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ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships

Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
A. Bruce Clarke Senior Award 100 Varies
A. Edythe Mange Distinguished Scholarship in History Varies Varies
A.A. Gorin Scholarship Varies Varies
A.B. Roberts Scholarship 500 Varies
A.L. Knoblauch Scholarship 500 5
A.M. Stickles Scholarships 2000 5
A.S.I.S. American Society for Industrial Security Scholarship 100 Varies
Aaron E. Gastellum Scholarship Varies Varies
Aaron P. Turner Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Academic Scholarships for Currently Enrolled Students 500 Varies
ACS Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry Varies Varies
Ada B. Drake-Hazel M. Oest Scholarship 1000 Varies
Adams-Woodring Scholarship Varies Varies
Adli Kara’an Award Varies Varies
Administrative Professional Association 500 Varies
Advisory Council Field Camp Scholarship 250 Varies
Aftermath Club Fine & Performing Arts Scholarship Varies Varies
Agnes Duskey McCrory Scholarship Varies Varies
Agnes Robb Bouyoucos International Internship Fund for the College of Education Varies Varies
Albany-Florence Scholarship Varies Varies
Albert A. & Janet Jackman Scholarship 500 Varies
Albert Eades Scholarship 500 Varies
Albert Shaw Music Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Alfred Griffin Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Alfred J. Lindsey Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Alice Irene (Gardner) Schulze & Irene M. (Schulze) Wilcox Scholarship 1000 Varies
Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Scholarship Varies Varies
Alliance Corp Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Allyn L. Miller Scholarship 500 1
Alma S. Boughey Occupational Therapy Scholarship Varies Varies
Alumni Association Scholarships 3000 Varies
Alumni Elementary-Secondary Education Scholarship 1000 Varies
Amanda Ann Gunn Scholarship Varies Varies
American Association of University Women Scholarships Varies Varies
American Criminal Justice Association Lambda Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon WIU Chapter Scholarship Varies Varies
American Legion Scholarship-McDonough County Post #6 1000 Varies
American Society for Industrial Security Internship Scholarship 250 Varies
American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA) North Cascades Chapter Scholarships 500 2
American Water Works Association, NW WA Subsection 1000 1
Angie Gayman Carmer Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Anita Magafas Nontradtional Student Award 100 Varies
Ann Collins Jazz Piano Scholarship 1000 Varies
Anna Fisher & Cecil C. Brown Scholarship Varies Varies
Anna L. Tobin-An Actress-Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Anna Marie Gruber Scholarship 2000 Varies
Anthony G. Vallot, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) Scholarships (college) 2500 32
Arden J. Elsasser Memorial Award 500 Varies
Arlington & Arlene Seymour Teacher Education Scholarship 1500 Varies
Arnold Schneider Management Achievement Award 250 Varies
Art Department-New Freshman Scholarship 500 Varies
Art Merit Scholarship Varies Varies
Art Star Award 200 Varies
Arthur Andersen Scholarship 1000 Varies
Arthur E. & Martha S. Hearron Student-Faculty Enrichment & Student Scholarship Endowment for Dance Varies Varies
Arthur H. Hupp Endowed Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Arthur Hicks Piano Scholarship Varies Varies
Arthur Kunkel Scholarship Varies Varies
Ashland Commonwealth Scholars Scholarship Varies Varies
Associated Food Dealers of Michigan Scholarship 1000 Varies
Associated Students Academic Excellence Scholarship Varies Varies
Associated Students Campus Activities Varies Varies
Associated Students Childcare Voucher Award Varies Varies
Associated Students Community Involvement Scholarship Varies Varies
Associated Students Diversity Scholarship Varies Varies
Associated Students Employee Scholarship Varies Varies
Associated Students Leadership Scholarship Varies Varies
Associated Students Political Involvement or Activism Varies Varies
AT&T; Wireless Services Scholarship Varies Varies
Athena Cage Scholarship Varies Varies
Audrey Ekdahl Davidson Early Music Scholarship 2000 Varies
Avfuel Michigan Business Aviation Scholarship 500 1
AWARE Scholarship 300 1
BAP-KPMG Scholarship Varies Varies
Barbara French Duzan Scholarship Varies Varies
Bartlett Tree Foundation Scholarship 1000 2
Bayliss Scholarship Varies Varies
BB&T; Scholarship Varies Varies
BDO Seidman Accounting Scholarship 1000 Varies
BDO Seidman Scholarship Varies Varies
Bea & Jim Wehrly Scholarship 1000 2
Belgen Wells Scholarship Varies Varies
Bellingham Herald Diversity Scholarship 500 2
Bellingham Music Club Scholarship 500 Varies
Benson G. Leichhardt Pre-Pharmacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Berit Siren Vassdal Scholarship Varies Varies
Bernadine Steele Scholarship Varies Varies
Bernard Boylan Scholarship Varies Varies
Berta Altose Thal Endowment Varies Varies
Bess & Ernest Williams Scholarship Varies Varies
Bess Fosse Scholarship in Environmental Studies 1000 1
Bessie Myers International Student Scholarship 400 Varies
Bessie Myers Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Beth Louise Critchett Sebaly & Avis Leo ‘Mike’ Sebaly Scholarship Varies Varies
Beth M. Stiffler Scholarship Varies Varies
Betty Lou Smith Scholarship Varies Varies
Beulah & Harold McKee Scholarship 2000 Varies
Beulah & Harold McKee Scholarship in Early Childhood Education 1500 Varies
Beulah & Harold McKee Theatre Scholarship Varies Varies
Beulah Winchel Scholarship Varies Varies
Beverly Belson Scholarship Fund for Music Theatre Varies Varies
Beverly Veenker Dance Scholarship 800 1
Biggs-Gilmore Advertising Scholarship 500 Varies
Bill Bradshaw Memorial Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Biology Faculty Fellowship Fund Varies Varies
Blake Joseph Grinstein Scholarship 2000 Varies
Blenda Olson Scholarship 1000 Varies
Bluegrass-Alumni Scholarship 200 1
Blyler Award for Musical Excellence 300 Varies
Bob J. Davis TPD Scholarship 750 Varies
Bob Proctor Scholarship in Broadcasting 1000 1
Boeing Business Scholarship Varies Varies
Boeing Company Manufacturing Management Scholarship Varies Varies
Boeing Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Borgess Excellence in Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Bowling Green High School Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Bowling Green Kiwanis Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Bowling Green Rotary Club Scholarship Varies 4
Bowling Green Woman’s Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Bowling Green-Warren County Jaycees Scholarship Varies Varies
Bowman “Bo” Davenport Scholarship Varies Varies
BP Cherry Point Scholarship Varies Varies
Brant Rubin Endowed Intergrated Supply Management Scholarship Varies Varies
Brass Performance Varies Varies
Broadway United Methodist Church Scholarship Varies Varies
Bronson Health Foundation Scholarship 2000 Varies
Brophy Scholarship 350 Varies
Bruce Shelton Endowment Varies Varies
Brunken Manufacturing Management Scholarships Varies Varies
Builders Association of Bowling Green Scholarship Varies Varies
Burdette & Kathryn Knappenberger Scholarship 2000 Varies
Business & Technology Alumni Funded Scholarships Varies Varies
Byron N. Wilson Scholarship 500 1
C. Emery & Thelma B. Sallstrom Memorial Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
C. Robin Frieden Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
C.L. Robbins Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Caleb Slaton-Logan Aluminum Scholarship Varies Varies
Calvernia A. Willis Vincent Scholarship Varies Varies
Camilla & Harry Singler Scholarship in Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies 250 Varies
Captain Robert E.T. Beisel, Jr. Graduate Scholarship 1500 Varies
Captain Todd O. Travis, US Marine Corps Scholarship Varies Varies
Carl & Evelyn Schuler Scholarship Varies Varies
Carl C. “Pat” Jordan Scholarship 125 1
Carl C. Gawart Memorial Scholarship 250 1
Carol & Donald Coggan Music Education Scholarship 2000 Varies
Carol Haenicke University Theatre Guild Scholarship Varies Varies
