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ScholarshipsAcademic Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
ABC Scholarships Varies Varies
Academic Scholarships 4000 Varies
Adam Popejoy Scholarship Varies Varies
Alabama Scholarships for Dependents of Blind Parents Varies Varies
Alexander L. Meszaros Student Leadership Scholarship #2 Varies Varies
Alfonso Biggs Scholarships Varies Varies
Alfred Levitt Memorial Scholarship in Art 4200 1
Alfred S. & Esther U. Perry Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts Varies Varies
Alfred T. Granger Student Art Fund 5000 6
Alice Berry Scholarship in Visual Arts Varies Varies
All City Scholarship 25000 3
Allen L. Keeney Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Alumni Association Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Alumni Endowed Scholarship 1000 1
Alverno Scholarship in Fine Arts Varies Varies
American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Honolulu Chapter Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Amy Nicole DeGrove Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Ana Chavira Award 500 Varies
Angie Gayman Carmer Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Anita Moore Scholarship Varies 1
Anna Stahr & Robert T. Hosmon Scholarship Varies Varies
Annual Student Scholarship Show 2500 30
Archbold Charitable Trust Scholarship Varies Varies
Archer Daniels Midland Company Scholarship 2500 Varies
Art & Design Department Scholarship Varies 1
Art & Design Excellence Scholarships Varies 1
Art & Design Excellence Scholarships for Minority Students Varies 1
Art & Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Art + Smart Awards 15000 3
Art Academy of Cincinnati Art Scholarships 4000 Varies
Art Center College of Design Scholarships Varies 1
Art Department Scholarships Varies Varies
Art Department Scholarships 2500 Varies
Art Department Senior Scholarship Varies Varies
Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University Scholarships 3500 Varies
Art Institutes Merit Award 1200 1830
Art Institutes Scholarship Program 25000 50
Art Institutes Scholarships 10000 4
Art Interest, Inc. Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Art Mart Annual Scholarship 800 Varies
Art Scholarship 2500 Varies
Art Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Art Scholarships Varies Varies
Art Scholarships 1000 Varies
Art Scholarships Varies Varies
Art Scholarships Varies Varies
Art Star Award 200 Varies
Arthur E. & Helen Copeland Scholarships 500 2
Arthur G. Meakin Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Artistic Honors Scholarship 15000 Varies
ARTS Recognition & Talent Search 6000 10
Arts Recognition & Talent Search 3000 300
ARTS Scholarship 6000 Varies
Arts Scholarship 1000 Varies
Arts Scholarship Program 1000 2
Athletic Grants-in-Aid Scholarships Varies Varies
AU Art Porfolio Scholarships 8500 Varies
Barclay Simpson Scholarship Varies Varies
Barry & Velma Berkey Scholarship 2500 Varies
Barry D. Richardson Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Visual Arts Varies Varies
Bayer HealthCare Award in Companion Animal Medicine 500 1
BB&T; Endowed Scholarship 4000 1
Bebe Smith Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Bechtel Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Ben C. Morris Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Ben M. Charmichael Scholarship Varies Varies
Ben Tucker Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Berit Siren Vassdal Scholarship Varies Varies
Bernard Cammarata Scholarship Varies Varies
Bernard Horlick Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Berrien Fragos Thorn Arts Scholarships for Migrant Farmworkers 2500 Varies
Bertha & Albert Schaaf Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Betty Anderson Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Betty Fishman Fine Arts Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Betty Gunnes Scholarship 500 Varies
Betty Stoutenburg Memorial Art Scholarship 1000 1
Betty Van Arsdale Burns Endowed Scholarship in Fine Arts Varies Varies
Billie & Homer Sullivan Jr. Pride Scholarship Varies Varies
Board of Visitors Scholarship 20000 1
Board of Visitors Scholarship II 13000 1
Bobby Kuhr Memorial Scholarship 226 Varies
Brother James X. Collins Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Bruno & Audrey Bracka Scholarship Varies Varies
Bug Away Scpecialists Inc. Scholarship 1000 1
Buzza Art Scholarship 5000 Varies
Byrne Blackwood Scenic Design Scholarship Varies 1
C.V. Starr Scholarship for International Students 2500 15
California College of the Arts Scholarships 2000 Varies
California Community College Scholarships 7500 Varies
California Institute of the Arts Scholarships 8000 Varies
Candlelight Guild-Susan Mon Pere Memorial Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Canton Lions Club Scholarship 500 1
Carnegie Mellon University, School of Art Scholarships 15000 Varies
Carolyn A. Novogrodsky Memorial Award for Artistic Pursuits 1500 Varies
Carolyn Andrews Higgs ’42 Memorial Fund Varies Varies
