Every School Should Have a Useless Teacher

learning-from-bad-teachers“Every school should have a useless teacher,” Zenna Atkins, Chairman of the UK’s Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) told the BBC. She pointed out that dealing with a difficult authority figure is an important life skill. “If kids can manage to cope with one bad teacher that’ll be a good learning lesson for them in life – it is not necessarily an absolute disaster.”

Stressing that her comment is a personal opinion, and not an official position of Ofsted, she added that schools should not tolerate bad teachers. A report published in BBC’s Panorama estimated that as many as 17,000 teachers in the UK are not competent teachers.

“What is an absolute disaster is if the leadership doesn’t know that there is a bad teacher and leadership is not doing anything about it.” She feels it’s the responsibility of each school to have the highest quality of teaching possible, and added that students should not be underestimated in their ability to identify bad teachers. “They can be a huge ally for schools in helping improve teachers’ performance.”

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  1. hunter says:

    you know i have a teacher that is extremely difficult to learn from for my geometry class and im just not sure how to deal with it. if my schedule wasnt so dang tight as it is with classes that only take place once in the day then i could switch to a different teacher at the end of the grading period. i am not complaining about him being to strict or anything actually i think he needs to enforce the no talking during class more strictly. im just complaining about how he teaches and that even when asking a question he just throws a example problem at you, im not sure what trying to do a example problem that you dont know how to do will help you understand how to do the real problem. really i wish he would just slow it down and take one whole day doing review and teaching us the right way to do things because alot of these terms he is using im just not sure what they mean because he never really explained them. its still really early in the year and this year i wanted to focus on grades alot more then i have in the past.

  2. Bunny says:

    I’d still rather get rid of a bad teacher, that is, switch my kid. After a month or so, why put up with the inevitable hit in learning?

  3. NEL says:

    I agree with the teacher….I’ve helped many a student “out game” their bad teachers, by helping them try to guess why the teacher is grumpy, or offsetting their inconsistencies, or even learning to be philosophical about an unfair grade. They DO learn some interesting coping skills, and avoid feeling powerless.

  4. PCB says:

    These comments remind me of what was said of a bad drill sergeants
    and tach officers. Very hard to live through nevertheless.

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