Annual Scholarship Varies 1
M. Neff Smart Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
M.T. Alghanim Fouad Scholarship Varies Varies
M.W. & M.F. Riddick, Jr. Scholarship Varies Varies
M3 Program Scholarship 1000 3
Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. Scholars Program-Internship 3000 Varies
Man K. Ho Scholarship Varies 3
Marathon Oil Corporation College Scholarship Program 10000 20
Marathon Oil Corporation-UNCF Corporate Scholars Program 10000 Varies
Margoes Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Marguerite & Leigh T. Rhodes-Teachers of Tomorrow Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Marian Ritchie Johnson ’48 Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Mark Herschede Foundation Fund Scholarship 1000 Varies
Mark Miller Award 1000 Varies
Maroon & Gold Scholarships 1800 125
Marshall A. Nelson Urban Minority Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Martin L. King Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Fund 3000 22
Martin Luther King Scholarship 1000 Varies
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Dora Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary J. Benson Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Mary Lynn Kotz Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary M. Donahue Scholarship Varies Varies
Mauldin Scholarship 500 1
Maxine & Jack Zarrow Family Foundation Scholarships Varies Varies
MBA Alumni Scholarship 20000 Varies
MBA Scholarship 12500 25
McDonald’s Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
McJulien Minority Graduate Scholarship Award 250 Varies
McLin Scholarship 1750 Varies
Mercedes Zabaleta Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Meriel’s Legacy Scholarship 2000 1
Merit Scholarships Varies Varies
Merrill Lynch Minority Scholarships Varies 1
Merrill Lynch Scholarship Varies Varies
Merrill-Lynch-PC Alumni Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Methodist Medical Center Health-Urban League Scholarship 2000 Varies
MetLife Foundation Awards Program for Academic Excellence in Medicine 4000 17
Michael Sullivan Scholarships 12000 Varies
Mildred D. Brown Scholarship 1500 Varies
Minorities & Women Education Scholarship 1000 Varies
Minorities & Women Regional Scholarships Varies Varies
Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship 5000 1
Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship 5000 Varies
Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship 5000 Varies
Minorities Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority & Foreign Student Scholarship (Minority) Varies Varies
Minority Academic Recognition Scholarship 7950 2
Minority Accounting Scholarship 5000 187
Minority Accounting Scholarship 2500 16
Minority Alumni Affiliate Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Education Recruitment & Retention Scholarship 5000 Varies
Minority Education Scholarship 2500 Varies
Minority Educator Recruitment & Retention Scholarship 5000 Varies
Minority Educator Recruitment Retention Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Endowed Scholarship in Public Health Varies Varies
Minority Engineering Program (MEP) Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Fellows Program 2000 12
Minority Fellowship Program 19968 Varies
Minority Graduate Accounting Scholarship 5000 187
Minority Health Leaders Scholarships Varies Varies
Minority Internship Program Varies Varies
Minority Introduction to Engineering (MITE) Scholarships Varies Varies
Minority Journalism Scholarship 2500 16
Minority Journalism Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Minority Law Caucus Scholarships Varies Varies
Minority Leadership Talent Grant Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Male Scholars in Education Scholarship 2000 Varies
Minority Medical Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Medical Students Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Mentor Program Scholarships 1500 Varies
Minority Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship (Employee) 400 Varies
Minority Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship (Residency) 400 Varies
Minority Outreach Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Presence Grants 500 10
Minority Scholarship Varies 5
Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Scholarship 500 6
Minority Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Minority Scholarship Foundation Endowment Varies Varies
Minority Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Minority Scholarship Program 10000 1
Minority Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Minority Scholarships Varies 10