Carolyn F. Wall Scholarship Varies Varies
Cats Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Chairman’s Merit Award Varies Varies
Charis Ann McKelvy Memorial Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Charles & Anita Price Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles & Mary Patricia Blevens McFadden Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Charles & Melva T. Owen Memorial Scholarship 10000 1
Charles & Melva T. Owen Memorial Scholarship 10000 1
Charles & Naomi Grisham Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles E. Leonard Memorial Scholarship 500 3
Charles E. Leonard Memorial Scholarship Fund (Blind) 2000 7
Charles H. & Dorothy S. Luedemann Art Scholarship Fund 2000 3
Charles K. Sibley Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles M. Jones, Jr. Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles S. Linderman Scholarship for Participatory Democracy Varies Varies
Charles T. & Ella Fowler Douds Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Charles Thorpe Scholarship in the Visual Arts Fund Varies Varies
Charlie & Marie Pepe Scholarship 2500 1
Charline E. McCue Memorial Endowment 500 1
Charlotte Weldner Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Chastain Endowment for UF Students at the New World School of the Arts 2000 Varies
Cheap Joe’s Annual Scholarship 500 Varies
Cheap Joe’s Senior Studio Scholarship Varies Varies
Chih-Chun Memorial Scholarship 500 1
CHRE Scholarship Varies Varies
Christiana & Woodbury Ransom for the Fine Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Christine F. Paulsen Endowed Scholarship in the College of Fine Arts Varies Varies
Christine H. Eide Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Christopher Frair Scholarship Varies Varies
Chuck Suber Scholarship 1000 Varies
Clair B. Watson Design Scholarship 1000 1
Clara M. Blume Endowed Scholarship in the School of Fine Art & Design Varies Varies
Cleveland Institute of Art Scholarships 1000 Varies
Clyde A. & Elizabeth R. Hill Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Cobb Office Products Scholarship Varies Varies
Cochiti Lake Arts & Crafts Scholarship Varies Varies
College for Creative Studies Scholarships 2000 Varies
College of Fine & Applied Arts Scholarships 1000 Varies
College of Fine Arts (CFA) Alumni Chapter Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences Dean’s Roundtable Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences Senior Challenge Book Scholarship Varies Varies
College of Mount St. Joseph Art Scholarships Varies Varies
College Scholarship 1000 Varies
College Scholarships 1000 3
College-bound Award 5000 1
Columbus College of Art & Design Scholarships Varies 5
Combined Honors Scholarship 10000 Varies
Computer Studies Scholarship 2000 1
Continuing Student Undergraduate Scholarships 5000 Varies
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art-Cooper Union School of Art Scholarships Varies Varies
CoraBelle Reoch Scholarship Varies Varies
Corbin Les Flowers Scholarship 500 1
Corcoran College of Art & Design Scholarships 1500 Varies
Cornell College Art Award 2500 Varies
Cornish College of the Arts Scholarship 7500 Varies
Craig Harding Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Cramer Fund for Art Varies Varies
Cusumano Family Scholarship Varies Varies
DAAP Alumni Association & Pella Scholarship Varies Varies
Damon Anthony Bettendorf Scholarship Varies Varies
Darryl Groover Memorial Scholarship 500 1
David A. C. Reid Memorial Fund 500 Varies
David Allan Merit Award 750 1
David G. Robinson Arts Scholarship 1000 1
David M. Hoover Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
David P. Anderson Scholarship for Artists 1200 Varies
David P. Fellows-Great Plains Nature Center Scholarship 500 1
David R. Martino Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean & Rosina Carter Scholarship in Sculpture Varies Varies
Dean Joan Schaefer Endowed Scholarship 25000 Varies
Dean Michael Proterra, S.J. Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean’s Scholarships 8000 Varies
Dee & Zira James Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies 1
Del Ray Artisans-Ted Eichers Memorial Art Scholarship 600 Varies
Delray Art League Scholarship Varies Varies
Delta Chi Disabled Student Grant Fund Varies Varies
Delta Gamma Foundation Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Delta Gamma Golden Anchor Award Varies Varies
Dennis Bowman Scholarship 500 1
Denver Public Schools Art Awards Scholarship for High School Seniors Varies 1
Design Council Scholarships 500 2
Detroit Free Press First Amendment Scholarship Varies Varies
Diane Cone Boody Fine Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Digital Media Endowed Scholarship 1000 1
Distinguished Artist Awards 2500 Varies
Donald Lesh Memorial Award 200 1
Douglas County Art Awards Scholarship for High School Seniors Varies 2