Carol J. Grice Major Scholarship 300 Varies
Carol Jacobson Remembrance Fund 1000 Varies
Carroll F. Knicely Journalism Scholarship 1000 1
Carroll J. Haas, Sr. Violoncello Scholarship 2000 Varies
Caterpillar Excellence Scholarship Varies Varies
Catherine C. Ward Scholarship 1000 1
CBE Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
CBE-FMA Scholarship Varies Varies
Cecil & Chester Harrison Scholarship Varies Varies
Cecil William Westman Memorial Scholarship 850 1
Chappelle Arnett Scholarship Varies Varies
Charlene G. Callison Fashion Merchandising Scholarship 500 Varies
Charles & Martha Strader Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles A. Leonard Memorial Continuing Student Scholarship 500 Varies
Charles B. & Anita Hardin McDole Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles C. & Lynn Zhang & Associations Scholarship 500 2
Charles Calvert Holt Scholarship Fund 1125 1
Charles E. Meyer Award in Art History Varies Varies
Charles G. Sadler History Memorial Scholarship 750 4
Charles Gatton Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles M. Anderson Scholarship in Communication & Technology 1000 1
Charles M. Stewart Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles McCarty Sr. Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles Rice Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Charles Wilcox Memorial Fund 250 Varies
Chef John R. Lawrence Scholarship 500 Varies
Chemistry Award 100 1
Chesley Williams Bailey Scholarship Varies Varies
Chicago Food Brokers Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
Choral Scholarship Varies Varies
Chown-Himmel Special Education Scholarship 500 Varies
Christian Life Center Scholarship Varies Varies
Chrystal Grady Home Economics Scholarship 500 Varies
Chrystal I. Grady Family & Consumer Sciences Scholarship Varies Varies
Chubb Group Of Insurance Companies Scholarship 1000 Varies
Chuck Lappenbusch, Sr. Athletic Scholarship Varies Varies
Chuck Randall Men’s Basketball Scholarship Varies Varies
Cinq-Mars Jarvis Scholarship 2500 Varies
Cinq-Mars Scholarship 2500 Varies
Citizens First Bank Scholarship Varies Varies
Citizens National Bank Agriculture Scholarship 100 2
Claire & Erwin Mayer Scholarship Varies Varies
Clarence E. Neff Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Clarence Glover Scholarship Varies Varies
Clarence Neff Scholarship in Agriculture 500 Varies
Claude Hill PET Scholarship Varies Varies
Clausing Industrial, Inc. Scholarship 1000 Varies
Clayton Westgate Scholarship 300 Varies
Clela Trotter Wilson Scholarship 500 Varies
Clement Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Clifford & Ella Chapman Distinguished Senior Scholarship 200 Varies
Clifford A. & Rosa Julstrom Scholarship-Foreign Languages & Literature 500 Varies
Clifford A. & Rosa Julstrom Scholarship-Music 500 Varies
Clifton Gunderson & Co., Accountancy Award 250 Varies
Clyde B. Cates Scholarship Fund 500 5
Clyde T. Harlow Scholarship Varies Varies
Coca Cola Food Marketing Fellowships 2000 Varies
Col. Oscar Payne Cleaver Scholarship 1000 1
Colin J. Gould Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
College Heights Herald Journalism Scholarships 500 10
College of Education Undergraduate Scholarship 1000 Varies
College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Endowed Scholarship 1000 Varies
College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Scholarship 500 Varies
Colonel Charles E. Bayliss Scholarship Varies Varies
Colonel Marinda Coultas Wood Scholarship 1000 Varies
Commited To Lives of Excellence Scholarship 500 Varies
Communcation Sciences & Disorders Scholarship Varies Varies
Computer Science Alumni & Friends Award Varies Varies
Computer Science Programming Excellence Scholarship Varies Varies
Computer Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Conant Dodge Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Congressman Al Swift Scholarship 1000 1
Cora Jane & Robert E. Spiller Scholarship Varies Varies
Corydon M. Hubbert Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Counselor Education & College Student Personnel Alumni Scholars 500 3
Counselor Education & Counseling Psychology Alumni-AE Scholarship 500 2
Craig B. Peot Memorial Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Crowe Chizek & Company Scholarship 1000 Varies
CS Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship 500 Varies
Cultural Diversity Dance Major Scholarship 500 Varies
Cultural Diversity Scholarship 3500 Varies
Currently Enrolled Student Scholarship 200 Varies
Cynthia Wrazien-Hirt Endowed Memorial Advertising Scholarship Varies Varies
D. Whitney Combs Scholarship 1000 1
D.B. ‘Tim’ & Gloria Shaw, Jr. Tutorial Support Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Dale Hopper Jazz Studies Scholarship 100 Varies
Dale Pistsch Memorial Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Dalton Dancers with Musicians Scholarship 500 Varies
Dalton Exceptional Dance Major Scholarship 500 Varies
Dalton New Dance Major Scholarship 500 Varies
Dana Lynn Park Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
David & Sandy Rozelle Accountancy Scholarship 500 2
David A. & M. Gretchen Miller Scholarship 1000 Varies
David A. Rahm Memorial Scholarship 500 1
David B. Whitaker Scholarship 600 1
David Carley Memorial Graduate Fellowship 500 Varies
David P. Karsten Theatre Scholarship Varies Varies
David P. Pasquini Award 500 Varies
David R. Watson Scholarship Varies Varies
David W. Cole Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
David Wayne Quasi Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
David Wedge Memorial Wedge-Presbyterian Church Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean Arnold E. Schneider Management Achievement Award Varies Varies
Dean’s Non-Traditional Student Scholarship 500 Varies
Dean’s Scholarship 4000 Varies
Debolt Teacher Shortage Scholarship Program 5000 Varies
Declan Barron Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Delbert & Willie Oliphant Terrell Scholarship Varies Varies
Delbert Bussan Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Deloitte & Touche Accounting Scholarship 1000 Varies
Deloitte Accounting Scholarship Varies Varies
Delores Ryner Scholarship 1000 2
Delta Sigma Phi-Gamma Kappa Chapter Scholarship Varies Varies
Delta Upsilon Fraternity-Dr. Josephine Johnson Scholarship Varies Varies
Demography Scholarship Varies Varies
Dempsey Reid Scholarship Varies Varies
Dennis ‘Dan’ F. Sigwart Viet Nam Descendant Scholarship 600 Varies
Department of Accountancy Scholarships Varies Varies
Department of Biology Scholarships 500 5
Department of Economics Conference Scholarship Varies 3
Department of Economics Conference Scholarship 250 3
Department of Geography & Geology Scholarship Varies 3
Dero Downing “Spirit Makes the Master” Scholarship Varies Varies
Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising & Hospitality Western Opportunity Scholarship 1000 Varies
Diether H. Haenicke British Isles Theatre Scholarship 6000 Varies
Dill Scholarship Varies Varies
Distinguished Pre-Professional in Biological Sciences 150 Varies
Distinguished Senior in Biology 150 Varies
Distinguished Senior in Biomedical Sciences 150 Varies
Distinguished Service Award for the Department of Management Varies Varies
Dittus Scholarship 200 Varies
Diversity in Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Don & Donna Hainline Scholarship for Undergraduates in Agriculture and or Elementary Education or Special Education 100 Varies
Don C. & Ada G. Walter Scholarship Varies Varies
Don F. Thomas & Jane E. Thomas Scholarship Varies Varies
Don Johnson Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Don Marshall Scholarship 1000 Varies
Don Moon Scholarship Varies 1
Donald Poindexter Research Award 150 Varies
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation Scholarship 500 1
Dora Sharp Scholarship 1000 Varies
Doris & Victor Day Scholarship Varies Varies
Doris A. Lance Fund 500 Varies
Doris Owens Dance Scholarship 150 1
Doris Ruben Memorial Scholarship 200 Varies
Dorothy & Maughan McMurdie Musical Theatre Scholarship 500 Varies
Dorothy H. & Cora Hurd Charles Scholarship 500 Varies
Dorothy Holland Scholarship 2000 Varies
