Southeastern Scholarships

ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships
Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Zada Ellen Cheatwood-Quin Scholarship Varies Varies
William Hodding Carter Scholarship 100 1
Wilbert J. Campbell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 250 1
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Wegmann Dazet & Company Accounting Scholarship Varies 1
Walter L. Russell Scholarship 300 Varies
Walter Drott Scholarship 250 2
Walter C. Teagle Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
W.L. Billups Scholarship Varies Varies
Vonnie Borden Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
US Sugar Corporation Scholarship Varies Varies
UPS Scholarship Varies Varies
Undergraduate Transfers Scholarship Varies Varies
UAA Janice K. Barden Aviation Scholarship 1000 5
Turner Industries, Ltd. Scholarship Varies 1
Top Scholars Award Varies Varies
Tommy C. Womack, Jr. Scholarship Varies 1
Tom Ruffin Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Thompson-Hollister Scholarship in Visual Arts Varies 1
Thomas Sharp Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Music Varies 1
Thomas Cross Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Thomas A. Utsey, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Theodore G. "Teddy" Betz. Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Theatre-Drama Scholarship Varies Varies
Terri Cropper Dembeck Scholarship 2100 1
Terell "Foots" McCrory Scholarship in Communication (Radio) Varies Varies
Taylor Jeansonne Endowed Scholarship in Industrial Technology Varies 1
Tangipahoa Parish Teachers Credit Union Scholarship 1000 2
Tangipahoa Parish Retired Teachers' Association Scholarship 150 1
Tangipahoa Parish Medical Auxiliary Scholarship 700 1
Tangipahoa Home Builders Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
Tammy Willie Rudisell Scholarship 500 1
T.H. Spence Scholarship Varies Varies
Student Government Association Freshman Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Student Government & Student Missions Association Scholarships Varies Varies
Student Foundation Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Stern Scholarship 250 1
Stella M. Kinney Scholarship Varies 1
State Farm Insurance Endowment Scholarship Varies 2
St. Tammany Parish Hospital Guild Scholarship 1500 2
Southeastern Scholars Scholarship 1750 Varies
Southeastern Non-Traditional Scholarship 1000 Varies
Southeastern Merit Scholarship 2000 Varies
Southeastern Louisiana University Student Scholarship Varies 3
Southeastern Louisiana University Alumni Scholarship 1000 2
Southeastern Athletic Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Southeastern Assistance Grants 1000 Varies
Social Work & Sociology Club Scholarships Varies 4
SLU Merit Scholarship 1000 Varies
Senior Citizen Fee Waiver Scholarship Varies Varies
School of Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students (SDS) Varies Varies
Scholarship 1000 1
Sarah Kay Thornhill Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Varies Varies
Sarah Dosher Waters Scholarship Varies 1
Sarah Dosher Waters Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Samuel L. Genco Scholarship 100 Varies
Sadie Pugh Mashburn Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Varies 1
Rotary Club Scholarship 2000 1
Robin Roberts Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert L. Baskin Leadership Scholarship 500 1
Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Robert & Margaret Gatlin Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Richard & Mercedes Durham Scholarship Varies 1
Richard & Glory Sharp Scholarship Varies 3
Richard & Glory Sharp Scholarship 400 1
Resource Bank Scholarship Varies 1
Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (Merit) 3000 15
Regional University Baccalaureate Scholarship (ACT) 3000 15
Ralph R. Pottle Honor Scholarship 500 1
Ralph McGil Scholarship 1500 Varies
Ralph & Audrey Crowell Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
R. Norval Garrett Scholarship 1000 1
Pursley Prize in Chemistry Scholarship 100 1
Professor Louis Mayfield & Mildred Mayfield Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
President's Scholars Scholarship 2500 Varies
President's Excellence Scholarship Varies Varies
Ponchatoula Lions Club Excellence in Education Scholarship 2000 1
Phillipp Wolters Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Pete Wren Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Paul Reeves Scholarship Varies 1
Paul Douglas Scholarship 5000 Varies
O.J. & Mary Christine Harvey Foundation Scholarship 5000 1
Nyme J. Newman Memorial Scholarship Varies 2
Northshore Chapter, Society of Louisiana CPAs Scholarship Varies 1
North Oaks Medical Center Scholarship 1000 8
Non-Resident Fee Waiver Scholarship Varies Varies
Noel & Essie Bickham Endowed Scholarship in Education Varies Varies
Neill Family Company Scholarship Varies 1
National Merit Scholarship 3000 Varies
National Hispanic Scholarship 3000 Varies
National Assemblies of God Scholarships Varies Varies
National Achievement Scholarship 3000 Varies
Nancy Kathryn O'Neil Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Myra Gautreaux Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Myra C. Lillard Scholarship in Family & Consumer Sciences Varies 3
Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Multiple Student Discount Scholarship Varies Varies
