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Yoga for the Dorm

yogaThere is a little secret about getting in shape: despite the multi-billion dollar diet industry, staying fit and healthy doesn’t cost that much money, nor does it require a lot of space.

If there is one thing students have experience in, it is lack of space and money, so if you’re looking to get into shape in school or reduce stress, look no further than the four walls of your dorm room and the 5,000-year old Indian tradition of yoga.

What you’ll need:

How to Create the Ultimate Guy’s Dorm Room


We invited the boys from to stop by and help us build this guide to the ultimate guy’s dorm room.

At, we specialize in finding stuff geared toward guys. So who better to help you outfit the ultimate guy’s dorm room than the guys at Snikl. While mom and dad might have had some input on what your bedroom looked like at home (or even the brother you shared with), your dorm room will be the first place you can freely express yourself without a lot of interference.

offi and coosh loungeWhen it comes to a dorm room that really tells everyone you’re a guy (if they didn’t already know), you’re going to need a few things to help accomplish that. The only things that are probably off limits are a hot plate, because your RA will say so, and offensive incense, because you need to try to keep the peace with your roommate.

Seating. Sure, you’ve got the twin extra-long bed and the circa 1970s office chair. But if you really want to kick back after a long day on campus, give the Offi & Co. Coosh Lounge and Ottoman a try. Watch a movie, play video games, skim your biology book, or even call mom. Read the rest of this entry »

Wordless Wednesday: Prepare for the Dorms

Prepare for the dorms this summer.

Smoking Bans in College Dorms?

Should smoking be banned in college dorms? This may be the case soon in the state of New York, where state lawmakers have sent to the governor a bill that would ban smoking in the dormitories for all schools in the state, including private smoking sign

So what do you think? Is this a good idea that promotes and safety for all students, or is this an invasion of the students’ privacy?

On the one hand, smoking is unquestionably a health hazard for both smokers and those who inhale second hand smoke. Dorms are usually pretty small and enclosed, so that makes the issue of second hand smoking worse. Even if some rooms on a floor are designated for students who smoke, and others are not, second hand smoke can still spread pretty easily. In addition, because dorms are so enclosed, fire hazards need to be taken very seriously. Most dorms ban candles and similar items because fires can spread so quickly in a dorm. A lit cigarette is risky in the same way that a candle is.

On the other hand, students are adults, and a dorm is their residence. We don’t forbid adults from smoking in their own homes. Sure, it would be better for everyone if they did not smoke, but because cigarettes are a legal substance, the government would be overstepping its authority by forbidding consumption of this product in people’s homes. Why is the dorm issue different—especially if the school takes measures such as smoke-free hallways?

An interesting issue. Leave your comments!

Avoid College Life Drama

Here’s a basic college life tip for you: avoid drama! Trust me. As someone who taught college for 14 years, I saw how miserable many of my students got about situations that just weren’t worth their energy. And looking back on my own college years, I seriously cringe when I think about the ridiculous soap operas I found myself a part of—none of which were the least bit important in the grand scheme of things.

College friendships are awesome, especially if you live on campus or are involved in campus activities. These friendships can last you a lifetime. Two of my closest friends from college were in my wedding, and I really do feel that I can tell these two people anything.

On the downside, though, college friendships can be way too intense because you spend so much time together, and often live together in a dorm or an apartment as well. There’s so much stress in the life of a typical college student, and it tends to spill out to your social life as well.

So how do you avoid college drama? Well, you can’t entirely, but here are some tips to help. First of all, keep things in perspective. Assure yourself that ten years from now, or two years from now, or even next month, the drama of the week is not going to matter. Yes, it may hurt an incredible amount that your ex is now dating a friend of yours who lives down the hall. Yes, you may be justifiably furious that a so-called friend has told everyone something you wanted to keep secret. But take a deep breath and remind yourself of all the more important things in your life—and don’t focus on these things. They’ll fade away eventually—and will fade away faster if you focus your energy on other things.

Second, avoid drama by refusing to take on anybody else’s. Yes, if a friend wants to cry on your shoulder about her conflict with someone else, listen. Offer sympathy and take her out for ice cream or a margarita. But don’t get involved with trying to “fix” things, and don’t take sides. And if you find yourself in a friendship where the drama just doesn’t seem to stop, maybe this is a friend you shouldn’t spend too much time with.

In addition, a good way to avoid drama is to refuse to gossip. Sure, a little gossip is okay, especially if it isn’t the mean kind. But spreading secrets and saying nasty things behind people’s back will come back to haunt you—especially if you’re in a close-knit friendship group or if you live in a dorm.

One of my best friends from college and I lost contact with each other because of a bunch of dramatic gibberish that I don’t even fully remember. We got back in contact last year, thank goodness. Value your college friendships, and don’t let dramatic nonsense get in the way. It’s not worth it.


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