Dorothy J. & Clinton J. Christoff Endowed Scholarship 2000 Varies
Dorothy Kirk Westman Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Dorothy L. (Bladt) Graduate Scholarship in Reading 750 Varies
Dorothy R. Hanson Scholarship Varies Varies
Dorothy U. Dalton Scholarship 2000 Varies
Dorris Hutchison Scholarship Varies Varies
Double Eagle Endowment Varies Varies
Doug Pride Memorial Scholarship 2000 4
Douvas Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Dowell Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. & Mrs. C.L. Dangremond Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. & Mrs. R.L. Hardin Scholarship 500 Varies
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond C. Gibson Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. A. Oren Gould Scholarship 200 Varies
Dr. Alton Little Scholarship 1000 1
Dr. Burdis Andernovics, M.D. Memorial Scholarship 3000 Varies
Dr. Chuck Crume Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Fred Kirchner-Jess Thornton Scholarship 500 Varies
Dr. George C. Potter Scholarship in Marketing & Finance 1500 Varies
Dr. George Klein Scholarship 100 Varies
Dr. Harry J. Hoerner Scholarship 300 2
Dr. In-Gon Kim Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Irving Garwood Shakesperean Scholarship 50 Varies
Dr. Jack P. Daniels Scholarship 1000 Varies
Dr. James H. Stuteville Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. John Castle Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Dr. John S. McVickar Scholarship 750 Varies
Dr. Karen Pelz Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Kimon Bournazos Award for Study & Practice of HRM 250 2
Dr. L.O. & Louise Toomey Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. L.R. Bain Scholarship (Pre-Veterinary Medicine) 500 Varies
Dr. Loren K. Robinson Scholarship 300 2
Dr. Marvin W. Russell-Dr. Robert S. Hall Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Norbert Goekner Scholarship in Chemistry 500 Varies
Dr. Olive Fite American Literature Scholarship 750 Varies
Dr. Paul Blackford British Literature Scholarship 300 2
Dr. R. Glenn Powers Scholarship 500 1
Dr. Ralph Mrs. Eleanor Rinne Pre Med Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Robert Henry Biological Sciences Award 150 Varies
Dr. Roscoe G. Linder Graduate Scholarship 600 Varies
Dr. Susan E. Burns Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Dr. W. Gerald Edds Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Wendell L. Swanson Industrial Technology Scholarship 200 Varies
Dr. William “Biff” Kummer Scholarship 500 1
Dr. Wilson & Winifred Stone Scholarship 300 Varies
Dr. Yan N. Lwin Scholarship in Physics 500 Varies
Drs. Nai-Tung & Lee-Hsia Ting English Scholarship 750 Varies
Duke Harrah Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Dunn Scholarship Varies Varies
Dunn Scholarship 5000 Varies
Durfee & Olive Wieland Endowment for Family & Consumer Sciences Varies Varies
DuSable Scholarship 1000 2
Dwight & Kay Smith Scholarship Varies Varies
E. Bruce & Eleanore Pierce Dewey Endowed Scholarship 500 Varies
E. Fern Hudson Scholarship 1000 Varies
E.A. Diddle Scholarship Varies Varies
Earl & Ann Sawyer Scholarship 500 Varies
Earl A. Moore Scholarship Varies Varies
Earl Hutchins Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Earl V. & Mary W. Davis Scholarship Varies Varies
Economics Department Scholarship 250 Varies
Ed Robertson Scholarship Fund 500 Varies
Educational Opportunity Grant 2500 Varies
Educators for Tomorrow Program 750 Varies
Edward Ravitz Memorial Scholarship in Construction Engineering 4000 Varies
Edwin Grossnickel Scholarship 1000 Varies
Edwin Steffen Scholarship 1000 Varies
Elias A. Bond Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
Elissa Gatlin Scholarship 500 2
Elizabeth Glenadine Gibb Mathematics Scholars 750 Varies
Elizabeth Leichhardt Pre-Medicine Scholarship Varies Varies
Elizabeth M. Garrett Endowed Scholarship for Women in Science Varies Varies
Elizabeth M. Murphy Scholarship Varies Varies
Elizabeth Smutz Award Varies Varies
Elmore L. & Ruth C. Haynor Endowed Scholarship in History Varies Varies
Emily V. Leonard History Memorial Scholarship 750 Varies
Emma Hermann Lowe & Betty Boyd Scholarship Varies Varies
Employee Educational Benefits Award Varies Varies
English Department Scholar of the Year Award 500 Varies
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Scholarship Varies 2
Epsilon Beta Memorial Scholarship 250 Varies
Erik A. Schreiner Endowed Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Ernest O. Beal Biology Scholarship Varies 1
Ernest Paul Lambert Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Ernst & Young Scholarship 500 Varies
Ernst Breisach Scholarship Varies Varies
Esther Fund Scholarship 1000 1
Ethel Grady Church Scholarship Varies Varies
Ethel Ray Scholarship 1000 1
Eula Cordell Larner Writing Award Varies Varies
Eunice D. Faber Scholarship 1500 Varies
Evelyn Burke Scholarship Varies Varies
Evelyn F. Knicely Scholarship 600 1
Evelyn Rosen Hart Endowed Scholarship for Elementary Education-Music Majors 2000 Varies
Excellence in Accompanying Scholarship 2000 Varies
F.H. Currens Memorial Award 350 Varies
F.W. & Elsie L. Heyl Scholarship Varies Varies
Facilities Management (Physical Plant) Scholarship Varies Varies
Fairhaven College Entrance Scholarship 500 Varies
Farmer Jack Supermarkets Scholarships 5000 2
Fellheimer Internship to the Blind & Print Handicapped Varies Varies
First Christian Church Campus Ministry Internship #1 & #2 500 Varies
First Christian Church Sacred Music Scholarship 500 Varies
First Christian Church Student Scholarship 1000 Varies
First Christian Church Vocal Music Internships 500 Varies
First State Bank of Western Illinois-Carthage 700 Varies
First State Bank of Western Illinois-Hamilton 700 Varies
First State Bank of Western Illinois-LaHarpe 700 Varies
First State Bank of Western Illinois-Macomb Scholarship 700 1
Five University Consortium-Minority Internship Program Varies Varies
Flora Lanham Ford Berry Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Florence & Basil C. Cole Scholarship in Biology 600 16
Florence E. & Vernon A. Martin Prestigious Education Scholarship 1000 Varies
Ford Hill Piano Scholarship Varies Varies
Foreign Languages & Literature Western Opportunity Scholarship 1000 Varies
Foreign Languages Alumni Scholarship 250 Varies
Forensics Alumni Scholarships Varies Varies
Foundation Scholars Scholarship 2000 10
Foundation Scholarships Varies Varies
Frances & Alfred Baker Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Frances Jean Miller Endowment 1000 Varies
Frances Richards Journalism Scholarships 600 1
Francis & Peggy Davern International Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank “Moose” Zurline Athletic Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank & Louise Newberry Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank C. Brooks Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank Hinds Zoology Award 250 Varies
Frank L. Atkinson Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank Leo Coomer-Preston S. Miller Scholarship Varies Varies
Frank W. Banks Four-Year Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Fred A. Beeler Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Fred P. Gault Sr. Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Fred Rattner Memorial Mathematics Scholarship Varies Varies
Frederick J. & Katherine Rogers Memorial Shakespeare Award 250 Varies
Frederick S. Upton Fellowship in Public History Varies Varies
Frederick W. Stanley, Jr. Memorial Chemistry Award Varies Varies
Freshman Prize Exam 100 Varies
Fund for the Advancement of Minorities in Education (FAME) Varies Varies
G&R; Felpausch Company Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
G. & J. Schwartz Scholarship Varies Varies
G. Allan & Gertrude Laflin Alumni Council Scholarship 1000 Varies
G. Allan Laflin Scholar in Business Education 500 Varies
G. Eugene Mills Scholarship for Excellence in Ballet 1000 Varies
Galilee Missionary Baptist Church Scholarship Varies Varies
Gardner Singer Scholarship 1000 Varies
Garfield High School Scholarship 1000 1
Gary Gray Memorial Scholarship in Environmental Photography 700 1
Gary Koon Scholarship Varies Varies
Gene Whitfield Jazz Scholarship 2000 Varies
