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Manhattan School of Music


  • 95% have a job after 6 months
  • 99% have a job after 1 year
  • N/A have a job after 2 years


$27,860 / year

Room and Board


Application deadline

December 1

Application fee


Educational Resources



  • Member of library consortia.

Museums & Art




  • Students are not required to take a computer course.
  • Students are not required to own or lease a computer.
  • Recommended computer operating system: Microsoft

Campus Resources

  • 14 computers for student use in locations such as computer center/labs, residence halls, library
  • 14 Internet connections in Laboratories.

Student accommodations

  • Email accounts are available to all students.
  • Internet access is available to all students.
  • Student web-pages are not permitted.
  • Online class registration is not available.
  • 100% of college-owned hosting units are available for internet access.

Wireless Internet Hotspots

  • Wifi is available in all the libraries
  • Campus wireless internet hotspots are not available.
  • Approximately 50 students can be on the network at once.



nonremedial tutoring, placement service, other


study skills, other


career, academic, other


resume assistance, career/job search classes, alumni network, interview training, other

Campus Safety

lighted pathways/sidewalks, controlled dormitory access (key, security card, etc)

Campus Life



  • The school offers housing for students.
  • 58% of students live in school housing.
  • The school will provide assistance for off-campus housing

Types of housing available

  • 53% of housing units are Singles.
  • 47% of housing units are Doubles.
  • 0% of housing units are Triples.
  • 0% of housing units are Apartments.
  • 0% of of housing units are some other type.
  • In total, there are 1 housing buildings.

Room Accessories

  • 100% of rooms are equipped with sprinkler systems.
  • 100% of rooms are equipped with fire alarms.
  • 100% are equipped with high-speed internet connections.


  • 80% of students remain on campus over the weekends, on average.
  • Alcohol is permitted on campus.
  • Popular events on campus: Winter Semi Formal, “Rite of Spring”, Spring Social “Beach Boys Coverband”, Family and Friends Weekend, Cruise around the Statue of Liberty, Acupuncture for musical success, Yoga and Stress Management for Musicians, Alexander Technique to enhance musical performance, Alumni panels, Feldenkrais for musicians, Make your own Ice Cream Sundae, Welcome Picnic, Student Appreciation Days, and Cafe jazz. Classical, jazz, contemporary, and composition orchestral, chamber music, choral, and recital performances. Opera and Musical Theater performances.
  • Student activities: choral groups, concert band, drama/theater, jazz band, music ensembles, musical theater, opera, student government, symphony orchestra
  • In total, there are about 10 organizations on campus.
  • International organizations: (Appears as submitted by school) Pan-African student Union, Korean Students’Association, International Student Organization
  • Other organizations: (Appears as submitted by school) Student Council, Resident Community Council, Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Club, Parallel motion: the Manhattan School of Music A Cappella Choir, It’s about politics!, and Opera Nova. There are numerous musical performance opportunities through the academic options.
  • Student papers: (Appears as submitted by school) Manhattan School of Music News Bulletin (several times a year)


  • Nearest airport(s) (distance in miles): New York City (15), Newark (40)
  • Nearest train(s) (distance in miles): New York City (5)
  • Nearest bus-station(s) (distance in miles): New York City (3)
  • Public transportation serves the campus.
  • Not all students are permitted to have cars on campus.
  • 0% of students have a car on campus


  • School employment is available.
  • 10% of undergrads are employed with average earnings of 1,200
  • Freshman are not discouraged from working.
  • There are 0 fraternities
  • 0 fraternity houses
  • There are 0 sororities
  • 0 sorority houses


  • Army ROTC: Not offered
  • Navy ROTC: Not offered
  • Airforce ROTC: Not offered
  • Additional Policies

    class attendance mandatory, class attendance policies set by individual instructors, hazing prohibited, smoking prohibited

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