Dr. & Mrs. Pierre W. Keitges Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Edward A. Hier Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Howard B. Leighton Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. J.P. & Virginia Culpepper Arts Endowment Varies Varies
Dr. James & Lois Gerrits Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Johannes Sachse Memorial Award Varies Varies
Dr. Joseph B. Wiederholt Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Nancy O’Neal Tatum Music Scholarship Varies Varies
E. Carlton Wilton, Sr. Endowed Residential Property Management Scholarship Varies Varies
E. Robert Langley Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
E.U. Parker Scholarship 3000 Varies
E.U. Parker Scholarship 3000 1
Earl P. Andrews Scholarship Varies Varies
Ed & Marian Bramlette Fine Arts Scholarship 500 Varies
Edgar A. Albin Scholarship Varies 1
Edith B. Frohock Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
EDMC Education Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward H. Atchison Scholarships Varies Varies
Edward H. Ryder & Georgia S. Ryder Scholarship Varies Varies
Edward M. Strauss, Jr. Scholarship for International Study Varies 1
Edward Shorter Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Eileen & J. Huber Denn Scholarship Varies 1
Elba Mas Memorial Scholarship 5000 1
Eleanor Layfield Davis Art Scholarship 2500 Varies
Elizabeth Ludington Endowment for Women in the Visual Arts Scholarship 2500 4
Elizabeth P. Korn Scholarship Varies Varies
Elizabeth Shafer Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Ellen Shizuko Takahashi Scholarship Varies Varies
Elmer & Blanche Pieper Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Emil R. Schnellock Scholarship in Studio Art 2100 1
Emma Skogen Scholarship 400 1
Esther Saylor Rothenberger Scholarship Varies Varies
Esther V. & Clayton H. Staples Memorial Fellowship Varies Varies
Eugene Bennett Scholarship Fund for the Visual Arts Varies Varies
European Travel Scholarship Varies 1
Ev Clay-PRSA Miami Chapter Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Eva H. Burress Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Everett & Helen Meister Scholarship Varies Varies
Everette H. & Edith P. Griffin Memorial Scholarship Fund 6000 Varies
F. Lammont Belin Arts Scholarship 10000 1
Fanny B. Thalheimer Scholarships 10000 30
Ferdinand Torres Scholarship 2500 1
Fernandez Family Scholarship-New World School of the Arts 1000 5
Ferris Grant Varies Varies
Fine & Performing Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Fine Arts & Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Fine Arts Award 6000 Varies
Fine Arts Grant-Visual Arts 5000 6
Fine Arts Scholarship & Development Fund Varies Varies
Fleming Scholarship Varies Varies
Florence F. Klemm Scholarship Varies Varies
Ford Motor Company Scholarships Varies Varies
Fort Wayne Street Rod Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Foundation Scholarships Varies Varies
Foundation Studies Scholarship 500 1
Frances & Jerome Ryan Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Frances Hook Scholarship Varies Varies
Fred A. Waits Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Fred Scheigert Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Frederick G. Kieferndorf Fine Arts Travel Scholarship Varies 1
Freshman Portfolio Scholarship 20000 14
Freshmen Scholarship & Grant Awards 10000 10
Friends of Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Friends of Art Scholarship 500 1
Friends of Visual Arts Scholarship for ASU Varies Varies
Future Journalists Scholarship 1500 10
Gale Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Garland Williams Sullivan Endowment in the Arts Varies Varies
Gastonia Evening Lions Club-Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
General Motors Corporation Scholarships Varies Varies
General Scholarships Varies Varies
George B. Saxe Scholarship Varies Varies
George W. Catt College of Design Scholarship 500 1
Geraldine Cole Scholarship Varies Varies
Gerry Bosch Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Gerson-New World School of the Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Gertrude Horning Award for Excellence in Medical Illustration Varies Varies
Glenn Eure Endowment Fund for Arts Education 500 1
Goizueta Scholarship Varies 1
Gold Family Scholarship 8000 4
Gordon E. Hein Scholarship Varies Varies
Grace & Robert Fay Scholarships Varies Varies
Grace Keenan Scholarship for Excellence in the Arts 1000 Varies
Grace P. Scalese Scholarship Varies Varies
Graduate Award 5000 1
Grand Haven Area Arts Council Scholarship-Visual Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Grand Haven Area Arts Council Scholarships-At Large Scholarship Varies Varies
Greater Lansing Potters’ Guild Award in Ceramics Scholarship Varies Varies
Griffith-Strader Christian Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Guide Dogs for the Blind Dorthea & Roland Bohde Personal Achievement Scholarship 1000 1
Gulfstream Employee Endowed Scholarship 20000 1
Gulfstream Scholar Endowed Scholarship 15000 1
Gurley Lorraine Sinkler Scholarship Varies Varies