General Assembly Scholarships Varies Varies
George & Jean Bradley Graduate Fellowship 1000 Varies
George & Lucille Pittard Endowed Scholarship 1000 Varies
George Bradley Physics Award 500 Varies
George C. Moore Physics Scholarship Varies Varies
George E. Kohrman Scholarship 1500 Varies
George F. & Ann Stagg Teacher Education Scholarship 1000 Varies
George G. Mallinson Science Education Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
George Ruggles Scholarship Varies Varies
George Sprau Award(s) in English 175 Varies
George V. & Sadie Skiles Page Scholarship Varies Varies
George W. Keagle Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Georgia-Pacific Corporation Food Marketing Scholarship 5000 2
Gerson F. Miller Journalism Scholarship 1500 Varies
GESA Federal Credit Union Scholarship Varies Varies
Gladwyn L. Barrett Scholarship 1500 Varies
Glasgow Kiwanis Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Glenn R. & Joan B. Garrison Scholarship Varies Varies
Golden LEAF Scholarship Program-Four Year University Program 3000 Varies
Gordon Smith & Thomas G. Smith Scholarship Fund 500 3
Grabert Transfer Scholarship 600 2
Graduate Assistantships 4000 Varies
Graduate Assistantships Varies Varies
Graduate Fellowship in English 500 Varies
Greater Louisville Alumni Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
Greater Louisville Alumni Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Greenleaf Asset Management Scholarships in Finance 8000 2
Greenwood Optimist Club Scholarship Varies Varies
Gregory Cox Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Grove B. & Olive Tyson Scholarship 300 Varies
Grover Bartoo Scholarship Award Varies Varies
Growmark Agriculture Scholarship 1000 2
Gwen Frostic Benzie County Central Schools Scholarship Varies Varies
Gwenivere Rabe Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
H. Edward Breece Agriculture Scholarship 1000 Varies
H. Glenn Ayre Award 1000 Varies
H. Glenn Henderson Scholarship 2000 Varies
H. Kendall Teacher Scholars Scholarship Varies Varies
H. Waldo Horrabin Scholarship 300 Varies
H.A. McElroy Scholarship-(Bowling Green Evening Civitan Scholarship) 650 Varies
H.D. Waggoner Memorial Award Varies Varies
H.E. Mills Electric Company Scholarship Varies Varies
Haenicke Scholarship for International Music Study 2000 Varies
Haggen Athletic Scholarship Varies Varies
Haig & Janette Tashijian Scholarship Varies Varies
Harold & Beulah McKee Scholarship 1000 Varies
Harold & Lyla Lant Scholarship Varies Varies
Harold F. Schory Scholarship 500 Varies
Harold F. Schory Scholarship-Debate 600 Varies
Harold Warren Memorial Golf Award 400 Varies
Harper C. Maybee Scholarship 2000 Varies
Harriet Stull Scholarship 500 Varies
Harriett Kiser Creed Endowment Fund 500 Varies
Harriett Kiser Creed HPER Scholarship 500 1
Harvey Gelder Scholarship 500 Varies
Haskell Crew Scholarship Varies Varies
Hathaway Need-Based Scholarship 1800 Varies
Hathaway Scholarship Program 1600 Varies
Hazel Wirick Scholarship 1000 Varies
Hearron-Sommerfeld Music Theatre Scholarship 2500 Varies
Heartland WKU Alumni Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Helen & Kaye Skougis Scholarship Fund for Dance Varies Varies
Helen Elizabeth Gibbens Physician Assistant Scholarship Varies Varies
Helen Hostetter International Study Scholarship Varies Varies
Helen L. Buckley Scholarship in Elementary Education 1000 Varies
Helen McCutcheon Yeast Scholarship 1000 Varies
Helsinki Student Exchange Scholarship Varies Varies
Henry F. Moss Scholarship Varies Varies
Henry H. Schlinker Scholarship Varies Varies
Henry M. & Zula G. Yarbrough Award 250 2
Herb & Beth Hearsey Scholarship Varies Varies
Herbert Butler Chair Scholarship 2000 Varies
Herbert L. Baird Jr. Scholarship 700 Varies
Herman Linder Award 500 Varies
Herman R. Koester Scholarship 1000 Varies
High School Publication Workshop Scholarship 200 4
Hill’s Pet Products Scholarship Varies Varies
Hodgson Family Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Holzman Biology Scholarship 500 Varies
Homer L.J. Carter Graduate Scholarship in Reading 500 Varies
Horizon Bank Scholarship Varies Varies
Howard & Howard Community Reinvestment Scholarship Varies Varies
Howard C. Nudd Endowed Scholarship 500 Varies
Howard E. Thompson Endowed Scholarship Fund for Physical Education 1000 Varies
Howard O. Lindsey Scholarship Varies Varies
Howard Wolpe Scholarship 1000 Varies
Hubert & Dorthea Peckman Memorial Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Hugo Magliocco Trombone Scholarship (A) Varies Varies
Hugo Magliocco Trombone Scholarship (B) Varies Varies
I.B. Mc Gladrey Award 500 Varies
Ian Calvert “John” Lavender Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Ida Blanche Bruner-Verlin K. Johnson Family Scholarship 350 Varies
Illinois Department of Agriculture Scholarship-Freshmen 1000 3
Illinois Department of Agriculture Scholarships 1000 2
Illinois Nurserymen’s Scholars Scholarship 1000 2
Illinois Park & Recreation Association Scholarship 500 Varies
Illinois Society of Professional Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers Scholarship Varies Varies
Illinois Tourism Scholarship Program 1500 Varies
Immunex Manufacturing Management Scholarship Varies Varies
Industrial Design Scholarship Varies Varies
Inez J. Dennison Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Inforte Outstanding Computer Science Student Award Varies 2
Institute of Management Accountants Scholarship 500 Varies
International Student Exchange Scholarship Varies Varies
International Student Scholarship 1000 Varies
Irene M. & Collin S. Wilcox Scholarship 800 Varies
Irene O’Dell Scholarship Varies Varies
Irving S. Gilmore Piano Scholarships 2000 Varies
Isadore Turansky Memorial Special Education Scholarship 500 Varies
Ishikawa-Fullmer Scholarship 1000 Varies
Island Creek Coal Company Scholarship Varies Varies
Ivy Cassidy Foster Scholarship 600 Varies
Ivy Roth Memorial Scholarship 2800 1
J. Binnie Wolfe Scholarship 500 Varies
J. David Smith Scholarship 1000 2
J. Murray & Ruth P. Hill Memorial Scholarship 500 1
J. Ruth Kelsey Materials Award 600 Varies
J. Ruth Kelsey Scholarship Varies 1
J.E. Kuykendall Scholarship 400 1
J.H. & M.E. Leach Scholarship 500 Varies
J.J. Veit Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jack E. Lunt Dance Scholarship 2000 1
Jack Hedblade Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jackson Kesler Costuming Scholarship 1000 1
Jacob Burlak Scholar Scholarship Varies Varies
Jacob P. DeWitt Outstanding Teacher Award 250 Varies
Jaggers-Cave Scholarship Varies Varies
Jaggers-Cave Scholarships for Undergraduate Psychology Majors Varies 10
James Beard Foundation Scholarship 2000 Varies
James Clary Scholarship for Business 1000 2
James Clifton Essay Award 200 Varies
James H. Powell Award in Statistics 100 Varies
James Joseph Ryan Scholarship for International Studies Varies Varies
James Knauss-Smith Burnham Senior History Award Varies Varies
James L. Talbot Scholarship Varies Varies
James Magsig Collaborative Piano Scholarship 500 Varies
James Stewart “Jimbo” DeVries Scholarship Varies Varies
James W. Kerr & Rose Netzorg Kerr Varies Varies
James W. Richmond Sales & Business Marketing Scholarship Varies Varies
Jane Blackburn Memorial Scholarship for Undergraduates in Elementary Education 500 Varies
Jane Lanier Synovitz Memorial Scholarship Award-Music Department Special Awards 100 Varies
Janet E. Stillwell Music Theatre Scholarship 1000 Varies
Jay Baumann Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jay Stein Scholarship-Society of Educators & Scholars 600 Varies
Jean & Vincent Malstrom Scholarship 500 Varies
Jean Crowell Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Jean Hunse Scholarship 1500 Varies
Jean S. and Roger M. Morrow Award 300 1
Jean Towne Scholarship Endowment 600 Varies
Jeanette Murphy Klemm Scholarship Varies Varies
Jeff Robideau Award for Meritorious Scholarship Varies 2
Jeffrey & Barbara Vortman Scholarship 500 Varies
Jeffrey Mildenstein Dance Scholarship 150 1
Jeld-Wen Scholarship Varies Varies
Jerilyn Pecharich Scholarship 500 Varies
Jerry Purdum Memorial Scholarship in French 1000 Varies
Jerry Purdum Scholarship for Business 1000 Varies
