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United States Military Academy


  • 100% have a job after 6 months
  • 100% have a job after 1 year
  • 100% have a job after 2 years

Room and Board


Application deadline

March 21

Application fee


Educational Resources


The USMA Library’s Special Collections and Archives include a large number of books published by and about West Point and the U.S. Military Academy, as well as the published writings of alumni. In addition to general histories, there are administrative reports, yearbooks, academic texts and commemorations of special events.The USMA Library’s Special Collections and Archives include rich deposits of manuscript materials. In the Archives, there are unique Academy administrative and curricular materials, as well as cadet records. In Special Collections, there are unofficial papers of alumni and other individuals and entities associated with West Point and the Academy. The U.S. Military Academy Library maintains extensive documentation of the history of West Point, the U.S. Military Academy, and Academy alumni in its Special Collections and Archives. These rich historical collections include extensive book, manuscript, and photograph holdings among other formats.The USMA Library’s Special Collections and Archives include a large number of maps. Published and unpublished maps of West Point and its vicinity are well represented in the collections. Of particular note are manuscript maps of West Point produced by cadets as part of their course work.

  • Member of library consortia.
  • 468,651 books, serial backfiles, and other material including government documents.
  • 1,100 current serial subscriptions.
  • 1,200 microforms.
  • 8,700 Audio/Visual items.
  • 49 e-books.

Museums & Art

All visitors to the United States Military Academy are encouraged to tour the Museum to view what is considered to be the oldest and largest diversified public collection of miltaria in the Western Hemisphere.The USMA Library’s Special Collections and Archives include vast photographic holdings focused on the history of West Point, the U.S. Military Academy, and Academy alumni. The Archives Collection includes the work of staff and contract photographers, while the Special Collections include donated and purchased photographs.The Catholic Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity, designed by Heins and LaFarge, in the Norman Gothic style was built in 1899 and enlarged in 1959 under the direction of the noted Robert Robbins. This makes it the oldest house of worship of continuous use at the Academy. The Cadet Chapel is a famous landmark and symbol of religious activities of the Military Academy and was designed by the renowned firm of Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson. Dedicated in 1910 and constructed of native granite, this building blends naturally into the surrounding landscape. The architecture combines the techniques and shapes of Gothic with the massiveness of medieval fortresses. This architectural theme subsequently dominated the other construction at West Point. The Cadet Chapel organ (M.P. Moeller,) begun in 1911 and enlarged by memorial gifts is now the largest church organ in the worldThe West Point Cemetery sits on a promontory once known as German Flats that overlooks the Hudson River and Constitution Island. There are more than 5,000 men and women buried here, among them, men who died in every American War from the Revolution to Vietnam. Revolutionary War soldiers and local residents were buried here for several years before it was officially named a military cemetery in 1817. An improved road to the cemetery was constructed in 1840, and the caretaker’s cottage was erected in 1872. Development and expansion of the grounds were made in 1890, 1900, and at various intervals to the present time. Internees include 16 Medal of Honor winners, 18 USMA Superintendents, noted sports heroes, wives and children, and many civilians and enlisted soldiers who made major contributions to the West Point community. Every gravestone has a story to tell – sometimes tragic, often inspirational – but all are threads in the fabric that has made the United States Military Academy the world famous institution it is today. The cemetery is the center of West Point, if not literally, than at least figuratively. It is a reference point and symbol for every graduate. For more than 25 years, Eisenhower Hall Theatre at West Point has been the Hudson Valley’s premier home for the performing arts. The theater has hosted such luminaries as Bob Hope, Ethel Merman, Sarah Vaughn, Elton John, Billy Joel, Harry Belafonte, Bill Cosby, George Burns, Bob Dylan, Milton Berle, James Taylor and countless others. Its theatre credits include CATS, West Side Story, South Pacific, Camelot, Les Miserables, A Chorus Line, Annie, Evita, Starlight Express, The King and I, Sunset Boulevard and many more.The massive (193,000 sq. ft.) red brick venue is situated on the West bank of the picturesque Hudson Highlands on the historic grounds of the United States Military Academy. The auditorium, with its two balconies, large main orchestra level, huge stage and impressive technical capabilities, is New York state’s second largest theatre, next to New York’s Radio City Music Hall. In addition to the 4,400-seat theatre, the building houses the 1929 Gallery, which presents a variety of art showings from Hudson Valley artists throughout the season. Exhibits in the gallery change monthly, and are open to the public free of charge.



