2013’s Best Cities for Young Professionals

In ranking the best cities for young professionals, one has to keep in mind that it’s not like bright-eyed graduates are afforded the luxury of picking and choosing a job or place to live at their fancy. Most are lucky to secure an interview for an unpaid internship–which, as noted here, can really suck—let alone spreadsheet the pros and cons of nightlife in City A vs. City B.

But let’s save the total dream-crushing for another day and examine some of the elements that determine whether or not a city is ideal for a young professional. Factors like the unemployment rate, proliferation of Fortune 500 companies, population vs. job openings, cost of living, and cultural activity dictate the quality of life for a post-grad eager to gunsling their way up the corporate ladder.


Here are this year’s best cities for those young up-and-comers.

Austin, TX

With an unemployment rate sitting nearly three points below the national average at 4.9%, and a plethora of educational institutions, Austin is an extremely educated and well employed city. The cost of living is a little higher than the national average, but the festivals, breweries, concerts, and abundance of cultural events make Austin a young professional’s dream city. Read the rest of this entry »

Shooting Puts University of Texas in Lock-Down

University-of-Texas-at-Austin-sealUPDATE [9/28/10 2:25 PM]: Police no longer believe a second suspect is involved.

UPDATE [9/28/10 11:05 AM]: Austin SWAT team members and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers are on the scene of the crime. Several witnesses said that the gunman was seen wearing a black ski mask. One student reported seeing the shooter near the Dobie Mall, smiling and waving the automatic weapon. There are still no reports of any injuries, aside from the gunman’s self-inflicted wounds. It is unclear if there is a second suspect, but the campus is still locked down.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo confirmed that one shooter is dead on the University of Texas’ Austin campus, but police are still looking for an additional suspect. Everyone is encouraged to stay away from the area, and the campus is under security lock-down. It is not known if the other suspect is armed.

Shots were heard at about 8:47 this morning. “The first report I got was that there was an armed suspect in the Perry-Casteneda library,” said university spokesperson Rhonda Weldon. “Now I’m told by campus security that the individual has shot himself…but I’m not there yet so I can’t confirm that.” A public affairs assistant, Alicia Deitrich, was down the street from the library. “I didn’t even know for sure that it was gunshots,” she said. “The sirens went off about five to ten minutes ago. The building has been locked down and I don’t think they’re letting anybody in or out.”

Read the rest of this entry »


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