Private Student Loans

Use private loans to supplement your college expenses where other loans and scholarships are lacking..


If you are headed to college and looking for more funding to pay for it, private student loans are something to consider. Private student loans are loans that you get through banks or credit unions to supplement what might be lacking from federal loans, grants or scholarships. Private student loans are based on your credit, so it is recommended that you use a cosigner to increase your chances of receiving the loan. Cosigners can be especially helpful if you are a young adult entering college who does not have an established credit history.

Private loans can be used to cover books, tuition increases or other unexpected college expenses that may arise. These loans are not based on need like federal loans, so you can borrow what you need.

Due to private loans coming from private lenders, you can apply for them at anytime during the year when you need the money. Private loans will have varying conditions and payback rules depending on the bank or credit union. Some of the popular features of private loans include competitive interest rates, option to defer payments while in school, no origination fees and loan reduction incentive when you graduate.


– Apply for the loan when you need it
– Can be used for all types of school expenses
– Some private loans can be deferred until after you graduate
– Some banks offer an incentive for graduating
– Use loans to make up for lacking funds from other sources
– Several loan lender options are available


– Private loans are awarded based on credit
– Some students may require a cosigner
– Interest rate will be based on credit if loan is awarded
– Some loans will require repayment to begin immediately


Each loan will have different expenses and interest rates depending on the borrower’s credit and the amount of money borrowed. Private loans will also have varying repayment schedules based on the lender’s rules.


Once you’ve applied for loans and scholarships and grants, you may find that you’re coming up short of money to pay for college. Having a lack of funds does not mean that college has to take a back burner. By securing a private loan you can get the funds you need to supplement where other forms of aid are lacking. It’s important to remember that loans must be repaid, and if you choose a cosigner, they will be held responsible if you default on the loan. When looking at borrowing money for school, be sure to only borrow what you need and secure a plan to pay the money back so that you can maintain a healthy credit history.

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