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These days, you don’t have to sit in a traditional classroom to get a degree that will allow you to enter a new career or enhance your existing career. Instead, you can get your degree online from one of the best universities in the country, and you can get an advanced degree, such as a masters in public health online, without having to leave the comfort of home as you complete assignments and exams and prepare for an exciting new job. Keep reading to learn how to succeed at an online degree so you can make the most of this path.

Know How to Manage Your Time

Time management is a skill that you definitely need if you’re going to be attending school online because you won’t be required to attend class in person at specific hours of the day and on certain days of the week.

Without this structure, it could be easy to forget when you need to listen to a lecture online or submit an assignment. Therefore, you need to be proactive and really take responsibility for your learning by determining the times of day during which you’ll focus on your studies without interruption.

Create a Quiet Study Environment

Whether you’re opting to get your public health degree online, a business degree, or a degree in a creative field, working online requires that you create a suitable study environment in your home. This is especially important if you’re living with a roommate or you have a family with children.

The best study environment will help you concentrate in a comfortable space without any noise or interruption. Make sure that the room is lit well and that you can study undisturbed. In the event that your house is too loud and distracting, you could also go to the library, which is guaranteed to be quiet.

Be Persistent, Dedicated, and Independent

Pursuing a degree online requires that you have persistence and dedication to see the entire process through, just as you would need for any other degree in a traditional classroom environment at a local college. However, you also need to be comfortable working independently and taking on 100% of the responsibility of learning and achieving, especially if you’re completing an advanced degree, such as a master of public health.

Without this independent nature, it might be difficult to complete your degree completely online, as you’ll be too reliant upon professors and fellow students who can work with you in person rather than from remote.

Know How to Communicate Online

Once you enroll in an online degree program, you’ll be able to communicate with your professors and fellow students via discussion boards, chat rooms, emails, text messages, and by phone.

Whenever you communicate electronically, you need to be professional. This includes using subject lines in all of your emails, avoiding sarcasm in your conversations, returning messages in a prompt manner, and using appropriate language and intensifiers like asterisks rather than caps.

Follow the easy tips and strategies above once you decide to get your degree online, as doing so will make it easier to succeed.

Elon Musk College Education Background


Elon Musk was born June 28, 1971 in South Africa, now residing in Los Angles, California.

Musk is a world famous and highly educated engineer, inventor and business magnate.

At the age of 19, Musk was accepted into Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario for undergraduate. He was there for two years until he transferred to University of Pennsylvania. There, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in physics and his economics degree at its Wharton School of Business.

In 1995, at age 24, Musk moved to California to begin a PhD in applied physics and materials science at Stanford University, but left the program after two days to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations in the areas of the Internet.




Shaunae Miller Education Background at University of Georgia

shaunae miller georgia

Shaunae Miller is a Bahamian sprinter from Nassau, Bahamas. She was born April 15, 1994 to parents Mabelene and Shaun Miller.

After completing high school education at St. Augustine’s College in the Bahamas, she now lives in Athens and is enrolled at the University of Georgia.

In 2013, she set a school record in the 400m at 51.57.

At the 2011 World Youth Championships in Athletics, Miller was the first Bahamian to win the 400 meter sprint.

At the 2016 Olympics, she won a Gold medal in the 400 meter.

You can follow Shaunae on Twitter – @hey_itsshaunae


Simone Biles Educational Background

simone biles educational background, college and high school

Simone spent all of her secondary education homeschooled from 8th grade to high school and graduated in summer 2015.

She said it was a sacrifice she needed to make to focus on her career.

Simone tweeted her verbal commitment to UCLA on August 4, 2014, where she planned to attend college after the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Melania Trump Educational Background

Melania Trump College and Education History


Melania Krauss (Trump) was born on April 26, 1970 and began her modeling career at the age of 16 in Slovenia. At the age of 18, she moved to Milan and signed with a modeling agency.

Melania Trump never earned a university degree in architecture ? she dropped out of college after her freshman year, according to her biographers.  Still, she claims to have a degree from “university in Slovenia.”

Questions about her education grew more significant Tuesday morning, following the revelation that Melania Trump plagiarized parts of her speech to the Republican National Convention from one that First Lady Michelle Obama gave in 2008.

Slovenian journalists Bojan Pozar and Igor Omerza wrote in their biography on the former fashion model that she “became ? and remained ? a college dropout” after leaving the University of Ljubljana’s architecture school following her freshman year.

A wide-ranging interview published in GQ in April 2016 reported that Trump did gain admission to the the University of Ljubljana by passing a “notoriously difficult” entrance exam, but left after just one year to pursue a burgeoning modeling career:

University of Ljubljana Melania Trump



Huffington Post



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10 Things Every College Student Should Experience

If you ask your parents or professors about the most exciting period in their lives, you’ll probably hear this answer: “my years at college”. Think about it: if you don’t use the years you have at college to have the best time of your life, when will you set yourself free? You’ll face huge responsibilities as soon as you graduate, so you should definitely relax and do some things you always wanted to do. You know, just like in movies.

