SUNY Student Dies on First Day of Classes

It was the first day of classes at the State University of New York Delhi and students across campus were attending classes, meeting up with their friends, and some were already getting nervous about the difficult semester that loomed before them.

One student, Sarah Gosselin, did not participate in any of these activities. Instead, at 4:30p.m. on August 23, 2011, she was found unresponsive in her bedroom by her roommate. Gosselin was later pronounced dead. An autopsy is currently underway, but school officials do not suspect any sort of foul play in Gosselin’s death. Gosselin was a 21-year old transfer student from Gienmont, NY, and was studying veterinary science.

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Wells Fargo Forgives Student Debt in Death

Wells Fargo will pardon any student loan debt where the beneficiary dies or becomes permanently disabled, according to their new student loan agreement, released on Friday.

“When a death or permanent disability occurs, their future ability to repay is compromised,” said Kirk Bare , the head of Wells Fargo Education Financial Services. “We believe it is important to be responsive to events that affect these unique customers, and their ability to obtain financial independence and repay their loan.”

Before this new agreement, the co-signer had to pay back the loan under the circumstances. The student loan forgiveness program will be an addition to both existing and future Wells Fargo student loans.

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Notre Dame Death Tweeted Hours Before it Happened

The scene after the accident. Photo Credit: Joe Raymond Associated Press

The scene after the accident. Photo Credit: Joe Raymond Associated Press

Just a couple of days away from Halloween, the campus of the Catholic private college Notre Dame du Lac is being haunted by an eerie chill and tragic death that occurred last night.

Notre Dame is quite well known for their football team, immortalized in the movie Rudy, but now LaBar Practice Complex is sealed off with yellow police crime scene tape as students gather to extend their condolences to junior Declan Sullivan a member of the “team”.

While Sullivan wasn’t an actual player on the football team, he contributed to the sporting events by videotaping practices, and that unfortunately cost him his life when the scissors lift that he was filming from toppled down after 50 mph winds. Read the rest of this entry »


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