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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
125th Anniversary Scholarship 1000 1
7th Annual Alumni & Friends Golf Classic Diamond Benefactor Scholarship 2500 1
7th Annual Alumni & Friends Golf Classic Gold Benefactor Sponsorship Scholarship 1000 4
7th Annual Alumni & Friends Golf Classic Silver Benefactor Sponsorship Scholarship 500 6
A. Connor Daily Scholarship Varies Varies
A.D. & Irene S. Rounds Scholarships Varies Varies
A.J. Spiegel Graduate Fellowship Varies Varies
AACP Scholarship Varies Varies
AAPS-AFPE Gateway to Research Scholarships 5000 3
Academic Achievement Scholarship for Pre-Pharmacy Studies Varies 1
Academic Honor Pharmacy Scholarships 17000 8
Academic Scholarship Program 10000 Varies
Achievement Scholarships 500 10
AFPE Clinical Pharmacy Post-Pharm.D Fellowships in the Biomedical Research Sciences 27500 2
AFPE Gateway Research Scholarship 5000 15
AFPE Pre-Doctoral Fellowships in the Pharmaceutical Sciences 6000 60
Al & Belle Meyerson Merit Award 200 Varies
Alan R. Minadeo Memorial ASP Scholarship Varies Varies
Albemarle Hospital Volunteer Service, Inc. Scholarships 5000 3
Albert C. Wehrenberg Scholarship 1000 1
Albertson Sav-On Osco Scholarship Varies Varies
Albertson’s Pharmacy Award Scholarship Varies 1
Albertson’s Scholarship 1000 Varies
Albertsons Scholars Award 2000 1
Alexander J. & Martha H. Forst Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Alfred Berkowitz Endowed Pharmacy Scholarship 1000 2
Alfred C. Scott ’32 Scholarship 500 1
Alpha Zeta Omega, Roy Scott Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Alta Ray Gault Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Alumni Association Scholarship 3000 1
Alumni Scholarships 1000 5
Alvah Hall Endowed Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA)-3M Pharmaceuticals Partner For A Healthy Community Scho Varies Varies
American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA)-McNeil Mortar & Pestle Dean’s Award 2000 Varies
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Student Leadership Scholarship Varies 1
Amy Jaeger Scholarship in Pharmacy Varies Varies
Amy McElroy Rutherford Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Andrea Kay Pavlich Memorial Scholarship Award Varies Varies
Andrew I. Bartilucci Scholarship Varies 1
Anita & Larry Jones Scholarship in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Annual Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Anthony J. Monte-Bovi Scholarship Varies 1
APha Auxilliary-APhA Foundation Pharmacy Student Scholarship 1000 1
APHA-ASP Mortar & Pestle Professionalism Award 2000 Varies
Ara G. & Shirley Paul Scholarship Varies Varies
Arbor Drug Pharmacy Award 500 Varies
Area VII Physicians Review Organization Scholarships 1000 5
Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Varies Varies
Arthur B. Hall & Anna Mae Hall Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Arthur C. Williamson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Arthur W. & Edna W. Jensen Scholarship Varies Varies
Asereth Medical Services Scholarship Varies Varies
ASHP Student Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Asian Chemist Scholarship Varies Varies
Austin Area Society of Health-System Pharmacists Scholarship (non-traditional) 1000 1
Austin Area Society of Health-System Pharmacists Scholarship (undergraduate) 1000 1
Auxiliary of the Pharmacists’ Society of the State of New York Scholarship Varies 1
Aventis Scholarship Varies 1
B.P. Bogan Memorial Award 150 1
B.S.P.S. Outstanding Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Barbara & Richard Wells Scholarship Varies Varies
Ben M. Cooper Memorial Award 300 1
Benson G. Leichhardt Pre-Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Bernard Applefield Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Bernard Thomas Downs Pharmacy Scholarship 1000 Varies
Betty J. Teeter Scholarship 1000 1
Bill & Betty Klein Scholarship Varies Varies
Biological Sciences Award 5000 Varies
Biotechnology Education Scholarship 1000 Varies
Bobby Thilsted Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Brauti Family Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Brevard County Pharmacy Association Scholarship 600 Varies
Brooks Maxi Drugs Scholarship Varies Varies
Broward County Pharmacy Association Jerry Elaine Klimetz Scholarship 500 Varies
Brown-Mumma Pharmacy Scholarship for Women Varies Varies
Bruce Kay Memorial Scholarship of Merit Varies 1
Bruce Mouton Endowed Scholarship 1000 Varies
Bruce R. Parks, Jr., Memorial Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Brudy Memorial Excellence in Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Burroughs Wellcome Company Scholarship 500 Varies
Burroughs Wellcome Pharmacy Education Scholarship Varies Varies
C. Milton O’Keefe Scholarship in Pharmacy Varies Varies
C.R. Walgreen’s Scholarship 2000 Varies
