college is yours

college is yours

“College Is Yours 2.0” Offers More Great Advice

College is Yours 2.0 by Patrick J. O'ConnorCollege admissions is a shifting landscape: from the tests you need to take to the ways you apply. That’s why we’re delighted that an updated edition of our favorite college guide, College Is Yours, is now available.

College Is Yours 2.0 is written by Ph.D. Patrick O’Connor, a college counselor and past president of the National Association for College Admission Counseling. He lays out a plan to help students stress less over the application process, while still reaching for their highest aspirations. The book also offers advice on how to highlight high school achievements, fund your education and tips for parents.

The new edition is not only updated to reflect recent changes in the process of applying to college, but also includes nearly twice as many chapters. Don’t worry, College Is Yours 2.0 won’t add to your workload. It’s written like a good admissions essay: easy to read, on topic and in 600 words or less.

“Some information about testing was out of date, since nearly every college now accepts the SAT and the ACT, and I went into much more detail about what to keep in mind when applying online,” explains O’Connor. “There‚Äôs also significantly more coverage on writing essays, applying for financial aid, and how to make sure you make it through senior year in a healthy state of mind, ready to make the most out of high school.”

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College is Yours, in 600 Words or Less is a Fresh College Guide


UPDATE [10/18/2011]: An updated edition of College Is Yours by Patrick O’Connor is now available under the title College Is Yours 2.0.

Applying to college can seem like such a daunting and overwhelming task that many students don’t fully consider which school is really right for them. Students often obsess over getting into the “top school,” without finding out if that university or college has an academic and social environment that will suit them. College is Yours, in 600 Words or Less by Patrick O’Connor is the college guide that will help students find the college where they will actually be happy. Read the rest of this entry »


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