  • Students are required to take a computer course.
  • Students are required to own or lease a computer.
  • Recommended computer operating system: Microsoft

Campus Resources

  • 5,135 computers for student use in locations such as computer center/labs, residence halls, library, student center
  • 10 Internet connections in libraries.
  • 375 Internet connections in classrooms.
  • 360 Internet connections in Laboratories.
  • 4,400 Internet connections elsewhere on campus.

Student accommodations

  • Email accounts are available to all students.
  • Internet access is available to all students.
  • Student web-pages are permitted.
  • Online class registration is available.
  • 100% of college-owned hosting units are available for internet access.

Wireless Internet Hotspots

  • Wifi is available in all the libraries, in some classrooms, in computer labs, in administrative/faculty offices and work areas, in all college-owned, operated, or affiliated housing, in all school buildings and on all school property



nonremedial tutoring, health service


reading, math, writing, study skills


military, academic, psychological, religious



Campus Safety

24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, late night transport/escort service, 24-hour emergency telephones, lighted pathways/sidewalks, controlled dormitory access (key, security card, etc)

Campus Life



  • The school offers housing for students.
  • 100% of students live in school housing.
  • The school does not provide assistance for off-campus housing.

Types of housing available

  • 100% of of housing units are some other type.
  • In total, there are 7 housing buildings.

Room Accessories

  • 57% of rooms are equipped with sprinkler systems.
  • 100% of rooms are equipped with fire alarms.
  • 100% are equipped with high-speed internet connections.