Calcasieu Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Candy & Edward Bubar Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Cardinal Health Scholarship 5000 Varies
Careers in Compounding Scholarship Varies 1
Carl & Joyce Lyons Scholarship Varies 1
Carol & Dean McCann Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Central Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists Scholarship 1000 1
Charles & Valerie Brahms Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Charles C. Rabe ’39 Humanitarian Scholarship 3000 1
Charles E. Greger Memorial Award 50 1
Charles J. Banks ’58-’60 Scholarship 1000 1
Charles J. Malecek Pharmacy Scholarship 400 1
Charles R. ’14 & Viola Davis Scholarship 2500 1
Charles Schifman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Chautauqua County Pharmacy Scholarship Varies 1
Chester Redecki Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Chilton Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Class Reunion Scholarship 1000 3
Claude Hendricks Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Cleveland County Pharmacists Association Scholarship Varies 1
Clifford L. Allred ’53 Memorial Scholarship 3000 1
Clyde Stanton Maxcy Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Clyde W. Davis Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Pharmacy Centennial Student Scholarship Varies 1
College of Pharmacy Graduate & Undergraduate Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
College of Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Pharmacy Scholarships Varies Varies
College of Pharmacy Scholarships 2000 Varies
Colonel Garth H. Holmes Scholarship Varies 1
Comer Family Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Community Foundation of Gaston County-Bryan Bailey Pigg Memorial 1000 Varies
Community Practice Scholarship 2250 1
Conzemius Scholarship 500 Varies
Council of Ohio Colleges of Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Creighton ‘Pride in Pharmacy’ Scholarship Varies Varies
Cummings Scholarship 500 Varies
Cunningham-Thayer Chemistry Scholarship 2500 Varies
Curtis & Isabella Holt Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
CVS Charitable Trust Incorporated Scholarship Varies Varies
CVS Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
CVS Pharmacy Award Scholarship Varies 5
CVS Pharmacy Practice Minority Scholarship 1000 2
CVS Pharmacy Practice Scholarships 1000 3
CVS Pharmacy Scholarship Varies 1
CVS Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
CVS Scholarship Varies Varies
CVS Scholarships 500 3
CVS-Pharmacy Scholarship 2000 Varies
CVS-Pharmacy Scholarships Varies Varies
D.W. Ramsaur Distinguished Scholar Award Fund 1000 Varies
Dale M. Curry Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dana S. Fitzsimmons Pharmacy Scholarship & Cultural Award Varies Varies
Daniel P.N. Tsao Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Darguzis Family Scholarship 750 1
David & Fay Feldman Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
David Eldon Wohler Scholarship Fund Varies 1
David R. DeFanti Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Davol Company Pharmacy Scholarship Varies 1
Dawn Allen Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean Baker Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean Bess Emch Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean Charles Larwood Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean Joseph Judis Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean Norman F. Billups Pharmacy Scholarships Varies Varies
Dean Robert J. Schlembach Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean Scholarships 5500 150
Dean William McKendrie Reed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean’s Outstanding PharmD Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Deans Pharmacy Scholarship 12000 Varies
Deborah M. Cooley Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dennis & Patricia Worthern APhA-ASP Presidential Scholarship 1000 1
Desantis Scholarship Fund Varies 2
Dick Kuchinsky Scholarship 200 Varies
Discount Drug Mart Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Distinguished Alumni Scholarships 1000 3
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Students Scholarships Varies Varies
Donald R. ’71 & Sharen Rickert Leadership Scholarship 250 1
Donald R. Lloyd ’58 Memorial Scholarship 750 1
Donna & Chi Cheng Scholarship Varies Varies
