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How Your Grad School Selection Impacts Your Future

Four years of college have passed, and you’re debating whether or not your education is over. Many recent grads face this dilemma: workforce or grad school? The experience vs. higher education debate may have your brain spinning with conflicting information, but here’s what you need to know to make a decision.

When Local is Best

The majority of master’s students are enrolled at the local level (in smaller, community-based schools). These are good choices in three scenarios:

1. When you plan to stay local.  While these schools don’t have the reach of their top 10 counterparts, they do have strong brands and alumni communities in their areas. A degree from a local school will provide professional recognition and a network, both of which can greatly help for job placement in your area.

2. When you need it to move forward. Some career paths, such as physical therapy and engineering, require advanced degrees to move forward. In these cases, attending a local school can be a great investment.

3. When you are going to school part-time. Not everyone has the time or money to pursue an advanced degree full time; local schools tend to be cost-effective and flexible. Read the rest of this entry »

The GMAT Business School Admissions Test Gets a Makeover

Students who want to attend business school will be facing an even more challenging GMAT starting next month. The Graduate Management Admissions Test is getting a makeover, which includes the addition of a new section that will evaluate students’ integrated reasoning.

The GMAT was first used in February 1954 at nine business schools in the USA, including Columbia, Harvard, Northwestern, and the University of Pennsylvania. It has undergone several revisions since then, including the additions of a quantitative reasoning section and a reading comprehension section. This newest addition to the exam will test how well students can predict future outcomes based on given data.

“We did a survey of more than 740 faculty from schools all over the world,” Ashok Sarathy, the vice president of Graduate Management Admission Council, told The New York Times. “As a result, we developed a set of questions aimed at testing the ability to synthesize information from multiple sources in order to solve complex problems. They also wanted candidates to be able to indicate what information was relevant, and not relevant, and toe able to evaluate which among a set of possible outcomes were the most likely.” Read the rest of this entry »

Law Schools Applicants Lowest in 10 Years

If you are applying for law school this year, you might want to start celebrating because you will have less competition than any other applicants have had for the past 10 years. The Law School Admission Test recently reported that it administered fewer tests this year – only 84 percent as many as it did last year. The number of tests taken has failed by 25 percent in the past two years.

This decline in the number of people who are taking the LSAT could be a reaction to the view that the legal market in the USA is in pretty bad shape. This means that the 45,000 law students who are expected to graduate this year will have a hard time finding a job, which might be causing new applicants to rethink their decisions to pursue a law career.

“For a long time there has been this culturally embedded perception that if you go to law school, it will be worth the money,” said Kyle McEntee of Law School Transparency, an organization that specializes in law education policy. “The idea that law school is an easy ticket to financial security is finally breaking down.” Read the rest of this entry »

Groupon Offers College Tuition at a 60 Percent Discount

I love Groupon! It always surprises me how many awesome deals I can get on there. I’ve gotten deals on spa days, clothing stores, and many other things, but I never would have thought I would see a college education as the daily deal. However, that is exactly what is happening at National Louis University.

National Louis University is the first school in the USA to offer a discount on tuition via Groupon. The discount will reduce the cost for an three-credit introductory class in the school’s graduate teaching program from $2,232 to only $950. This is nearly 60 percent off the normal tuition price. The deal will be open to up to 25 buyers and will tip when there are 15 buyers.

“There are all kinds of factors in the K-12 world that are really discouraging teachers and people seeking teaching degrees,” said Jocelyn Zivin, VP of marketing and communications for the school. She hopes that this deal will help students “understand what the realities are, whether you are committed to this profession… and see if you have what it takes.”

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Is Grad School a Waste of Money?

I hear it all the time: “A graduate degree is the new bachelor’s degree.” Meaning, to get ahead in your chosen career path, you not only need four years of schooling, but six. However, recent studies show that even grad school won’t benefit everybody.

“I expected to get out of grad school and find a job fairly easily, even in the down economy,” said Eric Peters, who earned a master’s degree in 2009 from Radford University. “What I found after applying to more than 150 jobs was that experience weighs far more than education. And I’m talking paid full-time experience, because I had four internships under my belt when I graduated that didn’t seem to matter very much.”

