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Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Admiral Grace Murray Hopper Scholarship 1500 5
Alcoa Foundation Scholarship (female) Varies Varies
Alcoa Foundation Scholarship (minority) Varies Varies
Alex H. Massad Scholarship in Petroleum Engineering Varies Varies
Alexander & Geraldine Wanek Named Grant 2000 Varies
Allan & Marilyn Neustadt Engineering Scholarship (Engineering) 1500 1
Allan & Marilyn Neustadt Engineering Scholarship (Petroleum Engineering) 1500 1
American Association of Drilling Engineers Scholarship Varies 1
American Association of Professional Landmen 1000 Varies
Anne Maureen Whitney Barrow Memorial Scholarship 5000 1
Arthur A. Meyerhoff Memorial Grant 2000 2
Atlantic Richfield Scholarship 1000 1
B.J. Harrod Scholarship 2000 2
Bernold M. “Bruno” Hanson Memorial Environmental Grant 2000 Varies
Bill & Gayle Parker Petroleum Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
BK Krenzer Memorial Reentry Scholarship 2000 1
Border API Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Burlington Resources (Industry Partner) Varies Varies
Burlington Resources Scholarship in Petroleum Engineering Varies Varies
Chapter Scholarships 1500 Varies
Charlie Hughes Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Chevron Scholarship 2000 8
Chevron Texaco Scholars Program 3000 5
Chris “Kit” Ore Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Classen Family Named Grant Varies Varies
Claude B. Hart Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Claudia F. Pleasants Scholarship Endowment 1000 Varies
College Scholarship Program Varies Varies
College Scholarships 1000 2
College Student Scholarships 1500 2
Conoco Phillips Scholarship (Energy Management) 5000 Varies
Curtis W. Mewbourne Leadership Scholars Program 4000 4
David A. Bartlett Memorial Scholarship 1150 2
David M. Scott Memorial Scholarship 1200 Varies
Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments (DEED) Program Scholarship 4000 10
Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments (DEED) Technical Design Project Award 5000 1
Denbury Resources Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Desk & Derrick Club 1000 Varies
Don R. Boyd Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Donald A. O’Nesky Named Grant 2000 Varies
Dorothy Lemke Howarth Scholarship 2500 6
Dorothy M. & Earl S. Hoffman Scholarship 3000 5
Doy C. Deem Scholarship 2000 9
Duke Energy Foundation Scholarship 5000 Varies
Duke Scholars 1000 Varies
Duncan A. McNaughton Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Dunco R.E. “Peck” Williams Tuition Scholarship Varies Varies
Electronics For Imaging Scholarship 4000 4
Energy Cup Scholarship 2500 1
Energy Minerals Grant 2000 Varies
Engineering & Mathematics Scholarship 8000 Varies
Epsilon Pi Tau-Chester G. Taylor Scholarship Varies 1
Frank E. Kottlowski Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Fred & Norma Ackman Engineering Scholarship 1000 1
Fred A Dix Named Grant 2000 Varies
Frederick A. Sutton Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
G. Carl Hale Petroleum & Geological Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Garth W. Caylor Memorial Grant Varies Varies
General Electric Foundation Scholarship 1500 3
George L. Watters-Nebraska Petroleum Marketers Scholarship (member) 2000 Varies
Gordon I. Atwater Memorial Grant 2000 1
Gus Archie Scholarship 5000 Varies
Gustavus E. Archie Memorial Grant 2000 2
Gustavus E. Archie Memorial International Grant 2000 2
Guy M. Steele Jr. Memorial Fund Varies Varies
H.E. “Eddie” Chiles Centennial Scholarship Varies Varies
Hans Gilde Scholarship 2000 1
Harold J. Funkhouser Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Harry H. Beren Scholarship 1000 12
Harry T. Barrick Scholarship 200 1
HENAAC High School Senior-College Freshman Award 5000 Varies
HENAAC Student Leadership Award 5000 Varies
HENAAC Viva Technology Award 5000 Varies
Henry A. Gilbert Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Henry DeWitt Smith Scholarships Varies Varies
High School Graduate Scholarships 2500 5
High School or College Student Scholarship (College) 1500 1
High School or College Student Scholarship (Member) 1500 1
High School Scholarships 500 4
Horizon Energy Group Leadership Award 500 1
Horst & Jessie von Bandst Memorial Grant 2000 2
Hugh D. Miser Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Hugh E. Darley, Sr. Technology Scholarship 500 1
ISU Women’s Club (technology) Varies 3
Ivy M. Parker Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
J. Elmer Thomas Past Presidents Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Jack & Tess Sleeper Petroleum & Geological Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
James Neal Blanton, Jr. Memorial Challenge Grant Scholarship Varies Varies
James W. Milliken Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Jason Dahnert Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Jean G. Funkhouser Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Jean Shirley Hinn Scholarship Varies Varies
John E. Kilkenny Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
John Teagle Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Jon R. Withrow Engineering Scholarship 1500 3
