Donald Trump's Education Background

Donald Trump - educational background

Donald Trump is known today as one of the leading businessmen in the United States. He is an author, television personality, businessman, and real estate developer. How did Donald Trump rise to such successes? We at EDUinReview would like to take a minute and exam the education background of this multi-billionaire that is now the 2018 President of the United States. let’s get to it…

Personal life of Trump:

Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in New York. He was the fourth of five children in his family.

Trump in high school

Trump attended The Kew-Forest School in Forest Hills, Queens until he was 13 years old. Then, after causing some trouble at The Kew-Forest School, his parents transferred him to the New York Military Academy. Trump excelled in academics and sports while at NYMA. He earned many academic honors, was a member of the varsity football team in 1962, the varsity soccer team in 1963, and the varsity baseball team from 1962-1964. He was also the Cadet Captin-S4 (Cadet Battalion Logistics Officer) and lead his school in the Memorial Day parade down Fifth Avenue in 1964.

Trump in college

After high school, Trump attended Fordham University for two years. He then transferred to the Wharton Business School, where he graduated in 1968 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a concentration in finance.

“After I graduated from the New York Military Academy in 1964, I flirted briefly with the idea of attending film school,” Trump wrote in his book Trump: The Art of the Deal. “But in the end, I decided real estate was a much better business. I began by attending Fordham University…but after two years, I decided that as long as I had to be in college, I might as well test myself against the best. I applied to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and I got in….I was also very glad to get finished. I immediately moved back home and went to work full time with my father.”

Trump has enjoyed many financial successes during his career. He recently created an online university to share his “keys to success,” which is called Trump University. As of 2018, he is the republican President of the United States.

50 Responses to “Donald Trump’s Education Background”

  1. Michael Smegma Pence says:

    Today July 23 is the 59th birthday of the president of vice Michael “Dick” Pence. If you are a woman, or even a convincing drag queen, invite him to have dinner with you alone. Praise him
    for his table manners, such as removing his water bottle from the table upon Trump’s cue. Ask again to see his Pocket Hose reviews.

  2. Michael Smegma Pence says:

    I used to say that Trump is dumber than dog shit.
    But I got tired of apologizing to my dog.

    Please read my Pocket Hose review.

  3. Mat says:

    So he never received a degree in higher education, interesting.

  4. Kathyrn Paoletta says:

    Merely wanna state that this is very useful , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

  5. Amanda T. says:

    He has declared bankruptcy so many times that the Nevada gaming commission has refused to grant him a license to run a casino in his hotel in Vegas! He was also forced to shut down his hotel/casino in Atlantic City within the last several years due lack of funds! Wow, some economic/finance degree he received: God help us all when our country enters into another recession (or another unwanted war) with this wack-a-doo calling the shots!

  6. Brian Gerrits says:

    There was a TV documentary type show about 15 years ago that investigated the question of what makes a country economically successful. Many thought that democracy was a major factor. However India and some other poor countries have democratic systems. The biggest factor turned out to be bureaucracy. Tiawan had the lowest level of bureaucracy of any country. An example of India’s bureaucracy was illustrated by looking at a company that’d built a large building for manufacturing. The building was constructed but the owners were unsuccessful in breaking through the bureaucracy necessary to obtain electrical service so the building sat empty and probably went to ruin. I once had 9 houses which I fixed up myself. Then I acquired one that the local government got involved in and I ended up in bankruptcy because the government requirements that blocked my progress. I am a perfectionist and no one would argue that my work is anything but exceptional. I couldn’t overcome the bureaucracy. Trump is in opposition to his main political adversaries in that he, having the hands on business experience he has, is aware of the destructiveness of bureaucracy. He may end up benefiting this country far more than anyone will realize because of his efforts to eliminate as much bureaucracy as he can. There is so much discussion about Trump about his supposed shortcomings, his lack of political correctness, etc. but his greatest gift to this country may go largely unrecognized because so few people realize what destruction comes from government over regulation . I’d appreciate it if someone could identify the documentary I referred to about what makes a country successful .


  7. John Culbertson says:

    Everybody’s comments on another is usually on how they have had experiences with others from different socioeconomic backgrounds in their lives. Such as how was your experiences in the past with management while working for someone else. Or how was your experiences with others if you managed others. And the same would go if we are referring to educational backgrounds. How were your experiences in the past with only those with a high school diploma or less? How was your experiences with those with at least a 4-year degree or more? And the same would go for economic status? How was your experience in the past with those who had more money than you? Or about the same median household amount? Or how was your experiences with those living at the poverty line? And I wish we could wipe the slate clean, because on some, we are missing out on some really good people, and I am referring to employment interviews as the system has with current technology that potential employers in a heartbeat can find out about one’s credit background and criminal background; but yet this person or potential job applicant could offer more via what the recruiter should be looking for, and that is one’s employment background and skills, educational background, and how well he/she is able to express those assets in an interview, which will display one’s verbal communication skills, and what organization or business does not need he/she with excellent verbal/written communication skills!!

