Wisconsin Scholarships

ScholarshipsCollege ScholarshipsCollege Scholarships
Scholarship Max Award # of Awards
4imprint, Inc. Scholarship 500 Varies
A.S. Kliebhan Scholarship Varies Varies
A.W. Asmuth Scholarship Varies Varies
Academic Achievement Award (AAA) Scholarship 8000 Varies
Academic Excellence Scholarship 2250 Varies
Adela Pfieffer Iversen Scholarship 500 Varies
Adult Student Technical College Scholarship Program 400 Varies
Advance College Experience (ACE) Scholarship Varies Varies
Affinity Health System Scholarships 500 2
Agribusiness-Forestry Scholarship Program (Employee) 700 10
Agribusiness-Forestry Scholarship Program (Employee) 700 10
Agribusiness-Forestry Scholarship Program (Residency) 700 10
Agricultural Studies Scholarships 600 81
Alois & Marie Kohl Scholarship Varies Varies
Alta T. & Daniel B. Straley Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
American Association of University Women-Oshkosh Scholarship 600 Varies
American Family Insurance Community Involvement Scholarship 1000 1
Anchor Bank Scholarship 500 Varies
Art Scholarship 1000 1
Art Scholarships Varies Varies
Arthur Chapple Scholarship 750 2
Arthur T. Schramm Memorial Scholarship 2250 1
ASID Minnesota Chapter Scholarship Varies Varies
ASID Minnesota Chapter Scholarship 2000 1
Barbara Nabstritt Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Barr-Chalberg Scholarship Varies Varies
Bell Family Mid-State Technical College (MSTC) Scholarship Varies 1
Bernie Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies 2
Betty Griesbach Scholarship 1900 Varies
Bowman Scholarship Varies 2
Boys-Girls State Scholarship Varies Varies
Brookmire-Hastings Scholarships 1000 2
BSN Alumni Scholarship Varies Varies
BSN Scholarship Varies Varies
Burke Scholarships Varies 10
Business Partners Scholarship Varies Varies
Cardinal Stritch Grant Varies Varies
Cardinal Stritch University Military Grant Varies Varies
Cargill Scholarship-Internship Program 5000 5
Carlton E. Kuck Scholarship 1500 Varies
Carol Bauhs Benson Memorial Scholarship 1000 1
Chancellor’s Freshman Academic Scholarships 1000 100
Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship 1000 100
Chapter 4 Lawrence A. Wacker Memorial Award 1500 2
Charles Heymanns Scholarship 500 1
Cheryl L. Mellenthin Nursing Scholarship 1600 1
Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship Varies 300
Church Vocation Scholarship 1200 Varies
Cisco Networking Academy Scholarship (a) 2400 Varies
Cisco Networking Academy Scholarship (b) 2400 Varies
Citizens First Credit Union Scholarship 500 2
Clotilda Brielmaier Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Coleman Nursing Scholarship Varies Varies
College Achievement Awards (College & Non-Polish) 1000 Varies
College Achievement Awards (College & Polish) 1000 Varies
College of Business Alumni Association Scholarship 1000 Varies
College Scholarships (Employee) 1500 Varies
Community College Scholarship 2000 Varies
Community Scholar Award 2000 Varies
Continuing Student Scholarships Varies Varies
Cooperative Studies Scholarships 750 79
Cornelia L. Seim Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Cyril E. Smith Trust Varies 4
Daniel A. Bollom Scholarship 1000 2
David J. Lippert Memorial Scholarship 1000 Varies
Dean’s Scholarship 3000 Varies
Dean’s Scholarship Varies Varies
Dean’s Scholarships 3000 Varies
Department of Music Scholarships Varies Varies
Departmental Scholarships 8800 26
DeVry Grant for Surviving Dependents of Rescue Workers, Civil Servants & Military Personnel Varies Varies
Diversity in Journalism Scholarship 500 Varies
Diversity Leadership Award 4000 30
Diversity of Journalism Scholarship 500 1
Diversity Scholarship 15000 1
Domtar Industries, Inc. Scholarship 500 3
Don & Rose Kutchera Scholarships 300 4
Donald D. Dennis Memorial Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Dr. Arnolda Becker Scholarship Varies Varies
