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Financial Aid (Fin Aid) is an information site concerning college financing, with scholarship links to Fast Web Scholarship Search. But perhaps more importantly, Fin Aid offers straightforward explanations about the college loan process,including the types of loans both parents and students can obtain for educational purposes. It also addresses military aid packages and savings programs and provides important tips about avoiding scams.

Education loans are very specific. Student loans are government-approved with fixed interest rates, and are also known as the Stafford and Perkins Loans. Parent loans, (also known as PLUS loans), are the contribution parents are willing to make, through personal loans, toward their children’s college education. These too, may have fixed interest rates. Private student loans, (alternative student loans), are not part of the federally-guaranteed loan programs and thus, their interest rates are not fixed.

Military people normally intend to apply their Montgomery GI Bill toward education when they fulfill their military contract. Nonetheless, about a third of eligible veterans fail to utilize these benefits. Those who do, quickly realize that their benefits only cover about three fifths of the average cost of a college education. What many do not realize is that there are alternative funds available under the Financial Aid for Veterans and ther Dependents, Veterans and the FAFSA act, and the HEROES Act of 2003.

Fin Aid is an informative site that can give you a broad overview of all these financing options, (including FAFSA), as well as links to organizations that can provide applications for any of the funding you might want to consider.

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College loans and scholarships are most often applied to certificates, associates, bachelors, masters and doctorate programs.

There are a few schools who do not accept external scholarships or financial aid programs. It is always best to check with the school you choose prior to attempting to procure these funds.

This subject is not a topic on this site.

When the time comes to get serious about gathering the  money necessary for college, it is always wise to become familiar with the options. Once armed with this information, negotiating loan amounts and approaching appropriate facilitators is a much simpler process.

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Great place to get some aid!
posted May 14th, 2014 2:00 am

Clifford O Edogun

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Long time ago this used to be a good place. Not so much anymore.
posted Sep 7th, 2009 2:38 am



I was trying to do research for my student loans and ended up on all sorts of sites but Fin-Aid was full of info and even linked me to the ones I wanted to learn more about. Would recommend them. Following up on this review years later. -March 2018
posted Feb 10th, 2009 10:20 am



How high can the interest rates be after college. I don’t want to be struggling trying to pay them off?
posted Jul 14th, 2008 12:51 pm

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