Missionary Dependent Scholarships Varies Varies
Minority Male Scholars in Education Scholarship 2000 Varies
Minnie Bond Scholarship 100 1
Michael Fanning Scholarship 500 1
Meriel's Legacy Scholarship 2000 1
Melissa Claire Acosta Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Max Clardy Speech Pathology Scholarship 300 1
Mater Dolorosa Kaycee Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary C. Nelson Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary C. Allen Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Bridges Magee Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Mark MacNutt Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Mark Dugopolski Sophomore Scholarship Varies Varies
Marietta Schneider Excellence in Music Varies 1
Margaret Lil Abels Maurin Scholarship Varies 1
Major Kenneth E. Dyson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Mack James Memorial Preaching Scholarship Varies Varies
Lucius McGehee Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Louisiana Police Jury Association Scholarship 250 1
Louisiana Gas Association Scholarship 1000 1
Lisa Aucion Endowed Scholarship in Herpetology Varies Varies
Linda Holt Sullivan Endowed Scholarship in Occupational Safety & Health Varies 1
Lettie Pate Whitehead Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Leaders Entering Another Dimension (LEAD) Scholarship Varies Varies
Lawrence Ginocchio Aviation Scholarship 5000 5
Lacy Ann Livingston Endowed Scholarship in the Visual Arts Varies 1
Koinonia of Ruskin Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Kenneth G. Holder Math Education Scholarship 400 1
Kathryn & Mayor Russell "Tippy" Depaula Scholarship 500 1
Kathleen J. Bartels Scholarship Varies 1
Jumpstart Program Scholarship 1600 Varies
Julien A. & Doris Evelyn Waller Tillery Endowment Scholarship Varies 1
Jules Prokop Endowed Presidential-Level Scholarship in Accounting Varies 1
Judge Sheldon Fernandez Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Joyce Helms Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Joy Jackson Memorial Endowment Scholarship Varies 1
Joseph Ramspott Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Biology Varies Varies
Joseph Accardo Scholarship 200 1
Joseph & Gloria Soutullo Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Joseph & Eloise Judah Missions Scholarship Varies Varies
Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund Varies Varies
Johnnie McGary, Jr. Memorial Debate Scholarship 250 Varies
John Myers Mission Scholarship Varies Varies
John J. Faught Memorial Scholarship 250 1
John Coumes Memorial Scholarship 500 1
John Carroll Zewe Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Joe Mauroner Scholarship Varies Varies
Joe & Kay Iverstine Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Joanna Dee Newman Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Varies 1
Jim Barker Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Jack W. Knight Scholarship Varies Varies
J. Robert Ashcroft National Youth Scholarship Varies Varies
J. Bashford Bishop Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ira S. Tate Scholarship 1600 1
Institute of Managerial Accountants (IMA) Scholarship Varies 1
Independence Lion's Club Scholarship 500 2
Huble Leader Memorial Scholarship 250 1
Hood Automotive Endowed Scholarship in Business Varies 1
Home Schooled Students Scholarship Varies Varies
Holly & Smith, Architects, Inc. Excellence in Visual Arts & Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Hill-Krause Business Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Helen Entrikin Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Harvey Theriot, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Kinesiology and Health Studies Varies Varies
Harry S. Truman Scholarship Varies 53
Harry Applin Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Harry & Irma Wolf Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Hans Schneider Scholarship for Environmental Preservation 1000 1
Hans Schneider Excellence in Music Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Hammond Police Officers Union, Local 345 Scholarship 2000 2
Guy C. Garrison Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Gregory Holyne Newman Memorial Scholarship Varies 2
Greater Baton Rouge Chapter - Don Jones Excellence in Safety Scholarship 1000 1
Great Commission Trust Scholarship Varies Varies
Grand Council Chapter Masonic Foundation of Louisiana Scholarship 250 1
Graduate Assistantship Scholarships Varies Varies
Golden Voices Scholarship Varies 1
Glory MacMillan Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Gloria Esperanz "Hope" Ruiz Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Ginger Fortenberry Ford, Homemaker Scholarship Varies 1
George Bedsole Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Frederick William Reimers Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Cultural Resource Management Varies 5
Fred W. Yates & Camille Yates Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank A. Micelli Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Francis C. St. Blanc Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Frances Robertson Fortenberry Memorial Scholarship 200 1
Frances Hook Scholarship Varies Varies
Founders Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Foster W. Bolin Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