Dorman Hyde Memorial Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dorothy C. Evans Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. & Madame H. K’ung Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. & Mrs. John F. Connolly Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. & Mrs. William A. Jarrett Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Ann Langley Czerwinski Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Anthony & Carolyn Geraci Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. B. F. & Kathleen Otto Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Deborah G. Haynes & Dr. R. Larry Beamer Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Herb Carlin Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Lester G. Bruns ’55-’57 Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Dr. Robert & Janice Goettsch Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Tingfu & Mrs. Nadline F. Tsiang Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. William P. Mies Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Young Soo Choi Scholarship in Pharmacy Varies 1
Druggists Mutual Scholarship 500 1
Dubow Scholarship Fund 3800 5
E. Blanche Sommers Scholarship in Pharmaceutical 1000 1
E. I. & J. Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Earl & Alice McCaslin Scholarship Varies Varies
Earl O. Bean Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary Pharmacy Scholarship Varies 1
Eckerd Corporation Foundation Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Eckerd Drug Scholars Award 2000 2
Eckerd Pharmacy Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Edith Pritchard Pharmacology Award Varies Varies
Edward M. Lee Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward S. Brady Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Edwin A. Krummenacher Scholarship 250 1
Edwin F. Allgaier, Jr. ’53 Scholarship 500 1
El Paso Society of Health-System Pharmacists Scholarships 1000 1
Elaine O. Mann Endowed Scholarship in Liberal Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Eleanor Loscalzo Pharmacy Scholarship Varies 1
Elizabeth Eaton Scholarship 1500 Varies
Elizabeth Green-Wize (Alumna) Pharmacy Scholarship 500 Varies
Elma & Lawrence Schwafel Scholarships Varies Varies
Elsberry Pharmacy Scholarship 1000 1
Emil P. Martini, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Ernest Kyle Memorial Award 150 1
Erwin K. Kastrup ’34 Scholarship 2000 1
Eugene G. Coombs Scholarship Varies Varies
Facts & Comparisons Scholarship Varies 1
Faculty Recognition Award Varies Varies
Faculty-Memorial Scholarships (FMS) 2000 50
Far Southern Illinois Pharmacists Association Scholarship 250 1
Federico A. Vilallonga Memorial Award 50 Varies
First Coast Award 500 Varies
Florence Champlin Hamilton Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Fogleman Scholarship 2500 1
FPA 1-800 PETMEDS Scholarship 500 Varies
FPA Akerman Senterfitt Pharmacy Law Scholarship 500 Varies
FPA Harris & Hamilton Family Scholarship Award 2500 Varies
FPA James B. & Patsey J. Powers Scholarship 500 Varies
FPA Juanita L. Haines Charitable Foundation Scholarship 1500 Varies
FPA Volusia-Flagler County Pharmacy Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
FPA Walgreens Scholarship 1500 Varies
Francene Trainor Memorial Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Frances G. McDonald Scholarship Varies Varies
Frances T. & Charles Holub Memorial Award 1000 Varies
Francis M. Schuler Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Francois “Bo” & Elsie Studer Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank L. ’34-’35 & Virginia M. Mercer Scholarship 1500 1
Frank L. Savage Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank O. Taylor Pharmacy Graduate Scholarship 1000 Varies
Frank O. Taylor Pharmacy Undergraduate Scholarship 1000 Varies
Frank P. Cosgrove Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Franklin G. Riemeier Scholarship 500 1
Fred Meek Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Fred Tonnies ’68-’90 Delta Sigma Theta Alumni Scholarship 1000 2
Fred Tonnies ’68/’90 Scholarship 750 1
Fred W. Arnold Pharmacy Scholarship 500 Varies
Fredric E. Schwamb Scholarship Varies 1
Fredrick J. Hillman Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Galen Order-Medicinal Chemistry-Sam Nobles Award Varies Varies
Gene Lake Scholarship Fund 1000 1
General Scholarships 1000 4
George E. Kirk, Jr. Scholarship Varies 1
George Haynes Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
George Hori Family Scholarships Varies Varies
George Xezonatos Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Gertrude & Herman ’28 Weintrub Scholarship 500 1
Gertrude I. & Henry Nelson Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Gilbert & Janiece Siegel Scholarship-Leadership Award Varies Varies
Gladys N. Longo Scholarship in Pharmacy Varies 1
Glaxo Wellcome Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Award 500 Varies
Glenda Lawson McRee Scholarship 1000 1
Glenn C. Brown Dental Hygiene Scholarship Varies 1
GNP-ICP Scholarships Varies Varies
Gondringer Scholarship Varies Varies
Gordon H. Sheffield Scholarship 500 3
Gordon R. Klodt Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Grace S. & N.V. “Cy” Doty Scholarship in Pharmacy Varies Varies
Graduate & Professional Scholarship Program 5000 Varies
Grant Munro Scholarship Trust Varies Varies