Here are 10 things that every college student should go through:

  1. Meeting tons of people

During freshman year, students are really excited to see new faces everywhere they turn. They want to meet new friends and ask about their cities and countries. However, that excitement goes away as they get used to the campus environment. Don’t let that happen to you. College gives you great opportunities to meet new people and make friends every single day.

  1. Sleepless nights

Everyone tells you to sleep at least 8 hours every night. That’s important, but sometimes it’s impossible. In some situations, you’ll really need to deprive yourself from sleep for the sake of studying. You don’t have to do that when you’re supposed to write a paper, since you can always hire the professional writers from EssayOnTime to help you with that. However, no one can study in your place, so you’ll definitely go through some sleepless nights before and during exam week.

  1. Taking easy electives

Who said you should constantly challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone? It’s okay to take easy subjects, mainly because they are fun. Elective subjects can easily get you easy scores, so why would you waste your time and energy with something you don’t understand?

  1. Going on road trips

You don’t plan road trips; you just decide you should go. If one of your friends has a car, then benefit from the freedom you have and get moving. Travelling is a great activity that helps you develop strong bonds with your friends.

  1. Skipping classes

Let’s get something clear: yes, you are paying for those college classes and you should definitely attend them. However, it’s okay to skip a class or two when you don’t feel like listening to a lecture. You might be too tired, or maybe you have great plans for the evening. Don’t skip classes too commonly, but do that when you know you’ll benefit more from another activity than from the lecture you would attend.

  1. Spending time with family and old friends

Don’t forget to maintain old connections, and stay in touch with your family. You’ll get vacations during college, so don’t spend them on campus. Organize trips with your family and high-school friends and remind yourself how much you care about them.

  1. Partying

Don’t do this too often, but make sure to experience it at least once throughout college: party like a rock star. People will keep inviting you to parties, and sometimes you’ll have to say no because of studying and other responsibilities. However, it’s okay to set yourself free and get wild from time to time. Enjoy college life, but remember not to pass the limits.

  1. Finding new hobbies

You’re too young to focus on your major and avoid finding new interests. Do you like singing, playing sports, or writing poems? Join a club and get involved. Your hobby will add a new dimension to your college life, so you won’t spend a minute being bored.

  1. Dorm life

Without experiencing dorm life, the entire college experience is somehow incomplete. Living with other students teaches you not only to relax, but to be a responsible person as well. You’ll learn how to take your share of responsibilities and control your temper when you don’t like someone’s actions. Plus, you’ll make friends for a lifetime.

  1. Graduating

That’s an experience you can’t compare. You’ll have a lot of fun throughout college, so maybe you won’t want this moment to come. However, graduation is the whole purpose for going through this journey. It will make you feel like an accomplished, responsible individual who is ready to deal with the world.


There you have them – the 10 things you should definitely experience throughout college. There is still time until graduation, but keep that final goal in mind while you go through all other adventures on the list.


Give your Students Extra Help for Success

Whether your child is doing well in most subjects or they are having a few issues getting their homework finished on time, you can help them succeed in every subject via Services Tutorat.

It never hurts to ask for help from a tutor. Most schools have one teacher for around 30 students. Do you really believe that one teacher has enough time in the day to help every student personally with every subject? Some students may need help with math, while others need help in Science and so on and so forth. There is not enough time in a school day for the teacher to help every student get the attention they need to succeed.

By hiring a tutor to aid your child with their homework, you will be giving them a kind of teacher all of their very own. The tutor will provide your child with the proper tools to help them create a study plan that fits your child’s learning style.

The first step will be to learn if your child understands the homework assignment and if not help them to understand as well as help correlate any notes that were taken in class so the homework will be easier to complete. Once the homework has been completed, the tutor will check it over and ensure that the student has done the homework properly and learn where your child is having issues, so they can help in that area instead of trying to do it all at once. Once your child’s tutor finds the child’s weak points, they will be able to work on those issues so your child can succeed.

If you have noticed that you child does well in class and with homework, but often fails exams. You can hire a tutor that will help you child learn how to prepare for taking exams. In most cases, the problem is that your child becomes nervous or just do not know how to study for an exam. They may know every answer, but once the exam begins, they freeze up. The tutor will aid in helping your child ensure they have the necessary study material and learn the weaknesses as well as strengths of your child, so they can actually simulate an exam and help your child succeed.

The tutor will even go over older exams so they can understand if your child knows the knowledge but only has an issue with exams. Once the weaknesses are discovered, the tutor can help to turn this around so your child will do better on exams while learning how to prepare for all kinds of exams.