  8. John Culbertson says:

    Allan Allani: Remember that ‘contempt prior to investigation is the way to everlasting ignorance.’ Which by the way, this phrase fits you properly, since you made two incomprehensible mistakes by not inserting the letters ‘ed’ after the word impress as in the word impressed, which is found in your second sarcastic bombardment of those who know about macroeconomics and how Trump’s policies of lower tax cuts across the board will eventually lead to not only more discretionary and disposable income for all American households, which can be used one of two ways: One) used in 401-k plans which are heavily invested in stock and bond funds, and if you prefer spending instead of saving, and you would rather live on the streets when and if you make it to 30 Allan, you can spend your extra available income at local, regional, and national businesses to increase their gross sales, increase gross profit margins, increase organizations’ net income, and of course, increase taxable income, which Uncle Sam will be glad to pick up extra taxes to reduce our massive deficit left over by Obama as the most recent Deprt. labor Statistics reveal that !)national deficit is massive2)net trade margin deficit is getting worse, and by the way, your buddy, Hillary., wanted to continue the same policies which these two led to the devaluation of the American dollar, and the reasons necessities such as groceries, utilities, mortgages, rent, gas, gasoline, health care costs, post-secondary education, Medicare, etc., have continued to escalate not just yearly but weekly, and don’t tell me you don’t notice by going to the grocery store you don’t see costs going up, and they certainly are not increasing due to inflation, because at the end of 2014 median household income was less than it was at end of 2010, the last year of the ‘Great Recession’, and you know who was President in both 2010 and 2014, don’t you Allan? 5)See when I was in college as a senior, oh and it was in the hills of Tennessee too, where we just drink moonshine, and learn a few words like ‘Allan seems to be bewildered or perplexed by the philosophy class he is taken, and for the first time in a long while, he has had to examine some basic foundation values that once he took for granted. He seems to have a conflict with his mind and spirit and soul, and all three are intersecting at the same time. does Allen need psychotherapy to find out if his intrinsic make-up is not what he thought it was? Or is it true that his feelings for other men might indicate to women that Allan is indeed torn between having surgery or not? Please people help me decide what Allan’s problem might be? for we might me at a breaking point of such magnitude that has not been seen since Galileo or Aristotle thought the ship was going to sail over the perpendicular point where the earth meets the horizon. On yeah, Allan Allani, you also forgot that no comma is needed after the word ‘efforts’, and the word ‘efforts’ is used in the same comment where you forgot to put the letters ‘ed’ at the end of the word, ‘impress’.

  9. Quora says:

    SNL portrays Trump as a buffoon. Is there any reason to believe he has average or above average intelligence?

    A little sensitive? I am attempting to not “imagine” anything. I am simply asking you to quote your source for what you state as fact. Insulting me does nothing to bolster your argument. While it is obvious that you have a bias against the President…

  10. E. Tim Archuleta says:

    Well its all over the right person won, yes he has a lot of warts, but I believe is trustworthy, not so much HC.
    What bothers me so much is all these folks (who need a Job) go out and demonstrate, I wonder if they voted, to demonstrate your feelings is OK, but when you block traffic on an interstate you need to be put in jail, you want to stand and hold a sign go for it, just don’t block traffic.

  11. glk says:

    Working for the government is different then owning your own company. As an individual you can make the decisions by yourself. In government you must make compromises with other branches of goverment. We all want change,but be careful what you wish for. Both canidates are promising things that will be impossible to get through congress. Tone it down, get some sleep. In four years perhaps we will have better canidates. Remember we been through indian wars, slavery, World war two. (me in Viet Nam) and the middle East wars. We,ll get through this too. You have a right to your opinion, but try to respect the opinions of others also. We all want the best for America. Insulting other doesn’t help your cause.