Dr. Bert Chiang Graduate Student Research Award 100 Varies
Dr. Dwight M. Edmonds Scholarship 500 Varies
Dr. Harold Thorpe Award for Outstanding Senior in Special Education 100 Varies
Duluth Central High School Alumni Scholarship 1000 1
Duluth Central High School Alumni Scholarship 1000 1
E. Garner Horton Memorial Scholarship 250 Varies
E. Peggy Bergomi Nursing Education Scholarship 650 Varies
Eck Education Scholarship 3000 Varies
Edmund A. Metzger Scholarship 500 1
Edwin J. & Dorothy M. Hartman Scholarship 500 Varies
Eileen Faxel Mahoney Scholarship Varies Varies
Elmer & Margaret Otte Scholarship 1000 Varies
Erica Lutz Nursing Scholarship 1500 Varies
Erwin G. Ackerman Scholarship 1000 3
Essay Contest Varies 10
Excellence Award Varies Varies
Faculty Scholarship Varies Varies
Female Business & Technology Scholarships 1500 Varies
Female Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship (Employee) 400 Varies
Female Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship (Employee) 400 Varies
Female Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship (Residency) 400 Varies
Ferschi Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Flahive Athletic Scholarship Varies Varies
Flahive Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Flahive Franciscan Values Scholarships Varies Varies
Foreign Language Scholarship 1000 1
Forensics Scholarships 3000 5
Fortune Brands Scholars Program 3500 Varies
Foth & Van Dyke & Associates Inc. 1150 4
Founder’s Scholarship Varies Varies
Fox River Valley Contractors Association Scholarship (Association) 1000 Varies
Fox River Valley Contractors Association Scholarship (High Schools) 1000 Varies
Franciscan Heritage Scholarships 8800 Varies
Frank & Mary Larscheid Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Friends of San Damiano Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Friends of WSHA Foundation Scholarship 500 2
Frito-Lay, Inc. Scholarships 2500 1
Gary Coll Journalism Fellowship 2500 Varies
Geology Scholarship 500 1
George D. Dallas Scholarship 250 1
George R. Soika Scholarship 500 2
George Stockton Award 100 Varies
Gerber Endowment in Pediatric Nutrition Scholarship 3000 1
Givaudan Flavor Corporation Scholarships 1000 3
Gladys Kent Scholarship Varies Varies
Gladys McKinley Scholarship 1000 Varies
Goizueta Foundation Scholarships Varies Varies
Golden Harvest Seeds, Inc. (a) 1000 1
Graduate School of Banking Association Membership Scholarship 1100 2
Grant Thornton Accounting Scholarship 500 2
Grants 2000 Varies
Grants 11000 Varies
Grants (a) 3000 Varies
Griffith Scholarship for Creative Portfolios in Journalism 500 Varies
Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inc. Scholarships 2500 1
Harborfest Scholarship 1000 Varies
Honor Scholarship Varies Varies
Honors Scholarship Varies 4
Houghton Scholarship Varies 2
Hubert A. Nelson Scholarship 1400 Varies
IFT 50th Anniversary-Inspiration for Tomorrow Scholarship 2000 1
IFT Carbohydrate Division Alternate Scholarship 500 1
IFT Carbohydrate Division Scholarship 1000 1
IFT Food Microbiology Division Graduate Scholarships 2000 2
IFT Food Microbiology Division Juniors-Seniors Scholarships 500 2
IFT Food Packaging Division Scholarship 1000 1
IFT Freshmen Scholarships 1000 15
IFT Graduate Scholarship 5000 23
IFT Junior-Senior Scholarship 2000 28
IFT New York Section Graduate Scholarship 1500 1
IFT New York Section Junior-Senior Scholarships 1000 2
IFT Past Presidents 1000 1
IFT Quality Assurance Division, William A. Golomski Memorial Scholarship 2500 1
IFT Sensory Evaluation Division Silver Celebration Scholarships 5000 2
IFT Sophomore Scholarships 1000 15
IFT Student Association, George R. Foster Memorial Freshman Scholarship 1000 1
Ignatius Scholarships 9000 Varies
Illinois Scottish Rite Scholarship Fund Health Career Fields Varies Varies
Indian Student Assistance Grant 1100 Varies
Infant Welfare Circle-Emma K. Jacquot Scholarship 2000 Varies