Minority Scholarships Varies Varies
Minority Scholarships (1) 1500 10
Minority Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Student Award 500 1
Minority Student Fellowship Varies Varies
Minority Student Scholarships Varies Varies
Minority Student Scholarships 8000 Varies
Minority Teacher Education Program-MSU Scholarship 1000 Varies
Minority Teacher Education Scholarship 2500 Varies
Minority Teacher Education Scholarships 4000 Varies
Minority Teacher Scholarship Varies Varies
Minority Teacher Scholarship 4000 Varies
Minority Teachers of Illinois (MIT) Scholarship Program 5000 Varies
Minority Teachers’ Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Minority Teaching Fellows Program 5000 1
Minority-Disadvantaged Scholarship 2500 20
Minoru Yasui Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics-NAACP Scholarship Varies Varies
Missouri Minority Teaching Scholarship 3000 Varies
Monsanto Sponsorship Scholarship (b) 3000 1
Morley Travel Scholarship Varies 1
Mosaic Center Scholarship 5000 2
MS in Lighting Program Varies 1
MSU Moorhead Upperclass Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Multicultural Awards 1500 Varies
Multicultural Forestry Scholars in the Southwest Scholarship 5750 Varies
Multicultural Leadership Awards 7500 Varies
Multicultural Scholarship Varies Varies
Multicultural Student Leadership Scholarship 3000 Varies
Multicultural Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Multicultural Vision Program (MVP) Award Varies 100
National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Scholarships Varies Varies
National Action Council of Minorities in Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
National Hispanic Mortgage Bankers & Brokers Association Scholarship Varies Varies
National Pan-Hellenic Council Scholarship 500 2
National Scholarships 6000 50
National Urban League-Duracell Scholarship 5000 5
NCR Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
NEACSM Minority Scholarship 500 Varies
Need-Based Scholarship Program 10000 Varies
Neely D. McCarter Merit Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
New York Life Minority Fellows Program Varies Varies
New York Times Foundation Scholarships Varies Varies
New York University Alumnae Club Scholarships Varies Varies
New York University Opportunity Fellowships Varies 3
Newcombe Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students at Presbyterian Colleges (ethnic) Varies 13
Newsroom Diversity Scholarship 1000 1
Nicholas & Dorothy Pappas Scholarship Varies Varies
NMMA Scholarship Program 1000 Varies
North American Doctoral Fellowships 10000 Varies
North Central Texas Council of Governments Urban Fellowships (minority) Varies Varies
Northrup Grumman Diversity Scholarship (minority) Varies Varies
NSF Scholarships for Under-Represented Students in Electrical Engineering (minority) 3000 Varies
NWA David Sankey Minority Scholarship in Meterology 1000 1
O. Mike & Marion Marinelli Scholarship 1500 Varies
Pacific Northwest College of Art Scholarships 4000 2
Papaleo-Quatrale Endowed Minority Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
Paul Cooper Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul Laurence Dunbar Scholarship 2500 Varies
Paul Trainor Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
PEPSICO-UNCF Scholars Program 10000 Varies
Persina Scholarship for Minorities in Journalism 5000 1
Peter E. Tryhane Endowed Scholarship in Accounting Varies Varies
PGA Diversity Scholarship 2500 Varies
Ph.D. Fellowship Program 13000 2
Ph.D. Fellowship Program (ethnic) Varies Varies
Phillips Petroleum Scholarship 1500 2
PLU Mu Phi Epsilon Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP-Ralph K. Frasier Scholarship (Columbus) 5000 1
Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP-Ralph K. Frasier Scholarship (Cleveland) 5000 1
Post-Doctoral Programs 10000 Varies
Pre-Engineering & Chemistry Scholarship Varies Varies
President’s Minority Graduate Access Program (PMGAP) 4000 Varies
Presidential-Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Price Chopper Minority Achievement Scholarships 2000 12
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Accountancy Minority Scholarship Varies 1
Procter & Gamble Distributing Co. Scholarship Varies Varies
Procter & Gamble Minority Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering 3000 1
Proctor & Gamble African American Scholarship Varies Varies
Proctor Community Hospital Health-Urban League Scholarship 2000 Varies
Program for Diversity in Engineering (PDE) Scholarships (minority) 500 Varies