  12. Somo Puhau says:

    Donald Trump is NOT a Narcissist. He is an aspie. He has aspergers. High functioning. This is why he has no filter. No social boundaries. He says things he doesn’t do, but thinks that’s what someone else wants to hear, so he can “fit in.” David Brooks, from the New York Times, is a liar and a fraud. Brooks hides behind his reporter title to play “doctor.” Brooks had the temerity to insinuate that Trump was a narcissist, yet Brooks has NO EVIDENCE and isn’t a psychiatrist, so whatever he says about Trump, is his own BIAS opinion. Brooks is yet another WEAK man whom no woman, in her right mind, would want to associate with. On the otherhand, women like strong, aggressive men like Trump. Men who would grab us, toss on on the bed, grab our p^%$Y. Granted, this should be done with taste. Donald certainly messed up when he showed no respect for a married woman. But then again, Hillary’s husband, Bill, who would be living in white house again, if she’s elected, didn’t care about his marriage either. VOTE TRUMP. TRUMP is the only one who can bring change. REAL change.

  13. dal gordon says:

    It appears from what evidence, and documents available that he has what is commonly known in the in the academic community that he was, and is a gentleman c student. in other words his degree came from his parents after they paid Wharton for his education. Nothing but bankruptcy in his past. Patterns don’t lie, but it appears he does.

  14. Eric Thatcher says:

    Cry baby democrats want Trump’s college transcripts. Did he even graduate they ask. Obama has spent over 4 million dollars and counting sequestering his college transcripts from public view. Theressa go get Trumps Wharton transcripts. Then show us Obamas. Until then pound sand.

  15. marie w. says:

    Doesnt anyone remember the interview barbara walters did with trump LONG AGO…..many many many years ago in his trump tower penthouse. He had a picture of his parents sityin by the chair he was in and barbara was questioning him about his life n background and education and he admitted he had never completed 8th grade (age 12/13) and he said he had gone to work with his dad and never returned to school and gotten a diploma. He said all he had learned he learned hands on from working with his dad. So trump didnt get into wharton based on his academic scores but through his uncles personal contacts/friendships with the Dean!!!

  16. Ray Ward says:

    It’s interesting that as I read the negative criticism on Trump in these posts, I perceive that most of them are from people reflecting their own inadequacies; for instance they whom are criticizing his education seem to be the ones who can’t write very well themselves, and they whom are criticizing his business track record appear to be those with no entrepreneurial experience themselves. Oh, how it is easy to judge when one has not worn the shoes. If you’re looking for a savior, Trump is not the one. The alternative candidate, however is the worst possible choice we have ever had. Trump is at least listening to the voters (the legal ones). The other is continuing the subversives’ coup on our country, led by self-centered, radical, over-educated fools that have never “produced” anything and have used government to attain wealth for themselves. THAT is anti-American and rather “third-worldish”.

  17. TJ says:

    Awesome edu background

  18. Pat says:

    I worry about America when someone like Mr. Trump is supported by those people that are doing so. Many Americans seem to be buying into his hateful, misogynic, aggessive rhetoric which is based on what appears to be shallow knowledge. I believe people that demonstrate these qualities are fearful, angry, and insecure. I read the comments above and I wonder why many people see Mr. Trump as the source ‘for making America what it was’.
    Why do you think America needs to improve so greatly? I think my America is filled with kind, bright people who do wonderful things. Yes, the middle class has and continues to suffer but you want one of the big 1% people to make things better? A lot of our economic problems are outcome of the Republican Party and the 1% who rule them – Mr. Trump include.
    Please don’t make your choice for President based on fear. Mr. Trump has never, from what I see, been successful in business (remember he started with a huge hunk of money from Dad), has gone bankrupt multiple times, and has less money today from his business adventures than if he had invested his Dad’s gift in stocks performing at the S&P average ($2 b vs $6b) when he received the money. He’s going to make our economy stronger? For whom? Don’t be afraid for America. We are a great Nation.

  19. Johnbbad says:

    TRUMP will RAPE America again.

  20. Terry says:

    Has anyone ever checked Donald Trumps college records,he is so quick to tell how smart he was/is. Anyone can attend collage,but did he(Donald) graduate?
    With what grades? English was not his strong point,he speaks like a fifth
    grader. Hard to believe he attended school period.

    Why was he asked to leave the private school !?

  21. Pudden Tane says:

    Trump Towers: Bankrupt
    Trump Entertainment & Resorts: Bankrupt
    3 Trump Casinos: : Bankrupt
    Trump Travel: Bankrupt
    Trump Airline: Bankrupt
    Trump Mortgage: Bankrupt
    Trump AFL: Bankrupt
    Trump Entertainment filed for bankruptcy December 2015
    Trump online university – successfully sued by the Atty General of NY for running an “illegal education institution.” Students at Trump U paid $35,000 for an “elite mentorship” but never saw their “Mentor.”

