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Writing can be the perfect outlet for a youngster’s thoughts and creative minds. There are easy ways to win scholarships by essay writing contest students express their individuality and creativity, but these contests can also be their ticket higher education. In most cases, writing competitions are sponsored by multinational companies and the best ones set a hefty reward such as money or educational assistance for deserving high school students.

The current economic condition makes it uncertain for many youngsters to get a college education without a scholarship. That is why competition in different fields becomes tough while they are still in high school. There are scholarships for athletes, artists, academic performers and we also have potential literary talents, journalists, news writers and scriptwriters in these young minds that need to be supported.

High school students are usually best suited to join essay writing contest because they have plenty of ideas and thoughts running on their minds. Winning at writing contests also looks good on college applications putting them in consideration for writing scholarships.

How to write a winning essay?

Having lots of thoughts and a creative mind may not be enough to win a writing contest. You still need to put into use the techniques taught in your English subjects. So here are a few tips to help you out.

Be confident with your talent and your craft. Start writing your draft with your heart and edit it afterwards with your mind. Write passionately of the topics that closely affects you. Do not hesitate to apply your own style, creativity and imagination.

Use an outline. Although you may write about whatever your heart desires, it is still smart to jot down ideas that pop in your mind and use it as an outline when you need to start editing your work. This is also help give form to your essay so that it won’t appear to be just a jumble of ideas without proper transition and flow.

Aim for the body. Most students get stuck at the introduction and find it hard to come up with an impactful conclusion. This why you start writing the main idea first and use your guide to structure your work later on.

Step Out of the Box. In writing a winning essay, create something original. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and avoid using clichés. Use words that you do not use commonly and avoid repetitions. However, if you will use a thesaurus, be sure to use words that are suitable, otherwise, you might use words that are out of context.

Be consistent. Kids today are definitely creative, but there should also be consistency of thought in the essay. Do not stray away from the main topic of your essay and stick with your guide in putting in your ideas.

Get a trusted opinion on how to improve your essay. Re-reading your piece multiple times may blind on the little things such as spelling, typographical errors and grammar mistakes. You can find online essay writers and editors to help you check your work for these avoidable errors. You may even get more tips and guide on how or where you can improve your essay to make it stand out.

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5 College Application Essay Tips

laptopWriting a personal essay for your college application may feel daunting.  After all, you’re being asked to “sell yourself” with your own words, which is probably something you don’t have much experience with.  Here are five tips to help you put together a stellar essay.

  1. Be yourself. The folks at the college admissions office have read more than their share of student essays.  They know what sounds genuine, and they know what sounds phony.  When writing an essay, never try to sound like what you think you should sound like.  Be yourself– you best self, of course, but always yourself.
  2. Be original. The people reading these essays have read an awful lot of essays about Spirit Week, student volunteer work, and typical student experiences.  To make your essay stand out from the crowd, write about an experience or two that is unique to your own experiences.   Did you overcome some kind of difficult experience in your life?  Did you visit someplace not everybody goes?  Be creative.  And yes, even if you feel like you’ve led a perfectly average existence, if you think hard enough you’ll realize that you’ve done something unique and noteworthy.
  3. Be specific.  When writing any kind of essay (including an essay for a class), it’s important to talk about specific experiences instead of general ones.  Otherwise, your essay could be writing by anyone, as opposed to you.  Instead of writing, “My parents are immigrants, and I learned a lot about hard work from them,” explain in detail specifically what you learned about hard work from them.  Tell stories of things they did that demonstrated their work ethic and what you learned from these.
  4. Be a good match. If you are filling out the Common App, obviously you can’t specifically explain why you’re a good fit for each specific college.  But if you’re applying to a specific school that doesn’t use the Common App, be sure to explain why you are a good match specifically for that school.  This requires a little basic research, as you need to know the school, their values, and what they offer.  There’s two ways to demonstrate that you’re a good match. First, explain why the school is right for you. You do that through statements such as, “I want to study marine biology, and I know you have one of the top ranked programs in the country.”  Second, explain what you could personally contribute to the school.  This is much harder, but if you can do this, it really helps!
  5. Proofread and polish. Would you go to a job interview with a big stain on your shirt, or with dirt all over your face?  Of course not.  And typos and grammatical errors in your essay make an equally bad impression.  To make sure your essay is flawless, get someone (or several someones) to look it over carefully–a parent, a guidance counselor, a brainy older sister, or anyone with a good sense of language.  Don’t just rely on spell check–it’s a good start, but it isn’t enough.

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