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Going to college means filling out admissions applications, paying tuition, choosing a major and finding a job after graduation. The thought of all that work gives many people the desire to skip the entire process. But going to college doesn’t always have to be so difficult. Many schools are providing a more non-traditional approach to earning your degree. You don’t always have to pack up and move into the dorms to have the college experience.

Amridge University, which was previously Southern Christian University, offers students several degrees through a combination of traditional and online classes. Amridge University offers many degrees for students, with many options involving theological and biblical focus, as well as the more common degrees. Amridge University offers all of its undergraduate degrees online, and all of their post-graduate degrees can be completed with either all or most of the coursework being done online.

Amridge specializes in offering students a chance to go to school and obtain their degree when it’s convenient for them. The school is fully accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Amridge offers a broad selection of degrees for students to choose from and offers financial aid to students who qualify. Amridge also offers military credits and learning benefits.


– All undergraduate degrees offered through online courses
– Fully accredited university
– Benefits for those in the military
– Several resources available for students
– Reward for referring other students if they enroll
– Financial aid available
– Most of the more common degrees available


– Specialized degrees not offered
– Not much focuson the campus-based education
– Faith-based education not appealing to all


Some of the common degrees available are as follows


– Liberal Arts


– Criminal Justice
– Business Administration
– Information Systems


– Leadership and Management
– Marriage & Family Therapy
– Professional Counseling


– Marriage & Family Therapy
– Professional Counseling


There is only one campus for Amridge University, located in Montgomery, Alabama. All of the undergraduate degrees and many of the post-graduate degrees are available to complete online, so students aren’t forced to live in the Montgomery area to complete their degree.


Student life is not a highlight point for Amridge University. The main focus of the school seems to be their online degrees, which allow students to earn their degree without having to miss other important events in their personal lives.


If you are looking for a good selection of degrees to choose from, and want to obtain your degree through a complete online curriculum, Amridge University is waiting to serve you. Amridge offers several degrees, with many having a biblical study emphasis. Being able to offer so many of their degrees online gives Amridge an advantage among those who are looking to earn an online degree.

Check out Amridge University for more information and you could be well on your way to an online degree. If you are interested in the traditional class structure of Amridge, information is available for that as well.

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