Julian J. Rothbaum Award 1500 1
Kenneth H. Crandall Memorial Grant 2000 2
Keown Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Kerr-McGee Corporation Scholarship 1000 1
Key EnergyServices Scholarship 3000 1
Kruse Insurance Scholarship Varies Varies
L. Austin Weeks Named Grant 2000 Varies
Lester B. Roberts Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Lewis E. & Elizabeth W. Young Scholarships 1000 Varies
Lillian Moller Gilbreth Memorial Scholarship 10000 1
Lockheed Martin Corporation Scholarship 5000 Varies
Lockheed Martin Freshman Scholarship 3000 2
Lydia I. Pickup Memorial Scholarship 4000 1
Marathon Oil Corporation College Scholarship Program 10000 20
Marathon Oil Corporation-UNCF Corporate Scholars Program 10000 Varies
Marilyn “Mimi” Atwater Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Marta Sutton Weeks Named Grant 2000 Varies
Martin Foundation (Trust Company of Oklahoma) 2000 Varies
MASWE Scholarship 2000 4
Meridith Thoms Memorial Scholarships 2000 6
Merrill W. Haas Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Michel T. Halbouty Named Grant 2000 Varies
Midwest Student Exchange Program Varies 35
Mobile Oil Corporation Scholarship 2500 5
Morris R. Pitman Award Fund Varies Varies
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Bell Petroleum Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Nancy Setzer Murray Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
New Jersey Scholarship 5000 1
Norman H. Foster Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Northrop Grumman Corporation Scholarship 5000 Varies
O.H. & Ruth Verne Davis Reaugh Endowment Varies 1
O.W. Killam Oil & Gas Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Oklahoma City-Tulsa Chapter of Gas Processors Association (GPA) 2500 2
Olive Lynn Salembier Memorial Reentry Scholarship 2000 1
Ortner Scholarship Program 500 25
Pamela S. Pierce Petroleum Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul Danheim Nelson Named Grant 2000 Varies
Paul Fulton Memorial Scholarships Varies 4
Permian Basin Landmen’s Association-Seltzer Scholarships Varies Varies
Personal & Industry Scholarships 1500 Varies
Peter Warren Gester Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Petroleum & Geological Engineering Mechanics Scholarship Varies Varies
Petroleum Division Fellowship 10000 1
Petroleum Division Scholarship (freshmen) 1000 2
Petroleum Division Scholarship (undergraduate) 2000 5
Petroleum Engineering Scholarship Fund 1000 1
Petroleum Engineering-Freshman Scholarship Varies Varies
Petroleum Engineering-Returning Student Scholarships Varies Varies
Petroleum Engineering-Transfer Student Scholarships Varies Varies
Philip Johnson Tuition Scholarship Varies Varies
Phillips Petroleum Scholarship 1500 2
Phillips Scholars Program Scholarships Varies Varies
Phoenix Section Scholarship (a) 1000 2
Phoenix Section Scholarship (b) 1000 2
R. Dana Russell Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
R.N. Lubbock Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ray G. Collins Engineering Scholarship 1000 1
Raymond C. Moore Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Raymond D. Woods Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Richard A. & Linda D. Goddard Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard C. Hasson Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Richard R. & Ruth F. Evans Petroleum Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard W. Beardsley Grant 2000 Varies
Richards Family Petroleum Engineering Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Robert D. & Margaret M. Walter Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert K. Goldhammer Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Robert L. Brace Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Robert M. Cunningham Petroleum Engineering Scholarship 1600 1
Robert W. Wagner Engineering Scholarship Varies Varies
Ronald D. & Estelle Evans Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ronny G. Altman Petroleum Engineering Scholarship 3000 1
S.J. Cerny Engineering Scholarship 3000 1
Sam K. Viersen & Sam K. Viersen Jr. Endowment Varies Varies
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarships 2000 3
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships 1000 Varies
Scholarships (Members) 1000 8
Sherman A. Wengard Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Sonat Foundation Minority Engineering Scholarship 2000 4
SPWLA Grants 1500 Varies
SPWLA Scholarship 1500 Varies
Suzanne Takken Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
SWE Past Presidents Scholarship 2000 2
Technology Scholarship 1000 Varies
Texaco Inc. Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas A. Hendricks Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
Toby G. Krandel Award Varies Varies
UNOCAL Scholarship in Petroleum & Geological Engineering Varies Varies
Veteran Motor Car Club of America-Tri City Chapter Scholarship Varies Varies
W. David Wiman Memorial Grant 2000 Varies
W.D. Owsley Scholarship Award 1500 5
Walter & Joan Rinard Scholarship 1500 2
Weimer Family Named Grant 2000 Varies
William Dow Hamm Memorial Grant 2000 Varies


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