Jerry W. Price & Nancy Sherer Scholarship Varies Varies
Jessie Ferne Routh Grice Scholarship 300 Varies
Jim & Bea Wehrly Scholarship 1000 2
Jim Ayre Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Jim Joyce New Freshman Scholarship 100 Varies
Jim Joyce Scholarship 100 Varies
Jim Sleep Memorial Award Varies Varies
Jim Wayne Miller Scholarship Varies Varies
Jim Wilkins Scholarship-(Bowling Green Evening Civitan Scholarship) 800 Varies
Joanne B. Wagner Scholarship 500 Varies
Joe McGown Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John & Ivabell Means Scholarship in Elementary Education 1000 Varies
John & Susanna Gemela Memorial Scholarship for Design & Technical Theatre Varies Varies
John ‘Doc’ Reeves Urban Forestry Scholarship 500 Varies
John A. Scarborough School of Education Scholarship Varies Varies
John B. & Clarence M. Gaines Scholarship 1000 1
John Bliven Scholarship 300 Varies
John C. Roberts Scholarship 300 Varies
John Code Mowbray & Kathlyn Hammes Mowbray Scholarship 1000 Varies
John D. & Mary Denise Ranger Scholarship 1000 Varies
John H. & Mary M. Leach Scholarship 350 Varies
John Joseph Kutz Memorial Scholarship Varies 1
John Josten Alumni Scholarships Varies Varies
John L. & Louise R. Ramsey Scholarship Varies Varies
John M. Brannigan Scholarship in CBT 2000 Varies
John M. Brannigan Scholarship in Engineering Technology 2000 Varies
John Merrett Scholarship in English 750 Varies
John Oldham Scholarship Varies Varies
John P. & Nora Everett Award 100 Varies
John R. Borsos Memorial Endowed Scholarship 1000 Varies
Jon P. Rood Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph & Anna Seidel Educational Opportunity Scholarship 1000 2
Joseph & mary Stipanowich Mathematics Scholarship 500 Varies
Joseph A. Dear Memorial Scholarships 900 10
Joseph Levinoff Dance Scholarship 250 1
Joseph R. Padrnos Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Joseph S. & Carol C. Kersting Scholarship 500 Varies
Journalism Alumni Scholarship 750 2
Joyce Daughtery Scholarship Varies Varies
Juanita Prickett Memorial Scholarship 200 Varies
Judy Livermore Transfer Student Scholarship 300 Varies
Jules W. Englander Memorial Endowed Scholarship 1000 Varies
Julian & Betty Goodman Scholarship 1200 1
Julie Clayton Scholarship 500 Varies
Julie Kaye CunninghamMemorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Julie Kravitz Endowed Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Julius E. Price, Sr. Scholarship Fund 200 Varies
Julius Stulberg Chair Scholarship 2000 Varies
June M. Sherman Nola Scholarship Varies Varies
Junior Honors Scholarship 600 Varies
Kaiser-Borsari Educational Foundation Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Kalamazoo Antique Auto Restorers Club Scholarship 500 Varies
Kalamazoo Builders Exchange Scholarship 1000 Varies
Kalamazoo Chapter 116-Roscoe Douglas Scholarship Award Fund 1500 1
Kalamazoo Geological & Mineral Society Scholarship Varies Varies
Kalamazoo Section of the American Chemical Society’s Outstanding College Chemistry Student 500 Varies
Kappa Alpha Psi Scholarship Varies Varies
Kappa Omicron Nu Scholarship 500 Varies
Kara Leigh Broughton Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Karen S. Courter WESL Scholarship 100 Varies
Katherine Larsen Scholarship Fund for Theatre Education Varies Varies
Katherine Pratt Burrell Endowed Education Scholarship 500 Varies
Katherine Thompson Scholarship 500 3
Kathleen Keller Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Katie Simon FFA Scholarship Varies Varies
KBMI Summer Intern Program Varies 3
Keith Webb Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Keith Webb Scholarship 1000 Varies
Kellogg’s Food Marketing Scholarship 1000 Varies
Kelly Thompson-Marion County Scholarship Varies Varies
Kelvin Butts Scholarship 500 Varies
Kenneth Bullmer Endowed Scholarship 500 Varies
Kenneth G. Bacheller Scholarship Varies Varies
Kenneth L. Dixon Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Kenneth Lee Bailey Memorial Scholarship 400 Varies
Kenneth W. Knight Scholarship 5000 Varies
Kentucky Banking Centers, Inc. Varies Varies
Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts Alumni Scholarships Varies 10
Kern Family Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Kerrie Fay Stewart Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kevin D. Bullington Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Kinesiology Alumni Scholarship 500 Varies
Knapman Chemistry Scholarship 1000 2
Kodak Professional Photography Scholarship 1000 1
Kuenzi Memorial Scholarship 600 Varies
Kurt Schmierer Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
L. Mildred Hurd Scholarship Varies Varies
LaHarpe Telephone Company Scholarship 500 Varies
Land Between Lakes Scholarship Varies Varies
Lanny Wilde Criminal Justice Scholarship 250 Varies
Lara Nell Mahurin Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Larry & Brenda Miller Scholarship-Accounting 1500 Varies
Larry & Brenda Miller Scholarship-Finance 1500 Varies
Larry Coffey Landmark Community Newspapers, Inc., Journalism Scholarships 600 2
Larry Elliott Scholarship 500 Varies
Larry Johnson Memorial Sixth Man Scholarship Varies Varies
Larry N. Gleason Award Varies Varies
Laura Beu Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Laura Goad Turner in Fine Arts-Allen County Scholarship Varies Varies
Laura V. Shaw Quasi Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Laurie Meyers Potter Scholarship 500 Varies
Lawrence Ginocchio Aviation Scholarship 5000 5
Lawrence, Clara & Evelyn E. Burke Scholarship Varies Varies
Leanne L. Grice Porch Scholarship 300 Varies
Lenis Reece Scholarship Varies Varies
Leo C. VanderBeek Award in Botany 150 Varies
Leo R. Parpart Physics Endowed Scholarship 1000 Varies
Leon & Lassie Page Scholarship Varies Varies
Leon L. & Marion B. Lamet Four-Year Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Leonard C. & Dorotha Kercher Sociology Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Leonard C. Kercher Graduate Fellowship Varies Varies
Leonard Gernant & Frances A. Gernant Gerontology Scholarship 500 Varies
Leonard Meretta Band Scholarship 2000 Varies
Leroy Daniels Undergraduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Leslie Crabtree Scholarship Varies Varies
Leslie Hunt Memorial Poetry Award Varies Varies
Lester B. & Frances E. Collins Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Levi & Bertha Alexander Scholarship Varies Varies
Lewis B. Lockwood Scholarship 700 Varies
Liberal Studies Department Scholarship Varies 2
Lila S. Linder English I Scholarship 750 Varies
Lila S. Linder English II Scholarship 750 Varies
Lila S. Linder Scholarship 750 Varies
Lillian & Florence Snyder Awards Varies Varies
Lillian Ruth Robertson (Piano/Voice) Scholarship 1000 1
Lillian Ruth Robertson Scholarship-Strings 2000 Varies
Lloyd & Marilyn Schmaltz Award 600 Varies
Lloyd F. Hutt Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Lofton & Georgiann Burge Scholarship for Undergraduates in Elementary Education 2000 Varies
Lofton Burge Educational Scholarship 2000 Varies
Lois Cordell Bruner Writing Award Varies Varies
Lois King Thore Scholarship Varies Varies
Lois L. Richmond Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Loomis-Hanley Foreign Language Scholarship 500 Varies
Loren E. & Nellie M. Clark Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Lori Lynne Myers Scholarship Varies Varies
Louis & Alice Schleier Memorial Teacher Education Scholarship for Academic Achievement 1000 10
Louis P. Johnston Advertising Scholarship 500 Varies
Lucille Abbott Nobbs Endowed Scholarship 2000 Varies
Lucille J. Haines Education Scholarship 500 Varies
Lucius H. & Dorothy J. Tarbell Scholarship 2200 2
Lydia S. Grover Organ Scholarship Varies Varies
Lydia Siedschlag Scholarship Varies Varies
Lynda Goodrich Women’s Basketball Scholarship Varies Varies
Lynn Clark Scholarship 600 1
Lynne & Charlene Fogarty McKee Endowed Scholarship 3000 5
Lynne C. McCauley Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
M. Bernadine Mings Physical Education-Student Athlete Scholarship 300 Varies
M. Gretchen & David A. Miller Scholarship in Teacher Education 1000 Varies
Mable Zoe Wilson Excellence in Student Library Service Award Varies Varies
