Richland Scholarships

ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships
Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Walter & Alice Scherer Scholarship Varies Varies
Valedictorian Scholarship Varies Varies
Transportation Club of Decatur Scholarship 500 1
TNLA Education & Research Foundation Awards 2000 Varies
Tate & Lyle Scholarship Varies Varies
Senator Penny Severns Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Richland Community College Trustees Scholarship Varies Varies
Restaurant Association Book Scholarship 200 Varies
Periman Scholarship for Accounting Varies 1
P.E.O. Roundtable Scholarship 250 1
National City Bank Scholarship Varies 1
Masonic Temple Macon Lodge #8 Scholarship-Harry L. Kline Fund 500 1
Mary Camp Memorial Book Scholarship 200 Varies
Mark Ingram Memorial Scholarship for Art Varies 1
Marianna Eichenauer Scholarship 500 1
Livasy Family Scholarship Varies Varies
John & Lena Klarner Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
James Millikin Estate Tuition Scholarship 1250 20
James Millikin Estate Health Science Degrees Book Scholarship 1000 10
James Millikin Estate Book Scholarship 500 30
Jacqueline Scott Severns Nursing Scholarship 1000 Varies
Howard E. & Helen R. Brown Scholarship 500 2
Honors Program Tuition Waiver Varies Varies
Helphinstine Family Scholarship Varies Varies
George & Lillian Walden Scholarship 1000 Varies
Futures Unlimited Scholarship Varies Varies
First Presbyterian Book Scholarship 250 Varies
Firefighters Local 505 Scholarship 250 1
Employee Book Scholarship 200 Varies
Dr. Joseph & Martha Schrodt Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Hal Grondlund Book Fund Scholarship 200 Varies
Decatur Earthmover Credit Union Scholarship Varies Varies
Darrell & Ursula Beck Scholarship Varies 1
Danny Gandy Memorial Scholarship 200 Varies
Dan Mash Memorial Scholarship 250 1
Curtis & Patricia Sears Scholarship Varies Varies
College Book Stores of America Scholarship 200 5
Chuck & Mary Jo Novak Scholarship Varies 1
Caterpillar Scholarship Varies Varies
Cancer Federation Scholarship Varies Varies
Brian Johnson Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Brenda Kay Garrett Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Brandon Scholarship 500 1
Boys & Girls Club Scholarship Varies 1
Bernie Flock Memorial Scholarship 150 1
ATHENA Scholarship Varies 1
Association of Facilities Engineers Scholarship 1000 3
Associate in Applied Science Scholarships Varies 4
Alumni Scholarship 1000 Varies
Albert M. Andreas Horticulture Scholarship Varies Varies
Al & Anne Swartz Scholarship Varies Varies


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