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Grant Writer Pro is again, a marketing presence for written material that provides a listing of little-known government grants. This funding is designed to be used for everything from small business start-up to special learning funding. These lesser-known funds were designed, in most instances, to be made available through agencies who specialize in the segments of the population they were devised for.  However, in many instances, the word does not get out, and the funds are not disbursed.

Because of this scenario, books that outlined these sources of funding began appearing in the 80s. They continue today via online marketing.

– Listing of government funding programs
– Multiple categories

– Sometimes contain outdated information
– This site does not appear to offer updated information
– Incomplete application information

This retailer offer the books at around $60.

The intended application for these funds may vary from year to year.

Most grants can be applied to any educational institution. In rare cases, they are restricted to certain schools and/or regions of the country.

There are many resources available to assist students when seeking financial assistance. Almost every school has information concerning FAFSA government grants, and often, when a student needs additional funds, seeking resources from private sources can be preferable. However, it is sometimes valuable to familiarize yourself with this type of information, insofar as it can help you learn how the government presents funding and attaches it to specific needs.

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margie fong


The name of this software sounds awesome. It is as good as the name sounds?

I would like to learn how to rant wtire for myself. How much does it cost and how can I get a copy of this CD? I do not have paypal.
posted Dec 22nd, 2010 12:40 pm



Company’s like Grant Writer Pro allow students to research and find information on small entities who have money to give, but nobody knows about them. There is money out there, it just has to be found. Grant Writer Pro helped me significantly with that.
posted Jul 14th, 2008 12:51 pm

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