  • 90% of students remain on campus over the weekends, on average.
  • Alcohol is permitted on campus.
  • Popular events on campus: In April of every year, West Point seems to blossom with cadets of all classes jogging up and down hills, sometimes in full combat gear. It can mean only one thing-teams from each of the 32 cadet companies are getting ready for the early spring challenge of the 36th Annual Sandhurst Competition. Back in 1967, the British Exchange officer at USMA arranged for the Commandant of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, to present a British officer’s sword to be awarded in a cadet regimental competition at West Point. A drill and ceremonies, corps squad participation, intramurals, and physical fitness award initially, in 1975 it was transformed into a squad military skills competition somewhat akin to the individual Military Stakes competition some graduates may recall from Camp Buckner. Teams from Sandhurst were first invited to compete in 1993, and a team from the Royal Military College in Canada was added in 1997. Army Football; Army-Navy Football Game; Plebe-Parent Weekend; Yearling Winter Weekend; 500th Night; Ring Weekend; 100th Night; Graduation Weekend; The United States Military Academy conducts the Invitational Academic Workshop (IAW) for academically gifted high school juniors going into their senior year. The IAW is a weeklong program of academic workshops, military training, physical fitness training and intramural athletics. 700 highly talented high school juniors going into their senior year are invited to attend the IAW each year. High school students who participate in the IAW are led and supervised by West Point cadets. The IAW will be conducted in two sessions in June. Session I will run from 3-9 June 2004. Session II will run from 10-16 June 2004.
  • Student activities: choral groups, dance, drama/theater, jazz band, literary magazine, music ensembles, pep band, radio station, student government, student newspaper, television station, yearbook
  • In total, there are about 116 organizations on campus.
  • Honor societies: Phi Kappa Ph; Rhodes Scholarships; Olmsted Scholarships; National Science Foundation Scholarships; Hertz Foundation Fellowships; Daedalian Scholarships; Marshall Scholarships; Harry S. Truman Foundation Scholarships; East-West Center Scholarship; Rotary Foundation Scholarship
  • Religious organizations: (Appears as submitted by school) Baptist Student Union; Cadet Catholic Folk Group; Catholic Cadet Catechists; Catholic Chapel Choir; Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship; Church of Christ; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Jewish Chapel Choice; Latter-day Saints Student Association; Navigators; Officers’ Christian Fellowship; Protestant Chapel Choir; Protestant Chapel Sunday School Teachers
  • International organizations: (Appears as submitted by school) Arabic Language Club; Asian-Pacific Club; Chinese Language Club; French Language Club; German Language Club; Hebrew Language Culture & Technology Club; International Cadets of West Point; Korean-American Relations Seminar; National Society of Black Engineers; Portuguese Language Club; Russian Language Club; Spanish Language Club
  • Other organizations: (Appears as submitted by school) Cadet Alcohol and Drug Intervention Council; Drill Team; Amateur Radio Seminar; American Chemical Society; American Society for Engineering Management; Astronomy Club; Behavioral Science and Leadership Seminar; Big Brothers and Big Sisters; Cadet Fine Arts Forum; Civil and Military Engineering Club; Combined Arms Club; Contemporary Affairs Seminar; Debate Team; Domestic Affairs Forum; Glee Club; Gospel Choir; Hop Bands; Howitzer; Margaret Corbin Forum; Media Club; Pipes and Drums; Pointer; Electronics Experimenters Group; Environmental & Water Resource Institute; Finance Forum; Institute for Operations Research Management Sciences (INFORMS); Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; International Cadets of West Point; Law Enforcement Tactics Club; Mathematics Forum; Mechanical Engineering Club; Military Film Forum; Respect Program Advisory Council; Scoutmasters’ Council; Ski Instructor Group; Ski Patrol Group; Spirit Support Group; Band; Cadet Field Music Group; Dance Team; Mule Riders; Rabble Rousers; Rally Cannoneers; Staff & Ushers; Theatre Arts Guild; WKDT Radio Station; Competitive Teams (DPE); Crew Team; Lacrosse Team (Women); Rugby Team (Men); Rugby Team (Women); Team Handball Team (Men); Team Handball Team (Women); Volleyball Team (Men); Water Polo Team; Individual Competitive; Sports (DPE); Boxing; Cycling; Equestrian; Fencing; Judo; Marathon; Martial Arts; Mountaineering; Orienteering; Powerlifting; Sailing; Ski (Alpine); Ski (Nordic); Sport Parachute; Triathlon; Wrestling (Freestyle) (Men); Individual Competitive; Sports (DMI); Military Marksmanship; Combat Weapons; Pistol; Skeet and Trap; Hobby; Bowling; Chess Club; Close Combat Team (Paintball); Fishing Club; Flying Club; Hunting Club; Inline Hockey Club; Scuba Diving Club; Ski Club; United Students for Veterans’ Health; White Water Canoe Club; Society of Physics Students; Society of Women Engineers; Spanish Language Club; Speech Team; Student Conference on US Affairs (SCUSA); Tactics Club (Infantry); Wargames Committee; West Point Forum
  • Student papers: (Appears as submitted by school) Howitzer yearbook (yearly); Circle in the Spiral (2 times a year); Mortar(yearly); Pointer (yearly); Cadet Planner (yearly)


  • Nearest airport(s) (distance in miles): Stewart International Airport – Newburgh, NY (18), Newark International Airport, Newark, NJ (45)
  • Nearest train(s) (distance in miles): Garrison, NY (Metro North) (10)
  • Nearest bus-station(s) (distance in miles): Newburgh, NY (18)
  • Public transportation serves the campus.
  • Not all students are permitted to have cars on campus.
  • 30% of students have a car on campus


  • School employment is not available.
  • 0% of undergrads are employed with average earnings of 0
  • Freshman are discouraged from working.
  • There are 0 fraternities
  • 0 fraternity houses
  • 0% of students are fraternity members
  • There are 0 sororities
  • 0 sorority houses
  • 0% of students are sorority members.


  • Army ROTC: Not offered
  • Navy ROTC: Not offered
  • Airforce ROTC: Not offered
  • Additional Policies

    class attendance mandatory, dress/hair code, honor code, hazing prohibited

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