Infant Welfare Circle-F.J. Sensenbrenner Scholarship 2500 Varies
Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists (PhD) 2000 1
Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists Graduate Scholarships 2000 1
Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists-Irving J. Pflug 1500 1
International Truck & Engine Corporation Scholarship 1000 5
Ione Berg Scholarship 250 Varies
Jack Kile Scholarship 500 Varies
James L. Monaghan Scholarship Varies Varies
Jason Incorporated Scholarship 10000 2
Jerome Gilson Scholarship in Business Varies Varies
Jesuit High School Scholarships Varies 46
John A. Sullivan & Jean Quinn Sullivan Scholarships 1000 1
John Brandt Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
John F. Kennedy Scholarship 4000 Varies
John J. & Irene T. Powers Scholarships 1500 1
Jon P. Pierce Memorial Scholarship 1500 1
Judith H. & David J. Ward Scholarship 1000 Varies
Judy Kulpa Scholarship 1000 Varies
Julie Vande Velde Leadership Scholarship 1000 1
Katherine MacKinnon Fiss Scholarship Varies Varies
Kempf-Whiting Scholarship 400 2
Kikkoman Foods, Inc. Scholarship 1000 1
Kliebhan Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Knop Scholarship Varies Varies
Kohler Foundation Scholarship Varies Varies
Law’s Nursery, Halla Nursery, Bailey Nurseries, & Buell’s Landscape Center Scholarship Varies Varies
Layton Art Scholarship Varies Varies
Legacy Scholarship Varies Varies
Leon M. Abbott Scottish Rite Scholarship Varies Varies
Leonard & Lillia Bethke Transportation Scholarship 6000 1
Leonardi Scholarship 480 Varies
Lilly Religious Scholars Vocation Program (RSVP) Scholarship Varies Varies
Linda & Jeffrey Bartelt Scolarship 1000 Varies
Linus M. Stoll Scholarship (Employee) 1000 Varies
Linus M. Stoll Scholarship (Employee) 1000 Varies
Linus M. Stoll Scholarship (Residency) 1000 Varies
Lothar I. Iversen Scholarship (major) 500 Varies
Lothar I. Iversen Scholarship (member) 500 Varies
Lowell Wilson Scholarship 1000 1
Lucille V. & Ray J. Tack Scholarship Varies Varies
Marathon County Medical Alliance Scholarship Fund (College) Varies Varies
Marie C. Morgan Endowed Scholarship Varies Varies
Marion H. Whittaker Educational Scholarship Varies 1
Marion Hill Business Scholarship Varies 1
Mark H. Dreyer Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Mary Gilson Scholarship in History Varies Varies
Maurice & Clara B. Staller Memorial Scholarship 3000 1
McCormick & Co. Endowment 2500 1
Messenger Graham Scholarship Varies Varies
Messenger Prudell Scholarship Varies Varies
Mexican Fiesta Scholarship Varies Varies
Michael Gilson Scholarship in English Varies Varies
Midwest Scholarships (school) 3000 2
Midwest Student Exchange Program Varies Varies
Military Science Scholarship Varies Varies
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Scholarships Varies 2
Milwaukee School of Engineering-SAE Engineering Scholarship 1000 1
Minority Business & Technology Scholarships 1500 Varies
Minority Fellowships Varies 350
Minority Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship (Employee) 400 Varies
Minority Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship (Employee) 400 Varies
Minority Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship (Residency) 400 Varies
Minority Teacher (Forgivable) Loan 2500 Varies
Minority Undergraduate Retention Grant 2500 Varies
Modine Manufacturing Company Scholarship (a) 5000 Varies
Modine Manufacturing Company Scholarship (b) 5000 Varies
Monroe Scholarships 3000 15
Mother Bartholomew Scholarship Varies Varies
Mother Caroline Friess Scholarship 6500 Varies
Mother Madeline Scholarship Varies Varies
Mother Seraphia Mingles Scholarship 5500 Varies
Mother Theresa Gerhardinger Scholarship 7000 Varies
Mr. & Mrs. Allen D. Guentzel Scholarship 500 Varies
MSTC Foundation Scholarship 1250 25
Multicultural Media Award 500 Varies
Music Performance Scholarship Varies Varies
