Tips for Sorority Recruitment

Entering the Greek system and joining a sorority is a rite of passage for many college women, whether continuing a family legacy or creating a lifestyle that promotes friendship, academic accountability and socializing.sorority girls

Don’t take the decision lightly though. Everything from determining if sorority life is ideal for you to choosing a house in which you’ll fit are important points to consider. This guide can provide some insight from sorority alumni on getting through sorority rush (the recruitment week), determining which house is best for you, and even leave you with some questions you’ll need to answer.

One of the first things you should do is determine if being a part of a sorority is the best choice for you. And that’s a decision only you can make.

Also take into account your financial standing when you get to college. Will you be able to afford the dues, housing fees, social and charitable obligations, as well as the swag?

Tips for Applications

1. While in high school preparing for college, be involved.

2. Request letters of recommendation, Greek alumnae.

3. Clean-up your online image.sorority rush

Tips for Sorority Recruitment (Rush Week)

1. If none of the houses feel right to you, don’t join. Recruitment is for you to find out if the Greek system is a good fit.

2. If you like a house, let the member rushing you know. You’ll be more likely to stand-out if you speak-up.

3. Choose a house based on who is in your incoming class, not current members, as you’ll be closer to your classmates.

See even more tips on how to rush a sorority and the top 10 sororities here at

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