Project Management Scholarship for Minority Students 2000 1
Provost Award 4000 Varies
Provost’s Special Scholarships 17400 16
PRSA Multicultural Affairs Scholarship Program 1500 2
Public Health Scholarship Program Varies 2
Race Relations Multiracial Student Scholarship 1000 Varies
Racial Ethnic Supplemental Grant 1000 Varies
Ralph & Valerie Thomas Scholarship 1000 Varies
Ralph W. Ellison Memorial Prize 500 1
Randolph-Macon Scholarships for Outstanding Minority Students 15000 Varies
Ray & Sylvia Weyl Scholarship Varies Varies
Raymond H. Trott Scholarship for Banking 1000 1
RDW Group, Inc. Minority Scholarship for Communication. 2000 1
Realtors Diversity Advantage Grant 500 Varies
Rebecca Shelly Lee Scholarship Varies Varies
Recchi America/MIA Joint Venture Scholarship Varies Varies
Redskins Magazine Minority Scholarship Program 1000 5
Reyes-Ancel Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
RI Hospital Trust-Bank of Boston Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Richard Garcia Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Robert & Nancy Good Scholarship for Minority Students Varies Varies
Robert ‘Bob’ Gibson Scholarship 1000 Varies
Robert D. Watkins Graduate Research Fellowship 19000 Varies
Robert Hine Memorial Scholarship Program 20000 Varies
Robert S. Jennings Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert W. Brocksbank Leadership Award 1000 1
Romeo B. Garrett Scholarships 4000 Varies
Ron & Peg Juffer Education Scholarship (minority) Varies Varies
Ronald H. Brown Memorial Scholarship 3000 1
Rosewood Family Scholarship 4000 25
Ross-Abbott Laboratories Undergraduate Minority Endowment Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Royce Osborn Minority Student Scholarship 4000 5
RR Donnelley Scholarship-Internship 10000 Varies
Samalot-Sebastian Scholaship 2000 3
Samuel Newhouse Scholarship Varies Varies
Sarah A. Flaherty Minority & Regional Campus Scholarship Varies Varies
Sarah Harris Scholarship Varies Varies
Schmehl Family Minority Scholarship 4500 1
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship Aid for Disadvantaged Minority Group Students Varies Varies
Scholarship for Minority Females 1000 1
Scholarship Program 500 50
Scholarship Program 6000 70
Scholarship Program 20000 Varies
Scholarship Program 5000 3
Scholarships 1000 4
Scholarships 1000 Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies 90
Scholarships (Non-resident) Varies Varies
Scholarships (Resident) Varies Varies
Science Scholarships Awards Program 5000 10
Seattle Times-Blethen Family Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Seattle Times-Blethen Family Minority Scholarships Varies Varies
Sidney B. Williams, Jr. Intellectual Property Law School Scholarship 10000 1
Sidney B. Williams, Jr. Scholarship 10000 9
Sidney J. & Edna D. Kwass Scholarship & Emergency Grant Fund (B) Varies Varies
Silas W. Pitts Scholarship Varies Varies
SLIS Minority Quasi-Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Snell & Wilmer Diversity Fellowship Scholarship 4000 1
South Carolina “Other Race” Program 1000 Varies
Southeast Consortium for Minorities in Engineering (SECME) Scholarship Varies Varies
Southern Arizona Foundation-Minority Scholarships Varies Varies
Southern California Edison Scholarship Varies Varies
Special Summer Scholarships for Minority Graduate Students 1300 Varies
Spectrum Emergency Care Inc. Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Spectrum Initiative 5000 50
Sprint Scholarship-Internship 5000 Varies
St. Augustine ‘Augie’ Cranford, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Standard Federal Bank Scholarship Varies Varies
Stanley Huff Scholarship Varies Varies
Starr Scholarship Varies Varies
State Board of Supervisors Academic-Minority Scholarship 4000 5
State Farm Insurance Companies Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Stephen Louis Riddell Scholarship Varies Varies
Student Services Minority Access Grant (1) 1000 Varies
Student Services Minority Access Grant (2) 1000 Varies
Suazo Community Scholarships 1000 4
Sullivan Higdon & Sink Inc. Minority Advertising Scholaship Varies Varies
Summer Intern Diversity Scholarship 3000 Varies
Summer Research Program for Minorities Varies Varies
Susan & Harry Frampton Annual Scholarship Varies Varies
Tarsha McLaurin Annual Scholarship 1000 2
TDC Scholarship 1000 Varies
Technical Minority Scholarship Program 10000 150
Texas Alliance for Minority Participation Scholarships 500 Varies
The Dorothy & Craig Yorke, Sr. Scholarship 1000 2
