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Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
A.D. Albright Staff Congress Scholarship Varies Varies
ABAC Staff Forum Scholarship Varies Varies
Adams State College Classified Employees Scholarship 500 Varies
Administrative & Professional Staff Dependent Scholarship Varies Varies
Altavista Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Alumni Council Scholarship Varies Varies
American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 1736 1000 1
Anna Ferguson Cowles Special Education Scholarship (Employees) 440 1
Anne M. Ferguson Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Arrington Scholarships Varies Varies
ASBA Scholarship 500 5
Auburn University Employee Dependent Children Scholarship Varies Varies
Auxiliary Services Part-Time Scholarship 250 1
BHBC Staff Scholarship Varies Varies
Bishop Charles P. Greco Graduate Fellowships 1000 Varies
Blanche Raper Zimmerman Scholarship Varies Varies
California Faculty Association, Humboldt Chapter Scholarship 500 1
Career & Technical Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Career Advancement Program Tuition Waiver Program Varies Varies
Carrollton Elementary School Scholarship Varies Varies
Catholic Teacher Grant Varies Varies
CCSU Foundation-Dependent Children Scholarship 1000 Varies
Central Texas College Staff Scholarship Fund 500 1
Chairman’s Merit Award Varies Varies
Child of Faculty & Staff Scholarship Varies Varies
Christmas Affair’s Committee Scholarship 500 1
CIC Tuition Exchange Scholarship Varies Varies
Classified Employees Student Scholarship 550 Varies
Classified Personnel Dependent-Child Scholarship Varies Varies
Classified Senate Ohio University Employee Scholarship Varies Varies
Classified Staff Senate Annual Scholarship Varies Varies
Clerical & Service Staff Advisory Committee (CSSAC) Dependent Grant Program Varies Varies
Coca-Cola Scholarships 1000 Varies
College of Social Work Staff Scholarship Varies Varies
Connie B. Glaze Memorial Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Continuing Education Scholarships for Credentialed Classroom Teachers & Counselors 500 Varies
Continuing Education Scholarships for School Nurses 500 Varies
Counseling & School Administration (CSA) Scholarship Varies Varies
Critical Need Teaching Program Varies Varies
Critical Teacher Shortage Student Loan Forgiveness Program 5000 772
Critical Teacher Shortage Tuition Reimbursement Program 700 1400
CSEA-Chapter 31 Scholarship Varies Varies
Dave Sanders Memorial Scholarship (Teacher) Varies Varies
David Adamany Endowed Fund for Pathways to Teaching Program 1000 Varies
Denny Bond Library Para-professional Award 1000 Varies
Dependent Employee Scholarship (DES) 1650 Varies
Dependent Tuition Scholarship Varies Varies
Development Grants 2000 10
DiGiovanni Future Teacher Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Dining Services Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Charles R. & Jamie D. Lamb Scholarship Fund (graduate) Varies Varies
Dr. E.C. Leslie Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Ed L. West Scholarship Program 1000 3
DSC Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Educator Scholarship Program 5000 36
Elizabeth M. Forsyth Fund (A) Varies Varies
Elmer & Kathryn Martin & Angelo Patri Scholarship Varies 1
Employee Book Scholarship 200 Varies
Employee of Chowan College Grant Varies Varies
Employee Scholarship 500 Varies
Employee Tuition Scholarship Varies Varies
Employees & Dependents Tuition Discount Varies Varies
Eugertha Bates Memorial Award 500 1
Faculty & Staff Legacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Faculty & Staff Tuition Waiver Scholarship Varies Varies
Faculty Fellowships-Sabatical Varies Varies
Faculty Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Faculty Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Faculty Senate Scholarship Varies Varies
Faculty Wives’ Scholarships Varies Varies
Faculty Women Scholarship Varies Varies
Faculty-Staff Scholarship Varies Varies
Fischler Cup Academic Challenge Scholarships Varies Varies
FSU Dining Service Scholarship Varies Varies
Gaddy Educator Scholarship 1000 Varies
GED to Ph.D. Scholarship Program Varies Varies
George S. Lurcy Charitable & Educational Trust 11000 Varies
Georgia Tech Faculty Women’s Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Gladys Roddenberry Fellowships 3500 Varies
Graduate Teacher Scholarship (GTS) Varies Varies
GSC Dependents Scholarship Varies Varies
H. Kendall Teacher Scholars Scholarship Varies Varies
High School Internet Academic Series Varies Varies
Hilgos Award 1000 4
HOPE Promise II Scholarship Varies Varies
HOPE Teacher Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Illinois Educator’s Scholarship 1000 Varies
Incentive Scholarships Varies Varies
International Research Associate Program (B) Varies Varies
Iris J. Klinkenberg Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Irma C. Leche Scholarship Varies 1