Hank LeBonne Scholarship 5000 1
Hank LeBonne Scholarship 5000 1
Hapke Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Harold & Noveal Crosthwaite Scholarship 1000 Varies
Harry Ludwig Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Harry Z. & Grace R. Foster Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Hearing & Visually Handicapped Student Grant 1800 Varies
Heather Nikkel-Lampe Scholarship Varies Varies
Heidi Hoenig Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
Helen Dooley Scholarship Varies Varies
Helen Mowery Scholarship 1000 Varies
Henter-Joyce Scholarship 1000 Varies
Hermione Grant Calhoun Scholarship 3000 1
Hermione Grant Calhoun Scholarship 3000 Varies
Herron School of Art Freshman Portfolio Scholarship Varies 10
High School Senior Scholarship (IBA) 10000 Varies
Hinda Honigman Awards for the Blind 650 1
Holly & Smith, Architects, Inc. Excellence in Visual Arts & Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Holly Elliott & Laurel Glass Scholarship Endowment for Seminary Study by Persons Who Are Deaf, Deafened, Deaf-Blind, or Hard of He Varies Varies
Horatio Alger Scholar Scholarship Varies Varies
Howard Brown Rickard Scholarship 3000 Varies
Howard Brown Rickard Scholarship 3000 1
Hugh L. Vaughan Scholarship Varies Varies
Hulick Endowed Scholarship for Leadership, Friendship, & Service Varies Varies
Hunter MacLean Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Hurston-Evans Scholarship 1000 Varies
Hyde Park Art Show Scholarship 2000 Varies
ICIF Scholarship for Dependents of Member Organizations 1500 Varies
Illinois Wesleyan University, School of Art & Art History Scholarship 10500 Varies
Imagine America Military Award Program (MAP) 1000 10
Imagine America Scholarship 1000 1
Integrated Project Solutions Scholarship 1000 1
International Scholarship of Excellence 10000 1
International Student Scholarships Varies Varies
Ione Auer Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Iowa Scholarship for the Arts 2000 Varies
Irving & Jeanne Glovin Scholarship 2000 1
Irving & Lois Blum Foundation Scholarship 5000 1
J. Barney Moore Award in Art Varies 1
J. Barry & Rita McCallan Scholarship Varies Varies
J. Wesley Robb Scholarship 7500 Varies
J.B. Walford Scholarship in Architecture & Related Areas 16000 Varies
J.B. Walford Travel Scholarship in Architecture & Related Areas Varies Varies
J.J. McVicker Art Scholarship 300 1
Jacqueline Snyders Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
JAM, Inc. Studio Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
James & Catherine Buck Charitable Trust Scholarship in Fine Arts Varies Varies
James & Eileen Simrall Scholarship Varies Varies
James & Leta Fulmor Scholarship Varies Varies
James Andrews Scholarship 500 1
James Avery Scholarship 1000 Varies
James E. Bollinger-William W. Crowder Scholarship Varies Varies
James J. Rizzi Scholarship (a) 1500 Varies
James J. Rizzi Scholarship (b) 1500 Varies
James L. Richardson Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
James W. Kerr & Rose Netzorg Kerr Varies Varies
James W. Moore Scholarship 164 Varies
Jane & Philip Foster Scholarship Varies Varies
Jaroslav & Jarmelia Kabatnik Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jason Andler Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Jeff & Jeanie Gail Bowman Scholarship Varies Varies
Jefferson County Art Awards Scholarship for High School Seniors Varies 2
Jennica Ferguson Memorial Scholarship 5000 1
Jennica Ferguson Memorial Scholarship 5000 1
Jennica Ferguson Memorial Scholarship 1500 1
Jennifer L. Fell Memorial Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Jennifer Strietelmeier Art Scholarship Varies 1
Jenny Apsey Stegmaier Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Joe K. Fannin Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Joel S. VanderSloot Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
Johanna Kempers Wyngaarden Scholarship 5500 2
John & Irene Sowinski Scholarship Endowment Fund 1000 Varies
John D. Pelzer Memorial Award Varies Varies
John Dillon Scholarship Varies Varies
John Hebner Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John J. & Eloise H. Kane Scholarship Varies Varies
John L. Cromartie, Sr. Lion’s Club Scholarship Varies Varies
John Matthew Stein Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John McCoy Ceramics Awards Varies Varies
John P. & Charlotte M. Brand Scholarship Varies Varies
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation Endowment for the New World School of the Arts Varies Varies
John T. Barclay Memorial Scholarship 10000 3
John W. & Ernestine L. Heinrich Scholarship Varies Varies
Josephine & Dominic Laruccia Scholarship Varies Varies
Journalism Scholarship 2500 16
Judith DeJong Clousing Scholarship 1500 3
Judith Richardson Visual Art Scholarship 1000 Varies
June Goodman Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
K.S. (Kathleen) Farris Art Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Kacher-Bloom Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kansas City Art Institute Scholarships 1000 Varies
