Wilbur Ross' Educational Background

Why He Deserves Our Notice:

On February 28th of 2017, this well-known American investor joined Trump’s cabinet as the United States Secretary of Commerce. He’s best known for his work restructuring failing companies in the steel, coal, telecommunications, and textile industry.  Ross’ work with bankrupt, financially insecure companies, has earned him a new moniker: “King of Bankruptcy”. A recent Forbes article estimates his net worth at approximately $2.5 billion dollars. His ability to turnaround laggard businesses and profit will prove useful to the man in charge of promoting our country’s economic growth.

Personal Life and Education:

Wilbur Ross was born in Weehawken, New Jersey on November 28th of 1937.  His father, Wilbur Ross, was a lawyer, and his mother, Agnes, a school teacher. The little family of three spent most of their son’s younger years in the white picket fence suburbs of New Jersey. That did not mean, however, that their son was confined there. Every day, Wilbur would commute two hours to attend Xavier High School all the way out in Manhattan. He would later go on to lead the school’s rifle team.

His preparatory school did its job. Less than a year after graduating from high school, Wilbur Ross enrolled at Yale University to complete his Bachelor of Arts degree. While there, he helped edit a literary magazine and run one of the institution’s radio stations. After four years at one Ivy League institution, Ross enrolled at Harvard to pursue his MBA.

Since his education ended, Wilbur Ross has joined a variety of organizations. He’s been a director of the Turnaround Management Association and also led the cult-like Kappa Beta Phi.   He also received a variety of awards including the Order of Industrial Service Merit, the American Irish Historical Society Gold Medal, and a medal for the Order of the Rising Sun. His marriages have not been so worthy of accolades, however. Wilbur has been divorced on two separate occasions.

School Profiles:

  • Yale University: A private research university located in New Haven, Yale is one of America’s best-known institution. Founded in 1701, it’s also one of the country’s oldest. The school’s roughly 12,000 students can choose from 14 constituent schools. By volume, Yale has the third-largest academic library in the country. Its alumni include 19 Supreme Court justices, 5 Fields Medalists, 5 US Presidents, and 52 Nobel Laureates.
  • Harvard University: About 100 years older than Yale, Harvard was established in 1636. Its mixture of academic rigor, influence, history, and wealth have made it one of the world’s most renowned universities.  Its 210-acre campus serves more than 20,000 students every year. Its alumni include 242 Marshall Scholars, 359 Rhodes Scholars, and eight US Presidents. For anyone looking for a degree with prestige, look no further.

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