Sandy Hook Students Welcomed at a New School in Monroe, Connecticut

After last month’s tragic event at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, students have yet to return to a classroom. As reported by CBSNews, the students at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown will be attending a new school redesigned specially for them.

The new school is in the town of Monroe. Signs saying “Welcome Sandy Hook Elementary School” and “Welcome. You are in our prayers” hung along the road greeting students, parents, and teachers as they made their way back to class today. Security will be enforced at the new school to ensure students, parents, and teachers feel safe.

A few weeks of renovating from volunteers and the former middle school known as Chalk Hill School in Monroe, Conn. is ready for these young students to step foot inside. Volunteers even made the school size friendly by raising bathroom floors for smaller children to reach the toilets. Students’ supplies from Sandy Hook Elementary and photos will be placed in the new school to make students feel comfortable. Experts and counselors say it is vital that students feel comfortable and back to a regular schedule.

Teachers and administrators will offer sensitive reassurance to students who need it and will try to make school at Chalk Hill as normal as possible. Janet Robinson, the district’s superintendent, said in AP coverage, “We will obviously take time out from the academics for any conversations that need to take place, and there will be lots of support there. All in all, we want the kids to reconnect with their friends and classroom teachers, and I think that’s going to be the healthiest thing.”

Efforts to help Sandy Hook students to further their education have been set up by the University of Connecticut.

When news broke of the tragic school shooting last month, the country watched as innocent lives were stolen away. Now we can watch and help the students, parents, and teachers put pieces of their lives back and return to a new normal.

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