Karen D. Carsel Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Karen Lucas Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Kaspar T. Locher Summer Creative Scholarships 1750 4
Katherine Comfort Art Award Varies Varies
Kathern F. Gruber Scholarship Program 2000 16
Kathleen Price Bryan Scholarship in Art & Theatre Varies Varies
Kathryn L. ‘Kit’ Kane Women in Leadership Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Kell Munoz Fellowship 10000 1
Kendall Art Day Competition Scholarships 16000 11
Kendall College of Art & Design of Ferris State University Scholarships 3000 4
Kendall Grant 2000 Varies
Kenneth & Mary Auvil Printmaking Graduate Assistantship Scholarship Varies Varies
Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship 12000 1
Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship 10000 1
Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship 12000 1
Killeen Evening Lions Club Scholarship 500 1
Kodak Professional Photography Scholarship Varies Varies
KPEF-Melissa Wroblewski Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Kuchler-Killian Memorial Scholarship 3000 Varies
Kuchler-Killian Memorial Scholarship 3000 1
LaBov & Beyond Visual Arts Achievement Scholarship Varies Varies
Lacoste Board of Trustees Travel Scholarship 900 1
Laguna College of Art & Design Scholarships Varies Varies
Laura Heichel Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Leahla S. Bell Memorial Art Scholarship 1500 Varies
Leanne Deree Lansford Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Leon & Reba Benschoter Scholarship Varies Varies
Lewis Franklin Palmer & Marjorie Stewart Palmer Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Lewis J. & Marcia C. Maynard Scholarship Varies Varies
Linda Jane Messerschmid Endowed Scholarship 1000 1
Lions Club of South Fresno Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Lions Club Scholarship 100 1
Lois Josephine Cahill Scholarship Varies Varies
Lois Livingston McMillen Memorial Fund 5000 Varies
Loretto Conway Cahill Scholarship Varies Varies
Lorge Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts Varies Varies
Ludwig & Anna Woseczek Scholarship Varies Varies
Lydia & Raymond Scully Scholarship Varies Varies
Lydia Siedschlag Scholarship Varies Varies
Lyka Scholarship Varies 1
Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Madeline L. Utley Scholarship Varies Varies
Madison Chautaugua Scholarship For the Arts Varies Varies
Make A Difference Scholarship Varies Varies
Malamazian Memorial Endowed Blind Rehabilitation Scholarship Varies Varies
Mansfield Noon Lions Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Manzer-Keener-Wefler Scholarship Varies Varies
Marcellette Gay Williams Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Margaret Driscoll Senior Award Varies Varies
Margaret H. Ward Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Marian Jones Girtman Scholarship Varies 2
Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Scholarship 2000 10
Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Scholarship 12000 1
Marjorie L. Graham Scholarship Varies Varies
Mark & Karen Rauenhorst Scholarship Varies Varies
Mark K. Wheeler Memorial Scholarship 10000 1
Mark Murphy Endowed Scholarship in Photography Varies 1
Marky Hinson Scholarship Varies Varies
Marlene & Peter Coe Visual & Performing Arts Scholarship 1500 1
Martha Hagen Memorial-Fine Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Martin & Doris Rosen Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Dora Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Louise & James Tasheff Endowed Scholarship Fund in the School of Art & Design Varies Varies
Mary Passailaigue Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Schiller Myers School-University of Akron Scholarships Varies Varies
Maryland General Awards Program 3000 10
Maryland Institute College of Art Scholarships 6000 Varies
Massachusetts College of Art Scholarship 15000 2
Matching Outside Scholarships 2500 Varies
Mathias J. Devito Scholarships 10000 1
Matthew Yarrell Honorary Scholarship Varies Varies
Mauldin Scholarship 500 1
Max E. & Lois J. Hubbard Endowed Scholarship in Fine Arts Varies Varies
Mayme C. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
MCAD Admissions Scholarships Varies Varies
MCAD Merit Award Scholarships Varies Varies
McGuire-Holden Family Scholarship Varies Varies
McKnight Doctoral Fellowship 12000 25
Meadows School of the Arts Varies Varies
Memphis College of Art Scholarship Varies 2
Merit Scholarships Varies Varies
Merit Scholarships 4000 Varies
MICA Graduate Fellowships 12000 5
MICA Graduate Scholarships 12000 Varies
MICA International Graduate Fellowship 12000 1
Michael & Marie Marucci Scholarship 5000 1
Michael & Marie Marucci Scholarship 5000 1
Michael E. & Mary Neppl Leighton Scholarship Varies Varies
Midwest Student Exchange Program Varies 35
Mikae Hara Scholarship Varies Varies
Mildred & Charles Wolverton Scholarship Varies Varies
