Babylon for Mac Users Offers Great Translation Services

Have you ever needed to translate something into a different language and made a translation error that ended up being quite embarrassing?

Once, I was rushing to finish an essay for my Spanish class and used an online translator to finish it up. There were a few words that did not translate well and it was quite awful explaining to my teacher what I had done.

Now, I’m not condoning using an online translator to get a good grade in your foreign language classes, but translators can be a great tool in helping you complete assignments, look up words and better understand the language you are trying to learn.  That’s where Babylon comes into the picture.

Babylon is a computer software program that offers dictionary and translation services in 75 different languages with 1,400 sources. These multiple sources help guarantee that your translations will be accurate, even if you are using slang terms. Some of the languages that are offered include Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, and many more.

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Google Offering Chrome Laptops to Students for $20 a Month

For years, students complained about the cost of textbooks. Textbooks are notoriously expensive and make a major dent in many students’ wallet each year. Recently, textbook stores and websites began renting their books to students at a cheaper price. The result: students rejoiced and used that extra money for fun things like shopping or going out to eat (or was that just me?). Anyway, in addition to textbooks, now students can rent something else that is expensive and practically essential for success on a college campus these days: laptops.

Google announced its plan today to rent its Chrome laptops to students for $20 a month. In addition to the computers, Google will also rent its Google Apps, a product that is similar to Microsoft Office, to students. Unfortunately, you must be connected to the Internet to use Google Apps, so this might cause problems for students who are using their computers on campus. At my school, the Internet goes offline for a few minutes on a somewhat regular basis. I can only imagine the terror I would experience if I was using Google Apps to write a paper and the Internet went down before I had saved my work. Luckily, you could remedy this situation by saving your work on a regular basis. And for only $20 a month for the hardware and software, I’d be more than willing to back-up my work more often.

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New Sharpie Pencils Top List of Must-Have School Supplies

sharpie pencilThe starting school year is upon us, and with it comes the ever constant quest for the best school supplies before heading back to the classroom. For those in elementary, middle and high school, a universal list is provided. But what about school supply recommendations for college or technical school students to follow?

For those sitting in lecture halls, trying to absorb all the material that is shared by the professor, there are definitely some tools that can make the school year easier. Laptops and computers are expensive, but quickly becoming essential. The laptop can be used for completing writing assignments, doing research, as well as taking notes in class and corresponding with professors and fellow students. A regular desktop computer kept in your dorm room can be used to complete assignments if you don’t have a laptop, but for those that don’t have access to a personal computer, most schools are stocked with several computer labs that are open to students, many of them on a 24 hour basis.

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Peach Pit Offers Students Online IT and Digital Products

peach pitWhen I hear Peach Pit, it makes me think of frozen yogurt, one of my most favorite things in the world. And for those who are a few years older than me, the name is synonymous with the 90s television show, Beverly Hills 90210.

Turns out, Peach Pit is neither frozen yogurt nor is it Dylan, Brandon and Kelly’s favorite burger joint; it’s even cooler.

Peach Pit is a company that publishes “top-notch books on the latest in graphic design, desktop publishing, multimedia, web design and development, digital video, and general computing.”

In addition to their books, Peach Pit offers online video products, eBooks, and a conference series. Peach Pit guarantees their award-winning products will be easy to use, and have “time-saving techniques, savvy insider tips, and expert advice for computer users of all sorts.”

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Microsoft Live@EDU Aids College Students’ Busy Lives

Microsoft has recently developed an online system designed to aid college students with everything from email and calendar support to group projects and communication tools. This system, which is know as Microsoft Live@edu, is one of the best programs to date for effectively managing the chaotic lives of college students. microsoft live edu

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Laptop Safety on a College Campus

computer1The development of new technologies has changed our world as we used to know it. In the past, the only time we were able to connect to the Internet was through a cord. Now, we have an almost limitless supply of WiFi hotspots, which cater to our every Internet desire.

More and more students are choosing to purchase laptop computers. Their versatility as well as mobility is a desired trait amongst those in the market for a new computer. Although this is a wonderful luxury to have, it leaves our computers susceptible to thievery from those individuals capable of doing us and our identities harm. The advent of gaming laptops has mischievous hands even more motivated to participate in thievery. Even with this fact, laptops have endlessly improved. Laptop review website has seen t he increase of individuals preferring to laptops instead of home desktop computers due to their portability in use for personal or business matters. Read the rest of this entry »


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