  22. LINDA CHAVEZ says:


  23. Josh says:


  24. Glenn Endress says:

    Why were my comments removed?

  25. Glenn Endress says:

    The man cannot put together a complete or coherent sentence, however, it’s easy to tell when he’s lying…that would be when his lips are moving. The man is dangerous, inciting those who are taken with his outrageous statements and hate filled rhetoric. The man is absolutely clueless about most everything that has to do with presidential/world affairs. He is crass, thin-skinned, shallow, immature and orange. Simply put, he is a con man, all smoke and mirrors…no substance…the emperor has no clothes. After money and beautiful women, what’s left for the man who has everything….how about the ultimate aphrodesiac…POWER. Be careful America.

  26. jackie Trump says:

    I love Donald Trump! He will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  27. Tammy says:

    That Donald Trump (Donaldo trampa), migth have had a good excellent education along his life, but its required much more to have that noble spirit from he has not showed at any time, and to have overflowed $$$ in the banks… does not mean that he has any manners education, people who have principles, are kind,with any one, wether its rich or poor, or any race, respecful to any body around them, many people on the web have said how they have been treated! and has not been any nice. He does not deserv to be in front of the country, If all you that are in-love with him and he had fired away all your home helpers who´s going to do that job? youself? or the gardener to keep it clean and nice, also if you agreed with him you might be the same way he is.

  28. Dano bivins says:

    Trump will make America grate again!

  29. James says:

    I like Donald Trump.He speaks from his heart.He is not a pretender.Most of what he says is the truth.However,I doubt it very much that he’s got what it takes to make it in modern politics.I don’t think he understands the dynamics of democracy.Modern people don’t like the truth.Most of us don’t believe that there is something called the truth.
    I’m afraid Donald,you won’t win.As good as a lot of your views are to me,they are not popular.People want popular opinions,not truth.

  30. Pcolgan says:

    I’m ashamed this man is a presidential nominee have these people lost their mind?The rest of the globe have lost all respect they had 4 us.Ive been involved since college and been objective not by party but nominee.Im 63 and ashamed to watch the TV.I shook hands and listened to best Bobbi Kennedy n also some really bad .Not until now I almost feel hopeless but I’m praying Hilary can get the job done she is all we have and a strong woman that I respect!!

  31. Andrew Slone says:

    DONALD AND I are about the same age, I was Born in 1944; I am Retired from the Military with 22 yrs. I Did not finish High School but after Returning from Vietnam in 1967. I Attended Alice Lloyd College for 2 yrs and then one year in Nursing. My Father was killed when I was 4 yrs old and I grew up very poor, I am thankful for the Military who has guided me and helped me attain an Education and a Vocation that has helped me to Support my family. I am now Retired from the Military and doing well. I Hope Donald Trump becomes president. God Bless America. MSG Andrew Slone

  32. Ronnie Hester says:

    Donald is an amusement personality, not a President (at least not for the greatest country in the world). Stay in your place! His nonchalant/laizefaire demeanor is deplorably detestable for any Legislative, Judicial, or Executive branches position anywhere. His diplomatic scruples are degenerately inhuman and a threat to mankind. What kind of God does this man serve, and moreover what kind of God does his supporters serve. WOW! With this type behaviorism, we’re doomed for immediate Apocalypse. .

  33. Bob Smith says:

    Hey Grace
    Better dig out your F&W before you try to impress as erudite. Trump has an army of sycophants but he is not close to being one

  34. Lynn Jones says:

    Trump is a genius, proof in his test scores. He has many accomplishments that make people jealous. Donald speaks the truth and wants to make America great again. He isn’t afraid to speak out against the corruption in our government. He owes no one anything, so he can’t be bought. He honors the constitution, the American citizen, and our veteran heroes. He supports jobs, gun rights, freedom of speech, military strength, securing our borders, ending bought government, enforcing the constitution, revamping obamacare etc. The way I see it, he is an American Patriot. He is what we need in 2016.

  35. Jen says:

    To the nay sayers…we got an inexperienced senator who voted present 90% of his time as senator and who had no real experience, in any aspect, of running a county. You count his dirty dealings with Rezco and his affiliation with Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright etc. and a heritage rich in muslim teachings worthy of the potus, America has been doomed long before this current twerp of a potus graduated from his “choom gang”. I’ll take Trump over this cancer on society any day!

  36. Jose Elacate says:

    I think this country is at a cross roads. Some one needs to take this country back where it should belong. I think that some one is Donald Trump. I will tell you why. Here are the reasons:
    1. We have been fooled by other countries for too long. Unfortunately our leaders never recognized the secret intentions they had. It is time to say NO to these people.