Macomb Branch American Association of University Women AAUW International Student Scholarship 750 Varies
Mae Arnold Thacker Scholarships 2000 Varies
Magellan Scholarship 500 Varies
Major Henry Schmaltz, USAF, Endowed Scholarship for Aviation Sciences Varies Varies
Malcolm S. & Mary L. Torgerson Scholarship 300 Varies
Maner, Costerisan & Ellis Scholarship 1000 Varies
Marcella S. & Philip F. Faustman Music Theatre Scholarship Varies Varies
Marcella S. & Philip F. Faustman Vocal Music Scholarship 2000 Varies
Marcus Sipolt Scholarship for Business 1000 Varies
Marcy G. & Lulu Bodine Scholarship 600 3
Margaret Aitken Scholarship Varies Varies
Margaret E. Hamstreet Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Margaret H. Ward Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Margaret Isobel Black Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Margaret Macmillan Writing Award Varies Varies
Margaret Thomas DuMond Scholarship 500 Varies
Marie Gatton Scholarship Varies Varies
Marion I. Hall Undergraduate Scholarship 1000 Varies
Marion P. Callison Non-Traditional Scholarship 500 Varies
Marion VanNostrand Scholarship Varies Varies
Marjorie Bradshaw Memorial Scholarship 150 Varies
Marjorie Ewald Smith Endowed Scholarship 500 Varies
Mark Denefeld Memorial Endowed Scholarship 500 Varies
Mark Lockwood Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Marshall & Poe Scholarship 1000 Varies
Martha L. Habermel Scholarship Varies Varies
Martina Horn Fairhaven Scholarship 1000 Varies
Martinez P.R.E.P. Scholarship Varies Varies
Marvin Butler Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary & Jack Fraim Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary & R.E. Jackson Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Mary A. Bennett Award Varies Varies
Mary Catherine Hostetter Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Cay Talbott Memorial Scholarship 300 Varies
Mary Cecile Stevens Scholarship-Community College 250 2
Mary Ellen McKee Scholarship 600 2
Mary Ewing Scholarship for Theatre 500 Varies
Mary Hensley Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Hutto Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary I. Morton Scholarship 1200 Varies
Mary K. McIntyre Gorrell Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Lucille Scott Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary McCutcheon Hofsess Scholarship 1000 Varies
Mary Olive Woods Scholarship Varies Varies
Mary Ruggles-Chuckanut District Garden Clubs Scholarship 600 1
Mary Thorne University Theatre Guild Scholarship Varies Varies
Mathematics Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Mathematics Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Matthew G. McGuinness Memorial Scholarship 400 Varies
Maxine Robinson Scholarship 500 Varies
Mayor Dennis Archer Endowed Scholarship 2000 Varies
McCarty-Morrison Scholarship 500 Varies
McConkey Foundation Theatre Scholarship Varies Varies
McDonough Telephone Cooperative Scholarship 100 Varies
McKinley Financial Foundation Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Medallion Scholarship 10000 Varies
Medical Center at Scottsville Scholarship Varies Varies
Melbourne & Alice E. Frontjes Scholarship Varies Varies
Melvin & Shirley Adelstein Scholarship Varies Varies
Merrill Wiseman Microbiology Award 150 Varies
Merze Tate Undergradute Scholarship 2000 Varies
Metzger Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael D. Steenbergen Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael K. Mischaikow Essay Prize Varies Varies
Michael Listiak Scholarships 2000 Varies
Michael Litwin Scholarship 1000 Varies
Michael P. Kelly Scholarship 1500 Varies
Michigan Food & Beverage Association Scholarships 1000 2
Mid-America National Bank Scholarship 1000 Varies
Mildred B. Rhoads Scholarship Fund 500 9
Mildred Howard Scholarship 1000 1
Minority Education Recruitment & Retention Scholarship 5000 Varies
Minority Teacher Incentive Grant 5000 Varies
Minority Teachers of Illinois (MIT) Scholarship Program 5000 Varies
Minority Theatre Scholarship 8000 Varies
Mitchell A. John Sportsmanship Award 100 Varies
MM-POM Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Monica Gutchow Dance in Education Scholarship Varies Varies
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Simmons Scholarship Varies Varies
Mr. Robert Wurster & Dr. Tom Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
Mrs. Geneva Lafferty Martin Scholarship Varies Varies
Ms. Joann Verner Scholarship 500 1
MSM Solutions Scholarship 4000 Varies
Mt. Zion Baptist Church Scholarship Varies Varies
Muhlenberg County Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
Multicultural Achievement Program (MAP) for Freshman or Transfer Student 2000 Varies
Multicultural Achievement Program Continuing (MAP) Scholarship 2000 90
Music Composition Scholarship Varies Varies
Music Department Scholarship Varies Varies
Music Merit 100 Varies
Music Performance Scholarship Varies 10
Music Scholarships Varies Varies
Music Theatre Performance Scholarship 400 Varies
Music Therapy Graduate Student 2000 Varies
Myrl Beck Scholarship Varies Varies
NAACP Scholarship 500 1
Nabisco Foods Group Endowed Scholarships 2000 2
Nahbi Ram Joshi Scholarship Varies Varies
Nancy A. Brown Scholarship in Elementary Education 1000 Varies
Nancy E. Barrelle Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Nancy Neeley Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising, & Hospitality Scholarship 500 Varies
Nathan L. Nichols Physics Scholarship 500 Varies
National City Harman & Potter Incentive Scholarship Varies Varies
National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. Scholarship Award 500 1
NCAIAW Scholarship 1000 1
NEHA-AAS Scholarship Awards 1000 2
Neil E. Hoover Memorial Scholarship 300 Varies
Neil L. & Leta C. Schoenhals Undergraduate Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Nell Koester Scholarship 500 Varies
New Graduate Fellowship in English 500 Varies
Noma Dunn Scholarship Varies Varies
Norm Bright Scholarship Varies Varies
Norman “Bud” Simpson Scholarship Varies Varies
Norman E. Slack Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
North Carolina Sheriffs Association Undergraduate Criminal Justice Scholarship 2000 10
Northwest Indian College Scholarship 2000 Varies
Northwest Suburban DNA Chapter #253 Scholarship 700 Varies
O.V. Clark Scholarship 225 1
Ogden Research Scholarships 1500 1
Oliver & Mary E. Troyer Scholarship 500 Varies
Oliver Wight Scholarship for Manufacturing Management Varies Varies
Omega Psi Phi Epsilon Beta Memorial Scholarship 250 Varies
Onyx Society Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Opal Wedeberg Scholarship 300 Varies
Operations Management Advisory Board Scholarships Varies Varies
Order of Omega Scholarship 100 Varies
Oscar Edwin Olson Scholarship Varies Varies
Oscar Payne Cleaver Scholarship Varies Varies
Outstanding Dance Major Scholarship 500 Varies
Outstanding Graduate Students in Biological Sciences 150 Varies
Outstanding New Freshmen Scholarship 500 Varies
P.K. Morris Scholarship 1000 Varies
Pace-Blakey Scholarship Varies Varies
Pacific Energy Association Scholarship 1200 Varies
Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association Scholarship 1000 1
Parks Scholarship Varies Varies
Pat & Wallace Nave Scholarship Varies Varies
Pat Mitchell CFBA Award 2000 Varies
Patricia A. Wood Memorial Scholarship in Special Education 625 Varies
Patricia Bulkeley Scholarship 600 4
Patricia Chisholm Scholarship for Theatre Education Varies Varies
Patricia Dangremond Endowed Scholarship 1000 Varies
Patricia Swenson Scholarship Varies Varies
Patrick D. Hagerty Promising Scholarship in English Award 250 Varies
Patrick M. Quinn Endowed Food Marketing Scholarship 1000 Varies
Paul & Kathryn Bobzin Scholarship 1000 Varies
Paul Campbell Physics Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul Nollen Biology Honors Scholarship 1000 2
Paul Rood Physics Scholarship 500 Varies
Paula & Kirk Wilson Scholarship Varies Varies
Pauline Dahlquist Scholarship Varies Varies
Pauline Lowman Memorial Secondary Mathematics Education Award 200 Varies
Pearle LeCompte Memorial Scholarship 2000 Varies
Peoples Bank Scholarship-LeCocq Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Perry Cross Scholarship Varies Varies
