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Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
A-Plus Scholarship Varies Varies
A.G. Edwards Scholarship 1150 Varies
Ana Riojas Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Anna Louise Latimer Education Scholarship 500 1
Art Performance Grant Varies Varies
Athletic Grants Varies Varies
Aventis Outstanding Medical Student Scholarship 1000 Varies
Bank of America Scholarship 1000 Varies
Bright Flight Scholarship Program 2000 Varies
CBS Foundation Scholarship Program 2500 Varies
Cindy Anderson Soccer Scholarship 860 Varies
Citicorp-Early Childhood Scholarship 2250 Varies
Citigroup Outstanding Education Scholarship 3125 Varies
Class of 1928-1929 Scholarships Varies Varies
David Mack Knight Endowed Business Administration Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Donald J. Breckon Endowed Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. John M. Hamilton Scholarship 700 Varies
Dr. John Patton Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Kenneth MacDonald Endowed Scholarship 540 1
E.W. Scripps-Howard Scholarship Foundation 3500 Varies
Edward Jones Outstanding Business Related Scholarship 1150 Varies
Elmer & Kathryn Martin & Angelo Patri Scholarship Varies 1
Endowment Scholarship 1000 2
Farber Memorial Scholarship 750 Varies
Floyd Shafer, Ph.D. Memorial Scholarship for Science Majors 525 1
Founders Transfer Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank & Mary Emma Markward Theater Arts Endowed Scholarship 1250 1
Fred R. Kenower Scholarship 2000 Varies
General America Financial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Goppert Family Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Griffin-Richardson Endowed Internship for Park University Students in Washington, DC 2000 1
Harrison Metheny Family Scholarship Varies 1
Home School Scholarships Varies Varies
Housing Academic Scholarships 2000 Varies
Hundley-Volker Scholarship Varies Varies
Hundley-Volker Transfer Scholarship Varies Varies
Ida Moore Endowed Scholarship for Social Work 1000 Varies
Interstate Brands Corporation Scholarship 1000 Varies
Irven & NeVada Linscomb Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Irven & NeVada Linscomb Scholarship Varies Varies
James J. Lennon Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Jamie Hemingway Soccer Scholarship 750 Varies
Jim Blanck Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
John R. Sanders Scholarship Varies Varies
Kansas City Hispanic Scholarship & Matching Grant 500 20
Kathryn Houghton Groves Endowed Scholarship 1000 1
Lolita Nellans & Guy Wolfe Clardy Natural Science Scholarship 1260 1
Lora Margaret & Thomas Amherst Perry Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Malan-Templeton Scholarship 725 Varies
Marguerite Ross Barnett Scholarship 1840 Varies
Marion Tollaksen Fischer Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary L. Parker Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Louise Snyder Tipton Scholarship 544 Varies
Mary Lucille Rowe ECE Scholarship 1000 Varies
Melanie Meyer Soccer Scholarship 650 Varies
Missouri College Guarantee Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Music Performance Grant Varies Varies
Nicholas Manchion English Scholarship 500 1
Nickie & Don Martin Scholarship 1000 1
Oleva Morrison Myers Scholarship 500 1
Park Hill High School District Endowment Scholarship 1000 2
Park Military Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Park University Presbyterian Grant 1000 Varies
Park-McAfee Scholarship Varies Varies
Parkville Rotary Club International Student Scholarship 1000 Varies
Paul H. Gault Endowed Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Peace Studies Scholarship 1200 Varies
Peace Studies Scholarship 600 1
Pioneer Services Foundation Scholarships 4000 Varies
Presidential Scholarship Varies Varies
Presidents Transfer Scholarship Varies Varies
Professor Duncan Findlay Scholarship Fund 1800 Varies
R.L. Edwards Scholarship 600 Varies
Ralph Lusk Scholarship Varies Varies
Rose Ann Carr Milsap Music Scholarship 770 1
Sarah B. Osborne Scholarship Varies Varies
Scheib Family Scholarship 500 1
Senior Citizen Discount Scholarship Varies Varies
Sergeant Major Stan Hillery (Ret.) Memorial Scholarship 500 2
Theater Grant Varies Varies
Trustee Scholarship Varies Varies
Trustee Transfer Scholarship Varies Varies
UPS (United Parcel Service Foundation) Scholarship Varies Varies
William & Anna Finch Scholarship 500 1
William Randolph Hearst Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies


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