    2. We have never taken history lessons seriously. We will be the laughing stock of the whole world, if we accept and continue with the recent deal.

    3. A Trump/Carson ticket is the way to go for:

    a. To achieve the goals above.
    b. To defeat the Democrats.
    ( No offense to the other candidates, but until we fix our country;s problem, please cooperate and give Mr. Trump a chance This may be our only opportunity)

  37. Sandy Shevack says:

    Trump is a racist and lacks insight on global politics. He promotes divisions among working class people, which serves the interests of ruling class members like him quite well. Another “tough right winger” who didn’t volunteer to fight in Viet-Nam. Loud, nasty, sexist, racist and ignorant. A true Republican.

  38. Dorothy Farris says:

    Donald Trump has caused more people to be aware of politics and the political process than any other candidate. For this he deserves kudos. What he has said so far makes much more sense than the blathering of Cruz, Paul,etc. That he tends toward narcissism is a good thing. Every other candidate has done the same thing except for Ben Carson whose work speaks for itself.

    Cut the Donald some slack: listen to him and don’t be so ready to criticize.

  39. Theresa says:

    Would LOVE to see a copy of that diploma, OR a transcript, from Wharton–

    Like what he did with Obama, you just can’t trust these candidates nowadays–don’t know if they are “embellishing” their educational background–so we should ask to see PROOF of educational degree!

    I’m sure, if asked, Mr. Trump will give a straightforward reply, without becoming bellicose–SURE!

  40. Jesus says:

    Trump is BASE GOD!!!!!

  41. Jose Elacate says:

    This country needs a person with guts to bring it back to it’s old glory. I think Trump will do it. Give him a chance to prove that he means what he says..Remember, no body is perfect.

  42. Jose Elacate says:

    This country needs a person with guts to bring it back to it’s old glory. I think Trump can do it. So let us give him a chance. Remember , nobody is perfect. If we are looking for perfection, we may not have a president. So let us give him a chance to show that he means what he says.

  43. Julio Presendieu says:

    I worked at Mar-a-lago Club for about 7 years. Trump like people. He is no racist. He has what it takes to lead America to success. I enjoyed working for him. Basea on his track record, I will vote for him in presidential election in 2016.

    Julio Presendieu, MHA
    Phoenix, AZ

  44. Bill Sharon says:

    I just wanted to know if Donald Trump ever served on active Duty, or the Reserves of any US Military Org

  45. grace salafia says:

    Donald Trump is the one who is negative as unfortunately as succesful as he may being, people can’t stand him because he is a mean spirited individual.

    Success doesn’t mean you can do or way whatever you want. He is an attention seeking sycophant who quite frankly would never win any popular vote and can’t stand the fact that a man like Obama could rise to power great than him given his background.

  46. Marialuisa says:

    I do like Donald Trump .
    He’s very lucky to have a wonderful family….his kids are never in the”bad media”.They are good, smart and family oriented children.Donald Trump is a smart guy .I like when he speaks the”truth” about anything that is put in front of him.God bless you Mr Trump…you are a good example for AMERICA.

  47. M says:

    People stop being so negative and leave this man alone. I wonder if any of you has made as much money or is as well known as he is. Probably Not!

    You all just sound jealous of his success and honestly do any of you know what his life has been like, NO! We only see and hear what the press/media show’s us, we don’t live in his house or walk in his shoes. I don’t think any of you negative thinkers would like it if he was setting in judgement of you.

    We should always remember, that everyone is or has gone through some kind of heart ache in their lives. So try to be a little kinder and less critical of our fellow humans.

  48. Gary says:

    I hope he runs for pres….then Obomas guarenteed

  49. will hall says:

    the silver spoon is tarnished in that puffer fish mouth of donald trump. it is inconcievable that he would moderate a presidential debate. this pompus ass thinks he knows the world well enough to run our country. we can only remind donnie that bankrupcy and bribery are not viable options for the can’t just summon elected officals to the oval office and say”you’re fired”. stick to the business your daddy handed you….

  50. Tony Thompson says:

    Can you research and discuss the fact that Trump “University” is not anything close to a university or a school. Its a seminar scheme to that can cost up to $35K. And if he’s a “successful” businessman, why does he spend most of his time in BK court since ’91 to present? How many unsecured investors got smashed in his BKL filings? And Trump Casino BK, where he told the reporter for NBC that, in spite of the fact that investors got stiffed “I made out great”? Your piece seems to be outdated or somebody at your firm is a big Apprentice Fan! Thanks

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