Gulf Coast Society of Health-System Pharmacists Scholarship 1000 1
Guy Curtis Waid Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
H. Clyde Redinger ’33 Scholarship 250 1
Hannaford Brothers Company Scholarship Varies 1
Harold F. Salsbery Scholarship Varies Varies
Harold Miller Scholarships Varies Varies
Harold Seymour Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Harper Wildern Memorial Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Harriet A.F. Claflin Scholarship Varies Varies
Harriet Naomi Easley Cox Memorial Scholarship in Pharmacy Varies Varies
Harry F. Buchenau ’47 Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Hartman-Johnson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Harvey ’52 & Ileane Mizes Scholarship 2000 1
Health Careers Scholarship Program 1000 Varies
Health Professional Scholarships Varies Varies
Healthcare Careers Scholarships 1000 10
Heber W. Youngken Jr. Scholarship Varies 1
Heckert Research & Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Helen L. & Phillip Kraft Scholarship 3500 1
Henry & Ruth Gray Scholarship Varies Varies
Henry Cade Scholarship 2000 1
Henry D. & Ida Mosier Scholar Program 2500 3
Henry D. & Ida Mosier Senior Scholar Award 2500 1
Henry Minor Faser Scholarship Varies Varies
Herb & Patricia Kett Scholarship 500 1
High Proficiency Scholarship 2500 Varies
High School Scholarships-Medical Related Field 1000 Varies
Honor Society Scholarship Varies Varies
Houston Health Scholarship Varies Varies
Howard Runyan Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Hulda W. & Herman W. Reuter Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Hutton Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Hyman Fradin Scholarship Varies 1
Illinois Council of Health-Systems Pharmacists Scholarship 500 1
Ilse O. Buckner Scholarship 500 1
Indian Health Service Health Professions Scholarship Varies Varies
Indo-American Pharmaceutical Society Scholarship I Varies 1
Indo-American Pharmaceutical Society Scholarship II Varies 1
Institute for Pharmacy Entrepreneurs Scholarship Varies Varies
Iowa Pharmacists Association Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship 500 1
Iowa Pharmacy Foundation Scholarship 500 Varies
IPhA Foundation Leadership Scholarship 500 1
Isadore D. Class ’29 Scholarship 250 1
ISO Intercultural Understanding Scholarship 500 1
J.B. Wilson Pre-Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
J.C. Rheba Cobb Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
J.H. Owen Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
J.M. Long Foundation Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
J.M. Long Scholarship Varies Varies
Jack & Betty Jones Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Jack Kutnick (Alumni) Pharmacy Scholarship 100 Varies
Jack Logan Converse Pharmacy Scholarships Varies Varies
Jack R. Dunn Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
James A. Bennett Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
James A. Rice Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
James F. Dedera ’65 Scholarship 500 1
James H. Martin Jr. Memorial Scholarship 500 1
James O. Hogue Scholarship Varies Varies
Jana & Jordan Cohen Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Jane A. Ghiglieri Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jeanette Low Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Jeryl L. Stearns-Pharmacy Innovations Scholarship Varies Varies
JM Long Foundation Scholarship Varies 1
Joel Hoffman Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
John A. Marik Scholarship 1000 1
John B. Bruce Scholarship in Pharmaceutical 1000 1
John B. Kanarr Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
John G. & Barbara McCune Scholarship in Liberal Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
John Helfman Endowed Pharmacy Scholarship 2500 Varies
John J. Grotpeter Performing Arts Scholarship 2000 1
John Stanley Thor Memorial Award 500 1
John Stauffer Dean Scholarship Varies Varies
Johnson-Condon Families Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Jolaine Reirson & Paul T. Draugalis Scholarship Varies Varies
Jordan Scholarship Varies Varies
Jose & Wilma Aponte Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph & Margaret Manion Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph A. Ernst ’34 Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Joseph F. & Josephine D. Navach Scholarship Varies 1
Joseph W. Carlson Scholarship Varies Varies
Josephine A. Stabler Scholarship Varies Varies
Ju Nan Wu Scholarship Varies Varies
Juanita Schreiner Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Judith Marie Bernat Scholarship Varies 1
K-Mart Pharmacy Endowed Scholarship for Excellence in Community Pharmacy Varies Varies
K-Mart Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
K-Mart Scholarship 1000 1
Kappa Epsilon-AFPE-Nellie Wakeman Fellowship 7500 Varies
