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College can be considered some of the best years of your life. Some people are able to go to college right after high school and form lifelong friendships. Others may skip college in favor of work, and then go on to earn an advanced degree later in life. Yet others might get a degree and after some time off, decide to pursue additional degrees or a higher degree in their current field. Whatever your situation, there are many schools ready and willing to accommodate you.

For those who desire to get training on the fast track, there are specialized programs that allow you to get your training in the shortest amount of time possible. One college that has the motto of “Get in, get out, get a job” is Bryan College. Bryan College was established in 1982 to meet the needs of students desiring training in their chosen fields. Students seeking education at Bryan College can expect to find programs in business administration, computer networking and programming, gaming and health and wellness.

There are three locations to serve students in Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas. Bryan College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. Bryan College does offer students the opportunity to choose from online classes or traditional classroom studies. Another added benefit of Bryan College is that all of the classes are designed to be directly related to your career field of study. You no longer have to sit through classes that are referred to as “general education.” You will enjoy getting training for your job and know that every course you take is directly related to your career path.

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– No general education classes
– Three locations to choose from
– Online classes available
– Several fields of study to choose from
– Focus on career training
– Financial aid available


– Locations in only three states
– Highest program offered is an associate’s degree
– Web site not a thorough resource

Some of the degree programs available are below:

Diploma programs

– Computer Network Specialist
– Business Administration
– Gaming and Robotics

Associate’s degrees

– Business Administration Management
– Computer Information Systems
– Exercise Specialist

Bryan College has three locations in:

– Rogers, Arkansas
– Springfield, Missouri
– Topeka, Kansas

Student life is not a focal point of Bryan College. The school is very focused on providing career training to students. There are no mentions of social activities for students or sporting events. Students do have access to career placement services once they have completed their diploma or degree. Students also have access to financial aid services and online research tools provided by the school.

If you are looking for some specialized career training that is going to be 100 percent relevant to your career, Bryan College is worth looking into. The school is limited to its locations in Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, but that is good news for those who live in those areas. Getting additional training can be a great way to get the edge in your chosen field. If you are interested in the career areas offered, give Bryan College a try. Getting a little more information from the school can be your first step towards an exciting career.

Common Misspellings
Brian college, Brien college, Bryan’s College, Brian’s College

Not to be confused with the Christian liberal arts school Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee.

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