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Helping Students Find Government Grants.

Grant Search Assistant is another proponent of little-known government grants.  Previously, these types of offerings were available through television and magazine ads, and provided the reader with information concerning specific funding that had been made available to the public, but had not been effectively announced through public channels. Thus the idiom, “little known.”

Grant Search Agent provides literature only, in the form of a CD if you prefer. They are not truly a consulting service, rather they provide a general listing of the types of grants that exist in numerous categories.

Often omitted from the materials are the exact qualifications required for those who apply for said grants. It is up to the consumer then to research more fully. Because of this, the books and CDs have declined in popularity.

– Easily obtained materials concerning government grants in general
– Moderate Price Tag

– Incomplete outline concerning some grant recipient requirements
– Sometimes contains outdated materials

The current price appears to be around $60.

Not Available. College funds listed in this resource vary and have strict requirements. General grant information for FAFSA (Federal Aid), can be obtained from almost any institute of higher learning or through the government website of the same name. Either can provide an application.

Information pertains to government grant programs only. Specific institutions of higher learning are not included.

There are many resources available to assist students when seeking financial assistance. Schools have information concerning some government grants, and often, when a student needs additional funds, seeking resources from private sources is preferable. The advantage to this type of publication is that the reader obtains information concerning the ways government grants may be listed, or what they may be attached to, in order to research newer information as it becomes available to certain segments of the population.

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Barbara sMITH


I never ordered this I filled out a servay on line and this is one of the site that I sipped how did you get my information there was one of these grants sites that I signed up for and canceled three days later how come you took money from my credit card company for 59.95 I want my money back
posted Jan 11th, 2010 5:18 pm



I’m not to sure about Grant Search Assistant, because they have outdated information. That is very misleading. Is that common for them or is that rare?
posted Jul 14th, 2008 12:51 pm

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