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ScholarshipsUnique Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
Ashley County Scholarship Varies Varies
Askew Childcare Scholarship 1000 5
Association of IPFW Women Scholarship Varies Varies
Barbara Brandt Scholarship 500 2
Barbara Mae Gustafson & Bridget Mary Drew (B&B;) Scholarship Fund 716 3
Beaupre Family Scholarship Varies 1
Benton County Scholarship Varies Varies
Carroll County Single Parent Scholarship Varies Varies
CCAMPIS Grant Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles & Mary Ellen Sharp Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students Varies Varies
Christian Women’s Ministerial Association Book Scholarship (CWMA) Varies Varies
Clark & Allie Wilson Scholarship 1000 1
Clay County Scholarship 1000 1
Cleburne County Scholarship Varies Varies
Conway County Scholarship 1000 Varies
Coplan Donohue Single Parent Scholarship 2000 Varies
Craighead County Scholarship 500 Varies
Crawford & Sebastian County Scholarships Varies Varies
Cross County Scholarship 500 Varies
Day Care Grant 500 Varies
DeSales Kohl Coval & John Leo Coval-Nontraditional Junior English Scholarship 1000 1
Desha County Scholarship 500 Varies
Donald R. Lloyd ’58 Memorial Scholarship 750 1
Dr. Vigil L. Pennell Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dube & Katie Memorial Scholarship 800 2
Education Support Award 2000 5
Eleanor M. & Oscar M. Carlson Scholarship Varies Varies
Emily Virginia Bushong Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Families In Need Child Care Scholarship Varies Varies
Family Scholarship 1500 2
Faulkner County Scholarship 750 Varies
Feinstein Scholarship-Students with Children Varies Varies
Georgina Miranda Bentley Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Hazel & Karen Kiser Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
International Test & Evaluation ‘Freshman’ Scholarship 1000 1
Jean Towne Scholarship Endowment 600 Varies
Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women-Single Mother Scholarship Varies 1
Junior Woman’s Civic Club Scholarship 500 Varies
Kathy Kardish Wilson Memorial Educational Fund 1000 1
Kneisel Scholarship Varies Varies
Lanette L. Suttles Scholarship Varies Varies
Leslie Torrence Alumna Scholarship Varies Varies
Madelyn Grady Geisser Endowed Scholarship Varies 1
Marion Luna Brem-Pat McNeil Teen Parent Scholarship 2500 10
Marjorie Kiely-Fredericks Scholarship Varies Varies
Mark & Catherine Winkler Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary L. Parker Scholarship Varies Varies
Nancy Lou Albert-Meskill Scholarship for CUE Women Varies Varies
Nina Mason Pulliam Scholars Program (C) Varies Varies
Our Children’s World Scholarship Varies 5
Overcoming Achievers Scholarship Award (OASA) 1000 Varies
Parents’ Association Outstanding Student Mother Award & Scholarship 1000 Varies
Past Madam President’s Club Scholarship 1000 1
Postsecondary Child Care Grant Program Administration 2600 Varies
Ramlose Foundation Lawrenceville Childcare Scholarship 500 Varies
Randy Huester Scholarship Varies 1
Raymond & Lucyle Sublett Memorial Scholarshp 100 Varies
RMC Daycare Grants Varies 7
Robert Edmond Duke Scholarship Varies Varies
Russ & Carol Blaser Memorial Scholarship 1500 Varies
Sandra B. Linck Scholarship Varies 1
Seventh Son Scholarship Varies 1
Steve Pascente Memorial Scholarship for Widows with Children Varies 1
Student-Parent Scholarship 1000 Varies
Suzanna Anstine Norbeck Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
White County Scholarship 1250 Varies
William D. Law, Sr. Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
William S. & Audrey C. Cockrell Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Women’s Opportunity Awards 10000 31


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