An Online Master's Degree For Only $7,000

georgia tech masters program

georgia tech masters program

The online master’s degree business is booming big time. Graduating students are looking for that additional push to get an MBA to try and secure that top spot at a worthwhile company. Top colleges are willing to give you a masters degree – for a hefty price tag.

Georgia Tech is doing things a little bit different, charging only $510 for a three credit class. You can get a master’s in computer science from an accredited, top ranked school like Georgia Tech for about only $7,000. Why would anyone even go to a four-year college anymore? Why would you go to Syracuse and pay over $50k?

The online program at Georgia Tech enrolls about 4,000 students which are mostly Americans, whereas on-campus students average about 300 students or so and are mostly from other countries.

For more information on this emerging program, explore the master’s program at Georgia Tech.

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