Thomas Alva Edison Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas C. McDermott Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Thomas H. Kean Minority Scholarships 10000 Varies
Thomas J. Henderson Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas R. Williams Scholarship Varies Varies
Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Varies Varies
Tomorrow’s Scientist, Technician’s & Managers (TSTM) Scholarship Varies Varies
Tournament of Friendship Scholarship Varies Varies
Townsend & Townsend & Crew LLP Diversity Scholarship Program (Minority) 2000 Varies
Townsend Memorial Minority Scholarship 200 1
Toyota-UNCF Scholarship 7500 Varies
Transition Scholarship 2500 Varies
Travis C. Tomlin Scholarship 2500 Varies
Tri-Cities Hearld-News Tribune of Tacoma Scholarship Varies Varies
Trustee-Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
TRW Information Technology Minority Scholarship 3000 Varies
U.S. Bank Minority Scholarships 2000 5
Undergraduate Minority Scholarship Varies 1
Undergraduate Scholarship Varies 15
UNICCO Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Union Pacific Scholarship Varies Varies
Union Pacific-Champlin Petroleum Scholarship Varies Varies
United American Healthcare Foundation 2500 2
United Church of Christ Minority Student Scholarship 300 Varies
Unity Scholarship Competition Varies Varies
University Hospital Minority Scholarship 10000 Varies
University of California-Edison International Scholarship Program 7500 20
Upperclass Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
UPS Diversity Scholarship 6000 Varies
UPS Gold Mountain Scholarship 2000 12
UPS Racing Technical Edge Scholarship 16000 5
USDA Minority Scholarship 4500 Varies
Uzman Engineering Scholarship (ethnic) 1000 1
Vance & Julie Lanier Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Verizon Scholarships 2000 25
Vernon E. Lattin Cultural Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Veterinary Medicine Minority Scholarship 6000 Varies
Wachovia Bank Minority Scholarship Varies Varies
Wachovia Bank Scholarship Varies 1
Wachovia Bank Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Walter O. Mason Jr. Scholarship 1000 4
Warner Norcross & Judd Law School Studies Scholarship 5000 1
Warner Norcross & Judd Paralegal Assistant Studies Schoarship 2000 1
Warner Norcross & Judd Secretarial Studies Scholarship 1000 1
Wayne & Carol Sandee Scholarship 250 Varies
Wellpoint Health Networks Endowed Scholarship in Health Administration Varies Varies
West Virginia State Bar-ALPs Minority Law Scholarship Varies Varies
Western Opportunity Grant 1000 Varies
Western-Southern Life Nursing Scholarship 4000 Varies
Westinghouse-Savannah River Scholarship Varies Varies
Westvaco Multicultural Annual Scholarship Varies 1
Wichita Eagle Minority Journalism Scholarship 2000 Varies
WICPA Educational Foundation Scholarship-Minority Undergraduate Accounting Scholarship 2500 Varies
Wilbur Lee Taylor Storyteller Scholarship Varies Varies
William & Charlotte Cadbury Award 2000 1
William D. Euille Scholarships (merit) 1000 2
William D. Euille Scholarships (need) 1000 1
William E. Boards, Jr. Minority Scholarship (Nontraditional) 500 3
William E. Boards, Jr. Minority Scholarship (Seniors) 500 3
William Edward Thomas-VSU Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
William Ferris Cummings Memorial Award 150 1
William G. Anderson Fund Varies Varies
William H. Gray Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
William Randolph Hearst Varies Varies
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students 5000 Varies
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students Varies Varies
William Randolph Hearst Endowment for Minority Students Varies Varies
William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship 7500 1
William Randolph Hearst Scholarship Varies Varies
William Randolph Hearst Scholarship Varies Varies
William Randolph Hearst Scholarship for Opportunity 1500 Varies
William Rucker Greenwood Scholarship 1000 2
Willis Carrier Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering (ethnic) 5500 Varies
Wilmer G. Gerlach Scholarship Varies Varies
Wittenberg Achievement Award 9000 Varies
Women & Minorities in Engineering (WMEP) Scholarship-(minorities) 1000 1
Women of Color Caucus Student Essay Awards 400 3
Women of Color Scholars Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Woodlake Scholarship Fund 2000 12
Woodlawn Christian Reformed Church Minority Scholarship 1500 2
Wyeth Scholarship 5000 Varies
Y.F. Wu Asian American & Pacific Islander Student Scholarships Varies Varies
Young Men’s Civic Club Scholarship Varies 1


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