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Scholarships Varies 2
Minneapolis College of Art & Design Scholarships 12000 2
Minority Journalism Scholarship 2500 16
Mississippi Gulf Coast Craftsmen’s Guild Scholarship Varies Varies
Moe Foner Scholarship 5000 Varies
Monserrat College of Art Scholarships Varies Varies
Moore College of Art & Design Scholarship 10000 10
Moran McLelland Pope Scholarship Varies Varies
Multicultural Student Scholarship Varies Varies
Music for the Blind Composition Award 200 1
Myrtle Williams Miller Scholarship Varies Varies
Nancy & Gregory Sterling Scholarship Varies Varies
Nancy B. Harmon Scholarship in Visual Arts Varies Varies
Nancy McCall Poynor Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Nancy N. Lewis Scholarship 5000 1
Nancy Stofan Lou Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
NAPVI Grants 500 3
National Art Honor Society Scholarships 8000 20
National Federation of the Blind Computer Science Scholarship 3000 1
National Federation of the Blind Educator of Tomorrow Award 3000 1
National Federation of the Blind Scholarships 7000 2
National Portfolio Review Competition 25000 Varies
National Scholastic Art Award Scholarships Varies 3
Neely Elizabeth Toohill Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Nevin Frantz Award-Endowment & Income Varies Varies
New College Endowed Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
New Market Arts & Crafts Scholarship 2500 1
New World School of the Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
New York City Public Schools Scholarship Competition 25000 1
New York VICA Scholarship Varies 1
NFB Computer Science Scholarship 3000 Varies
NFB Educator of Tomorrow Award 3000 Varies
Nina G. Bushnell Scholarship in Fine or Performing Arts Varies 1
Nora Sager Stackhouse Scholarship Award Varies Varies
Norma Gram Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Notrica Family Scholarship 3000 1
Oakley Watkins Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ohio Governor’s Art Exhibition Award 12150 2
Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition Award 10000 Varies
Ohio Lions Foundation Helen Keller Scholarship Varies Varies
Ohio University-Chillicothe Ralph “Bunk” Debord Art Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Ohio VICA Scholarship Varies 1
One Day One University School of Media Arts & Design Scholarship 570 Varies
Orange County Centennial Arts Scholarship 2000 3
Oregon College of Art & Craft Scholarship 2500 2
Osher Memorial Scholarships 5500 Varies
Otis College of Art & Design Scholarships 10000 2
Overture to the Cultural Season Scholarship Varies Varies
Pacific Northwest College of Art Scholarships 4000 2
Palm Beach Watercolor Society Annual Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Parsons School of Design Scholarship Varies Varies
Partners in Arts Scholarship Varies 1
Patricia A. Caldwell Make A Difference Scholarship Varies Varies
Patrick & Peggy Zenner Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul & Helen Ruckes Scholarship 1000 1
Paul K. & Claire H. Lynner Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Peg Bond Scholarships 3000 Varies
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Scholarships Varies Varies
Pennsylvania VICA Scholarship Varies 1
Performing-Visual Arts Scholarship 3000 10
Peter & Joni Petschauer, Polson Penland Scholarship Varies Varies
Philip & Colleen Kirst Scholarships 2500 Varies
Phillip Weckerle Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Plumb Scholarship Varies Varies
Podus Perpetual Fund Varies Varies
Polly Updegraff Champ ’61 Scholarship Varies Varies
Pratt Institute Scholarships 13000 Varies
Pre-College Studio Residency Program Varies Varies
Presidential Purchase Scholarship Varies Varies
Presidential Scholarships 15000 Varies
Priddy Fellowship 18000 10
PSI Scholarship Varies Varies
Purveyors of Art & Design Materials Inc. Annual Scholarship Varies Varies
R.L. Gillette Scholarship 1000 2
Rachel McPherson Council Scholarship Varies Varies
Ralph & Charlotte Margolius Scholarship Varies Varies
Ralph Calder Fund Scholarship Varies Varies
Ralph Shenk & Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Randolph A. Johnson Scholarship Endowment for Art Varies Varies
Regions Bank Endowed Scholarship in Arts & Sciences Varies Varies
Rhode Island School of Design Scholarships 6000 2
Richard L. Allen Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Richard L. Miltenberger Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Richard R. Yohnka Memorial Scholarship 300 1
Richard Snyder Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Ringling School of Art & Design Scholarships Varies Varies
RISD Scholarships 27500 Varies
Rita A. Molseed & G. Melvin Hickey Scholarship Varies Varies
Robby Baker Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Robert & Eleanor DeVries Student Art Award Varies Varies