For Ishmael's Sake Scholarship 250 1
Florida Student Assistance Grant Varies Varies
Florida Resident Access Grant Varies Varies
Florida Minority Teacher Education Scholarship 4000 Varies
Florida Medallion Scholars Award Varies Varies
Florida Independent College Fund (FICF) Scholarships Varies Varies
Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Varies Varies
Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Florida Academic Scholars Award Varies Varies
First-time Freshmen Scholarship Varies Varies
First Guaranty Bank Nursing Scholarship 1930 1
First Guaranty Bank Assistantship Scholarship Varies Varies
Faculty-Staff Fee Waiver Scholarship Varies Varies
Faculty Appreciation Scholarship in Economics Varies 1
Excellence in Commitment to Education & Leadership (ExCEL) Scholarship 500 Varies
Eula Mae Beall Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Erna Deigmayr Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Enos F. "Jake" Bailey Scholarship Varies 1
Endowed Scholarship Program for Minority Students Varies Varies
Emma LaDew Memorial Scholarship 50 1
Elliene Tate Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Varies Varies
Elder J.M. & Melissa Thomas Stuart Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Elaine Belcher Latino Scholarship 1000 1
Early Graduates Summer Incentive Scholarship 600 Varies
E.P. & Mildred Kuhn Excellence in Liberal Arts Scholarship Varies 1
E.E. Hennesy Ministerial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. William L. Travis Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Roy E. Hyde Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. Robert D. Butler Scholarship for Professional Development in Counseling Varies Varies
Dr. Robert Carl Brown Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Margo Davis Scholarship Varies 1
Dr. J. Lincoln & Mrs. Mary Anne Goreau DeVillier Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Varies 1
Dorothy McIntyre Faust Endowed Scholarship 450 Varies
Dependent Fee Waiver Scholarship Varies Varies
Deborah Rae Morris Endowed Scholarship in Special Education 1100 1
Dean's Scholars Scholarship 1750 Varies
David "Wolfie" Phillippe Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Danford Trust Scholarship Varies Varies
Dallas Leroy & Helen D. Calmes Memorial Scholarship 800 2
D. Vickers Memorial Honors Scholarship 1000 1
D. Vickers Creative Writing Scholarship 75 1
Cyril E. Homer Living Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Crossroads Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Education Senior Scholarship 400 2
College of Education Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Business Scholarship Varies Varies
Clausen Family Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Clausen Family Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Claude E. Fowler, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
City Club of Hammond Scholarship 500 2
Citizens National Bank Scholarship Varies 1
Christin & Claire Cosby Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Cheerleader Scholarships Varies 12
Charles Wesley Merritt Scholarship Varies 3
Charles W. Campbell Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
Charles Redman Study Abroad Scholarship Varies 1
Charles Emery Cate Excellence in Business Scholarship Varies 1
Charles & Patricia O'Drobinak Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles & Gwynneth Lee Scholarship 600 Varies
Catha Lambert Endowment Scholarship Varies 1
Career Opportunities Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Byard Edwards MBA Scholarship Varies 1
Broadcast Scholarships 300 3
Bradley Lane Brummel Endowed Kappa Alpha Scholarship Varies Varies
Bill & Katherine Clark Scholarship in Education Varies 1
Bickham Inc.-Edgar Cayce Foundation Research Scholarship Varies 3
Bible Quiz-Religion Department Scholarship Varies Varies
Bible Department Student Scholar Book Award 100 3
Beginning Freshmen Academic Scholarships Varies Varies
Baton Rouge Traffic Club Transportation Management Scholarship Varies Varies
Baton Rouge Area Scholarship Varies Varies
B. William F. Sherman Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Audrey Frazier Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Audrey & Nicholas Tournillon Endowed Presidential Level Scholarship Varies 1
Athletic Scholarships Varies Varies
Association of Government Accountants Scholarship Varies 1
Arthur & Esther deVries Scholarship Varies Varies
Anthony Jude Vergona Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Annual Scholarship-Four Year Award 3500 Varies
Anne M. Ferguson Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Anna "Webbie" Ory Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
AmSouth Scholarship in Business Varies 1
Alumni Association Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Althouse's Kwik Kopy Printing Scholarship Varies 1
Alice R. Douglas Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Alfred & Hulda Anderson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Alexander J. Berey Endowed Scholarship in Business Varies 1
Alabama Student Grant Program 1200 Varies
Addie Lela Thompson Smith Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
Accounting Faculty & Alumni Scholarship Varies 1


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