Kappa Epsilon-Pfizer-AFPE-Nellie Wakeman First Year Graduate School Scholarship 7500 1
Kappa Psi Award Varies Varies
Katherine Rountree Christian Scholarships Varies Varies
Kay & John Morse Scholarship in Liberal Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Kazarian Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Kenneth F. Finger Fellowship Fund 200 Varies
Kenneth Nyberg ’50 Independent Pharmacy Scholarship 500 1
Kevin J. Zecco Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Korean American Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship Varies 1
Kroger Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Lane Alan Broyles Scholarship Varies 1
Larry Forderer Memorial Award Varies Varies
Latarsha Mexwell Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Laurence P. ’37 & Arthur J. ’40 Zimmer Scholarship 500 1
Leadership Scholarships 500 4
Leadership Society Scholarship Varies Varies
Leonard & Madeline Powers Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Leonard R. Worthen Scholarship in Pharmacy Varies 1
Lester R. Martin Memorial & Robert J. Martin, Sr. Memorial Scholarship by Potomac Valley Pharmacy, Inc. 500 Varies
Lillian Ramsey Memorial UW Pharmacy School Scholarship Grant 975 Varies
Linda Rodgers Memorial Award 200 Varies
Lindenwood Drug Scholarship 3000 2
Lionel R. Savaria Scholarship Varies 1
Lois Vars Scholarship Varies 1
Long Island Pharmacist Society, Inc. Scholarship Varies 1
Long Island Society of Hospital Pharmacists Scholarship Varies 1
Longs Drug Scholarships Varies Varies
Longs Drugs Stores Scholarships Varies Varies
Louis C. Zopf Memorial Award 500 2
Louis E. Feinerman Scholarship Varies Varies
Lowell Depp Eubank-Dorothy Crews Eubank Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Loyd & Maurine Harris Scholarship in Pharmaceutical Science 1000 1
Lubbock Area Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship 100 1
Lucille H. Kingsbury Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Luke Coniglio & James Giesler Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Lydia Foote Service Award 200 Varies
M. Douglas & Barbara Ford Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Mack A. Gasaway Jr. ’31 Scholarship 500 1
Macomb County Pharmacists Association (MCPA) Pharmacy Scholarship 500 Varies
Mahmoud Elsohly Family Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Marcella Roll Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Marcelle DeHail Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Marcia Hampton Bonwell Liberal Arts Scholarship 1000 1
Margaret & John Biles Scholarship Varies Varies
Marion A. & Al Bott Memorial Scholarship 250 1
Marjorie McMahon Scholarship Varies Varies
Mark Tamble Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Martin-Bissel-Neuman Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary & Robert Hahn Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary C. Tafuri Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Mary Frances & Mario Jimenez Scholarship Varies Varies
McCaskill Family Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
McKee-Sinele Family Scholarship Varies Varies
McKesson Foundation Scholarship 2500 1
McKesson Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
McKesson Scholarship 500 1
MedExec International Scholarships Varies Varies
Medical Arts Club Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Medical Scholarship 4000 Varies
Medicine Shoppe International Scholarships 1000 3
Meijer Endowed Pharmacy Scholarship 750 Varies
Meijer Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Meijer Pre-Senior Scholarship 1000 Varies
Melinda Curley Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Melissa Arbogast Scholarship 100 1
Memorial Healthcare System Scholarship 2000 Varies
Metro-East Pharmacists Association Scholarship 500 3
Michael D. Corey Chemistry Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael Edward Araki-Kawaguchi Scholarship Varies 1
Michael T. & Robyn K. Prime Scholarships Varies Varies
Michelle Schlaefer Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Michigan Drug Travelers Pharmacy Scholarship 1000 Varies
Michigan Society of Hospital Pharmacists (MSHP) Award 100 Varies
Milton & Gladys Meisner Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Minority Student Gateway to Research Scholarship 5000 1
Minority Student Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Program 6000 2
Minot Moose Lodge Scholarship Varies Varies
Missouri Pharmacy Foundation Scholarship 500 1
Monica Hughes Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Monteen Johnson Gold Merit Award 200 Varies
Morris & Ann Beth Fischer Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Morris Glaser ’24 Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Muller-Schreckengast Extracurricular Activity Scholarship 500 1
Muriel C. Vincent Scholarship in Pharmacy Varies Varies
MWU Community Service Scholarship 5000 3
