dropout rate

dropout rate

More U.S. Students Getting High School Diplomas

President Obama‚Äôs goal to graduate nine out of 10 students from high school by the year 2020 may not be quite on pace, but progress is definitely being made. A new study shows that the number of schools termed “dropout factories” has decreased since 2002 and more than 100,000 students have gotten a high school diploma because of that.

To be termed a dropout factory, a school must have fewer than 60 percent of students who started as freshmen still enrolled four years later. While these results are very encouraging, there would need to be a fivefold increase to take place for the 2020 goal to be reached. What this study does show is that the schools termed dropout factories can be fixed. Tennessee, Texas, New York and Georgia have found tactics that work to lower the dropout rates in their schools. Data has been collected to show what schools are having problems, what students dropout and what results work to keep students on track for graduation.

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Principal in North Carolina Invites Dropouts Back to School

west-bladen-high-schoolPrincipal Todd Finn of West Bladen High School in North Carolina invites dropouts to finish their high school education. Only 29 percent of original class graduated last year from West Bladen High, reports WECT. Although a few students transferred or moved, many dropped out. “Sometimes you have to take a different road to get to where you want to go, and that’s OK, but we can get you right back on the right track so you can finish,” said Finn.

The principal says he wants anyone who’s motivated to get their diploma, even if that means working out a special schedule. He acknowledges that returning to school can be difficult, but he welcomes all dropouts, regardless of age or their number of missing credits.

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Wordless Wednesday: High School Graduates

High School Graduation


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