Music Scholarships Varies Varies
Music Scholarships 3000 Varies
Music Scholarships 1000 Varies
Naber Scholarship 3000 Varies
NACA Wisconsin Region Student Leadership Scholarship Varies 1
National By-Products, Inc. Foundation Scholarship 2000 1
National Latin Exam Scholarships Varies Varies
National Merit Finalist Varies Varies
National Merit Scholarship Programs 2000 Varies
NEHA-AAS Scholarship Awards 1000 2
Nevin S. James Scholarship 6000 2
New Student Scholarships Varies Varies
NEWSPA Scholarship 500 2
North Central Region 9 Scholarship 1000 1
Novum Structures LLC Scholarship 10000 Varies
Nursing Student Stipend Loans 3000 Varies
O.W. Carpenter Scholarship Varies Varies
Ortner Scholarship Program 500 25
Oshkosh Allergy Center Marketing Scholarship 500 Varies
Pagel Graphic Arts Scholarship Fund 1000 Varies
Part-Time Study Grants Varies Varies
Passport2College (US only) Varies Varies
Patrick & Anna Cudahy Scholarship Varies Varies
Paul D. Ziemer Scholarship (Employee) 2000 Varies
Paul D. Ziemer Scholarship (Employee) 2000 Varies
Paul D. Ziemer Scholarship (Residency) 2000 Varies
Paul Liddle Scholarship Fund 1000 2
Pere Marquette Explorer Scholarship 5000 12
Permanent Endowment Trust Scholarship 1000 1
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships 3000 15
Phil & Jean Nelson Alumni Scholarship 500 3
Phyllis Hunger Badger State Scholarship Varies 1
Pickard Scholarships 17000 10
Police Corps Dependent Children Scholarships 15000 Varies
Police Corps Scholarship 15000 Varies
Presidential Scholar Award 3000 1
Presidential Scholarship 7500 Varies
Presidential Scholarship Varies 48
Presidential Scholarship Varies Varies
Presidential Scholarship 6000 Varies
Presidential Scholarship Varies Varies
Presidential Scholarships 10000 Varies
Procter & Gamble Company Scholarship 2500 1
Professor William J. Woolley History Scholarship 2500 Varies
Public Communication-Interpersonal Communications Scholarship 2000 Varies
Quality Assurance Division Abe Mittler Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
Quality Assurance Division Louis J. Bianco Memorial Scholarship 2000 1
R. Reid Vance Scholarship Fund 5000 Varies
Racine Raiders Scholarship 1000 Varies
Raynor Distringuished Scholarships Varies 3
Regent Scholarships 8000 Varies
Risa Mari Otto Scholarship 2000 Varies
Rita J. & Robert E. Rucks Scholarship Varies Varies
Robert & Kathleen Lindgren Scholarship 500 Varies
Rockwell-UNCF Corporate Scholars Program 10000 Varies
Roy C. Dixon-Robinson Memorial Scholarship 500 Varies
Ruth & Sarah Mielke Educational Grants Varies Varies
Ruth Kossel Scholarship 500 Varies
Ruth Rowland Scholarship Varies Varies
Sachiko Miyagawa Barnouw Scholarship Varies Varies
Sales & Marketing Professionals of Northeast Wisconsin 500 Varies
Schenck Accounting Scholarship 500 2
Scholarship 1000 20
Scholarship 500 1
Scholarship 1500 Varies
Scholarship 1000 3
Scholarship (college) 1000 2
Scholarship Competitions 5000 Varies
Scholarship for the Advancement of Interactive Advertising 1000 Varies
Scholarship-University of Wisconsin-Madison Varies Varies
Scholarship-University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Varies Varies
Scholarship-Wisconsin Technical Colleges Varies Varies
Scholarships 400 4
Scholarships 500 16
Scholarships 2000 Varies
Science Scholarship 1000 1
Section Grants: North-Central Section Research Grants Varies Varies
Sensient Technologies Scholarship Varies Varies
Sentry Insurance Leadership Foundation, Inc. Freshmen Leadership Scholarship 2000 2
Seramur Scholarships Varies 1
Serra Transfer Scholarship Varies Varies
Service Scholarship 5000 Varies
Sherwood & Evelyn Kresin Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Sister Anastasia Scholarship Varies Varies
Sister Aquin Miller Scholarship Varies Varies
Sister Camille Kliebhan Scholarship Varies Varies
Sister Caroline Marie Sloan Scholarship 5000 Varies