ISU Women’s Club Scholarship (employee) Varies 3
James Millikin Estate-Para Professional Varies Varies
Jim & Arlene Lupher Scholarship Varies 1
John E. & Jacqueline H. Phillips Endowed Scholarship 600 1
Kalamazoo Rotary Scholarship 1000 1
Karen Beyard Scholarship Varies 1
Katherine Keene Scholarship 2800 Varies
Kay S. Liou-FAU Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Leymaster Scholarship (employee) Varies Varies
Lisa John Faculty Fellowship Varies Varies
Marjorie Bradshaw Memorial Scholarship 150 Varies
Matching Outside Scholarships 2500 Varies
Maytrice Walton Scholarship 500 Varies
MEA Federal Credit Union-L.B. Hickson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Mellon Faculty Doctoral Program Varies Varies
Mercy Values Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael Houston Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Mike & Beverly Bennett Scholarship Varies Varies
Mikkelson Education Fund Varies Varies
Mildred Starling Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Brown Memorial Scholarship 1200 Varies
MSU Family Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
NAESP Fellow Scholarship for EDL & DOL Varies Varies
National Scholastic Art Award Scholarships Varies 3
Never Forgotten Scholarship Fund (Employee) 5000 1
Occupational Therapist & Physical Therapist Loan Forgiveness Program 5000 10
Occupational Therapist & Physical Therapist Tuition Reimbursement Program 720 20
Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition Award 10000 Varies
Ohio State Family Scholarship 1000 Varies
Ola Belle Garber Cline Scholarship 1000 1
Padelford Education Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation 2000 Varies
Paraprofessional Teacher Preparation Grant Program Varies Varies
Patrick S. Bonds Memorial Scholarship (Teachers) 1000 Varies
Phillip Weckerle Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Presidential Scholarships 8500 Varies
Principal of the Year Scholarship 3000 Varies
Raylene Hosley McKarnin-Kay Hosley Education Fund (Employment) Varies Varies
Rea Silvia Borza Scholarship 1500 Varies
Recognition Scholarship 5000 Varies
Rosa Brink & Shirley Brink Holladay Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ross-Fahey Scholarships (Employees) Varies 2
Sam & Anne Booke Family Trust Scholarship 1500 Varies
Samuel S. & Jeanette Albiez Davis Work Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship Award Varies Varies
Scholarship Program 750 10
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships 1000 Varies
Scholarships (Music Majors) 500 2
Scholarships (Non-Majors) 500 4
School of Education Alumni Scholarship 500 1
School of the Art Institute of Chicago Scholarships Varies Varies
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Scholarships 10000 3
School of Visual Arts Grant Varies Varies
School of Visual Arts Scholarships 10000 2
SFCC Career Employees Council Scholarship Varies Varies
Shirley & Don Beggs Scholarship for Children of Physical Plant Employees Varies Varies
Silas H. Rhodes Scholarships Varies Varies
Staff Congress Scholarship Varies Varies
Staff Dependent Fee Remission Varies Varies
Staff Scholarship 3060 Varies
Staff Tuition Waiver Award Varies Varies
Staff-Faculty Dependent & Spouse Scholarship Varies Varies
Student Courtesy Tuition Benefit Scholarship Varies Varies
Student Employee of the Year Scholarship Varies 1
Student Scholarship Program 10000 26
Summer Session Scholarships for Credentialed Teachers & Counselors 500 Varies
Supervising & Resource Teachers Waivers (KRS 164.2845) Varies Varies
Support Staff Scholarship 2290 1
T.C. & Maudine Sanders Scholarship & Education Fund (Employee) 5000 Varies
Teacher Assistant Scholarship Fund (TASF) 3600 Varies
Teacher of the Year Scholarship 4000 Varies
Teacher Opportunity Program (TOP) Reimbursement Grant Varies Varies
Teacher Opportunity Program (TOP) Dual Certification Incentive Award Varies Varies
Teacher’s Program Varies Varies
Technology Scholarship Program for Alabama Teachers Varies Varies
Town-N-Gown Scholarship (employee) Varies Varies
Trustee Scholarships 8500 Varies
Tuition Exchange Program Scholarship 22000 Varies
Tuition Exchange Scholarship Varies Varies
Tuition Exchange Scholarships Varies Varies
Tuition Remission Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Vicki Willder Scholarship Fund (a) Varies Varies
Virginia Tech Employee’s Dependents & Spouses Scholarship Program Varies Varies
W. Michael Baker Staff Congress Scholarship Varies Varies
Webster Square Business Association Scholarship (Employment) Varies Varies
Whitworth College Graduate Studies in Education John Knox Scholarship Varies Varies
WIU Civil Service Employee Book Award 50 Varies
WIU Civil Service Employee Dependent Scholarship 750 Varies
Women’s Forum Staff Member Professional Development Scholarship 250 2


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