Pete Repins Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Pfueller Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Phi Delta Kappa Scholarship Varies Varies
Physics & Astronomy Department Scholarship Varies Varies
Physics Department New Freshman Scholarship 500 Varies
Pi Kappa Alpha S.L.A.G. Scholarship 500 Varies
Pioneer Group Tony Walker Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Plante & Moran Accountancy Scholarship 1000 Varies
Political Science Department Public Affairs Research Fund Scholarships Varies Varies
Political Science Department Scholarship Varies Varies
President’s Award for Study Abroad in Spanish Varies Varies
President’s Minority Graduate Access Program (PMGAP) 4000 Varies
President’s Scholarship (freshman) 5000 Varies
President’s Scholarship-Phi Theta Kappa 3000 Varies
President’s Scholarships (transfer) 5000 Varies
President’s Scholarships for Study Abroad in Spanish 2000 6
Presidential Scholar Award 250 Varies
Presidential Scholars Scholarships 1000 15
Presser Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Scholarship 1000 Varies
Psychology Alumni Scholarship 250 Varies
R. Paul & Elizabeth Terrell Scholarship Varies 2
R.D. Brown Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
R.M. Myers Award Varies Varies
Ralph N. Miller Memorial Award 300 Varies
Randall, Marjorie E., & Marjorie R. Frazier Scholarship Varies Varies
Rathmann Family Foundation Endowment for Chemistry & Biology Varies Varies
Rauch Family Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Ray Fowler-Armstrong Family Scholarship 1000 1
Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration Alumni Scholarship-Richard S.Westgate Professional Service Award 500 Varies
Red O’Donnell Scholarship 600 1
Reese Honeycutt Athletic Scholarship Varies Varies
Residential Scholar Initiative Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Residential Scholarship Varies Varies
Rhea Yeager Fetzer Music Scholarship 2000 Varies
Rhoda C. Keagle Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard Brian Whitmire Memorial Scholarship 700 1
Richard F. & Carolyn Curtis Chormann Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard Greene Undergraduate Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard Hart Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard Neschich Endowed Food Marketing Scholarship Varies Varies
Richard Schafer Community College-Transfer Student Geology Scholarship 500 Varies
Richard Schafer Freshman Scholarship 500 1
Richard Schafer Geology Summer Field Camp Award 200 Varies
Richard Schafer Transfer Student in Geology 1000 1
Richard T. Thornberry Scholarship for Graduate Studies in English Varies Varies
Robert & Eleanor DeVries Student Art Award Varies Varies
Robert & Irene (Smith) Davies Education Scholarship 500 Varies
Robert & Marion Denison Scholarship for Theatre Education Varies Varies
Robert A. Welborn Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert B. Trader Marketing Scholarship 750 Varies
Robert Barstow Endowed Award 250 Varies
Robert C. “Bid” Manning Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert C. Bueker Award 200 Varies
Robert Christianson Male Dance Major Scholarship 500 Varies
Robert E. Elkin-Jeanne R. Larkin Award 100 Varies
Robert F. Maher Scholarship 200 Varies
Robert G. Cochran Scholarship 200 1
Robert Girard Memorial Award Varies Varies
Robert J. & Evelyn S. Armstrong Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert K. Fryzek Memorial Award 300 Varies
Robert L. Nardelli Scholarship for Business 1500 2
Robert Lang Blakslee Memorial Fund for Special Education 1000 Varies
Robert Meagher Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Robert Osmon Scholarship 100 Varies
Roger & Jean Morrow Physics Scholarship 300 Varies
Roland Grass Scholarship-Phi Kappa Phi 500 Varies
Ron & Matalene Absher Scholarship Varies Varies
Ron & Rita Spellhaug Aviation Scholarship Varies Varies
Ron Jerrell & Belinda Mason Scholarship Varies Varies
Ronald & Kathleen Wagner Scholarship Varies Varies
Ronald C. Cavanaugh Memorial Scholarship 500 1
Ronald Lane Abrell Scholarship 300 Varies
Ronald Maurer Memorial Scholarship 250 Varies
Ronald P. Maurer Scholarship 250 Varies
Rosalie & Norman Severinsen Scholarship 500 Varies
Rosalie Clauwaert Lloyd Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Rosalyn Stamps Scholarship Varies Varies
Roscoe G. Linder Scholarship in Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising & Hospitality 750 Varies
Roscoe Linder Band Scholarship 600 2
Rose Hyman Scholarship 200 Varies
Rose M. Iciek Memorial Scholarship for Elementary & Secondary Education 1000 Varies
Rose Netzorg Kerr & James W. Kerr Award Varies Varies
Roy & Beulah Kendall Financial Need Endowed Scholarship 2000 Varies
Roy & Beulah Kendall Kellogg Community College Academic Merit Endowed Scholarship 2000 Varies
Roy B. Hatcher Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Roy M. Sallee Award Varies Varies
Roy Shepard Scholarship for African American Students 250 Varies
Ruby Hamilton Henry Scholarship 200 1
Ruby Miller Raglin Memorial Scholarship in Music Varies Varies
Ruby T. & John K. Howard Scholarship Varies Varies
Russell Brown Honors Brass Quintet Scholarships 2000 Varies
Russell H. Miller Scholarship 700 1
Ruth Hughes WESL Scholarship 500 Varies
Ruth Russell Memorial Scholarship in Geography 1000 Varies
Ruth Watts Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Ruth Y. Kirby Awards for Travel & Study Abroad Varies Varies
Ruth Y. Kirby Scholarship Varies Varies
S.S.P.R.P.A Scholarship 500 Varies
Sam & Joyce Porter Scholarship Varies Varies
Sam B. Adams Memorial Vocal Endowed Scholarship 2000 Varies
Sam Dunaway Scholarship Varies Varies
Sam Sublett Jr. Scholarship-Corrections Education 500 Varies
Samuel J. Simmons & Barbara Lett Simmons Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Samuel K. Smart, Jr. Fund 1000 Varies
Samuel Olivia Scholarship 1000 Varies
Sara Elizabeth Tyler Scholarship 600 Varies
Sara Thompson Scholarship 1000 1
Sara Wirth Scholarship Endowment Varies Varies
Sarah Gilbert Garris Scholarship 600 18
Sarah Miner Scholarship 1500 Varies
Sarah Ruth Geurin Scholarship Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships Varies Varies
Scholarships (Employees) 1000 8
Scholtz Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
School of Art Enrichment Grants Varies Varies
School of Art Freshman Scholarships 500 Varies
School of Art Student Exhibit Awards 1000 4
School of Extended Studies Alumni Scholarship 1000 Varies
Scott E. Kinnisten Scholarship 800 1
Scottie & Carl Fenn Special Education Scholarship 250 Varies
Seattle APICS Scholarship Varies Varies
Seigfried, Crandall, Vos & Lewis Scholarship 1000 Varies
Sene & Louella Carlile Scholarship Varies Varies
Senior Class, 1967-1974 Scholarship Varies Varies
Senior Honors Scholarship 600 Varies
Shawn Lindsey Vokurka Scholarship Varies Varies
Shelia D. Ware Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
Sherman Honors Freshman Scholarships 1000 Varies
Shilling Fund Varies Varies
Shintaffer Family Endowment Varies Varies
Sid Brooks Endowed Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Sigma Nu Scholarship for Greek Student Leaders 500 Varies
Simpson Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Skiles B. Harris Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Smith-Burnham Junior History Award Varies Varies
Social Work Assistantship Varies Varies
Social Work Program Scholarship Varies Varies
Society of Accounting Scholarship 350 Varies
Society of the Plastics Industry Scholarship Varies Varies
Sophomore Honors Scholarship 600 Varies
Sophomore Prize Exam 100 Varies
Spanish Department Travel-Study Abroad Awards Varies Varies
Spoon River Valley Conservation & Sportsman Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
St. Joseph School-WKU Scholarship Varies Varies
Stafflogix (Silyx) Childcare Scholarships 2000 Varies
Stafflogix (Silyx) Scholarship 2000 Varies
Stanley-Helenan Robin Scholarship 1000 Varies
Stap & Company Advertising Scholarship 500 Varies
State Farm Financial Planning Scholarships 1250 5
State Farm Leadership Scholarships 1000 5
