Architecture Majors Hit Hardest by Unemployment

Man working on a computerWant job security? Then you may want to consider the following majors: engineering, science, education and healthcare.

A recent report by Georgetown University revealed that if you want to land a job fresh out of college, you have to major in a field that is linked to these fastest growing industries. The study by Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce also reported which majors are failing degree holders.

Architecture grads, for instance, have the highest unemployment rate of their peers. They’ll have to tackle figures of about 13.9 percent due to the decline in housing construction.

The survey also revealed that grads with non-technical degrees are facing tough unemployment rates. Those who majored in the arts have an 11.1 percent unemployment rate. While those with degrees in the social sciences have a rate of 8.9 percent.

Futures look grim for some of those students who want to study their passions in college. “People keep telling kids to study what they love — but some loves are worth more than others,” said one of the study’s authors, Anthony P. Carnevale.

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How to Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

parc guellBarcelona is the second largest city in Spain and has a population of more than 1,600,000 people. Barcelona is a leading tourist city (the fourth most visited city in Europe) and is famous for its influence in entertainment, media, fashion, and the arts. It is very well known for the vast amount of architecture by Antoni Gaudi, including what is possibly his most famous work, La Sagrada Familia church.

Barcelona is a great place to study abroad if you are interested in international relations, business, fashion, art, or architecture. However, if you want to study Spanish, you should not study abroad in Barcelona because they speak Catalan here. Instead, consider studying in Madrid, Granada, or Sevilla.

Here are EDUinReview’s tips for some cheap and interesting things you can do while studying abroad in Barcelona without breaking the bank.

1. Walk along La Rambla. This is a really lively street and is famous worldwide. Spend some time walking down this street and you will see many street performers, including dancers, artists, and human statues. You can also buy flowers from street vendors or get coffee in one of the numerous street cafés. These cafés are somewhat overpriced, but the people-watching opportunities are priceless.

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Courteney Cox Arquette’s Education Background

Courteney Cox Arquette is an American actress. She is probably best known for her role as Monica Geller in the television series Friends and her role in the Scream movies. Currently, Courteney is starring in Cougar Town, an ABC sitcom. She will soon be gracing the big screen when she revives her role as Gale Weathers in the next Scream movie, which premiers on April 15, 2011. EDUinReview will now take a look at the education background of this beautiful actress.

Courteney was born in Birmingham, Alabama on June 15, 1964. Her parents are Richard and Courteney Cox. She has three older siblings: Virginia, Dottie, and Richard Jr. Her parents divorced in 1974 when Cox Courteney was 10-years old.

Courteney graduated from Mountain Brook High School. After high school, she moved to Washington, D.C. to attend Mount Vernon College. However, she did not earn her degree in architecture as she had planned; instead, she decided to pursue an acting and modeling career.

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The Best Architecture Schools in the U.S.

architectureOne of the more complicated, yet important college majors that students can pursue is architecture. Architecture is the art and science of designing and erecting buildings and other physical structures. There are a lot of skills involved in becoming an architect and it’s the type of profession that’s good for those that enjoy drawing and numbers, as well as working hands on with a team on a public project. Without architects, some of the world’s most beautiful buildings wouldn’t be possible, and there is a sense of pride in seeing something you have designed and built yourself, for others to use and enjoy.

If you are interested in perusing a degree in architecture, you’ll want to go to a school well-known for its architecture program. Not only will you get an amazing education, but the school you attend can open a lot of doors when it’s time to get a job. Read the rest of this entry »


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