MWU Need-Based Scholarship Program 3500 500
NACDS Foundation Scholarship 750 1
NACDS Scholarship Varies 1
NACDS Scholarship Varies Varies
Naomi B. & Donald C. Merrell Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Nathan Radar ’24 Scholarship 1000 1
National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) John Enokian Pharmacy Scholarship 1000 Varies
National Association of Chain Drug Stores Scholarship 1250 1
National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Inc. Scholarship Varies Varies
National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Foundation Presidential Scholarship 2000 Varies
National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Student Achievement Award 200 Varies
National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Student Achievement Scholarship Varies 1
National Pharmacists Association Scholarship 500 1
NCAP Scholarship 1000 Varies
NCPA Scholarships Varies Varies
NCPA-Calvin J. Anthony Scholarship Varies 1
Neal Atlee Broyles Jr. Scholarship Varies 1
Nebraska Pharmacists Association Cora Mae Briggs Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Nebraska Pharmacists Association Rex Higley Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Nicholas & Mary Trivillian Memorial Scholarship Fund 1000 24
Norberta Wachter Schoene Scholarship Varies Varies
Norman A. & Mary Campbell Scholarship Varies 1
North Central Florida Society of Health-System Pharmacists Award 300 Varies
Northern Ohio Academy of Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Novartis Scholarship Varies Varies
O’Deane Faris Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Oakland County Pharmacists Association 500 Varies
Oklahoma Pharmacists Association Auxilliary Scholarship 500 1
Oklahoma Pharmacists Association District 1 Scholarship 500 1
Oklahoma Pharmacists Association District 5 Scholarship 500 1
Oklahoma Society of Hospital Pharmacists Scholarship 1000 1
Olive Baker Nease Scholarship Varies Varies
Oliver-Dunning-Hulsey Scholarship 1500 1
Olizene Terrell Scholarship Varies Varies
Olson-Buttery Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Oscar Araujo Scholarship Varies Varies
Osco Drug, Inc. Scholarship 1000 2
Outstanding Achievement Scholarships 1000 4
Outstanding Research by a Graduating Toxicology Major Scholarship Varies 1
Outstanding Service Scholarship Varies Varies
Ozarks Association of Pharmaceutical Scholarship Varies 1
Palm Beach County Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship 500 Varies
Pamela Ting Endowed Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Past Presidents Idaho State Pharmacy Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul ’32 & Edythe Blumenthal Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Paul A. Pumpian Student Scholarship 1000 1
Paul C. & Nettie Deutch (Alumni) Endowed Pharmacy Scholarship 1000 Varies
Paul Davis Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Pearl Tsai, Alfred Tsai & David Choy Scholarship Varies Varies
Pei-sen Yao Endowed Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Perez Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Perigo Pharmacy Award of Excellence in Nonprescription Medications Studies 200 Varies
Perrigo Award for Excellence in Non-Prescription Medication Studies 200 Varies
Perry A. Foote Award 250 Varies
Peter & Virginia Giddings Scholarship Varies Varies
Pfizer U.S. Pharmaceuticals Outstanding Leader Scholarship Varies 1
Pharmacists Mutual Book Scholarship Varies 1
Pharmacists Mutual Companies Book Award Varies Varies
Pharmacists Mutual Companies Scholarship Award 1000 Varies
Pharmacists Mutual Pharmacy Scholarship 1000 Varies
Pharmacists Mutual Scholarship 1000 1
Pharmacists Mutual Scholarship 10000 1
Pharmacists Mutual Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacists Mutual Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacists Mutual Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacology Award Endowment Varies Varies
Pharmacy Alumni Association Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Pharmacy Chancellor Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacy College Scholarships Varies Varies
Pharmacy Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Pharmacy Partnership Board Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacy Phar-Mor Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacy Scholarships Varies Varies
Pharmacy Technology Scholarship 1000 1
Pharmacy-Foreman Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacy-Max Lemberger Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Pharmacy-Paul & Ellen Magalian Scholarship Varies Varies
Pharmacy-Tischenkel Scholarship Senior Award Varies Varies
Pharmacy-William D. Hardigan Scholarship Varies Varies
Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Award 100 Varies
Phi Lambda Sigma-GlaxoSmithKline-AFPE First Year Graduate School Scholarship 7500 1
Phil & Fern Ashby Scholarship 1000 3
