Rust Scholarships

ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships
Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Youth Empowerment Scholarship 4000 Varies
Wyeth Scholarship 5000 Varies
Winn Dixie Scholarship 200 Varies
Willie Erst Elliott Memorial Scholarship Fund 200 Varies
William Randolph Hearst Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
William Lux Scholarship 500 Varies
Wenco Scholarship Varies Varies
United Way of Westchester & Putnam, Inc.-UNCF Emergency Assistance Fund 5000 Varies
United Methodist Minister's Tuition Grant (major) Varies Varies
United Methodist Minister's Tuition Grant (employment) Varies Varies
Time Warner Scholars Program 2500 Varies
Smith W. Allen Ministerial Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
Sibling Discount 200 Varies
Scarborough-Williams Fellowship Circle Scholarship Fund 200 Varies
Safe Passage Foundation Educational & Scholarship Fund 4000 Varies
Ruth D. Cummings Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ruby Hamilton Puryear Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
RR Donnelley Scholarship-Internship 10000 Varies
Rosa Rogers Stewart Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Richard & Minnie Nero Memorial Scholarship 450 Varies
Reverend Joyce Graham Dozier Endowed Scholarship 6100 Varies
Rainford A. & Ruth M. Brown Award 500 3
Presidential Scholarship 3000 Varies
PECO Engergy-UNCF Scholarship 3300 Varies
O.P. Lowe Scholarship Varies 2
Northrup Grumman Diversity Scholarship (minority) Varies Varies
Northrop Grumman Diversity Scholarship (female) Varies Varies
Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr. Memorial Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Nettie Bailey Ferguson Baber Scholarship 100 Varies
Morris Marion Scholarship 100 Varies
Mellon Undergraduate Fellowship Program 3000 Varies
Mary Talford Scholarship Award 250 2
Marshall County Intuition Discount 2300 Varies
Leontyne Price Scholarship Fund 500 2
L.M. McCoy Fund 300 Varies
Katie E. Hall Scholarship 2000 Varies
Kansas City Initiative Scholarship 5000 Varies
John W. Mosley Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Joe McGee Memorial Scholarship Fund 400 Varies
Janet Jackson-Rhythm Nation Scholarship 2000 Varies
James T. Heard Scholarship 500 Varies
James & Lydia McMillan Scholarship 250 Varies
J.W. Patillo & D.M. Ray Memorial Scholarship 350 Varies
Intel Scholars Program 5000 Varies
Hooker D. Davis Ministerial Endowed Scholarship Fund 100 Varies
Honor Track Scholarships Varies Varies
Hernando Central High School Alumni Scholarship 500 Varies
Hennepin Avenue Scholarship 500 3
H.M. Thompson & Allen Stewart Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Gilbane Scholarship Program (New Jersey) 5000 Varies
Georgianna Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund 700 Varies
Garland & Floy Holloman Scholarship Fund 500 2
Fred & Emma Daniels Scholarship 25 Varies
Eva S. Scott Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Eunice Walker Johnson Endowed Scholarship 5000 Varies
Ester Fry Memorial Scholarship 125 Varies
ESSENCE Scholars Program 10000 5
Employees & Dependents Tuition Discount Varies Varies
Elizabeth Nass Scholarship Fund 1200 Varies
Edgar & Robbie Rankin Scholarship 500 Varies
Earnest A. & Malverta Smith Scholarship Award 500 Varies
Dr. Ching-Lein Han Memorial Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
Dorothy Snyder Memorial Scholarship Fund 350 Varies
Donnie & Pam Simpson Scholarship 5000 Varies
Delvin L. Morgan Scholarship 400 Varies
Coleman-Thomas Scholarship 200 Varies
CME Ministers' Tuition Grant Varies Varies
Clara M. Evans Scholarship 450 Varies
Cisco-UNCF Scholars Program 4000 Varies
Charles & Mildred M Whitney Scholarship Varies Varies
Cecile (Murrel) Flippen Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Cargill Scholarship-Internship Program 5000 5
Booz Allen Hamilton-William F. Stasior Internship 10000 Varies
Best Buy Enterprise Scholarship 5000 Varies
Best Buy Enterprise Employee Scholarship Program 2500 Varies
Amanda Elzy Scholarship Fund 850 Varies
Algernon Sullivan Scholarship Award 200 Varies
Albert L. Gray Scholarship Fund 100 Varies
AFLAC (American Family Life Assurance Co.) Varies Varies
Academic Dean's Scholarships 2500 Varies


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