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It seems like college should only be two years long instead of four. Why you may ask? Well the first two years of traditional college are spent studying a general curriculum and the last two years spent studying your chosen major. What a waste of time and money if you know what your major course of study is going to be. Argosy University specializes in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. At this university students learn only what they are interested in.

Argosy University has more than 30 years of experience specializing in Psychology. The professors all have real world experience in the psychology field. The real world experience from the professors sets apart Argosy University from traditional colleges. The university also offers degrees in education, business and health sciences. The university has locations across the U.S., and also online programs available. The accreditation program varies depending on which degree program you attend, but most accreditations are state wide. That means credits may or may not transfer to traditional colleges. If you are looking for an in-depth learning experience check out Argosy University.

– Many locations
– Niche based degree programs
– Specializes in Psychology
– Academic Advising available
– Small class sizes
– Online Classes
– Credits may transfer

– No in-depth information on advanced degree programs
– Limited degree programs

– Expense varies depending on location
– On average, cost is $455.00 per credit hour, plus fees

Argosy specializes in psychology and has a limited number of degree programs:
– Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
– Education
– Business
– Health Sciences

Argosy has 19 campus locations in the U.S., in addition to its online courses. Physical locations include:
– Atlanta
– Chicago
– Dallas
– Denver
– Hawaii
– Nashville
– Phoenix
– Salt Lake City
– San Francisco
– Seattle
– Southern California
– Central Florida
– Twin Cities
– Washington D.C.

There is not much discussion of student life at Argosy. The school is focused on an alternative education compared to the more traditional state college experience. You’ll find flexible class schedules, an easy fit into your full-time career and home life and smaller classes size to accommodate faster learning.

Argosy University is a small hands-on learning center that specializes in psychology and related courses. The university is an excellent source for anyone wanting an in-depth learning experience that will help get them a job in the field of their choice. Definitely check out Argosy University in your college search.

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