Robert (Bob) A. Menzhuber Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert Andrew Devries Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Robert B. McMillen Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert E. & Mary R. Riordan Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert Earl Spencer & Herbert Earl Spence Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert J. Verdisco Scholarship 5000 1
Roberta Timmons Cannon Memorial Art Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Robie Robison Visual Arts Scholarship Varies 1
Rocco M. Pontarelli Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Rochester Institute of Technology, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences Scholarship 5000 2
Roderick & Lois Briggs Scholarship Varies 1
Roger Brinegar Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Roger F. & Mary A. Warin Scholarship Varies Varies
ROIAL Ruth Dahlberg Smith Study Abroad Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Rome Prize Fellowships-School of Fine Arts-Visual Arts 20000 4
Rome Scholarship 500 1
Ron Grant Art Scholarship 500 1
Rosalie Chauncey Scholarship for the Study of Painting 7050 Varies
Rosann Phipps Langhans Art Scholarship 500 Varies
Rose Runzler Memorial Scholarship 500 2
Rosemary C. Goss Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Rowland Webster Heidelberg Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy & Dorotha McCarty Scholarship 1428 Varies
Roy Beam Visual Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Rudolph Dillman Memorial Scholarship 2500 4
Saint Luke Art & Design Award Varies Varies
Sally Cole Visual Arts Scholarship Fund 7500 Varies
Sally S. Jacobsen Scholarship 5000 1
Sally S. Jacobsen Scholarship 5000 1
Samuel S. & Beronica W. Weinberg Scholarship Fund in Memory of Gertrude Weigler Brateman Varies Varies
San Francisco Art Institute Scholarships 10000 3
San Jose Art League Award Varies Varies
Sandra Johnstone Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Sara Jane Dehoff Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Savannah College of Art & Design Transfer Scholarship Varies Varies
SCAD Scholars Scholarship 15000 Varies
SCAD Style Scholarship Varies 1
Scholarship 300 1
Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarship 500 Varies
Scholarship 500 10
Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
Scholarship Gala Scholarship 3750 1
Scholarship Program (College) 1000 Varies
Scholarship Program (Residency) 1000 Varies
Scholarships 2500 6
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships 1000 Varies
Scholarships 750 2
Scholarships 1000 1
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships 1500 4
Scholarships (A) 5000 4
Scholarships (B) 5000 4
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 10000 4
Scholastic Art Awards Scholarships 6000 10
Scholastic Portfolio Awards Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholastic Portfolio Awards Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholastic Scholarships 6000 1
School of Art & Design Annual Award Account Varies Varies
School of Art & Design Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
School of Art Enrichment Grants Varies Varies
School of Art Freshman Scholarships 500 Varies
School of Art Student Exhibit Awards 1000 4
School of the Art Institute of Chicago Scholarships Varies Varies
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Scholarships 10000 3
School of Visual Arts Grant Varies Varies
School of Visual Arts Scholarships 10000 2
Scully Scholarship Varies Varies
Sean Moran Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Sean W. Vick Endowment for Music 500 1
Seasongood Summer Internship Varies Varies
Senator James M. Jeffords Endowment Scholarship to Honor Marion Hausman Jeffords 1300 1
Shannon A. Broom ’97 Scholarship Varies Varies
Shared Heritage Scholarship 3000 Varies
Sherry Edwards Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Sheryl Crow School of Visual & Performing Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Sidney Phastolpha Johnson Endowment in the Arts Varies Varies
Silas H. Rhodes Scholarships Varies Varies
Silver Scholarship 500 1
Sister Mary Jean Cotter Annual Art Award Varies Varies
Sixteen National Federation of the Blind Scholarships 3000 16
Skills USA National VICA Championship Competition 20000 Varies
Sol Levinson Scholarship Varies Varies
Sonja Tarnay Educational Fund 800 1
SOVA Doctoral & Master’s Fellowships Varies Varies
SOVA Graduate Scholarships Varies Varies
SOVA Undergraduate Scholarships Varies 46
Spartan Bookstore Gift Certificates Scholarship Varies Varies
Stage Front Presentation Systems Endowed Scholarship 500 1
Stanley R. & Martha C. Helbert Scholarship 1000 1
Stephanie Ann Roper First Year Scholarship 350 Varies
Stephanie Ann Roper Upper Division Scholarship 350 Varies
Steven Smith Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Student Opportunity Scholarships Varies Varies
Studio Art Concentration Option Award 300 Varies
Sullivan Borcherding Art Fund Varies 1
Susan Lautmann Hertel ’52 Memorial Scholarship in Art Varies Varies
Susanna L. Clement Scholarship Fund Varies 3
Susie Qimmiqsak Bevins Arts Scholarship 400 1