Phyllis B. Ginsburg Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Physical Science Scholarships 7000 75
Physician Assistant Academic Excellence Scholarship Varies 1
Plough Pharmacy Scholarships Varies Varies
Polk County Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship 500 2
Pre-Doctoral Research Training Fellowships 20000 Varies
Pre-Pharmacy Freshman Scholarships 1500 Varies
Presidential Pharmacy Scholarships 22000 4
Presidential Scholarship 8000 60
Presidential Scholarship 2000 15
Private Postsecondary Education Student Financial Assistance Program (PFAP) 1500 Varies
Professional Development Scholarships 1000 2
Professional Scholarship Varies Varies
Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) Varies Varies
Pullen-Grey Pharmacy Scholarships Varies Varies
Ralph Bienfang Memorial 1000 1
Ralph DePalma, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Ralph E. & Betty Smith Scholarship Varies 1
Ralph Enix Scholarship Varies 1
Ralph Fridge Cameron, Sr., Memorial Scholarship in Pharmacy Varies Varies
Ralph Martorana Scholarship Varies 1
Ralph Morris Converse Pharmacy Scholarships Varies Varies
Ralphs Scholarships Varies Varies
Rasmussen Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Raymond J. Godefroid ’72 Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Raymond W. Cannon Memorial Scholarship 5000 Varies
Regent Drugs Scholarship Varies Varies
Regents Professional Opportunity Scholarship 5000 100
Reunion Alumni Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Rho Chi Society Research Scholarship Varies 1
Rho Chi, Schering Plough, AFPE First-Year Graduate Scholarship 7500 Varies
Rho Chi-Schering Plough-AFPE First Year Graduate School Scholarship 7500 1
Rhode Island Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship I 300 1
Rhode Island Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship II Varies 1
Richard & Barbara Wells Scholarship Varies Varies
Rite Aid Corporation Scholarship Varies Varies
Rite Aid Pharmacy Inc.- Pharmacy Scholarship 1000 Varies
Rite Aid Pharmacy Inc.-Pharmacy Intern Scholarship 1000 Varies
Rite Aid Scholarship 1000 Varies
Rite Aid Scholarships Varies Varies
Rite-Aid Scholarship Varies 3
Robert C. Johnson (Alumni) Pharmacy Scholarship 1000 Varies
Robert E. & Susan R. Brennan Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Robert G. Leonard Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Robert Hunstock High Proficiency Scholarship 500 1
Robert J. Schlembach Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert L. & W.H. “Bill” Dixon Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Robert Rembisz (Alumni) Endowed Memorial Pharmacy Scholarship 500 Varies
Robert Schmaeff Scholarships Varies Varies
Robert T. Ghattas Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert T. Shmaeff Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert W. Cleary Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Roche Pharmacy Communication Scholarship Varies 1
Roscoe Pinkett-Mt. Pleasant Baptist Varies Varies
Rose & Sam Presser Endowed Scholarships Varies Varies
Rose Marie Reuss Thomson Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy C. Scott Cultural Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy R. & Linda Sumida Scholarship Varies 1
Roy Sanford Scholarship 1000 1
Russ & Carol Blaser Memorial Scholarship 1500 Varies
RX Systems, Inc. Scholarship 1000 1
S. David Nunley Scholarship Varies Varies
Samuel H. Kalman Student Scholarship 1000 1
San Gabriel Valley Society of Health-System Pharmacists Scholarships Varies Varies
Sarah Stier Memorial Pharmacy Scholarship 500 Varies
Satuski Nakao Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Schering Pharmacy Scholarship 500 Varies
Schering-Plough Scholarship Varies 1
Scholarship 4000 Varies
Scholarship Varies 300
Scholarship Program 1000 10
Scholarship Program 4300 100
Scholarship Program 1750 2
Scholarships 8000 11
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships 1625 15
Scholarships 2500 12
Scholarships 500 Varies
Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students Varies Varies
Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students Varies Varies
Sebastian C. Pirruccello Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Seymour A. Lubman Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Seymour M. Blaug Memorial Award 100 1
Shands Hospital Board of Directors Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Shauna Rae & Charles M. Weatherby Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Shirley J. Loeb ’54-Bess Weinhaus Memorial Scholarship 500 1
ShopKo Stores, Inc. Scholarship 1000 1
Sidney Barthwell (Alumni) Endowed Pharmacy Scholarship 1000 Varies
Sidney Cohn Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Sidney K. Armstrong Scholarship in Pharmacy Varies Varies
Sidney L. & Hetty H. Sly Scholarship Varies 1
Sidney Stohs Scholarship Varies Varies