Steel Band Endowment Fund-Most Versatile Percussionist 500 Varies
Stephen Paul Brosnan Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Steven Rupp Memorial Scholarship 1500 Varies
Stuart & Norma Hall Scholarship Varies Varies
Student Alumni Council (SAC) Scholarship 200 Varies
Student Government Association Undergraduate Scholarship 500 Varies
Student Residential Programs Resident Assistant Scholarship 250 Varies
Student Services Academic Promise Grant 1000 50
Student Services Minority Access Grant (1) 1000 Varies
Student Services Minority Access Grant (2) 1000 Varies
Students for Success Scholarship 1000 Varies
Study Abroad Honors Scholarship 1000 2
Sue C. Mardis Foreign Language Scholarship 2500 Varies
Sue Davis & Dr. W. Burton Haley Scholarship Varies Varies
Summer Dance Scholarship Varies Varies
Summer Stock Scholarship Varies Varies
T.C. Cherry Scholarship 200 1
T.J. Samson Scholarship Varies Varies
T.T. Knight, Sr.-W.R. Beams Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Talent Grant-Tuition Waiver 250 25
Talent Grants Varies Varies
Talitha E. Carleton Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Tau Kappa Epsilon-Zeta Theta Scholarship 200 Varies
Teaching Fellows Scholarship Program 6500 500
Teresa Jackson Mayhew Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Thaddeus Colson & Isabelle Saalwaechter Fitzpatrick Memorial Scholarship Fund 2000 Varies
The Wanninger Foundation Scholarship 500 Varies
Theatre Arts Performance & Technical Fund Scholarships Varies Varies
Theodore & Hazel Perg Scholarship 1000 Varies
Theodore Presser Foundation Scholarship 2000 Varies
Thomas D. Wynn Family Scholarship 5000 1
Thomas Frazier Scholarship 5000 2
Thomas G. Jones Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas M. Link Scholarship Varies Varies
Thomas O. Vassdal Scholarship Varies 2
Thomas W. Allen Scholarship Varies Varies
Tillman Scholarship 500 Varies
TNLA Education & Research Foundation Awards 2000 Varies
Todd Gibbs Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Tom Porter & Susan McReynolds Scholarship Varies Varies
Tom Wood Clarinet Scholarship 300 Varies
Tonya Carey Suzuki Scholarship 6500 Varies
Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline Scholarship 1000 1
Transfer Honors Scholarship 600 6
TRIM Systems Scholarship 2500 Varies
Trustee Scholarship-Community College Varies Varies
Trustee Scholarship-Freshmen Varies Varies
Tsuchiya International Student Science Scholarship 500 Varies
Tucky M. & Charles W. Elliot Endowed Clarinet Scholarship 2000 Varies
Tug Haddock Scholarship Varies Varies
Tuition Waiver-Talent Grant (Livestock Judging) Varies Varies
Tuition Waivers-Extended & Continuing Education Varies Varies
U.S. Bank Minority Scholarships 2000 5
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Internship Award 500 Varies
UAA Janice K. Barden Aviation Scholarship 1000 5
Undergraduate IME Scholarship 1500 Varies
Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Award Program 1200 Varies
University Dance Theatre-Talent Grant-Tuition Waiver Varies Varies
University Theatre Guild Scholarship Varies Varies
University Women Scholarship 500 2
USAA U.S. Achievement Academy Scholarship Varies Varies
USAIG-PDP Scholarship 1000 1
Valere Scott Scholarship 1000 1
Verna Alexander Price Scholarship Varies Varies
Virginia & Alfred L. Munkres Athletic Scholarship Varies Varies
Virginia Wood Davis Scholarship 1000 1
Vocal Jazz Ensemble Award 225 2
Voelker Family Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Vogel Engineering Technology Scholarship Varies Varies
W. Richard Laton Field Camp Scholarship 300 Varies
W.I. Taylor Memorial Scholarship 200 Varies
W.T. & Ella Morris Davis Scholarship 1200 1
Wal-Mart Stores Scholarship 1000 Varies
Walter & Gladys Bunnell Scholarship Varies Varies
Walter & Virginia Newhouse Scholarship 1000 Varies
Walter F. Enz Memorial Award Varies Varies
Walter H. Eller Music Scholarship 200 Varies
Walter H. Eller Phyics Scholarship 300 Varies
Walter Rowland & Alena Belle Purdum Scholarship in Art Education 1000 Varies
Wanda Mayfield Page Scholarship Varies Varies
Warren Central High School Faculty Scholarship Varies Varies
Warren County Homemakers Association-Melissa Bohannon Clemmons Scholarship Varies Varies
Watson Book Award 250 Varies
Wayne N. Thompson Scholar Award Forensics Program 500 Varies
Wayne N. Thompson Scholar Award Graduate Students in Public Communication & Broadcasting Program 1000 Varies
Wayne N. Thompson Scholar Award Undergraduate Honors Program for Public Communication and Human Relations 500 Varies
Wayne N. Thompson Scholar Award Undergraduate Public Communication & Human Relations Program 1000 Varies
Weisman Scholarship 5000 Varies
Werner & Nicky Marten Endowment Fund Varies Varies
Western Foundation Academic Excellence Varies Varies
Western Michigan University 3000 1
Western Michigan University, School of Art Scholarships 1500 1
Western Michigan University-SAE Engineering Scholarship 4000 2
Western Opportunity Grant 1000 Varies
Western Opportunity Scholarship II 2200 Varies
Western Opportunity Scholarship in Art & Theatre 1000 Varies
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Scholarship Varies Varies
Western Wave Athletic Scholarship Varies Varies
Whatcom Art Guild Varies Varies
Whatcom County Medical Society Scholarship Varies Varies
Whatcom Educational Credit Union Scholarship 1200 Varies
Whitetails Unlimited Inc. Scholarship Varies Varies
Wilfred Gorrell Scholarship Varies Varies
Wilhite Family Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Willard A. & Anna W. Brown Music Scholarship Varies Varies
Willard A. & Anne W. Brown Astronomy Scholarship Varies Varies
William D. Cole Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
William E. Leonard Scholarship 500 1
William H. & Jo Ann B. Sanders Scholarship 1000 Varies
William Hughes Scholarship 200 Varies
William J. Kozel Endowed Scholarship Fund for Aviation Sciences Varies Varies
William J. Maze Jr. Beta Alpha Psi Accountancy Scholarship 1000 Varies
William Kizorek-Photo Surveillance Private Investigations Scholarship 500 Varies
William L. “Gander” & Barbara Ann Terry Scholarship Varies Varies
William L. Cullison Scholarship 4000 Varies
William L. Lakie Memorial Scholarship 400 Varies
William M. Bryant Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
William McCracken Award Varies Varies
William O. Haynes Food Distribution Endowed Scholarship 1000 Varies
William R. & Katherine Russell Scholarship Varies Varies
William R. & Melissa B. Hendrickson Scholarship 1000 Varies
William S. Gillidette Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
William Sanford Piano Scholarship Varies Varies
William Wade Haggard Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Williams P.E. Scholarship Varies Varies
Willis & Rosemary Zorn Scholarship 500 Varies
Willis Ball Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
WIN Alumni Association Scholars Scholarships 500 5
WIN Community College & Transfer Scholarships 500 8
WIU Centennial Scholarship 1000 Varies
WIU Civil Service Employee Book Award 50 Varies
WIU Civil Service Employee Dependent Scholarship 750 Varies
WIU Foundation-Honors Scholarship 3000 Varies
WIU Foundation-Honors Transfer Scholarship 1500 Varies
WIU Goldfarb Scholars 1000 Varies
WIU Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship 500 Varies
Wix Garner Scholarship 100 Varies
WKU Glasgow Golf Tournament Scholarship Varies Varies
WMU Creative Writing Awards 100 12
Woman’s Club of Smiths Grove Scholarship Varies Varies
Women in Science Scholarship Varies 2
Women of Western Scholarship Varies Varies
Women Studies Scholarship Varies Varies
Woodring Fairhaven Scholarship 2250 10
Woodwind Endowment Scholarship Varies Varies
Wrenn R. & Evelyn Grice Scholarship 750 Varies
WWMT Communications Scholarship 1000 Varies
WWU Dining Services-NRHH Excellence in Leadership Scholarship 1500 3
WWU Retirement Association Scholarship Varies Varies
Yeo & Yeo Accounting Scholarship 1000 Varies
Yvonne & Frank Lupton ECOEE Scholarship 200 Varies
Yvonne Reynolds Scholarship Varies Varies
Zane Cannon Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Zora & Frank Ellsworth Scholarship Fund 2000 Varies


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