Syracuse University, College of Visual & Performing Arts, School of Art & Design Scholarships 2000 1
Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund 10000 55
Talent Award Varies Varies
Technology Scholarship Award Program Varies Varies
Technology Student Association National Competition 5000 1
Teddy Foundation Scholarship in Art History 4200 Varies
Teddy Foundation Scholarship in Studio Art Varies Varies
Terry Copple Fund Varies Varies
Thad & Gerry Waites Music Scholarship Endowed Varies Varies
The Colorado Scholastic Arts The Art Instititue of Colorado Art Scholarship for High School Seniors Varies 2
Thelma Murff Johnson Endowment in the Arts Varies Varies
Thomas O. Vassdal Scholarship Varies 2
Thomas P. & Mary Kay McCarthy Scholarship Varies Varies
Thompson Valley Art League Scholarship 4416 1
Thompson-Hollister Scholarship in Visual Arts Varies 1
Three Arts Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Toledo Artists Club Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Tracy Womack Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Transfer Scholars Scholarship 15000 Varies
Transfer Scholarships 10000 Varies
Transfer Scholarships Varies Varies
Travel Scholarships Varies Varies
Trojan League of Los Angeles-Joseph P. Allen Scholarship Varies Varies
Troy Yost Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Trustee Scholarships 5000 5
Trustmark National Bank Endowment in the Arts Varies Varies
UC Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Undergraduate & Graduate Fellowships Varies Varies
Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarships 1000 4
Undergraduate Award I 5000 1
Undergraduate Award II 5000 1
University Art Center Gift Certificates Scholarship 100 Varies
University of Hartford-Hartford Art School Scholarships 10000 1
University of Michigan, School of Art & Design Scholarships 2500 Varies
University of the Arts Scholarships 10000 3
University of Tulsa, School of Art Scholarships 2500 Varies
UNM Performing Arts & Creative Practice Scholars’ Program Scholarship 4640 Varies
Varg-Sullivan Endowed Graduate Award in Arts & Letters Varies 2
Vera Nolan Scholarship Varies Varies
Vermont Alliance for Arts Education (VAAE) Scholarship 500 4
Vermont Hand Crafters, Inc. Artisanship Scholarship 1000 5
Vern N. Utley Scholarship Varies Varies
Veryle Heriford Endowed Scholarship in Fine Arts Varies Varies
Video Game Technology Scholarship 1000 1
Village Art Club, Inc. 1000 Varies
Violet Speddy Scholarship Varies Varies
Virginia G. Rimer Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Virginia Lanelle “Lyn” Gunter Memorial Art Scholarship Fund 500 1
Virginia Marti College of Art & Design Scholarships 8000 3
Visual & Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Visual Arts Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Visual Arts Fellowship Program Varies Varies
Visual Arts Group Scholarship Varies Varies
Visual Arts Portfolio Scholarship Varies 1
Visual Arts Scholarship 2000 1
Visual Arts Scholarship 14000 Varies
Visual Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Visual Arts Scholarships Varies Varies
Visual Arts Scholarships 1500 Varies
Vivan Menees Nelson Music Award for the Disabled or Visually Impaired 500 1
Vivian McCann-Bing-Shuy Lee Arts Scholarship 1500 4
VSAC Board of Directors Scholarship (Joan Goodrich) 1000 2
W. Sinclair Walbridge Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
W.S. Bill Connelly Scholarship Varies Varies
Wachovia Scholars Scholarship 2500 2
Walter & Josephine Landor Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Walter F. Enz Memorial Award Varies Varies
Warren & Elizabeth Conrad Scholarship for the Blind 3000 Varies
Washington Arts Magnet PTSA Scholarship Varies Varies
Waterfield Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Wayne & Pat Hilburn Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Weaver-Harvey Scholarship Varies Varies
Wes Wagner Art Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
West Virginia VICA Scholarship Varies 1
Western Michigan University, School of Art Scholarships 1500 1
Whatcom Art Guild Varies Varies
Wiesner Family Scholarship Varies Varies
William & Dorothy Ferrell Scholarship Varies 1
William B. Jameson Scholarship Varies Varies
William F. Barto 2000 1
William Glackin Performing Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
William M. Hahn Scholarship Varies Varies
William R. & JoAnn McCroy Kunkel Scholarship Varies Varies
William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship 7500 1
Willis “Bing” Davis Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Willis Nelson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Wilma H. Wright Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Wolfstein Fine Arts Award Varies Varies
Women in the Visual Arts Award Varies Varies
Wortham W. Akin Scholarship Varies Varies
Wyoming Art Symposium Scholarship Varies 2
Young-Caldwell Scholarship Varies 2
YWCA Scholarships 750 2


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