Sonoma County Medical Association & Alliance-Health Careers Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Southeastern Massachusetts Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship Varies 1
Southeastern Michigan Society of Hospital Pharmacists (SMSHP) Scholarship 500 Varies
Stanley M. Reinhaus Family Foundation Scholarship 1500 1
Stephen D. Burdge ’77 Scholarships 2000 Varies
Stephen J. Clement ’74 National Community Pharmacists Association Scholarship 1000 1
Stop & Shop Company Scholarship Varies 1
Student Council Leadership Scholarship 1000 2
Study in Rome, Italy Scholarship 2500 Varies
Substance Abuse Student Educator Pharmacy Award 200 Varies
Super X Scholarship 500 1
Sylvan L. Kuhn Scholarships Varies Varies
Ta-lin & Han-lee Scholarship Varies Varies
Target Pharmacy Scholarship 2000 Varies
Teeters-Wahl Scholarship 500 Varies
Terrice C. Escott Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Teva Company Student Award 250 Varies
TEVA Scholarship Varies 1
Thomas D. Hill Award 3000 1
Toledo Academy of Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Toxicologist Scholarship 100 1
Toxicology Leadership Scholarship Varies 1
Tracy Patterson Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Trustee Pharmacy Scholarship 19000 8
Trustee Scholarships 10000 60
Undergraduate Russian Chemistry Scholarship Varies Varies
URI Class of 1926 Scholarship in Pharmacy Varies 1
V. Jean Brown Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Valerie & Elsin Goo Scholarship Varies Varies
Valerie Calkin Griffith Scholarship Honoring Claude & Hazel Calkin Varies Varies
Vermont Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship 1000 2
Vernon E. & Hildreth A. Barnes Scholarship 1500 1
Vicksburg Hospital Medical Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Victor Micolucci Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Vincent O’Mara Memorial Scholarships Varies Varies
Vincenzo J. Mantio Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Virginia A. Reuter ’43 Memorial Scholarship 750 1
W.B. & W.H. Carte Scholarship Varies 1
W.C. Hastings Family Scholarship Varies 3
W.E. Dykes Scholarship 1000 Varies
Wal-Mart Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Wal-Mart Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Wal-Mart Scholarship 1000 1
Wal-Mart Scholarship Varies 1
Wal-Mart Scholarship Varies Varies
Wal-Mart Scholarship 1000 Varies
Wal-Mart Scholarship 1000 1
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Scholarship 1000 Varies
Walgreen’s Scholarship Varies 1
Walgreens Company Scholarship Varies Varies
Walgreens Pharmacy Award Scholarship Varies 1
Walter B. Thompson Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Walter Cathey Scholarships Varies Varies
Walter J. Lewitt Scholarship Varies Varies
Wayne County Pharmacists Association (WCPA) Scholarship 500 Varies
Wayne State University Pharmacy Alumni Association Scholarship 500 Varies
Wesley McCarty Scholarship Varies Varies
Westchester Society of Health-System Pharmacists Scholarship Varies 1
Westlake-Lindhorst Scholarship 250 1
Wilbert K. Baumgarth Family Scholarship 1000 1
Wilbur J. Teeters Scholarship 450 1
Wildern Family Pharmacy Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Willard B. Simmons Sr. Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
William & Dyreese Sweeney Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
William C. Dollar Scholarship Varies Varies
William C. Fielder Scholarship Varies Varies
William E. Farlow Fellowship Endowment Varies Varies
William E. McIntosh, Sr. Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
William G. ’65 & Brenda K. Thien Scholarship 500 1
William G. Peckham Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
William G. Thien ’65 Pharmacy Student Scholarship 2500 1
William H. Bachmann ’31 Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
William H. Berry Scholarship Varies Varies
William J. Funn, Medical, Dental, & Pharmaceutical Association & The Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship 500 2
William John & Joseph E. Golini Scholarship in Pharmacy Varies Varies
William Merle Morris Scholarship Varies Varies
William S. & Audrey C. Cockrell Memorial Scholarship 500 1
William T. & Jackie C. Reid Scholarship in Pharmacy Fund 2000 Varies
William W. & Ella P. Stewart Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Wilma Chamberlain Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Women in Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Wuller Family Scholarship 500 1
Wyeth Scholarship 5000 Varies
Yachbes Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Yeh, Tsui, & Kunkel Scholarship Varies Varies
Young Alumna Scholarship 1000 1
Yvonne & Leo Hammerschmitt Scholarships Varies Varies
Zachary M. Willis Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Zada Cooper Scholarships 500 Varies


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