Sister Dominic Cunningham Scholarship 2500 Varies
Sister Mary Eugene Coleman Scholarship 4000 Varies
Sister Mary Frederick Lochemes, OSF & Sister Magdeleine Mueller, OSF Scholarship Varies Varies
Sister Mary Hester Valentine Scholarship 4500 Varies
Sister Mary John Ignace Kuzniewski Scholarship 3000 Varies
Sister Mary John Van Vonderen Scholarship 3500 Varies
Sister Mary Lea Schneider Scholarship Varies Varies
Sister Mary Maynard Rhodes Scholarship 5500 Varies
Sister Nila Scholarship Varies Varies
Sloan & Gerard Fine Art (Studio) Scholarship Varies Varies
Small Business Education Fund 1000 Varies
Society for Human Resource Managment (SHRM) Club Scholarship 100 Varies
Society of Flavor Chemists Scholarships 2000 1
Sociology Scholarship Varies Varies
Som N. Gheir & Ram Kaur Ghei Scholarship 1500 2
Sr. Mary Sheila Burns Scholarship 2000 Varies
Stanley H. Ostrand FVTC Scholarship 500 Varies
Stanley H. Ostrand Gibraltar Scholarship 1000 Varies
Stanley H. Ostrand Sevastopol Scholarship 1000 Varies
Stanley H. Ostrand Sevastopol Scholarship 1000 Varies
Stanley H. Ostrand Sturgeon Bay Scholarship 1000 Varies
Stanley H. Ostrand UWFV Scholarship 1000 Varies
Stanley Talarek Scholarship 1350 Varies
Summer Fellowship in Government & Community Service 3500 Varies
Susan Hardy Heaney Memorial Scholarship 500 2
Talent Incentive Program Grant (TIP) 1800 Varies
Tax Executives Institute of NE Wisconsin Scholarship 400 Varies
Teacher Education (Forgivable) Loan Varies Varies
Teacher of the Visually Impaired Forgiveable Loan 10000 Varies
The Northwestern Mutual Financial Network Sales Award 500 Varies
Theatre Scholarship 4000 Varies
Theatre Scholarships 3000 5
Thompson-Thiex Memorial Scholarship 10000 1
Tom & Phyllis Riiiser Scholarship Fund Varies Varies
Transfer Scholarships 2000 30
Transfer-International Scholarships 8500 Varies
Trustee Scholarship 5000 Varies
Trustees Distinguished Scholarship 9500 Varies
Tuition & Fees Reimbursement Grant Varies Varies
Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarships (A) 1000 2
United Church of Christ (UCC) Scholarship 2000 Varies
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee-Sundstrand-SAE Engineering Scholarship 500 1
UW Oshkosh Accounting Faculty Scholarship 500 Varies
UW Oshkosh Accounting Student Organization Scholarship 200 Varies
UW Oshkosh MIS Club Scholarship 400 Varies
UW-Marinette Scholarship for Returning Adults 1000 Varies
Valedictorian Scholarships 5000 Varies
Van Dyke Award 4000 Varies
VFW Post 5460 Scholarship 700 3
Virchow Krause Accounting Scholarship 1000 Varies
Virginia A. Sokolowski Memorial Scholarship 250 Varies
W.M.O. Purple Heart Scholarship Varies Varies
Walter Berghammer Family Scholarship Varies Varies
Wayne J. Peterson Memorial Scholarship (Employee) 2000 Varies
Wayne J. Peterson Memorial Scholarship (Employee) 2000 Varies
Wayne J. Peterson Memorial Scholarship (Residency) 2000 Varies
Weyauwega-Fremont-Platteville Scholarship 1250 Varies
WICPA Educational Foundation Scholarship 2500 2
WICPA Educational Foundation Scholarship-Minority Undergraduate Accounting Scholarship 2500 Varies
William F. Barto 2000 1
William L. Cullison Scholarship 4000 Varies
Wipfli Accounting Scholarship 500 Varies
Wisconsin Family Business Forum (WFBF) Scholarship 1000 2
Wisconsin Garden Club Foundation Scholarship (College) 1000 Varies
Wisconsin Higher Education Grant (WHEG) 2500 Varies
Wisconsin Rapids Business & Professional Women’s Non-Traditional Scholarship 500 1
Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship Program (Employee) 400 Varies
Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship Program (Employee) 400 Varies
Wisconsin Technical College Scholarship Program (Residency) 400 Varies
Wisconsin Tuition Grant (WTG) Varies Varies
Women in Ministry Scholarship Varies Varies
WSHA Stanley Ewanowski Scholastic Award 600 Varies
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