Peters, who got his degree in corporate and professional communications, learned after some extensive job-hunting that experience out ways education in the communications field. In the end, he settled for an entry-level position, which are generally reserved for young, inexperienced workers.

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Graduate Students Call the American Museum of Natural History Their Classroom

The fifth floor of the American Museum of Natural  History is prohibited to visitors. However, for Dawn Roje, Edward Stanley, Phil Barden, and several other graduate students, this rule does not apply. Why? Because they are all graduate students at Richard Gilder Graduate School, which is housed in the American Museum of Natural History, where they study the specialized field of comparative biology. This school is quite prestigious and, in 2009, it became the first school in the USA to be accredited to offer a doctorate in its own name.

What do these students do a daily basis? They spend their days analyzing millions of specimens, including everything from ants that have been encased in natural amber to birds that have been dry-mounted. They are examining these specimens to determine what fossils, leeches, frogs, and various other creatures can tell us about evolution and life on Earth.

Although the American Museum of Natural History is one of the first museums to also serve as a graduate school, it will not be the last.

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Rude and Unhygienic: Columbia Business School Students?

toothbrushColumbia University is oft touted for having some of the most prestigious graduate schools. Its graduate programs in law, journalism and mathematics are all ranked in the top ten. So what’s going on with their business students?

According to The Huffington Post, students at Columbia‘s Business School were chastised not only for being impolite, but also for being unhygienic. The students received two email notices from displeased board members of the Investment Banking Club, an organization that provides students with networking and recruitment opportunities.

The first communication focused on the students’ appearance. The “friendly reminder on some dress code and personal hygiene basics” recommended that the graduate students brush their teeth and comb their hair, and also offered advice on appropriate business interview attire.

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Earn a Master’s of Arts in Teaching Through USC Online

mathteacherTeaching is by far one of the hardest professions I can think of. No matter what level you teach at, it takes a certain level of patience and a love for learning and students to be an effective teacher. The profession of teaching is highly overlooked and underrated, but teachers are responsible for educating us all at various levels. Even teachers that want to learn have to look to other teachers for their knowledge. For those that are already teachers or want to be teachers, there is an online master’s degree made just for you.

USC has a master of arts in teaching that is available online that has gained a lot of high praise. USC is a world renowned research institution and their Rossier School of Education is top notch. Students that apply to this program can also apply for scholarships and a fellowship at the same time they are applying for admission. Earning a teaching degree from USC typically would not be possible for everyone, but with this degree you don’t have to move to California to attend classes; you can do this online from anywhere in the country.

The curriculum combines your interactive learning with field-based experiences that you complete in your area. The only reason you would have to go to the physical campus is for graduation after you’ve completed your degree. With this online degree you will receive everything you need to become a great teacher including preparation for state teaching credentials in your home state. Read the rest of this entry »

Foreign Medical Schools are Just as Good as American Medical Schools

When you are sick and have to go to the hospital, you want to make sure you receive the best possible care, right? Let’s say that you have a choice between a doctor who went to med school in the U.S., and one who went to med school in a foreign country. Which one is going to give you better health care?doctor xray

Surprisingly, a recent study showed that there is not a relationship between where a doctor went to medical school and the quality of patient care he/she gives. The study was conducted in Pennsylvania and analyzed 244,153 people who had been hospitalized for heart attacks or heart failure. The study compared the length of hospital stays and death rates between foreign-trained doctors and doctors who were trained in the U.S. Read the rest of this entry »

Best 10 Law Schools in the U.S.

justice scalePersonally, if I ever decided to become a lawyer, I would want to go to Harvard Law School. Why, you might ask?

Because Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde” went there, duh.

Thankfully the people at US News have a slightly stricter and more selective process for determining which schools make the best law schools. US News analyzes each school, based on the following quality assessment factors: peer assessment score, assessment by lawyers/judges, selectivity, median LSAT scores, median undergrad GPA, acceptance rate, placement success, employment rate for graduates, and bar passage rate.

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